Fifty shades darker

Recently the fifty shades Darker film was released the second one of the saga and as usual it was highly documented and anticipated by many. I imagine it will have many people going to watch it mainly girls. 

But I cannot understand the interest in this film at all. Christian Grey is such an overpowering dominant character and I cant understand why any woman would want a man like this! He is not just dominant in a sexual way but in her whole life and every part of it. How can a man like this be appealing? He buys her phones and cars and even the company he works for without telling her. He has complete control of her life. Surely this guy should be locked away? He is a dominant possessive control freak who surely is so overpowering that no one would really want to experience it and be scared if they did in real life.

As with Edward Cullen in Twilight he doesnt have a girlfriend and doesnt want one until one particular girl comes along and changes all that. She is a ‘special one’ who has a dramatic effect on him. I believe this is the subconcious desire of girls to feel special to a man and be the only one special to him. One who despite his danger can never hurt them out of love. Would a woman really love a man so dominating? He is smothering and controlling. Despite the belief that he is good looking surely that doesnt excuse his crazy psychology. 

In fact the two films Twilight and fifty shades of Grey are very similar and mirror each other almost entirely. 

In the film there is a scene where Christian Grey is driving a helicopter which then plummets due to a problem and he is about to crash. We never see him crash. Then hes on the news missing. But there is no worry and no mystery for he turns up two minutes later pretending to stumble about but no injuries and is completely fine. It is a pointless scene and not worth even showing in the film. It holds no relevance and no emotional connection at all. Contains no worry and no mystery and drama or suspense. 

The acting in the film is also just average. Jamie Dornan keeps going from Irish accent then back to American and back to Irish again. He seems more Spector from the Fall tv series although the two characters he plays are not worlds apart and very similar mindsets.

The female character Anastasia to me is very boring and has no real part to play apart from being preyed upon by a stalker. She holds no real personality of her own and surely is unrelatable. As female characters go she is incredibly weak. She holds no strength or depth at all. 

Overall my favourite part of the film was the coldplay song at the beginning thats about it. Apart from that the film was made up of bringing out sexual provocative thoughts and instincts and the rest was teenage girl fantasy and a rubbish man overall and a stupid innocent girl who despite being abused by him in the first one returns for more from a man who is a sexual predator who has psychological childhood issues. 

Although people have their own sexual preferences thats fine and maybe the films touch upon a subconcious animal instinct and sexual desires and roles in primitive humans of dominant males which is brought to the surface in women. I also think the film is guilty of brainwashing people into believing it to be what most women want to be treated like which I dont believe to be true. 

My personal opinion: not worth watching unless you want cheap sex thrills.

My rating of the film – 2/5