The dark world

Why is it that all the news and media seems to focus on bad events all the time? If you watch the news or read the newspapers there is never any good news being reported. Its all terrorism, death, rape, murder etc how can we expect to enjoy our day after reading that?  What is that doing to our minds?  It is filling us up with negativity. Is there no good news out there?  Has nothing amazing happened to make us smile and feel positive?  

The newspapers are filled with bad news and bad people where are all the good people?  Where are they hiding? Personally I get the impression that only bad news sells stories. People seem to be interested in the drama of bad news and events and situations. 

The media is a powerful tool. It can manipulate people and make them believe the side of the story they wish for people to believe and support. The news is full of the bad points of famous people and if the media doesn’t like that person then they destroy that person and make sure the world dislikes them also. People love reading of famous peoples faults written by the press because it makes them feel a little better within themselves. Can the media not try and praise celebrities? 

The media focuses on criticising body images and not personalities and puts the pressure on the world to appear in the image the media requires. In the media rarely is anyones image a good one. 

If something terrible happens in the world everyone is talking about it. It becomes the big event and the drama takes off. Songs are sung,  vigils held,  candles lit and drama unfolds. Non of this achieves nothing but drama and it changes nothing. But the scenes and drama which has been created such as vigils has created drama and the drama has pleasured many sub-concious minds. People soak up the drama of tragedy and terror without even realizing it. As much as we dont know it at the time. News of drama fuels our minds and sets our minds racing and sends an addiction within our minds because we become so interested in it. As much as we won’t admit it and we are sad of what’s happened – it has fed our minds well. 

But what if for example terrorists were not terrorists – but people doing angels work example people doing good deeds. Would there be the same drama? Would there be a media frenzy? Non stop reports all day? No because people dont share the same enthusiasm for good stories and good events. 

Often we focus on how many deaths there was in a tragic event but how many good deeds were done that day?  How many babies were born that day?  How much happiness in the world was there?  Sadly no one seems to care. If the London bridge attack hadn’t happened and instead a man went over London bridge feeding the homeless and healing the sick would the masses of people ever even know that happened? Had Glenfell tower not been sadly and tragically burned down and instead good things happen would the world know? If a rich person had gone in and split all their money between the residents there would be little made of it. 

The message of love and humanity within the media is very minimal. But plenty of it happens but the media dampens the flames of goodness. If a man did good deeds all his life and commits one bad deed. It is the bad deed he carries with him forever. He shall be forgotten for all his good and the media focus on his bad. He is forever tarnished. If only the world and the media did the opposite. 

Within the human mind is an inbuilt streak which preys upon tragedies and drama and enjoys the emotional rollercoaster. The most popular films and TV shows usually consist of tragedy or suffering in some kind of way. Mankind subconciously within alot of people has an inbuilt connection with the dark arts. 

In your life how many positives and good points do you focus on within others? I seem to think the majority of people seem to many raise the bad points within people and raise them to others attention. People you work with are usually quick to criticise and attack others but fall short on praise for others. For praise doesn’t have the same kick as destruction of others characters. People can have a good long chat with others of the faults of others etc but spend no time talking to others about how nice another person is. 

Have you ever been in a workplace with a group of people in a room. When one person leaves the room someone will then gossip about them with another negatively. They will say something critical of the person who has left the room and join in with another. This attracts everyone else in the room to join in the criticism of that person and everyone listens. It excites them hearing it and they all listen intentely. But if someone made a kind comment of the person who left the room instead. No one is interested. Human nature seems to have a streak of darkness within the majority of us of when we can unleash that darkness we most certainly do. 

The world of peace as we knew it ended on 11/9/2001. This was the end of the world of ‘peace’. Since then co-existance has been minimalized, hatred has grew,  religious intolerance and the right wing has become more dangerous and the world is a dangerous place everywhere. 

In the 1990s the last of the good symbols died such as Princess Diana and Mother Theresa and non followed into the 21st century. Only evil seems to reign within this century so far. The media spreads the evil world far and wide. 

In all the recent tragedies where are the heroes?  Who were they?  People who risked their lives to help others in need. People who did their best for humanity. Where are they? Bring them forward and honour them and let the world know them by name. You dont have to of died in the tragedies to be immortalised. Heroes are role models we need to know more of. People for us to look upto and be like these good people. Sadly the worlds culture only follows chaos and tragedy and victims of such events. 

So today lets try and see good everywhere and in everything and everyone. Lets see the beauty in everything and positivity as well. Next time you hear gossip or bad words said of someone try focus on the good points within that person because within most people is a good person. 

I believe that if Jesus came back on the same day as the devil and was performing his miracles – that the devils atrocities would grab all the media headlines and the eyes of the world… 


Media sexualisation

Why is there a current trend amongst celebrities of being sexual and inapporiate singing explicit songs and images? For some strange reason they seem to be doing this and being bad role models to millions of young girls. 

Music videos now contain girls wearing basically nothing and singing explicit lyrics. Why do they feel the needs to do so? Does they hold no respect for themselves? Does they wish for no man to respect them? If you rub sex in peoples faces they will see you as sex and nothing else. 

It is creating a trend and young girls are being led into believing this is right and is culture to be like this. I know people will say ‘it is down to the individual girl and not all girls like that’ which is true but alot of men wont see it that way. Alot of men will also believe girls are just primal sex objects etc. Id not respect a person who didnt respect themselves and the more this trend develops the more it will become life. The more girls will think its right to be like that from a young age the more it will happen in everyday life and the more men will see them as that and as nothing.

Do these celebrities have no shame? Do they have no morality? Why are they glorying themselves as sexual? Where is the pride in revealing all and behaving in such a way? 

In this generation I would say from people aged 35 downwards there is a massive sexualisation. There are images everywhere and the tv full of sexual content. Porn is easily accessible and the sex industry is more massive than its ever been. 

Also in certain newspapers such as the sun and the daily sport there is inappropriate content. In the sun newspaper known as page 3 there is a topless woman picture. Why is this here? Why is it neccessary? What kind of impression is this giving out to young people? This newspaper can be bought and read by ANYONE. How is it appropriate for children?? It is also very awkward in public places when you want to read an article on the page next to it! Does anyone believe its right to feature this? I know most people will say I am being miserable as I am a man and I should enjoy it but its just a cheap thrill and it is disrespectful. 

Also adverts have become provocative in nature. Perfume adverts are flirty and sexual showing women in various sexual situations with men. Sometimes not just one man at times. The messages young girls are being exposed to are well beyond their years. Can children not be allowed to be children? 

Clothes advertised and marketed in shops for children are highly inappropriate and the fashion trend is highly inappropriate for pre teens. Girls far too young are feeling pressure from cosmetic industries now to wear make up etc as this is advertised daily and on kids tv. Young children are being sexualised slowly but dominantly and no one is noticing how dangerous this can be. Children are being made to grow up too fast by marketing campaigns. 

Even girls toys have a stereotypical image of a skinny girl wearing mini skirts etc and other fashion trends to look sexual..why? The media has created a dominant culture of creating an image of a woman that a man wants to see and wants a woman to be. 

It seems for 100s of years women put up a great fight just to be women and be themselves and not mens objects and to be valued and respected and feminists finally won. But sadly this seems to of only lasted a generation. Because now young girls are back to the main aim of wanting to please men through sexual content and actions. The media has brainwashed this to occur and music producers have led a pursuit of deception and degrading material and changed the psyche of women via brainwashing and subliminal messages. 

I know all girls are not like this but still this issue exists for them to see. The pressures they face are extreme. 

The media should stop making out all women are like this! Not all girls are like this! Why dont you focus on real role models with respect of themselves! The media must stop exposing and brainwashing children to be like this and believe its right! The media should have a level of conduct and appropriateness! 

This inappropriateness has to stop!

These images of people who are airbrushed and photoshopped and covered in make up to make them look amazing has to stop! No one who is real can compete with it! People have imperfections thats nature so stop putting huge pressure on people to look amazing because you are setting the standards far too high and its not fair! The pictures you expose people to are fake! Imperfection holds beauty afterall…

You show pictures of girls who are ‘beautiful’ but what is beautiful? Everyone has beauty in their own way. Everyone is different and people should be helped to love themselves. People should be encouraged to respect themselves. The media should focus on a diverse range of girls and not just what they think men like. 

So all these current celebrities who are using sexual images and music and actions and subliminal sex messages and images should stop it as its wrong. Why dont they be a role model of respect? If I had a daughter I would not want her to believe being like this is right. 

Everytime I turn on 4music or mtv there are people in just sexual underwear or doing sexual things and using sexual lyrics and one music video was a topless girl. can someone explain to me why? Why is it neccessary and why are they doing it? What are they hoping to achieve by doing this? Why not show respect and love instead and beauty? How has this sexualisation become the normal? This has been drip fed and slowly over time so no one notices or cares. 

Lets use an example of Vera Lynn during the war she was a good singer and respectful of herself. She was the forces sweetheart not the forces slapper. This was a time when women were women and respectful in nature and suffered no shame. 

I know girls like to feel sexy and beautiful and have desires but there is a time and a place for this and not on public display or as a role model to millions of upcoming people. This is between couples and should only exist in the adultworld not for children to see it. Being sexy and beautiful respectfully is far more attractive. 

Young children need to stop being exposed to these images and being brought up to believe it is normal to be sexual and grow up believing beauty is being tall and thin…beauty is within.

Thankfully there are lots of varietys of girls out there and all beautiful in their own way…