Le ciel satinè

Le ciel ressemble au satin
Le soleil est le paradis
Le vent murmures

Ici est paradis pour moi
En la nature avec toi

Le vent dans le cheveux
Le soleil en tes yeuxs
Paradis pour moi

J’adore la monde de la dieu
Je sens la paix
Je sens le vent et le murmure de dieu
Je sens ton ame
Je sens le dieu

En moi est paix parce que la natur
Mon ame est en paix aussi

Je voyager à travers les montagnes et sur les lacs sous le ciel de satin

Je cherche pour amour, je me cherche, mon ame rèflèchit sur l’eau

Le mer est calme et le vent est belle
Les oiseux chanson avec mon ame
Je suis en paradis en la natur

Paradise est en toi
Je vive en la coeur de la natur
Sous le ciel
Sous le ciel de belle soleil

Je trouve segesse en la natur
Et belle en la nature
Et amour en la coeur de toi

Merci pour ton ame
Merci pour la vie
Merci le dieu pour toute en ma vie

The leaves of Autumn…

Oh the beautiful Autumn, How I embrace your beginning, To your beauty and timing I welcome,

The magic in the air, As night begins to fall, And orange everywhere

And to you oh Autumn do I succumb
And the beautiful leaves – of Autumn

The romance of Autumn begins to grow
The air is nice and cold
And the fires of home begins to glow

My favourite time of year
Orange all around,
The coseyness grows everywhere
And the leaves upon on the ground

To Autumn do I succumb
Oh the magic of Autumn, you are simply awesome

How I love the beautiful leaves – of Autumn

Heroes shall live and die and fall like the leaves of Autumn

The beauty of ageing shown to us by nature through the colours of Autumn

Oh to Autumn do I succumb
To the beauty within – the leaves of Autumn

And soon into the Autumn dark nights do hearts go,

and on Autumn walks with the sounds of the crunchy leaves under our feets below,

and the beautiful world between the hot and the cold, Autumn is natures limbo

Within Autumn is a beautiful glance,
As the firelight within rooms begins to dance,

As we cosey up at home for warmth
And the darkness begins to advance,
As we are eclipsed by the autumns beautiful romance,

How I find you oh Autumn simply awesome

How I love the beauty – of the leaves of Autumn

A Sailors Return…

This is a true story of the first day or two of a sailors return after the second world war….

The sun came through the window. A new day had begun and it was the first day of Bills life after war.

He rolled a cigarette and struck a match. He climbed out of bed and headed towards the window and peeped through the blind as the sun shone upon him. He looked out at a quiet peaceful scene he was no longer used to.

A young woman with long dark brown hair entered into the room wearing a dress.

Morning Bill said the woman.

Bill: morning Emma

He remained fixed on looking out of the window.

Emma: we can relax now and be happy. This is the first day of the rest of our lives. War is over and we can live in peace.

Smoke hung a little in the air as Bill smoked. He remained almost motionless in the morning sunshine.

Emma looked and smiled.

Emma: how I have missed them bright blue eyes.

Bill: feels strange after everywhere I have been and now I am in this little room in this little house in the north of England.

Emma put some slippers next to the bed and tidied up the side cupboard.

Emma: I am so glad to have my handsome man back. You are alive and well. Which is what cannot be said for most.

Bill: am I still the same man I was before the war? I dont feel the same. War kills everyone in some way.

Emma began making the bed and tucking the duvet under the pillows.

Emma: well I will accept you just as you are. You are my Bill.

Bill continued puffing on his cigarette.

Emma came over and hugged him and he put his arm round her.

Emma: love you

Bill smiled

Bill: I love you too my darling.

Emma: now there are two young daughters of yours who you need to be re-aquinted with. They need their father still. They are lucky they still have you. You are blessed.

Bill smiled and hugged her closer.

Within him he was glad to be home but struggled to show it on the surface.

Bill looked at Emma and smiled.

Bill: I am glad to be home again. Glad to be home…with you.

Emma smiled.

Emma: I really missed you. Now today is the first day of the rest of our lives so lets enjoy being alive and well and being a family again.

Bill nodded and continued to smoke a cigarette while gazing out of the window.

Bill: what will I do with myself now?

Emma looked at him and smiled.

Emma: There are many paths to take for war heroes like you. You are my hero. Whatever happens we will get through it together.

Bill grinned and kept his arm round her and pulled her closer.

Bill: I dont know what I would do without you. I am glad you love me. I wouldnt of got through the war without the inspiration and incentive of returning home to you.

Emma smiled.

Emma: I love you so much. Thats why I wrote to you every single day. I knew in my heart of hearts you would return safe to me. The Royal Navy couldnt keep you forever. You belong to me not them silly sods.

Bill smiled and looked round the room at a bedroom he had seen nothing of for almost five years. He was home and safe and away from the dark depth of the seas.

Bill: I dont really want to mention the war again. May it be a distant past memory to those who was scarred by this evil we endured.

Emma kissed him on the cheek.

Emma: hate lost to love in the end. Now lets focus on the love of this family and its future. We are very fortunate.

They remain quiet and together in a moment of solidarity.

Emma: now lets get a nice cooked breakfast down you. I know you loved a nice breakfast before. I will treat you to what ingredients I can get my hands on for a nice start to the day.

She let go of the hug and he continued to smoke. He sat on the end of the bed. He was home and he was free and he was alive.

Emma headed down the stairs to make breakfast. A military plane flew over and Bill instantly looked which had now become instinctive to him. He then fought his gaze and tried to remind himself it is now peacetime.
He stumped out his cigarette.

He spoke to himself.
Bill: Silence, the sound of silence. You are unfamiliar to me and make me nervous. Within you is when the memories return. The silence is going to haunt me.

He rubbed his hands on his face and stood up.

Unknown to Bill a little girls face peeped through a gap in the doorway watching him….

The Greatness of Love

Love – the one emotion which links every single person alive today going back through history till the beginning of time.

Love is everywhere and within everyone who has ever existed. No one who has ever lived has defied love and not experienced, embraced and felt love for anything or anyone. Love is the greatness within everybody.

Love lurks on every street corner, love is everywhere. Love has many forms and faces and love carries on through time and love has lit up many faces and created and visited many beautiful places.

Hate dies with the person who carries it but love lasts forever and is unique and eternal. The love of people shall never be forgotten. The memories and love of beautiful places and moments echo through time. The greatest dream people possess is of a beautiful love story.

Love is the master of all human hearts, love changes people and makes people, love brings people together and creates a world within a world.

Love is the greatest of all human emotions and is a blessing when we are engulfed by such a wonder as love.

If you look at everything through the eyes of love, then you shall see everything beautifully. If you look at everything through the eyes of love, then you find inner peace and kindness oozes from you.

The chain of love may at times break people, it may at times lead people astray through fake people, but love shall heal you much stronger and love shall make people.

Without love there would be no reason to live and there would be no beauty in the world and no motivation and desire for family and kindness and belief and faith. Love lights up humanity and mankind.

Love is within everything, it brings many romances of people, nature, scenes and dreams.

Love is eternal, love re-encarnates and exists within people throughout the ages in different forms. Love is the strongest force that ever existed.

The secrets told to us by the ancients and how we came to be today is through the acts of love and humanity. A message from our ancestors is to enjoy love and bask in love and restrain from hate. Life is short and beautiful and life should be all about the love of all people and mankind.

Love doesn’t mind for age, religion or gender because love embraces us all. Wherever people are from in the world and whatever they believe in – it is true love they seek.

True love happens when people allow love to come to them. When love isn’t pressured by people. When people force love they make it crack under pressure and it break into pieces. But when love is allowed to develop naturally without interference – then true love emerges.

The destiny of true love is a divine force all by itself. It is an emotion created by the divine and no one can create love or force love by themselves. Love is beyond the perception of a person and out of the control of humanity. Love is given to mankind by the divine. A divine pleasure for us to embrace.

The beautiful emotion of love which conquers all and flows through the veins of every single person who has ever lived. May we all embrace beautiful love and the greatness of love…

Beautiful Life

The beautiful early autumn mornings as winter draws nearer and nearer are filled with the crisp cold fresh air and the sounds of the sombre beautiful bird songs which echo through time. Nature settles down for winter and prepares for the oncoming Frost.

The days are short and sweet and the night is long and romantic. The coseyness of the orange glow of firelight and the low moon lighting up the skies as old man moon glows upon the world. Soon his glow shall sparkle on the frosty fields and trees.

How I adore the trees covered with snow, How I embrace the fields of white as I pass through the countryside. The closed gate of a farmers field and beyond the fence is natures most dangerous friend of snow glowing white in the cold night.

The cold brings a magic wind and memories of childhood. I remember gazing out of my window as a boy watching the snow. Hoping it will snow upon snow upon snow. I remember the magic of peeping out the window just for a glimpse of father Christmas. The magic of Father Christmas comes from within the faith he installs within us all.

Nothing in life is joyless. When you experience your last few breaths of life you realize everything in life was beautiful says the spirits. The whisper amongst the trees is life is beautiful and ancient and majestic.

There is no greater liberator of the mind and soul for gratitude. We arrived here in this world after our journey against millions of other sperm cells to our mothers womb. We are special, unique and the chosen ones – the ones who was blessed to see life and beauty and knowledge and wisdom through the short spell of beautiful life we travel through. Life was an advanced intelligence even before birth.

Life is a mystery, a gift and a goddess. Life is a beautiful creation. Those who say life is an accident need to look at the miracles which exist within their children’s eyes.

Through the cold fresh winter morning streets is kindness, compassion and humanity through out the people. There is kindred dreams and wishes through out the people of humanity. There is a world we share together in this time of which we must leave a beautiful world of peace, acceptance and kindness for our children to grow strong and stable and happy.

There is nothing more cruel, calm and deceptive than early cold winter mornings in nature, but nature gives us truths and the truth is the cruel cold winter brings a warmth from people and a togetherness and an atmosphere. It brings romance and golden times and memories. It gives us uncertainty and the reminder of the love we have for others who face the cruelty and danger of winter as they set off into the colds and the snows.

I love the feeling of covering my mouth and nose with a scarf which also covers my neck as I brave the cold and it keeps me warm and I can feel my warm breath.

Beautiful life is the most precious and beautiful of all gifts. There is beauty within everything. There is beauty from sunrise to sunset. From person to person. From conception to death.

I dont know exactly how many Summers and Winters I have left, but I must enjoy them all, I must respect the blessing I was given and face the danger and romance of life head on and go into the storms and the snowstorms happy and free of mind and soul because – Within everything – is beautiful life

The beauty of marriage

Marriage – a beautiful commitment between two souls. Where love is shown at its strongest and most powerful. 

For most of my life I never have believed in marriage. I thought it was an outdated insitution and a religious ceremony of years gone by which should of been banished to history. I believed it favoured woman traditionally over a man. In England marriage became less and less as had religion. I was one of these English people who had decided marriage wasn’t for them. 

That is of course until one day – when your eyes see the most beautiful girl who ever lived. Who changes all your dreams and desires and goals in life and you know you just have to have her. That you want to marry her. The only girl you will ever want to marry. 

That this perfect girl has to be yours truly with the ultimate commitment. That you want to be stood waiting for her to come walking towards you on your wedding day and you turn to see the most beautiful girl in the world coming towards you to marry you and be your wife and share your life forever. 

You know she has the most amazing beauty,  most amazing heart and eyes and hair and soul which you could never find anywhere else in the world and you just want her as your wife. She’s your bestest friend also in all the world and you know you would die to save her and be with her forever. 

Marriage holds beauty in the holding of hands with your one true love,  the exchanging of vows of devotion and dedication to one person forever. The beauty of commitment and love. Marriage is where dreams and families are brought together and where love can grow stronger between two people as their dreams mix together as one. There’s not much more beautiful in this life than such a vow. 

So if you have someone like that make sure you marry them and love them and be safe in the knowledge they are yours and commited to you forever and sleeps in your arms every night. Do the right thing by her and give her that show of love. Put that ring on her finger and devote to her forever. 

I want to stand before her and confess my undying love for my one true love and commit and devote to her forever before the eyes of God. I want her to be mine and love me forever. She’s the angel of my lifetime. 

This applies to everyone in every religion. Marriage is a beautiful loving ceremony. Its a new beginning for love amongst two people and hearts joined together. Its where a man has a reason for living. Knowing he has to live just to love her and be near her. Romance is beautiful in a wedding and a joining of a marriage. 

So if you have a special someone make sure you win her heart and marry her. Because imagine the devastation that you didn’t – and she became someone elses girl and the girl that you love is marrying someone else and loves him and is commiting to him forever. The thought of that is a painful hurtful one. Dont lose that oppurtunity and go for it and win her heart and make sure she is yours for if you do not then you face devastating emotion and hurt and pain forever. The hurt of knowing the dream is over and she can never be yours. 

You will be sat there thinking – I loved her, I wanted her, I needed her,  she belonged to me and your heart is in many pieces. So dont risk losing her,  dont lie or cheat or mess her around or break her trust. Keep her on the path of truth and devotion. If she’s your one true love bask in her beauty and foresake all others. 

So before its too late marry your one true love and live in eternal happiness and love forever. Never take it for granted she will be yours if you dont make the effort. Always show her you love her. Never give up on your love especially if she loves you. A womans love is strong and true to a man and without question dedicated to a man she loves. So if you have the love of a woman make sure your love is pure in return. 

So there was a time when I thought marriage was a thing of the past and living together was the future. But perhaps this is a little more primitive and less moral than marriage. Where is the joy and true commitment of love in just living together? 

I believe now marriage is the future for us all and to live within love deeply. To devote deeply and cement a nice beautiful love and family together. What beautiful values there is within such a ceremony. 

So imagine standing there before the person you love in a beautiful place vowing to love the person you love forever before people you love and care about and who love you also and re-joice in your happiness of love. What a beautiful day. 

In my eyes marriage is beautiful and the source of all true love. The union of love and the walking together into paradise. 

I wish you all a long happy beautiful marriage. You may now kiss the bride…. 

Online relationships

The modern world consists of a new type of meeting people which is meeting online. There are 100s of online dating apps now and apps and websites for people to meet and communicate and the world has become much smaller. But does online love really exist? Does it really work and is it possible? Can long distance relationships work? 

In my own personal opinion and experience I would say in 98% of the people you meet online are not going to be for you and there is no connection. But there will be one or two who you become so close to. This is the closeness of souls and the love of personality. Chatting online gives you the oppurtunity to get so close to someones personality in ways you would not in person. This is a good way to get to know each other. 

The negative to online dating is the amount of people in one place. Imagine it being real in person and there was that many people in one room for you to chat to. Its like a big massive cyber room where there is so much going on and so much tempt and people to talk with. 

The difference with online romance is you may lack the physical attraction and the spark in person you may need to have love. Although your personalitys may connect great you may not connect so great in person. Sometimes if you chat fine by words this is good but try calling them and see how you chat together by voice. This can be an insight of how you connect. If the conversation flows via phone its good.

Chatting and meeting online can be a safe haven for people who are shy. Its hard to meet people in person and chat to them when you are shy but online shyness doesnt exist. 

Make sure you always differ and understand the different kinds of love. Never mistake love for like. There is like and lust and there is love. Love is strong the other two wear thin after time. If you continue to persue the interest you must love them. I think alot of people online just like each other rather than love. Love is hard for us all to understand and know well. Not everyone knows what love is. There will be rare times when after so long you can admit you love them. Maybe you think they are super great and love knowing them. This is rare but amazing.  

Always remember its like life in person. You are not going to fancy them all. You might like them as friends but not as bf or husband/wife material. Remember when you chat online try not to imagine this person as your perfect looks or lover because this can happen and you are living then in virtual reality and technically acting out your own fantasy girlfriend/boyfriend. 

The online dating way is also alot harder as you can make alot of mistakes and do things you wouldnt do in real life. So many people may want to chat. When you have a special someone and they see you have chatted with others or another likes you it can become a hurt game and jealousy can step forward. This is understandable its the same in physical world but it wouldnt happen in your life as much as on the internet. Afterall you can chat every night online to people but you wouldnt meet that many people to chat to face to face in person. Where would you find the time or that many people in an evening?

Luckily for me the one girl I adored from online hit it off straight away by text and voice and I am sure its the same for others. 
So if you have got an online love interest maybe cool the apps down a bit and concentrate on her. Make her feel special and get to know her and protect her feelings (him if girl reading) try not to make stupid mistakes for it is very easy online to make them. Dont let others affect your relationship same as in person. 

So I do believe in online love but dont force it with just anyone as same in person let it happen naturally. My girl I want shares all the same interests as me and we get on great I am glad I found her. We are like best friends also and I adore her. 

In a situation where I broke her heart into millions of pieces I would make sure I am there to brush it up and piece it back together. Online is harder to protect loved ones as theres so much which can happen which isnt always your doing but make sure your always honest. For true in love always be or that love is false to thee. 

So long distance can surely work also as you are dedicated and commited. You are not always going to find true love next door…

So remember also distance is nothing when someone is everything…