Just before dawn….

My favourite time of the day is the night sky just before the dawn before the sun begins to rise, there is planets and stars flickering in the skies before my very own eyes.

Its my favourite time of the day, enjoying the beauty from afar of the beautiful morning star.

Here before the dawn is where I enjoy the peace of the world, where angels dance, and there is a beautiful twilight romance

It is beautiful, peaceful and tranquil and paradise from the skies. I bask in such peace and wonder when the world has not yet woken, people have not yet opened up their eyes.

Silence and peace and beauty of nature are here for all to see, here is a glorious time to be awake, beauty of the day before dawn will always be the favourite time of the day to me.

This is a time most people of this world miss. I find this time spiritual and enchanting and peaceful.
It is a beautiful time just before dawn, where peace reigns before a new day is born.

The early morning starlight sky before the sunrise, is the most beautiful part of the day in my eyes.

I look up at the starlight sky of the morning is what I will miss of this world one day.
When I am gone from this beautiful world and can no longer stay. But I shall cross the night skies of the heavens above and flicker away

There are many paradises to be seen within this world and may most people awake to see this beautiful sight, when the morning is here but it is still the night, when the moon hangs in the early morning, giving the last of its beautiful moonlight.

It is the most beautiful in the early morning Autumn sky, when it is my favourite time of the year, enjoying the moon and the stars way up high, enjoying the morning star lighting up my eye

The beautiful part of the day just before dawn, the beauty and peace of the world before a new day is born….

The Night Sky…

The night sky where the night is more beautiful than the day. Above mankind exists a wonderful paradise.

I can only stand and gaze in amazement when I see the stars twinkling above.

They are so silent and beautiful and peaceful. Stars that have twinkled over the night skies over all our ancestors showing their beauty since the dawn of time.

I love to stargaze and enjoy the mystery and wonder above. It puts life into prospective and also brings inner peace.

There is always one star which stands out to me and twinkles in the night sky. The heavens above are paradise.

How can mankind commit such horrors and cruelty under such beauty above? The stars in their millions in the skies above live in peace and harmony and so can we be like the stars.

My favourite time to witness a beautiful starlit sky is just before dawn. Here is a time of the day most people dont get to see the planets and the stars crossing the sky and in beautiful positions to behold. The sky is a beautiful blue just before dawn.

Witnessing the night sky before dawn is a great and fascinating sight. It is a beautiful calming start to the day.

I love to see the morning star hanging low in the sky twinkling away before he bows out for the day to arise. The morning star does a beautiful last swan song before the dawn lights up the sky.

I shall bask in the vision of the night skies and make the most of the stars above. This is a beautiful vision I dont always get to see and one day it will be a vision for only my descendants.

Perhaps one day I will be a twinkling star in the night sky in the eyes of my descendants. May I bring them peace through such calmness.

The stars are a reminder for all mankind that peace and paradise does exist. It exists above so it can exist below also.

May we all get to enjoy the night skies and their wonder and beauty. May we get to experience the peace and the calmness of the night skies and enjoy this world we see. May we not take it for granted.

May we have peace on Earth and amongst mankind – just like the peace amongst the stars….

The Twilight

Within this world we know exists another world most people dont experience and and have little idea of – the Twilight.

After the chaos of the day and mankinds busy modern world comes the night. Within the day the time passes by so fast but as twilight beckons – time slows down and an amazing stillness takes over the world.

There is peace in the twilight, There is calmess within the moonlight, There is beauty from the starlight that shows me a vast universe and an amazing sense of freedom.

I once had the pleasure to sit out in a garden alone one moonlit night. The glow shone upon me and relaxed me. A calm filled my body and all the problems seemed to be erased from my soul. All that existed within me was peace and I was restored to beautiful nature’s way and experienced the healing energies of the moon.

To be sat outside in the moonlight or feel the moonlight on your face as you lie in bed is a wonderful feeling. There is a glow from the moon that is beautiful to experience.

As the beauty of the stars are shown within the dark hours of night I remember my ancestors and hope it is them twinkling away to me from the heavens. It is them who afterall witnessed the same stars in the skies as the years passed by. The stars have flickered and been beautiful for eternity within the twilight. Nature displays a fine art in the night skies.

Within the twilight of a persons life there is peace of paradise within and to come.

The day can be chaotic and allows us to see the loneliness we can feel, but the night shrouds us like a comfort blanket and makes us feel protected.

The day is the land of the living but night when we are alone we are within the land of the spirits where spookyness, mystery and romance exist within the shadows and the loved ones we have lost we can sense watching over us.

There is peace within the twilight, when mankind has fallen silent and chaos and stress is laid to rest.

I once wandered through a busy family home of a daytime and within the twilight hours I went from room to room and they was filled with silence and peace. The peaceful energies was refreshing to the soul. Peace and silence can be refreshing and recharging.

Sometimes when the world goes quiet and we are left to ourselves alone in the middle of the night – the silence is beautiful. Silence can be heaven and the peace can be paradise. The energies of twilight and the night feed us and empower us with beautiful peaceful emotions and energies.

Late night walks are peaceful and calm and the lights of mankind has faded and the curtains drawn and people are asleep. The cold cool night air is refreshing and beautiful. The silence engulfs us and leads us. It is calming and soothing to our mind and soul.

For me there is nothing more exciting and enchanting than wandering through a campsite late at night towards my caravan with just a torch. Here is a special exciting feeling given by the night. The nights in the countryside are beautiful and nights at the sea – above us is a star map of the heavens.

There is peace within the twilight where the calm conquers all where the world and its problems no longer exist, where nature is silent and undisturbed.

I find within the twilight there is a paradise many do not see. Where stars shine and planets pass across the sky. Another world exists that many of mankind does not know. Here is a world of beauty and of nature. It is a return to the basics of nature’s world that mankinds busy world has forgotten. Here nature plays its majestic tunes.

May it be that when we reach the twilight hours of our own life that the twilight brings us peace. May it bless us with wonderful memories and people around us who are warm and loved and be able to experience peace from the dawn of their birth into a beautiful day time within their lives and spread kindness and beauty across the people in their lives covering them with love just like the sunshine covers the people by day.

May it be within their own twilight may they be cared for and loved and as beautiful as the sunset before they enter life’s twilight years.

Magical space

Above us every night going mainly unnoticed by the majority of people is the great unknown.  The magic beautiful space.  The stars twinkle away beautiful and mysterious. There is magic here and wonder in places where you can see all the galaxys and the cosmos.  What is out there?  What is happening in worlds we dont know? Why are they there?  

If your lucky enough to be awake in the early hours round about September you may see Mars, Jupiter and Venus cross the sky shining beautiful and bright.  We are a small part of space. We are insignificant compared to the universe. We hold no power and have no control over this vast beautiful heavens above us.  We are smaller than a grain of sand in such a vast universe but perhaps we can have the biggest input in years to come.  

We as humans should unite as one and become humanity and stop fighting silly wars and arguments.  For we all float together as one on planet Earth.  We will all suffer the same fate of universal catasrophes.  If you look from a space station at the Earth we all share, there is no countries only land and Sea.  The land we all share.  The land we all live together as one – mankind.  Our beautiful blue planet which belongs to us all we must protect it and study space together and chart it.  

Sometimes mainly during winter when I look out of my bedroom window I can see orion’s belt flickering away in the sky. What’s happening out there?  Are we visible to orion’s belt? It fills my mind with wonder.  I gaze in amazement of the stars shining.  The excitement of space is something we all enjoy.  

If I am walking home in the dark and its a clear night sometimes I gaze up at the heavens above. The stars twinkling away as they have done for all eternity. I often name in my mind the most shining stars after ancestors who have sadly gone into the heavens.  I remember them as I stand under such wonder. I like to feel my ancestors are watching over me.  

Gazing up at the stars remind me that my time here is limited and I must enjoy myself and enjoy such beauty and wonder.  Star gazing is fantastic I could do it for hours.  How can we ignore such a miracle above? Our eyes wont be able to witness it forever. Time will pass and the Earth will spin but the stars will remain long after we have gone.  Our life hangs in the balance everyday under a vast universe and we must never take life for granted.  Although we have a minimal effect under the stars as people.  Perhaps we can still hold a role of importance.  

There is nothing as magic as a shooting star flying across the night sky.  This has to be one of the best visions humanity can see. We don’t often see such fascination but what are we all missing while we are so busy?  

So the beautiful mysterious space continues to enchant me and keep my mind wondering at the beautiful depth and vastness of other worlds.  Will we ever find out and answer the mysteries? Is there life out there gazing at a far away blue planet and wondering the same as us? 

So I stand under the clear night skies and I wonder.. What’s beyond the stars?