The cause of Cancer

There is only one true war, there is only one true hate – that against cancer.

As the years pass by it is clear to see that the numbers of people suffering with cancer has vastly gone upwards over the years to where almost everyone of all ages has cancer.

Cancer does not care for age,gender race or religion. Cancer does not care for borders and there is no hiding place. We must fight it as one humanity together.

Everyone knows someone with cancer of all different ages and it has now reached figures unheard of before.

The number of people with cancer has rocketed and the age of people with cancer has dropped to even cover small children and babies almost unheard of in history.

In fifty years time I think almost everyone will suffer with cancer at some point in their life it is becoming that much of an epidemic.

The food we eat is polluted, the drinks we drink is polluted and the air we breath is polluted.

People in the western cultured world eat alot of junk and processed foods and foods covered in harmful chemicals such as pesticides which are potentially harmful.

Unknown to most of the people in the world it is much more polluted and filled with harmful levels of radiation than we could ever imagine.

Nuclear power is a massive cause of such radiation and pollution on the planet.

This vast boom of cancer suffers began with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and since then the rise of cancer sufferers has grown and grown.

The poisons and radiation levels swept by winds has spread global from the atomic bombs and from the testing of nuclear weapons which are being tested by many governments in secluded places unknown to most of the people of the world.

For example a nuclear bomb was tested on christmas island. A ship not far away was allowed by the government to let the sailors and the crew to watch the explosion confirming they are perfectly safe so they watched – and every one of the crew went on to get cancer.

Incidents like Chernobyl in Ukraine where a Nuclear power plant leaked its contents and created a ghost town where people can no longer live. The winds carried these harmful levels of radiation across to Britain and ruined many of the farms in Wales and caused many of the animals to have deformed babies. Yet many people are fed the sheep which eat the grass on these farms and the polluted soil. What does this do to people as they intake such harmful levels of radiation?

Have a look at this map. This shows the countries which have the highest rates of cancer. This shows the ‘developed’ countries have higher cases of cancer compared to countries which do not use the same power supplies such as nuclear power and other forms of power plants to supply their people.

The lesser countries on the map also I believe dont eat as much junk food and processed food as the ones with the higher rates of cancer.

Then we enter a world within our own homes. What does the radiation within our microwaves do to us? What does it do to the food we cook in the microwave? We are told it is safe but we are told many things which seem to turn out not to be true. It gives us a minimal amount of radiation. What does this do to our bodies? Do microwaves ever leak radiation? As stated it tells you not to take the back off them due to radiation. We have carbon monoxide detectors in our house but no radiation tests on microwaves so we know if it is faulty…

The food we are eating in the modern day is mostly processed and full of toxins and mild poisons and chemicals which are not natural to our bodies. Where we are eating and drinking foods and drinks which high acidic ph levels. Where we are eating processed mildly poisoned foods by radiation capable of mutating our cells without us ever knowing.

We are surrounded by nuclear power and harmful levels of radiation. Power stations which are known to often leak out radiation even in very small doses which are said to be ‘not very harmful’….

The more nuclear power and nuclear weapons have entered this world. The more the cancer rates have rocketed. The more people are suffering and the younger people are who suffer with it.

As nuclear power grows and nuclear bombs exchange hands….the more and more cancer shall appear in people and the more it will become and epidemic. Soon the majority of the world will be sufferers of cancer.

People might defy me and say I am wrong but as the years pass by people will start to see people around them with cancer more and more and as they see more and more young people begin to get cancer they will suddenly start to think…what is happening to cause this?

Obviously cancer shall occur naturally in small cases through various reasons such as malfunction of cells through various natural reasons and exposure to the suns radiation etc but this was in smaller cases by natures intent. Now we are engulfed with many cases.

So if mankind was to take a measure to purify the world and the land,air, water and soil then I would support it.

If we was to reduce or stop nuclear power then I would be happy and if we had to return to a more basic lifestle to save peoples lives then I would also be happy.

As the map above shows that the developed countries are doing something wrong with their lifestyle…and the countries with lesser cancer rates and less developed are doing something right. They are eating better and staying closer to nature and dont have the same dangerous power supply systems.

To save this planet and our people we must stop nuclear power plants.

Alot of the things in the modern day are luxuries but we can survive without them. We must purify this world if we are to survive and return and be closer to nature.

May we all eat the right foods which are in the way nature intended and drink wonderful purifying drinks.

May I wish people who are suffering with cancer a long, beautiful and happy life and may they win their battle quickly. May we one day say cancer is no more….

Cancer War

Whether your from the west or the east or from the valleys, the forests or the deserts or the mountains – Cancer does not care!

Whether you are the poorest human on Earth or the richest on the planet – Cancer does not care! 

Whether the oldest human alive or the youngest child born – cancer does not care! 

Whether your Christian, muslim, jewish or any other religion – Cancer does not care! 

It doesnt care for beauty or body shape or for power or whether your a man or a woman – cancer does not care!

Whether your white,black,asian or african whatever you maybe – Cancer does not care! 

Whether you are the saddest man on Earth or the most blissfully happy person ever – Cancer does not care! 

For continents, borders, countries and political areas – Cancer does not care! 

Cancer comes for us all and there is no exception, no choice and no preference for Cancer it will attack all humanity!!

Humanity must be united against the real enemy! We must come together to destroy cancer! 

We have all known someone who has cancer or lost someone to cancer and we must stand together and win! We shall never give in! We shall gain justice for those we have lost! We shall fight for our freedom from Cancer and liberate all people from the true enemy! 

How can we fight and kill each other when there is a much larger enemy of all of us? How can we be ignorant and stupid to attack each other and ignore a real threat? How can we hope to win when we are fighting ourselves? People are dying from cancer! Children are dying of cancer! Fight now and stop the suffering! Help as much as you can! Give money when you can! No one is safe! Save your fellow humanity!! 

I believe if we all come together and fight and fight with such belief together we shall win! 

We must end all wars to go to war with Cancer for there is only one true war – humanity vs Cancer and we must not lose! Never give up the fight!