The Eve Gene…

The beauty of the mix of black and white
Opposite ends of polarity
One is dark one is light
One is day and one is night

Stretching back through eternity, we all share the same path, to the Eve Gene and the mother of all humanity

Stretching back to Africa at the very start, came the Eve Gene, and the chains to all people in history, may we all look back with an open heart

Each share beauty of their own
Each are the same and vary of different colours depending on the tone, and the Eve gene deserves praise for our diversity and praise alone

The world is full of different shades, we must embrace our uniqueness, our difference because our time in this life here quickly fades

When we will see, a day where all mankind lives with one another peacefully? When all hearts and minds will be free?

Of Black and White,
There cannot be one without the other,
There should be respect for one another

People are like night and day of which we both have strengths to bring, where we have the same source in history where they both share the same beautiful beginning

Oh the wonderful Eve gene, oh the wonder of history, oh the beautiful black and white and all the shades in between,

Oh the beautiful Eve gene, the bringer of all mankinds colours, the variety humanity and everyone you have ever seen from the beautiful Eve gene

In the light is a beautiful sunrise, in the dark is the beautiful starlit skies, within the hearts of humanity we all share the same world and dreams when you look through each others eyes

Remembering we are all humanity is the only way to make it all right
To live in peace together
Together as one people from black through to white…

The pendulum of life…

Life is like a pendulum swinging backwards and forwards through time. And now it is swinging backwards…

In history the ancient world achieved such great things and magical wonders of the ancient world. The pendulum swung forward through time and great things happened to humanity. Such as the pyramids etc…

Then what we know as ‘the dark ages’took place as the pendulum swung backwards through time. Technology fell, standards dropped, people became disliked on nationality skin, gender and religion and wars, hatred and disease dominated the planet on a mass scale. The dark ages brought no real advancement on mankind only more of the same. Oppression was king in these times.

Women had no rights, they was second class citizens. They could not drive or vote in political debates and became almost possessions.

Races was categorized on standards and who was the master race in an order chosen by the most dominant. People believed in only their own race as the best.

Religion was strict and other religions frowned upon and anyone believing in anything other than that religious text was guilty of blasphemy.

But then the pendulum swung forward through time. Humanity broke down so many stigmas and social barriers and people became more free and equal. Women had the same rights as men. Racism hit a new all time low and all races was treated the same. All religions was accepted and respected and diversity became the core of life. Kindness and humanity and living became the best way to be.

Technologies reached an all time high within this modern time as the pendulum swings forward in time with great communications and transports and healthcare. Things such as advanced telephones everyone has and the internet which has brought the world together and educated people on mass about different cultures and ways of life and how to be what you want to be.

The world became smaller and people met people that at one time they never would of and would only have the news to know of these people and far away lands. The internet brought in a powerful advancement in the ways of humanity.

People no longer had the news to spread propoganda. They could decide for themselves who and what they didnt like by knowing these people and talking to these people. The mainstream medias power over people weakened. People had become more free than ever before….

But now the signs show that the pendulum of life swings backwards again…

First it has begun with religious extremism becoming more and more common across the globe. Which is spreading fast and there does not seem to be alot happening to stop this oncoming oppression of extremism. Where will it end?

We will see a religion dominate at some point in the next 30 years or so which seeks to oppress minorities, destroy LGBT and push womens freedoms back to a time long ago.

There is now a rise in racism again across the globe. As a child I never knew of any racism for example in football. It had been reduced to nothing and didnt exist. Everyone was equal. But recently there has been a rise of racism again across the globe in all sports and in the streets.

Facist movements and old opinions have re-surfaced and becoming more and more common. Politicians are becoming more and more vocal about certain races. Comments made by leaders have awoken the sleeping eye of the racists and set them free. Populism in this belief has grown and spread into people. Racism is once again on the rise…

Wars have become once again more and more dangerous and brutal and nuclear war has hung on the brink three times in the last five years. USA has locked horns and nuclear war at the press of a button with Iran and North Korea. Nations with dangerous ideologies and agendas have arisen again from the dark ages which all nations for many years had been silent and co-operative with each other for many years suddenly decided to become rogue nations and push the limits of the world.

Hatred has become a common emotion in many. People use social media to vent their hatred and dislike without any reason or cause just simply dislike but no reason for it. The latest dislike and hatred I believe sadly may come towards Chinese people because of the corona virus. But this has become a thing. That people dislike ordinary innocent people simply because of the origins of a virus.

If a black man stabs someone on the news. People jump on it and tag all of his race the same. This is becoming more common on the news and people are jumping on the bandwagon.

The hatred that is spread between example Brexit and remain voters in the UK is phenomeonal. The dislike and the name calling between both is of vile hatred towards each other.

It is the same in USA between Trump supporters and those who oppose him. Suddenly people are being the worse they can be towards each other.

People suddenly hate immigrants and asylum seekers and declare them as criminals. To not want to help them while they flee from war or nations which no longer like them being in that country.

The history books on the shelves begain to repeat themselves…

So going forward as the pendulum swings backwards I can only see old wounds opened again and a new dark ages to emerge.

As the pendulum swings back the mainstream media re-gains control and leads people astray once again….

May the pendulum swing forward again soon…

The Satin sky…

The sky resembles satin
The sun is paradise
The wind whispers

Here is paradise for me
In nature with you

The wind in the hair
The sun in your eyes
Paradise for me

I adore the world of God
I feel peace
I feel the wind and the whisper of God
I feel your soul
I feel God

I travel through the mountains and over the lakes below the skies of satin

I look for love, I look for myself, my soul reflects on the water

The sea is calm and the wind is beautiful
The birds sing with my soul
I am in paradise in nature

Paradise is within you
I live within the heart of nature
Below the skies
Below the skies of beautiful sunlight

I find wisdom in nature
beauty in nature
And love in the heart of you

Thank you God for my life, for the greatness of love and nature
Thank you God for everything in my life

At the Waterfall…

Take a stroll down by the rivers breeze
Where hearts come which have been blinded but the soul still sees

The beautiful waters will help the way we all feel, The beautiful waters will also help hearts heal

To those whos soul shall seek for help and guidance does natures waters speak

At the waters edge, down by the waterfall is paradise and peace where pain and hurt can now cease

How I like the waterwall
With just the beauty of friendship exist where souls unite and peace is there thats all

How I love the waterfall
Its calm and cool and natures paradise
Where the water flows and heals my soul
Upon this day in nature I can once again feel nice

The beauty of the water as it slowly flows
Taking all pain as it goes
And feeling the spirit as it grows

Down within the water we go from length to length, as we re-charge our souls at the waters, as we spiritually swim and grow strength to strength

A river flows within our soul,
Flowing us down river beautifully
Destiny out of our control
As we head into a beautiful future
Returning from pain and back to feeling whole

How I love the waterfall a place of kindred spirits and healing thats all

The Oxygen levels…

When the oxygen levels are higher people are happier – and when the trees come down and down without going up and up the oxygen levels diminish and people become less happy as seen in the world today.

The more we bring down the trees through ignorance and lack of wisdom and education the more we will struggle in life through less oxygen.

Our bodies within shall struggle and cause us anxiousness and panic and stress as we struggle to take in more oxygen due to less trees.

The more the trees come down the more hatred and negativity is covering the world.

The anger and turbulence within us shall rise through the less oxygen we possess. The more oxygen we get the happier and more relaxed we become.

Nature gave us oxygen in abundance but as we remove that gift rapidly that the trees give us the more we will start to notice the damage done to the world and to our species and by the time we realize it then it will be too late.

What happens when the mass majority of this population which is over populated are breathing carbon dioxide yet we have little trees to convert the mass amount of carbon dioxide into oxygen and therefore there will be an inbalance of carbon dioxide and oxygen and we will poison and suffocate ourselves to death simply from breathing…

It is true that everyone feels happier in nature amongst the trees and more relaxed. The energies and oxygen levels are vast and grand and do us the world of good.

Amongst the trees is a great and peaceful place where we feel a spiritual calm and most people can relate to that. Oxygen levels within the woods and the forests is great for us to relax.

People should have plants in the home and expose themselves to more oxygen. This will make us feel happier without us even noticing.

We must embrace and breath in the tree of life. We must dine on oxygen and like the natural landscape.

Everything we need is found within nature. People must go there often. The world needs more trees and oxygen and the peace it provides.

Where there are less trees there is more trouble. In cities for example there is often chaos more than within the countryside.

People will say I am crazy and that I am wrong but the most basic thing we need and cannot live without for more than a few minutes is oxygen.

We can go without food and drink and even sun for days but oxygen we have to have. So why does mankind destroy that which provides it?

For future generations to have a nice life and world – we need the trees…more than anything else….

Just before dawn….

My favourite time of the day is the night sky just before the dawn before the sun begins to rise, there is planets and stars flickering in the skies before my very own eyes.

Its my favourite time of the day, enjoying the beauty from afar of the beautiful morning star.

Here before the dawn is where I enjoy the peace of the world, where angels dance, and there is a beautiful twilight romance

It is beautiful, peaceful and tranquil and paradise from the skies. I bask in such peace and wonder when the world has not yet woken, people have not yet opened up their eyes.

Silence and peace and beauty of nature are here for all to see, here is a glorious time to be awake, beauty of the day before dawn will always be the favourite time of the day to me.

This is a time most people of this world miss. I find this time spiritual and enchanting and peaceful.
It is a beautiful time just before dawn, where peace reigns before a new day is born.

The early morning starlight sky before the sunrise, is the most beautiful part of the day in my eyes.

I look up at the starlight sky of the morning is what I will miss of this world one day.
When I am gone from this beautiful world and can no longer stay. But I shall cross the night skies of the heavens above and flicker away

There are many paradises to be seen within this world and may most people awake to see this beautiful sight, when the morning is here but it is still the night, when the moon hangs in the early morning, giving the last of its beautiful moonlight.

It is the most beautiful in the early morning Autumn sky, when it is my favourite time of the year, enjoying the moon and the stars way up high, enjoying the morning star lighting up my eye

The beautiful part of the day just before dawn, the beauty and peace of the world before a new day is born….

The leaves of Autumn…

Oh the beautiful Autumn, How I embrace your beginning, To your beauty and timing I welcome,

The magic in the air, As night begins to fall, And orange everywhere

And to you oh Autumn do I succumb
And the beautiful leaves – of Autumn

The romance of Autumn begins to grow
The air is nice and cold
And the fires of home begins to glow

My favourite time of year
Orange all around,
The coseyness grows everywhere
And the leaves upon on the ground

To Autumn do I succumb
Oh the magic of Autumn, you are simply awesome

How I love the beautiful leaves – of Autumn

Heroes shall live and die and fall like the leaves of Autumn

The beauty of ageing shown to us by nature through the colours of Autumn

Oh to Autumn do I succumb
To the beauty within – the leaves of Autumn

And soon into the Autumn dark nights do hearts go,

and on Autumn walks with the sounds of the crunchy leaves under our feets below,

and the beautiful world between the hot and the cold, Autumn is natures limbo

Within Autumn is a beautiful glance,
As the firelight within rooms begins to dance,

As we cosey up at home for warmth
And the darkness begins to advance,
As we are eclipsed by the autumns beautiful romance,

How I find you oh Autumn simply awesome

How I love the beauty – of the leaves of Autumn

Amnesty for all…

Now is the time for the world to share beautiful amnesty and for the people to be in peace together as one mankind.

Afterall everything people fight about is either propoganda of a picture painted yesterday of other people and countries and feuds from centuries and centuries ago.

Now is the time for the settlement of feuds from the past as non of these feuds and atrocities of the past was commited by anyone alive today.

We are all innocent and do not deserve to be punished for the crimes of those long since dead.

It is time for the modern day people who are alive and want our children to have a nice life to make a paradise of this planet where we can move forward together in harmony.

People dont have to be responsible for such actions of ancestors neither do they have to be sorry but we must all forgive and forget now and realize today is today and today is wonderful.

Amnesty is a great ideology. Feuds that people have in this modern day are led by people who dont entirely know what they are fighting for and have no personal issue with the people they fight. It is a feud merely implanted in them by others or by the propoganda of history.

The fact of the matter is we are here on Earth for little amount of time and feuds are not worth it.

The shaking of hands and good will to all people is much more of a powerful message.

Lets forget the sins of the past. Lets move forward and make new exciting chapters and enjoy all people and a peaceful planet.

May the world agree to Amnesty one day….

The end of Nationalism…

Wouldnt it be much nicer if we grew a union with country after country after country and brought people together and shared trade and became one nice people with no divides or seperations or hatred of another simply of their flags,lands and history….

It is time to end Nationalism. Mankind is divided by political borders and flags which seperate people and make them believe in a flag over people.

People should not be divided by borders and political boundaries. People are indoctrinated to believe in countries and their fellow countrymen. But people from our own countries are not better than everyone else….

There are people out there who are better friends and more mutual things in common with you and make better friends to you than your own countrymen. Many people know many people from other nations who are their friends and would choose these friends over their own countries. People are people wherever they are from. Belonging to a country does not make us better than anybody else.

Countries are political borders where people are trapped and controlled by the powers that be and have to apply for visas to cross into other parts of the world.

People within this union should be given freedom of movement and go where they desire an enjoy the world and visit places freely for travel and work without having to apply for visas as they have the rights of acceptance within the global union.

People care for their country so much but their country does not have the same loyalty back towards them.

Countries simply divide people and people must be brought back together as mankind and be free.

Mankind is one humanity and must be together as one. Countries should become areas where people live and not divided borders.

People should be free to go wherever they want through an system of international laws of which everyone has to abide by.

Wouldnt it be nice to trade freely with each other and allow people across the globe to have jobs on all areas of the planet and a chance to run their own businesses and sell across the globe easily using international laws and rules.

We should end nationalism and believe in people. That all people want the same wherever they are from. There are good people from all countries who want family and love. People should not believe in countries over people.

The system should be that everyone operates under an international law. This law is above religion and culture and everyone has to primarily live by this law. Therefore all people are operating the same under the same laws and rules.

Everyone should pay into a system so that everywhere can be funded and grow and make it into a nice place and everyone is treated equal. Therefore if everyone pays into a system then everyone across the globe can have schools and education and make this world a better place.

Therefore everyones child gets a chance to have an education and a future.

The areas that was once poor is funded and is now a nicer place with nicer conditions and dont need to move to other areas as all areas are almost equally balanced desirable areas where people can stay close to their families to work.

With the majority of the world speaking English then English can be taught in schools fluently as well as their own mother tongue so people can communicate across the globe effeciently.

May we become one humanity together and all live the same rules and freedoms together and may we give all children an education and a chance to see the beautiful world in safety and peace….

The Power of Women

As a man my own personal opinion of women is they are far grander and greater in many ways than men and than I could ever be.

Women possess much deeper mental powers than men and better senses than men. Women as girls and babies learn faster than men. This is how nature has created females and their brains work more effectively and acutely than a mans.

From a child to now I often heard of the ‘female intuition’ which I once thought was a myth but I genuinely believe it to be real through experiences and women saying and asking things they couldnt possibly of known. This is a sense I have never truly been able to discover within myself so effectively.

Women possess a much more purified heart and soul than a man does and will be more genuine and loving to people.

It is women who are the mothers of humanity. There is no connection stronger than a maternal bond.

Everyone loves their mother and needs their mother unconditionally. This bond is instinctive and powerful from day one of life in this world.

If you was to follow nature you would discover the powerful positions of women. How most men will listen to a female and do anything for a female.

Women are also far more physically beautiful than men and possess powers of wonderful attraction which can control a man and guide a man. This is a power no man will ever have.

I can sit in a room with 20 women and go unnoticed or spoke seldom towards – but a girl sat in a room with 20 men is fussed and cared for and the men look after her and do things for her.

Men only possesss physical power. But the physical power is nothing compared to the world of non physical powers which a woman dominates completely. Powers of mind,attraction, family life are controlled by women.

Family life is controlled by women. The female such as a mother or grandmother will be the most loved within the family often.

It is women who create a family home and make it all nice for a family and to live within.

In this manmade world and society which tries so hard to turn a blind eye away from nature we must remember that is a world where everyone must be equal and share this world together with equality in men and women.

So every man must learn to acknowledge and respect women and their powers – because it was a woman who created you and raised you…