A need for Adventure…

The air of excitement you experience as you know you are going overseas is amazing.

I miss that excitement of the suitcase you take on an exciting journey to the airport as you begin your holiday at home as you set off.

There is no better feeling than knowing you are going to the sea and to foreign lands. A holiday adventure always feels amazing and exciting.

Sitting on the aeroplane waiting for take off was always something I enjoyed as the plane creeps slowly to the runway and the excitement of full speed as you begin take off into the air.

I love watching the view out of the aeroplane window as you begin your descent and below you is a beautiful blue ocean.

I miss being near the mediterranean sea and enjoying the European sunshine and the wonderful heat on the body. The air is beautiful and warm and exotic.

Even the evenings by the sea I love and enjoy. The foreign air and climate and the sounds of the sea at night crashing against the shore.

I remember the heat of evening when I was little once it was so hot and I had to have the balcony doors open for a calm nice wind and I was such a far away world from home.

I want to experience another european adventure at the coast and enjoy the sunshine and the sea and the atmosphere and have a nice break from my everyday life.

I want to sit under an umbrella by the sea and enjoy a nice drink. I want to sit and enjoy the heat of the air as I enjoy the harbour.

I love looking down into the ocean abroad and seeing a variety of marine life such as many different fish. Some beautiful colours.

Swimming in the warm mediterranean is a great experience. The warm waters and the nice enjoyment.

I love the sunset at the seaside abroad. It is breathtaking and beautiful as the sun sets below the sea. A warm beautiful orange glow across the sea.

I enjoy getting ready for the nightime possessing some sunburn showering and dressing in evening wear to go for meals and into the town at night to enjoy the atmosphere of the town at night such as the food places.

I remember once being on the seafront at night and the moon shone and reflected on the calm ocean. This is a lovely vision to witness.

The air is different and the smells and sounds of abroad are different. The sounds of crickets making their noises at night is wonderful. How I miss being on holiday.

The different culture of abroad is great to experience and how other countries live. Meeting people from different countries is always nice and fun.

I remember once standing on some rocks in a cove just off the beach and it was just me there looking at the sea. I was wonderful and the wind was warmth. I stood there for about ten minutes enjoying the seaside.

The atmosphere of everyone enjoying the beach and the sea is great and there is a beautiful summer haze and blue skies as far as the eyes can see. Hotels line the seafront for miles and miles down the coast.

I have many memories of foreign holidays. Many memories I shall never forget. How I wish tonight I was overseas enjoying the sun and the moonlight seaside nights as the stars flicker over the mediterranean.

May I get to enjoy foreign lands again soon during a hot summer by the seaside….

A summers breeze…

When the summer sun comes – life and people are happy. It is a joy to experience the beautiful feel and sounds and heat of summer.

My favourite part of the sunshine is early morning and evening. When the day is fresh and the sun is perfect.

Within the morning the sky is a beautiful colour, the birds sing and the air is cool. A paradise is what the world awakes to see. When the sky is blue as far as the eyes can see it is like heaven.

Oh the beautiful summer, what a contrast you offer in a day. The beautiful paradise of morning, followed by the harsh heat of midday. With the unbearable heat and sweats and suffering of the fireball in the sky, followed by the beautiful salvation of a summers night.

The day is harsh and tough during a heatwave. Water has never been so valuable. Only when I need water do I realize how magnificent it is to drink.

The hot air stays and sticks to me as if it is glue. It tires me and dehydrates me and tests my inner strength to keep going through such heat. The world gathers round fans and windows hoping for a brief break from the immense heat.

But the hot air of mid summer is as beautiful and romantic as anything I have ever known.

The trees almost stand photo tall in happiness of the wonderful peak of sun. Animals are at peace together and rest together and in many places drink from the same waters together.

People rest and relax and enjoy the sunshine. People bask and enjoy the warmth and sun from within the shades and enjoy the warm air.

On days such as today when we experience an extreme heatwave I think the world comes together and basks in the sun and enjoys the sun and the excitement of holidays and the seaside yet to come. How I love hot summer days at the sea.

The vibe and buzz of people as they pass on through their lifes in the sunshine is an amazing experience.

One of my favourite things to do when I am hot and sweaty and sticky from the harsh yet beautiful sun is to swim in the sea. I love the sounds of the sea on summers days especially at early evening.

That feeling of the cool water as you dive and swim in the sea and soak your body is wonderful. It is a great escape from the heat.

In life people beg for a heatwave during cold, and beg for cold during a heatwave. But the beauty of the summer is the warmth as evening brings a gentle wind of cool.

There is no greater feeling than the cool evening summer breeze come to cool everywhere and everyone down after the immense suffering of heat. The beautiful summers breeze comes and is blessed to us as night falls.

Within the warm air of summer I find it amazing to sit in a garden as the air begins to cool and enjoy the sun as it sets and see the wide variety of colours of the flowers within the peak of their lives. This is a great relaxation.

As night falls there is another wonder of summer. When lights appear in wonderful places such as houses and places and parties. Garden events as people enjoy time together in the night air under the summer stars.

I enjoy the evening breeze through a bedroom window at night as it enters a previously hot room where the air is hot. Where it feels like a saviour from the heat of day. To be able to sleep and not be so hot due to the summer breeze sneaking in through the window is great.

Oh the beautiful winds of a summers night save me. Come to me and bring me heaven.

Oh the beautiful twinkling of the summer stars on a summers night, this is natures true delight.

The stars shining above the sea, echoing romantically within the summer nights for all eternity.

Oh the beautiful summer breeze how I love you so much. How you come to me with perfection and kindness and bless the evening and night time with a nice calm cool peaceful wind.

May my summers always be a contrast of calm paradise, suffering and salvation….

The sunrise

The sunrise is one of the most beautiful magnificent visions and experiences in the world and brings a filling of wonder and peace to those witness it and the beauty of magnificent nature.

The sunrise brings a warmth and a paradise over the world and the sky is of wonderful colours. This morning I was lucky enough to see the sunrise as the sunshine shone calmly and quietly through the trees as I opened the curtains and the glow of day shine through the window lighting up everywhere. The sight of the morning sun shining through a window is a vision of heaven.

The sunrise brings to life nature and the sounds of the birdsong, the world is alive again and we can see the colours of the plants again which was eclipsed by night, the trees reaching mighty high, glad to feel the sun on their leaves again and the whisper in the wind of the ancients as their spirits dance about in the worship of the power of almighty nature.

So many people in life dont get to see or experience sunrise. Often people dont appreciate the sunrise and take it for granted that they shall have other days. Not everyone survived to see dawn and the sunrise of this morning. I was one of the lucky ones. Sometimes I think the world was too beautiful for mankind.

The sunrise brings a new dawn, a new day, new beginnings and oppurtunities and a chance to start all over. A chance to make today better than yesterday and right the wrongs of previous days.

Whether you witness the sun rise over the mountains, the fields, the houses or the trees you are blessed. To see the darkness of night become a beautiful light blue before the bright glow covers you and relaxes you. Here is a paradise which exists on the Earth of nature’s beauty and a gift of nature from the creator.

So today lets make the most of life and the oppurtunity and the love and of nature and the beauty which we have before us and been blessed to see on this short journey through life. Because no one knows whether they will get to see another day and another beautiful sunrise. This world is a natural paradise and we must enjoy this paradise we was born into.

May the warmth of sun and daytime bless us all for many more years to come.