A religious dream…

Last night I had a weird dream. It was of explorers. I remember they was in an ancient tomb of some kind.

The woman stood further back in the tomb holding a fire torch and it lit the room up. They was in an ancient tomb.

The man approached the wooden coffin..it was a large brown wooden coffin.

He opened the coffin and took off the lid. He looked in and it was empty.

He picked up from the bottom of the coffin a hair. A fresh hair and held it in his hand.

He said to the woman holding the fire torch

‘…shes gone’….

That was basically a dream which happened in a matter of minutes and woke me up.

I got the impression they was in an ancient tomb and this was refering to an ancient female religious figure.

I have no idea of who the woman was who was gone but it felt more sinister in presence than peaceful.

But whoever the coffin of this woman was….she is now gone…

Serving a purpose…

In life everyone is here for a reason. Even though no one knows the reason they are here for a purpose and to achieve that purpose.

No body is born by accident. Everyone is born with purpose and to achieve that purpose and to play their part in life and lead and help others on their journey.

The divine has planned it all beautifully. The divine doesnt make mistakes. The divine is powerful and wise.

Nothing is coincidence, everything that happens is for a reason and part of the divine pre-planned path of which we walk along. Everything we experience both good and bad is to lead us to an end goal.

Nothing is coincidence because everything is purpose. Coincidence is a guide and reminder and a leader to where you are to go next and to go there with a reason behind the message. Perhaps next time you have a coincidence we should look into it deeper and see if we can discover a reason.

Everyone in our lives is here for a reason and to play their small part in leading us and guiding us into a direction even though we didnt know it and they didnt know it at the time.

How many people have entered our lives and been the cause of a path of happiness that came? How many people have led us to new people and places which became us?

How many people have we met through other people who became so meaningful to our life? How many people got us into careers and helped us with our dreams etc?

I imagine all those in love and married or with children can identify that they met their one true love through another person who led their true love into their lives and then that person in some cases often left or does not play such a strong part anymore. People will say it was coincidence or a chance meeting. But people should accept that it is part of the path of destiny. The chain of events which lead you to where you belong and to your purpose.

I have served a purpose in many peoples lives. I have played a part in leading them to the happiness they experience today.

I have served the purpose of what I was meant to do and in many cases I am long since gone from their lives now and left them where I needed to leave them and they are somewhere now experiencing magic in their lives.

But I was part of the chain that connected their happiness. I led them along the path and showed them the gates of paradise. But I never went through the gates with them. My name wasnt on the list to enter through the gates with them.

Often people stay in our life a certain length of time and had the time been any longer or shorter we know we wouldnt of been where we are today…

They come into our life…and guide us and help us and their advice has led us to where we are today. Then that person fades a little when their purpose has been done….but had they faded earlier or stayed longer the love we have now or the dreams we achieved because of them…would never of happened. They came and went and played their part in destiny.

We often all play a bad purpose as well as a good purpose. But the bad purpose is just as necessary as the good as we walk along the path of the divine.

The bad scenarios which are cast are to strengthen people and educate them. The divine is the wisest of teachers and educators.

We often walk through sadness and hurt and bad times and people will lose faith but this is all for a reason. We must never lose faith in the divine and its grand plan. Hurt shall come and strengthen us, sadness shall educate us and love within us shall become stronger. The divine sails us through stormy seas to make us ready for our destiny.

At the time the bad experience hurts but in the long walk on the path of the divine the bad experience is a beautiful educator and opens our eyes to greater things and helps us identify our destiny.

Thats why we must learn to forgive. Because those who hurt us or played a bad part in our life was guiding us on our way of destiny to paradise. Paradise awaits us all and we just have to keep going until we arrive there.

I believe everything is mapped out for us by God. We have reason and purpose and belonging. We was placed here to furfill this purpose.

For example the whole way I am writing this now is through purpose probably to help others experience and open their eyes to what I believe to be true. To help them believe in the magic of miracles of life and beautiful purpose.

So how many of us have been part of someones lives and then faded slowly after you have led them to a new life or a new love and no longer fit in that life?

How many of us can say we met our true love through another person? Or through a random situation in a random place or scenario?

The path of destiny is not ran by chance but deep wisdom and wonder.

May we all live with a beautiful purpose and a great destiny…

Lest we Forget….

World war one – Where millions of people lost their lives and was the bloodiest time in world history.

I applaud all them brave men who charged the battle field knowing death stared them in the face. They are true heroes. They charged through muck and bullets seeing friends and comrades fall. They charged seeing bodies everywhere and knowing they might never see home and loved ones again while fighting in a war that was not of their own.

They gave their lives for people and freedom and for all of us today to live the way we do – free. They risked everything and was mighty brave. I applaud them heroes. I applaud the war dead. I am proud of them and forever grateful for the sacrifice them brave lads made for us. They are forever heroes.

Where would we be without them? They did it for us to be free and live free without fear. They stormed the Somme and Flanders fields and horrible war zones to protect their way of life and for the loved ones at home. These poor brave boys and men would of been sat in the trenches wishing they were at home safe covered in mud. But they fought on for the world to live free. They never gave up. They are heroes and nothing less.

I cannot even begin to imagine ever being in their situation. It is an unbearable thought and I hope this never happens again. The horrors and the heroes of this war and of this battle should forever be told. It should forever be a reminder of the worse and best of humanity in one place at the same time. It should be a reminder that it can never happen again.
Bombs fell and deadly gas forms thrown and bullets flying through the air but still they never gave up and never lost heart. If there was ever a place which reflected hell surely it was the Somme. Death everywhere and blood flowing like rivers. How these men kept going is beyond me.

Onwards they fought on, forwards they ran on, through the hell on Earth warzone of the somme, the true heroes of world war one.

We must remember the brave horses who rode into battle and never returned. They are heroes and played a part in history and in our fight for freedom.

I applaud them true heroes.

Lest we forget….

The dark world

Why is it that all the news and media seems to focus on bad events all the time? If you watch the news or read the newspapers there is never any good news being reported. Its all terrorism, death, rape, murder etc how can we expect to enjoy our day after reading that?  What is that doing to our minds?  It is filling us up with negativity. Is there no good news out there?  Has nothing amazing happened to make us smile and feel positive?  

The newspapers are filled with bad news and bad people where are all the good people?  Where are they hiding? Personally I get the impression that only bad news sells stories. People seem to be interested in the drama of bad news and events and situations. 

The media is a powerful tool. It can manipulate people and make them believe the side of the story they wish for people to believe and support. The news is full of the bad points of famous people and if the media doesn’t like that person then they destroy that person and make sure the world dislikes them also. People love reading of famous peoples faults written by the press because it makes them feel a little better within themselves. Can the media not try and praise celebrities? 

The media focuses on criticising body images and not personalities and puts the pressure on the world to appear in the image the media requires. In the media rarely is anyones image a good one. 

If something terrible happens in the world everyone is talking about it. It becomes the big event and the drama takes off. Songs are sung,  vigils held,  candles lit and drama unfolds. Non of this achieves nothing but drama and it changes nothing. But the scenes and drama which has been created such as vigils has created drama and the drama has pleasured many sub-concious minds. People soak up the drama of tragedy and terror without even realizing it. As much as we dont know it at the time. News of drama fuels our minds and sets our minds racing and sends an addiction within our minds because we become so interested in it. As much as we won’t admit it and we are sad of what’s happened – it has fed our minds well. 

But what if for example terrorists were not terrorists – but people doing angels work example people doing good deeds. Would there be the same drama? Would there be a media frenzy? Non stop reports all day? No because people dont share the same enthusiasm for good stories and good events. 

Often we focus on how many deaths there was in a tragic event but how many good deeds were done that day?  How many babies were born that day?  How much happiness in the world was there?  Sadly no one seems to care. If the London bridge attack hadn’t happened and instead a man went over London bridge feeding the homeless and healing the sick would the masses of people ever even know that happened? Had Glenfell tower not been sadly and tragically burned down and instead good things happen would the world know? If a rich person had gone in and split all their money between the residents there would be little made of it. 

The message of love and humanity within the media is very minimal. But plenty of it happens but the media dampens the flames of goodness. If a man did good deeds all his life and commits one bad deed. It is the bad deed he carries with him forever. He shall be forgotten for all his good and the media focus on his bad. He is forever tarnished. If only the world and the media did the opposite. 

Within the human mind is an inbuilt streak which preys upon tragedies and drama and enjoys the emotional rollercoaster. The most popular films and TV shows usually consist of tragedy or suffering in some kind of way. Mankind subconciously within alot of people has an inbuilt connection with the dark arts. 

In your life how many positives and good points do you focus on within others? I seem to think the majority of people seem to many raise the bad points within people and raise them to others attention. People you work with are usually quick to criticise and attack others but fall short on praise for others. For praise doesn’t have the same kick as destruction of others characters. People can have a good long chat with others of the faults of others etc but spend no time talking to others about how nice another person is. 

Have you ever been in a workplace with a group of people in a room. When one person leaves the room someone will then gossip about them with another negatively. They will say something critical of the person who has left the room and join in with another. This attracts everyone else in the room to join in the criticism of that person and everyone listens. It excites them hearing it and they all listen intentely. But if someone made a kind comment of the person who left the room instead. No one is interested. Human nature seems to have a streak of darkness within the majority of us of when we can unleash that darkness we most certainly do. 

The world of peace as we knew it ended on 11/9/2001. This was the end of the world of ‘peace’. Since then co-existance has been minimalized, hatred has grew,  religious intolerance and the right wing has become more dangerous and the world is a dangerous place everywhere. 

In the 1990s the last of the good symbols died such as Princess Diana and Mother Theresa and non followed into the 21st century. Only evil seems to reign within this century so far. The media spreads the evil world far and wide. 

In all the recent tragedies where are the heroes?  Who were they?  People who risked their lives to help others in need. People who did their best for humanity. Where are they? Bring them forward and honour them and let the world know them by name. You dont have to of died in the tragedies to be immortalised. Heroes are role models we need to know more of. People for us to look upto and be like these good people. Sadly the worlds culture only follows chaos and tragedy and victims of such events. 

So today lets try and see good everywhere and in everything and everyone. Lets see the beauty in everything and positivity as well. Next time you hear gossip or bad words said of someone try focus on the good points within that person because within most people is a good person. 

I believe that if Jesus came back on the same day as the devil and was performing his miracles – that the devils atrocities would grab all the media headlines and the eyes of the world… 

The spirit world

Everybody knows somebody – who has a ghost story. Usually trusted sources also such as friends and uncles who had never believed in ghosts previously. Religious texts teach us of life after death since the dawn of man began so does a spirit world really exist or is it mans desperate hope of meeting loved ones again?

Many skeptics will say there is no heaven and hell and God and we are here due to science but why are we here? Why are we aware and can ponder why we are here? In my life I believe I have encountered ‘the spirit world’ on quite a few occassions. Mainly through whispers, movements, shadows and dreams. So I am a believer in a parallel dimension which exists on Earth along side this one. There has to be something to this life a reason and an answer to this existance.  Why would all our trusted sources be wrong? People we know are not liars. 

This is a picture captured within a hospital in England. It is on the old wing of the hospital taken by a visitor. It shows a nurse from a yesteryear wandering the coridoors and rooms. It reminds me of my aunty who once claimed when she was a nurse she was wandering the coridoors late at night and at the end of one of the coridoor she seen her own nana staring at her from a distance. 

I once had a dream of my grandad. He was a shadow and he was walking off into a bright light. He walked away from me towards the light. Then he was floating backwards into the light with his arms outstretched. Thats when I was awoken by the phone going. My nana had rang panicing as my grandad had just died – at the exact time of my dream. Many would say it was co-incidence but who knows? To me it was real. Also the next day it was noticed his watch had stopped at the exact time he had died. 

I also once awoke at 5am and was completely paralyzed. I could only move my eyes. A shadow passed along the wall and suddenly a man appeared of a generally evil presence. He wore a brown suit that was from the 1950s era at a guess. He had a pocket watch. He stared at me. All I could feel was a faint pulse round my body. He held his hands out at me and pinned me down further. There was a bright light shining through the window which then vanished. He then looked round the room and then vanished and I sat bolt upright free. Upon researching this I discovered it is known as sleep paralysis and people who suffer this encounter visions mainly of evil presences but why? Who are they? Who was the man I witnessed?  I dont know him but he was in magnificent detail of another era. I can still see his face now. 

This is a famous picture of the ‘Wem ghost’ taken in England. It shows the face of a little girl who once died in a fire. This was taken by fire crews examining the old building and her face shown up on the picture. Can such things be? 

Many people have stories. Many people have sightings. What is the reason for the dead returning? Do they really exist somewhere in a world we have yet to discover? My belief is yes they do exist.

Prince Charles once claims to of seen the ghost of Henry the 8th when he once stayed in the private quarters of Hampton Court, many a person in 10 downing street claim the smoke occassionally hangs in the air can be smelt in rooms of the cigars Winston Churchill smoked, in fact Winston Churchill once claims to of seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln during a stay in the white house. Almost everyone has some kind of a ghost story within their lives at some point whether a sighting of a noise. 

This is a picture taken in USA of a mother and child at their home. It seems like a normal picture until you look at the door. Here is a reflection of an old lady and dog. Who just both co-incidentally were the previous occupants. 

How many of your friends and relatives have seen a ghost? How many strange things do we choose to ‘ignore’ and put down to ‘must be some explanation’? The world perhaps is not as basic as our eyes tell us. To us with no answers in this day and age – we live and we die. We know no more than that. But that still leaves us with many mysteries. Perhaps our brain runs on a frequency like a radio and we all live on this frequency. Perhaps sometimes there is interference and we pick up on other channels and worlds. It would be a bit like this world is ‘channel one’ and the spirit world is ‘channel 2’ . If we re- tuned or interference took place we could mix channels.

Strange things and occurances often seem to occur in life. Have you ever noticed anything strange or unusual in your life?  Shadows, movements, noises, whispers or things in corner of your eye?  Can you imagine seeing a ghost?  Have you ever been to a place and noticed a strange atmosphere?  

This is a picture of a group of serviceman which is being took. It shows many men in their time of service but there is one man who shouldn’t be there. This is Freddie Jackson. This picture clearly shows him posing for the photograph with the others. Sadly he had died a few days before the photo was taken yet he is there. Can you see him? Have you ever seen anything strange on your photographs?  Who knows what you missed… 

This group of friends were having their picture took together like most friends do. Nothing unusual. The girl on the right crying couldn’t stop. She claimed the little girl was scaring her. No one knew who she meant and put it down to childrens mind and imagination. Until the photograph was developed showing the other little girl… 

This picture was taken in the notorious most famous haunted house in the world – the Amityville house. Where a whole family was shot dead by the oldest boy who claimed to of been possessed. This shows an image of a boy peeping out one of the rooms and many recognize him as the youngest son who lived there and was shot dead by his older brother. How can he be on a picture years later? 

This is a famous English picture known as the Brown Lady. It is one of the most original pictures of a ghost taken and so far people have struggled to proove it is fake. 

When my other nana had dimentia – she began to see people. But these visions were of nobody she ever knew in her life and nobody alive at the time. They were either strangers to her or dead people she knew such as her mother. The strangers were also very consistant and continual. It was a man a woman a small boy and a dog in her house. The details were always the same. She never got confused of these details of this ‘family’ or made up random things it was all very logical and realistic and the same. There was nothing absurd or silly visions. Also the first image she saw was of a woman. She walked in dressed in black and wore a black veil. Whats strange about this story is not only is it a symbol of death but also my friends grandmother also used to see the same and tell the same of a woman in black with a black veil. Perhaps it was the same woman? Who knows.

The sightings continued of the same people living in my nans house. The man,  the woman and the boy and dog. She never changed this story. The man was wicked. His behaviour towards my nan and the boy was cruel. Who were they? Was my nana able to see for whatever reason another realm of existance?  The people who are seen during dimentia are quite often wicked people. Why?  

My friends nana had dimentia and his dad once went to visit her. He once got there and she had made two cups of tea in the kitchen. One for her and one for ‘the man’. She had been seeing a man around the house lately. No one else seen him or experienced him. But my uncle threw his cup of tea down the sink and the kitchen door slammed shut. This freaked him out a little as it surely would. 

Perhaps when you suffer mental blockages your brain enters an emergency state and blood enters a different part of the brain unused and creates a ‘psychic’ ability. I mean psychics claim to use different part of the brain.

Perhaps also in the elderly at times the brain adapts and begins preperations for a ‘detachment’ into the spirit world and therefore they encounter visions of the dead of which live in this world somewere amongst us. 

History and life is full of ghosts and tales and images. The majority of people believe and have a story and there must be more in it all than humans to date currently know or understand. Whether its the mind or reality and other realities existing running along side this one who knows?  Time shall tell us and perhaps the spirits are trying to contact us all seeking comfort or answers to be told to us. Perhaps they still linger on Earth with unfinished business or a life cut short and didn’t wish to die. Perhaps they are doomed to limbo and wander the world of the living forever who knows. 

This is a true ghost story of mine if you wish to read. Thank you. 


If anyone has a ghost story I would love to hear all about it. 

So perhaps afterall death is not the answer and not the end…and we live on….somewhere