A Hospital Ghost…

This is a story of a Nurse who witnessed a ghost in 1989 in a London hospital….

Margaret was on shift in the hospital when a young girl was rushed in to Intensive care because she had been involved in a terrible car accident. She was a young girl with pig tails aged about 10 years ago covered in blood and clutching a teddy bear.

The girl was in a terrible way and was in alot of pain. She cried and screamed. Margaret held the other hand that was free as they rushed her down the coridoor quick.

Her and Margaret exchanged eye contact and she whispered to Margaret.

“Save me, please help me” she said as loud as she could to Margaret.

“You will be fine I promise” Margaret said back softly.

They rushed her into intensive care.

Margaret stayed and held her hand as they worked hard to help the girl. She was in alot of pain.

“Please I want my mummy. Dont let me die. Please save me” said the girl crying looking at Margaret.

Margaret clutched her hand

“Be strong you will be fine. Your mummy will be here soon. I promise” she spoke comforting the little girl.

The girl looked at Margaret and then she went quiet and her eyes froze. Her heart monitor beeped as her heart had stopped.

They began trying to resusitate the girl and her hand became so still it simply slipped from Margarets hand.

“Please save her” said Margaret loud.

But she didnt recover and they eventually stopped.

“I am sorry Margaret – I am afraid she is dead. Time of death is 22.15” said the doctor. There was silence in the room as everyone felt sadness. A tear rolled down Margarets eye.

It was a year later, Margaret was working on the night shift and it was a quiet evening in the hospital. The nights was drawing in early and it was dark.

The night reached 10pm at night. The doctor asked Margaret to go and get some items from storage which was now set in a dark old part of the hospital no longer used and the lights was all off as no longer used in this section.

Margaret headed down the coridoor into the slightly lit ward of the hospital. It was just her, a darkly lit coridoor and the echo of her own footsteps.

Then she became aware of the sound of a child singing somewhere up front. Then on her pathway Margaret seen a young girl stood facing the wall with her back to her.

The girl was singing a nursery rhyme quietly.

Margaret approached. She was aware a family had been in the hospital visiting and assumed it was one of their children wandering about.

She approached the child who wore a dress and had pigtails.

Margaret stood about five feet away from the girl.

“Hello, are you ok? Are you lost?” Asked Margaret.

The child continued singing and then slowly began turning round.

She now faced Margaret singing.

Margaret froze in terror as she recognized the girl from the year before who had died in the crash.

Her face was all damaged and covered in scars.

Margaret froze in fright as the young girl continued singing her nursery rhyme.

She stared with a fixed stare at Margaret. She never blinked and her face was pale glowing white.

Margaret quickly turned and walked fast the way she came knowing the girl stared at her as she headed away.

There was something more terrifying about the girl than the girl had been when she was alive.

She stopped and looked back and the girl was floating towards her an couple of inches off the floor. She clung onto the teddy bear still.

The girl came closer and closer and the before Margarets eyes – vanished.

Margaret fled the area and returned into the populated area of the hospital.

She told her colleagues what she had seen.

Margaret was surprised to hear that a little girl with pigtails had been reported by patients late at night as she stood staring at them next to their beds…..

A religious dream…

Last night I had a weird dream. It was of explorers. I remember they was in an ancient tomb of some kind.

The woman stood further back in the tomb holding a fire torch and it lit the room up. They was in an ancient tomb.

The man approached the wooden coffin..it was a large brown wooden coffin.

He opened the coffin and took off the lid. He looked in and it was empty.

He picked up from the bottom of the coffin a hair. A fresh hair and held it in his hand.

He said to the woman holding the fire torch

‘…shes gone’….

That was basically a dream which happened in a matter of minutes and woke me up.

I got the impression they was in an ancient tomb and this was refering to an ancient female religious figure.

I have no idea of who the woman was who was gone but it felt more sinister in presence than peaceful.

But whoever the coffin of this woman was….she is now gone…

A Runcorn Ghost….

It was a late September night in 2018 when this event took place. It lasted only seconds but was very strange.

It was on Boston Avenue where it happened where I arrived at a house late on. It was now dark and about 11pm.

The street is quite often empty and you see little people around late at night despite its quite busy location of a daytime on a busy road.

I went to the house and then returned to get something out of the boot. As I approached the boot – the driveway was next to the public footpath next to the road outside the house. The boot faced parked on the drive towards the path and road.

This is when I seen coming towards me a young girl. It was dark and didnt take too much notice of her. But I knew it was a girl from her size roughly of a teenage girl with long hair. I remember she wore earphones and her face was shadowed out. She was about 7 foot away from me.

But apart from that I never looked or took any notice other than the quick glance at her as I turned to the boot with my back now to the road and the path. Because usually of a day or early evening you see dogwalkers and young people on the paths walking along.

I decided to wait until she passed until I opened the boot. I turned and looked around again quick – but there was absolutely nobody there. She had completely vanished….

I looked up and down the road but there was no girl….

She couldnt of gone into another house because her location was too close to me to go into someone elses drive and I would of seen her go down the drive as the fences are low between the houses. But there was absolutely no one about. She had simply dissapeared…

I can still remember it clearly as she came down the path towards me. I can see her shape and hair and length. I remember how the streetlamp lit up around her but her face and most of her front was shadowed out in darkness as Boston Avenue is quite a dark place anyway at night.

But what I do remember since this event which lasted about 5 seconds. From when I first seen her, turned my back and then turned back again and she had vanished – what I remember which I didnt notice at the time – is she had no footsteps.

She literally just came down the path, silently and dissapeared….

I dont know whether anyone else has ever witnessed anything in this area but to me it actually happened and was very strange as I know she couldnt of gone in another house or crossed the road or passed me out of sight within 5 seconds….

I would love to hear from others who have experienced anything strange…

The Others…

This is a true story of what happened to my nana in 2013 and the ghost which plagued her last few months.

Emily was a grand lady. She was 98 years old and had lived a long and happy life. She had 9 children, vast amounts of grandchildren and many great grandchildren. She had lived a long and beautiful life in a happy that she had lived in for 78 years. But all that was about to change….

It began one autumn morning when Emily sat to rest in a chair overlooking the whole living room. She sat and enjoyed the peace. But then she was disturbed…

According to my nana Emily a man entered the room and went into the living room and looked in the mirror….and a woman followed…. Dressed in all black wearing a black veil…. Like she had just been to a funeral…. And sat in my grandmother’s favourite chair… Her face in a fixed gaze… Motionless….

Who was these two strange people my grandmother had been witness to? Within a minute they faded away into thin air…..

The days passed by and there was no strange incidents until a few days later when Emily was sat in her chair in the living room she was watching television when she seen something out of the corner of her eye. She turned to look… Floating across the room towards Emily was – her mother.

Emilys mother had been dead at least 30 years and here she was as a young woman approaching my nana across the living room. Emily recognized the green dress she wore well… The phantom turned and headed through the hall door and vanished. My nana was so convinced she seen her that she stood up and went after her. Shouting her name in a friendly gentle manner as anyone would to their mother… But she was gone… Vanished….

Then events took a deeper and darker turn….

My nana (Emily) was sat in her chair when suddenly a boy appeared….smiling…. And being playful gazing at my nana. There was activity about suddenly of other people. A woman was looking around and a little dog was sniffing about the room as if he had always been there.

But then the atmosphere changed. According to my nana the boys face became fear and the woman dissapeared and a man entered and the child ran chased by the man and they all vanished….

These people then became an ongoing presence in my nana Emilys life.

My aunt Judy went to check on my nana due to these stories circulating amongst the members of the family. But she was nowhere to be found. My aunty searched the house and came lastly to a locked conservatory door… She opened in and there was Emily… Locked in. Emily claims the family locked her in and was looking her in there on the ‘mans’ orders.

What confused my aunty was how had my nana managed to lock herself in from the other side?

This man was an evil and aggressive presence. In the dead of night he was constantly shouting ‘put the light on’ aggressively to Emily leaving her with no sleep.

I went to visit my grandmother myself one day. I entered the hall and I could hear her talking to people. I went in and she was sat talking to someone on the couch. As soon as I entered it stopped and she talked to me instead normal as she always did and didn’t say a word to the person on the sofa. But as soon as I left to go the toilet…. I entered the hall and I heard her say ‘now where was we?… ‘ and the chat had begun again…. It hadn’t been forgotten about. This person hadn’t been forgotten about by my grandmother. It was almost as if they had waited patiently for me to leave…..sat on the sofa… Invisible and silent….

The next door neighbour to my nana Emily rang an aunty of mine that she could hear my nana Emily shouting one night through the wall so she went to investigate….

Emily claims that the boy had awoken my nana up asking for help from the man….then the man had appeared and a battle had begun between Emily and the man involving the boy….. Emily pulled on one arm of the boy and the man on the other…. A struggle took place…..Emily claims the man won and dragged the screaming boy ‘through the wall’. What concerned my aunty was… The carpet was all rucked up where Emilys feet had fought hard and dug deep against an opposing force…..

Things then got a little stranger…

Upon one of the men in my family going to visit Emily to see if she was OK he entered the kitchen… Here Emily had made three cups of tea… One for her, one for him and one for ‘the man’. He picked up the cup which was for ‘the man’ and poured it away down the sink. Then… He tells everyone convincingly…. The kitchen door slammed shut as if someone had slammed it in anger……

The man would often whisper at the end of the bed ‘we’re coming for you’ in a evil way.

I remember the last time I seen my grandmother. It was one Christmas eve. She stood at the bottom of the stairs agitated… Demanding the three people at the top come down at once…..

It was widely believed Emily had dimentia…. But these people… The man, the woman, the child and the dog were continuous up until she died…. The story and the characters and the appearances and descriptions of them never changed….

The demon of the fire

This is a story of a young tourist girl in London and her encounter with a Demon.

‘I had arrived in London knowing of the recent ongoing knife attacks and acid attacks and lately the crimes had risen. But very lately the crimes and murders had been much worse – much more savage.

It was a late night in London and I made my way home towards my hotel heading towards the tower of London. I remember walking with my headphones in and my new iPhone. It was a dark autumn night and the clocks had just been changed back and it had gone dark early. It was now roughly midnight.

Thats when I seen a few men stood in my path in hoodies. They faced my way. I quickly went down a nearby alley to avoid danger. Thats when before me stood three other men. The other three men surrounded me and pushed me to the floor.

Give us the phone bitch. One of them said.

Another planted a gentle kick in my ribs.

Leave me alone please. I am not from here. I said.

One pulled me up by my hair and put a knife to my throat.

Your kind do not belong here. He said.

The phone. Another man said.

Then footsteps came from the shadows. I seen all the men look behind me into the dark alley.

First I seen red dots. Then a shadow appeared with red glowing eyes.

His eyes glew red and everyone went quiet.

One of the men showed his knife to the man who had appeared.

Get out of here or I will knife you. He said.

One approached the shadow and threw a punch at him but the shadow with red eyes moved and lifted him up high by his throat with one arm. The man shouted and then went silent. The shadow with red eyes dropped him to the floor.

Then the other men suddenly screamed in horror as if they was burning but there was no fire. The man with red eyes stood still.

I quickly made a run for it. As fast as I could wearing heels.

I went down the street over a cobbled street by the tower of London. I could sense darkness and evil following but I didn’t dare look. I could hear footsteps.

I entered my hotel and headed up the stairs as the lift was taking ages and there was no time. I got to the 5th floor and looked over the balcony and seen the arm of the shadow on the bannister making his way up the stairs following me.

I was frightened. What was this monster going to do to me?

I got to my hotel room and shut the door and put the chain on. I peeped through the peephole for ages but nobody came… I waited ages but nobody came.

That night while I was asleep I briefly awoke and thought for a second I seen the demon at the end of the bed. The red eyes gazing at me but then he dissapeared into a black cloud within a second. I lay in bed wondering what and who that shadow was. The night had terrified me…

The following morning I got the courage up to leave the hotel room again. The room had a small scent of fire and flames. I watched the news and seen an organized crime gang of muggers had been murdered on the streets of London. The gang which had stopped me. I paniced in fright. I went to call the police, but what would I tell them? I never made the call.

I headed outside into the new unknown…

I walked the streets and out of the corner of my eye I thought I seen the demon watching me everywhere I went. Perhaps it was just my imagination.

That night on way through hotel hallway my shadow passed along the wall and for a second I seen another shadow pass mine on the wall. But there was nothing there when I looked. But I smelt fire again…it wasn’t till the next day I re-encountered the demon.

I was visiting the tower of London and there was a few people left as it was late and night set in. I headed down a winding staircase in one of the towers when I lost my footing and knew I was about to plummet and fall down to the bottom. I felt myself falling – When a shadow reached out of the wall and grabbed me and held my arm and pulled me back to balance. I turned and looked in horror. A black shadow stared at me. Then its eyes flickered red and dissapeared and returned to the wall and shot off as a shadow along the wall…. The demon had saved me again.

I continued the journey home shaken and scared. I could hear someone with me but there was nobody there. It sounded as if the sounds came from someone crawling along the walls from high above on buildings. The scent of fire was noticable.

Thats when without thinking due to being frightened I stepped out into the road and a car which flew towards me with no time to stop or for me to move and was seconds away from killing me when I was grabbed and carried to safety by someone. I looked around and I was flying through the air with this shadow. We flew and flew and flew. I could hear the gentle sounds of wings flapping. Then we landed on the ground again.

I turned and faced the person who saved me once again. I looked around frightened and faced this shadow.

Before me stood the shadow who saved me a few times. He stank of fire and his eyes glew red. I found him hypnotic.

Who are you? Please dont hurt me. I asked.

He never responded just stared. He went to move forward but he was disturbed by a dog barking.

Then someone was coming and he dissapeared into a black cloud and dispersed quick. I never found out what would of happened if he hadn’t of been disturbed.

That night I had a dream. I dreamt that the shadow with red eyes was crawling up the side of my hotel whispering my name demonically. He came up higher and higher. Then he was outside my window. I could see his red eyes looking at me through the glass. Then he slithered in and began crawling up my bed saying my name. Then I awoke sweating.

Everywhere I went I sensed the demon. Walking back across Tower Bridge I could sense him there with me watching me constantly.

The news was full of murders of wanted criminals and gangs murdered brutally. No one could understand what happened to them. But I knew because I was the witness to one of the attacks.

I rang my mum back home on video call. I wanted to see a friendly face. We chatted for five minutes when behind her I noticed something. I froze because on the wall behind my mum was an unexplained shadow. It stood there and watched. Its red eyes flickered. Then moved away quickly along the wall.

Mum did you see that? I asked.

No what? She said.

I quickly made an excuse to hang up the call as now the fright was intense. The shadow was even at mums house for me to see on video chat behind her.

The demon was dominating my life and scaring me beyond words and I felt truly alone and scared.

It wasn’t until the next night where I faced my final encounter with the demon.

I had felt safer outdoors in the daytime. Safety in numbers where the demon surely could not harm me. But on my journey to my hotel as the night set in I encountered a house fire. A woman stood outside screaming her baby was inside. An old man who tried to help lay on the floor covered in smoke.

I decided to help quick. I rushed towards the house fire and entered and felt the heat. Thats when I froze and couldn’t move. A force held me from moving forwards or backwards. I was being held still by an unknown force. I fought and fought and fought to move. Then before me coming down the stairs was the shadow. It carried the baby crying and then I was unlocked and free. The shadow passed the baby to me and I left the house quick. The shadow stood there and didn’t move. I put the baby in the mothers arms just as the fire brigade turned up when the house exploded with the shadow inside. I turned and looked in shock.

The woman took the baby in hospital to have the baby checked out while I accompanied the old man. He had one relative and sadly died on the way to the hospital.

All I knew is if it wasn’t for the demon – I would of died in that explosion.

I decided to wait with him in the morgue until his sister arrived. It was a quiet eery place and the old man lay on the table. The doctor left to go and retrieve some files and left me with the old mans corpse.

I had never seen a body before and was a little in fear. I felt sad for the old man and began a prayer for him.

Then I was stopped in my tracks… For the corpse spoke to me.

It whispered my name twice.

I stood up and the mans head moved a little. His eyes glew red.

My heart beat fast.

He said my name again and raised his hand.

Who are you? I asked.

I am the demon who has stalked your every move for days. The corpse said.

What do you want from me? I asked scared.

A bride. My bride. Come with me and join me in the fire as my bride. He replied grinning evil.

The tempt to kill you is strong but the resistance is so much more powerful. He said.

I possess this mans body to say you are free now from me. I have protected you the best I could. Said the corpse.

Did you harm my mum? I asked.

No. I protected you. I never harm you or your family. As pathetic as such a notion is of family. He said.

I suddenly didn’t feel as scared by the demon who had protected me often.

Thank you for protecting me. I thought you wanted to kill me. I said.

I have struggled so hard not to kill you. But you was vulnerable when I found you. You needed help not more fear. Mankind gives enough fear to mankind. Said the corpse.

I grabbed the hand he held out. It felt hot.

Maybe next time you will kill me. I said joking.

There wont be a next time. The fire has destroyed my existance in this world. I am made of the smoke of fire. And the fire fought fire with fire. I must return to the depths soon. Said the corpse.

What are you? I asked.

I am a demon who has come to Earth to punish mankind for its sins. To remind them of super beings and destroy the wrong doers. Mankind has forgotten we exist. The lure to kill all is strong. He said.

Why did you protect me? I asked.

He looked at me.

I may look like a monster but I am not. I may be demon but demons was once angels. I have a light side. You needed help and I brought it. He said.

Demons are evil surely. You have killed many. I said.

Mankind is evil to each other. Mankind has always been the true evil. I am merely the punisher of evil. Within heaven and hell there is no evil towards each other such as on Earth possesses. He said.

I was warming to this entity which has protected me.

Thank you for looking after me. You have been kind to me. I am scared of you yet attracted to your presence. I said.

I craved you to be my bride. To be in darkness together forever. For you to be mine. But that never shall be. I have watched the kindness of your actions and you belong in the light. Said the corpse.

You have no place in this world. You belong somewhere else. Are there others like you? I asked.

He grinned.

There are many of us who are made from the smoke of fire. But not in this world. He said.

Tell them to stay where they are please. I said.

They obey all commands given. No one has a choice just like mankind doesn’t have a choice. Destiny exists. He said.

Life here is such a beautiful paradise but mankind has made it a place worse than hell to live in. Gratitude is seldom and weak and a dying emotion on Earth he said.

I will never be your bride. As kind as you have been to me. Never. I said.

I already know your future. Beware of a man name Rouge. He said.

Who’s that? I asked.

You will know when you encounter him. I must go now and return to the fire. He said.

Please dont think I am evil. I am of the fire with no empathy or emotion. Evil is this world.

You are evil. But you have done kind things too. I forgive you but I dont want to see you again. I said.

I clutched his hand and he returned to a stone cold corpse.

The following day was my last day. I experienced nothing of the demon. It was true that he had gone.

I walked up the aeroplane steps thinking how chaotic my time in England had been, how dangerous it had been and how my life would never be the same again.

Perhaps in life – it is the demons who protect us afterall

Since then I have never seen the demon since…..

The Witch in the Underground

This is the story of a thief and his encounter with a Witch on the underground in London.

‘I rode across Westminster Bridge quickly as I had just been involved in a violent assault of a woman not far from Westminster Abbey. My mind was fuelled with evasion and detection and headed down towards the underground. It was late at night and I had to get to Tower Hamlets. I was a wanted criminal for many crimes. Often attacks and muggings of young women.

I rode fast on a stolen moped knowing the police would be searching for it. Then before me out of the darkness came a shape of a woman. She was carrying a large bag with her. I took my chance and as I drove past I snatched the bag and drove off. I sensed the woman had fell to the ground. I abandoned the moped round the corner and ran to the underground.

I entered the train carriage and it was empty. I began making my way through the train and sat down with the large bag I had stolen.

There was no one else on the train and I began to open the bag. The contents surprised me. There was a small shovel covered in mud, a crystal ball, a strange bag wrapped up and a book. I opened the book and on the opening page it said ‘Mary Sabden’. Every page was a book of recipes and spells of some sort of magic. I read them and laughed at who this idiot Mary Sabden was and her strange interests.

Then I opened the strange bag. The contents was disturbing. Within the small bag folded up was – fingers.

I paused and looked. They was definitely real human fingers….

I looked around to see if anyone else was there. There was no one.

Then I heard someone speak to me…

Hello Samuel said a woman.

I turned to see a young beautiful woman sat opposite me. She wore a Hood and had long dark hair.

A little shining light passed through a pentagram necklace she wore almost like a lightning bolt.

The train was now in full flow.

A strange wind seemed to blow her hair but the wind seemed to only effect her presence and nowhere else.

Who are you? I asked.

I am the owner of that bag. Those are my fingers I have gathered for my spells She said.

Why have you got fingers? Who do they belong to? I asked shocked.

I got them from the cemetry. She said.

I am the new victim of you she said laughing evil at me.

Then her face changed to the woman I had just attacked before I stole the bag. The woman near Westminster Abbey.

Or am I your last victim? Her hair was now blonde and her appearance changed completely to another girl.

She began to cry and use a different voice. A voice of the other woman.

How could you attack me like that? Why? What harm did I do to you? She said crying.

Her face was horrific with bad cuts and bruises all over her face where I had attacked her. Blood poured from her nose.

Then began tears of blood.

She stood up and came over to me. Before me stood my previous victim. Then she pointed at me.

Lightning passed through my body and I felt paralysed.

Revenge revenge for all your victims is upon you. Now is the time for you to be the victim and for you to face fear and feel so weak and powerless just like you did with all them women. She roared.

I fell to the floor and began to crawl. I couldn’t reach my knife. I turned and looked up at her. She grabbed the bag and put the fingers in it. She held the book and the pages began to turn and stopped on a page. She looked at it and chanted a spell.

‘Many faces show many horrors and evil of a mans past, shall return to haunt him one by one at last’ she said.

Her face flashed through all the faces of my previous victims. The lights in the carriage began to flicker.

I raced into the next carriage but there was nobody there. I turned and paniced and pressed the alarm but it didn’t work. I could hear invisible children crying on certain seats. Sobbing in fright and sadness. But there was no one there.

I seen a silhouette of a person coming through the doors into this carriage. The woman entered again and then her face turned into my mother. She grinned at me and spoke in my mothers voice.

The look in my mums face was of severe anger and hatred and almost demonic.

Never had I seen such hatred in my mothers face.

Her eyes glew red and she attacked me like a demonic monster

Then she returned to the original witch. She grinned at me.

She grabbed the crystal ball from her bag and held it and it began to glow and shot a light across the whole carriage.

When I could see again Mary Sabden wasn’t there.

The carriage went silent for a second. Then behind me at the other end of the carriage I heard the sound of sobbing.

I turned and sat on one of the seats was a young girl of about 8 years old.

I slowly approached her and she continued to cry.

Are you OK? I asked.

She looked at me crying.

No I am not OK she said.

What’s the matter? What’s happened? I asked.

She looked at me crying.

Fright filled my body again.

I looked at her shocked and scared.

Then the carriage door opened and a man entered with anger in his face. His eyes glew red and he looked at the girl. He grabbed her by the hand and dragged her off the seat towards the carriage door.

I tried to stop her but it was too late. I was powerless to help her. He put her under his arm aggressively and left through the doors.

I closed my eyes and then opened them. Before me sat a black cat which hissed at me demonically. The cat then bit me hard on the hand and ran off.

Then the witch returned before me.

She sat down next to me.

Who are you? What do I need to do? I asked.

I am Mary Sabden. I am a witch and belong to a witches coven. I practice in black magic and the occult and possess knowledge from the demons.

I never knew people like you exist. I said.

I was born to evil, evil is just my way of life and it is all I have ever known. Unlike you Samuel who chose evil. That is much much worse. You can stop all this by doing the right thing.

Then she dissapeared.

The train came to a halt at my station. I looked at the open door and ran quick onto the station. I found the nearest phone and rang my mum.

It rang and rang… Then she answered.

Mum, mum are you OK? I asked.

Yes I am fine why? She asked.

Luckily all my family was fine and had experienced nothing that evening.

The next call I made was to the police to hand myself in….

After many years I never commited another crime… But the cat bites still remained….

A meeting with a Vampire

This is the story of a policeman in London in 1994 and his encounter with a Vampire.

‘It was approaching Halloween and the nights was going cold and the nights was drawing in over London. There had been an increase in the deaths of young people in London found with strange markings on their bodies such as puncture marks to certain parts. So the belief was that a cult was on the rise in England.

I thought little of it until one certain night when I was doing a night shift. I had been sent to investigate a disturbance close by and the sound of a man screaming.

I arrived at the scene in my police car and got out to investigate. I headed down an alleyway and came out on a remote industrial area outside a small warehouse. The time was round about 3am. I flashed my torch everywhere and suddenly seen a man lying on the floor in pain. Stood over him was a figure with a Hood and as I flashed my torch it lit up the face of a woman and her eyes glew blood red and she moved away quick. I flashed my light around and there was no one around.

The man got to his feet and quickly stumbled off in shock covered in blood. I asked him if he was ok and he nodded but got in his car parked across road and drove away.

I heard a noise behind me and the sounds of someone whispering. I set off down the path further into the remote area.

The moon shone a little helping me see and a shadow was cast. A woman flew towards me at speed knocking me over. I got up quick but my torch had rolled away. The woman came again and threw me across the yard far.

I seen her and she moved in a flash. There was long dark hair coming out of her black hood and the moon made her look pale.

I got my baton out to protect myself but she attacked me non stop and I dropped my baton to the floor.

She grabbed hold of me by my neck and lifted me up with one hand.She had some immense strength. She was almost playing with me.

She dropped me to the floor and I began crawling away. She pulled me back and threw me in another direction as if I was a toy.

There was a small cage near by used for forklift truck drivers. I stumbled into that quick and slammed the cage shut and wrapped the chain around and sealed it. She came to the cage fast and stared at me in the face through the bars. Her eyes was dark red and her hair black and skin pale. Her mouth was covered in dark red blood. She looked at me and began shaking the cage and bars. But she struggled to move the bars. She rattled the cage back and two and became more and more desperate. After a few minutes of this she stopped and seemed to become weaker and weaker and whispered what sounded like ‘blood need it’ faintly. She turned and flew off away from me but stopped and then fell to the floor in a heap.

I watched wondering if I should get out of the cage. After a couple of minutes in my own pain from injuries I left the cage and walked slowly over to the figure lying in a heap on the floor. Her hands moved a little but she had become almost unconcious and weak.

I stood over her and removed the Hood. There was a girl under the hood with dark lips. She was freezing cold and her eyes flickered slowly open and shut. She looked at me and her eyes were changing from dark red to black. I got my torch but my radio had been broken.

She reached her hand out to me again and it shuddered. I decided I had no choice but to help her….

Blood ran from my fingers from an injury and I let it drip from my fingers into her mouth. Her tongue lapped it up and she re-gained strength but not alot. She got stronger and stronger as I fed her. I picked her up and carried her to my car to get her to hospital. I put her in the back of the police car and began driving. I reported it in over my radio. I looked in my rear view mirror and she was sat upright in the back staring at me. I looked at the road and back again and she was gone…..

It wasn’t until the next night I seen her again…

It was 3.30am and I was driving down close to Tower Bridge on my way back to the station when suddenly before me on the road she appeared before me and I had to emergency stop. She floated in the air about 3 inches off the floor and her hood and cloak covered her with only her mouth showing. I sat and gazed at this creature and she flew off down an alley. I parked the car and wondered if I should walk down after her…I decided to do so….

The alley took me onto a balcony overlooking the Thames with Tower Bridge on my left…. The moon shone bright and it was a quiet night.

I could see the hooded figure before me facing away from me overlooking the river. I approached slowly and she didn’t move and I stood next to her about 6 feet away. My heart beat was fast. She was motionless and didn’t move and she had a fixed gaze.

‘What are you?’ I asked.

Her head turned towards me and the moon lit up her face.

‘Vampire, Witch, Demon maybe all three’ she said.

‘Why are you here and what is it you want and why are you out all night like this?’ I asked.

‘The day is bright and blinding. The sun shall only blind and burn you, but the night and the moon are beautiful and peaceful’ she replied

‘Why have you killed them people? Innocent people. You surely shouldn’t be alive surely you should die’ I said.

‘I shall die when love dies, when the curse of love over mankind has been broken. Afterall it is love who made a monster out of me. The people I seeked and killed are those who brought heartbreak just as I was once exposed to. Love is only pain and suffering and dependance. Love is hell and people in love are enslaved and blinded to the truth just like the sun blinds them so does love’ she said.

‘You cannot go round killing people. It is cruel and evil. Where are you from? ‘ I asked.

‘I love and crave and desire blood. It is my own need. My only fixation to survive. Oh beautiful blood’ she said.

‘How is it you still exist? ‘ I asked.

‘Over the years people have feared me. Yet they go church and drink a symbol of the blood of Christ. Just like what I do – drink blood. I have been told of many Gods. So which one of the so called Gods sentenced me to such a dark destiny?’ she said.

‘Please stop it all. I beg you’ I said.

‘I would like to thank you for saving me. You are the first person I have spoken to since the second world war. I wish you no further harm and I won’t kill humans no more’ she said.

‘I helped you because I seen a human in you, humanity and nature and a person’ I said.

‘Kindness I have never experienced.I have been dead since 1664 and felt no warmth. It is rare in life and is like a drug people become addicted to when it is shown rather like blood’ she said

‘Look I am scared of you. I have no idea what you are or why you are here but this has to stop. It is evil to continue such actions’ I said.

‘And what is evil? Evil is the way of life. I kill for a purpose, for survival even though I am the undead. Whereas the land of the living is day to day evil such as wars and hate and murder and abuse of children. Mankind is true evil. People preach love but love is a curse. I hate love. Love breaks people and changes who they are and corrupts their mind and dreams’ she said.

‘Love is a beautiful act between two humans beings. Everyone seeks love and to be happy. It is lifes way’ I said.

‘Love is of one person controlling the mind of another. People say I am evil but it is not me taking over the mind of another and bewitching them and toying with their emotions. To depend on another who is not of your blood is insanity of mankind’ she said. She gazed at me powerfully.

‘Soon is another sunrise and the light but really it is darkness of many hearts. It is a dark world. The light only fades and dissapears whereas darkness is eternal. Darkness is beautiful, mysterious and suffocating’ she said.

‘There is nothing as beautiful as sunrise, a new day and a new start’ I said.

‘No one makes a new start, they just do the same things, ignorance of the suffering and of war and famine. As long as they are OK they forget the rest. People want everything and to leave people with nothing. Greed is mankind. Cruelty is within the living who pretend they live in the light and follow the light where the majority show no light only darkness whereas I exist in the darkness and see only the light of the peaceful moon and of the beautiful stars’ she said.

‘There are good people, they seek true and eternal love and happiness. Life is beautiful’ I said.

‘There are no good role models only bad ones in life. Only in death can love be eternal. There is no happiness in life when you life to pay bills and be enslaved by the rich and enslaved by love. There is no happiness and no freedom only pity’ she said.

‘I must go now it will soon be dawn and I can only exist in the night. You will not see me again and I promise not to kill again as a pact to you after you helped me’ she said

She turned and her eyes went red and she smiled a little.

She flew off over the Thames river and into the shadows….

I never seen her again and the killings stopped…..