The uprising of minds

I shall rise up strong like the sun, I shall wander free and as peaceful as the moon

I shall fly graciously and majestically as the Eagle

Suffering shall only seek to strengthen me, Hurt shall only seek to educate me

Nothing that mankind makes shall destroy my health, mind and soul

All that which I worry about in the end doesn’t even matter.

I can be saved from troubles, I can save myself from all, I can be the greatest warrior of soul and strength

I shall uprise and be strong, I shall uprise and be smarter and better than what I was before.

I shall uprise with magnificent positivity and know what matters the most in life

I must do everything I can and be everything I can be, to be free from financial chains, first I must free myself and overcome myself and be better than what I was before.

Life isnt about what I am now, but what I shall become

When time gets tough, the mighty shall rise, the weakness of a mind shall be educated and people shall have experienced true life.

Life without suffering is no life lived.

Suffering shall always be hard, but what is the joy in life and reward if life was easy?

But let them say one day that I lived in a time of great struggle, but let it be known – that I lived in a time of great paradise and beauty

True kindess of humanity

When your life is going through turmoil, only the kindness of others can see you through,

Kindness and love and generosity for others is what makes humanity brilliant and what makes people care for other people. There is no better feeling than when someone expresses a kind gesture or kindness towards you. Kindness spreads like wildfire.

life is always beautiful, It is only your perception of life which sees it differently but life will always still be beautiful regardless

when you wander through hard times and what seems like eternal darkness, always remember that the light shall come, darkness shall not stay forever because we believe in the light, and it shall shine upon us

The possibilities are endless when the mind is endless, all that you wish to achieve you actually can, allow your mind to wander free, dont suppress the mind, allow the mind to grow and change and adapt and not become dormant, keep the mind fresh

Your mind is like water, if you stay still the Waters become stagnant, so keep flowing and moving through water, dont let the Waters of your future be ripples and turbulence, instead let the future waters be calm, because you can never see through rippled water,

just as you look after your body you must also protect your spirit. Only in the most difficult times shall we discover the true strength of heart and spirit

The best kind of belief is the belief in each other, and kindness in other people and of teamwork within each other. Imagine what mankind could achieve with our intelligent brains and minds if we all just worked together

Mankind shall see beauty everywhere when we are filled with inner peace. To have inner peace we must be content with who we truly are, we must never compare ourselves to others but compare ourselves to who we know we can be,

True destiny only exists within yourself, you are the masters of your own fate and destiny. You have within your hands the power to shape a future

I know from kindness and love, and I know from hatred and its toxicity to the soul and the surrounding environment that love shall win through all, life without love and kindness is no life at all

The best way to bring through peace is to bring through peace within our children

We all must light the flame of humanity and keep it burning within us all, spread the joys of kindness – because true kindness – and humanity shall never die

The death penalty

“If you must break the law do it to seize power,  in all other cases – observe it” – Julius Cesar. 

This is a topic which is often raised with those for it and those against.  Into the subject goes morality and ethics. Should the death penalty be allowed?  Should it be re-instated?  Is there warrant for it? 
In my own personal opinion I believe there is a warrant for it.  I often hear on the radio of murders and serial killers and horrific crimes and its very upsetting.  Often these sick crimes are rewarded with hardly any kind of a punishment.  How is prison a punishment in these days?  They get to stay safe indoors in nice enough conditions and get priviledges and some even get computers. Why are these people being given anything?  They should be made to exist in the worse of conditions. 

Once I visited Beaumaris jail on the isle of Anglesey.  This was a jail in the Victorian times and is now a tourist attraction.  As soon as I walked in I could feel the tight suffocating atmosphere. I could instantly tell suffering had took place here for any crimes.  The rooms were small and some with no windows. The inmates had to work hard just for their breakfast.  They were punished hard if stepped out of line.  How have prisons changed so much that inmates are now seen having fun and drinking and mobile phones sneaked in unnoticed.  What kind of places have prisons become where it is acceptable to be in and not too much hardship?  Where the life is OK. Prisons should be feared. They should be a place where human rights for murderers is hard to come by.  

Some will say its inhumane to execute them.  But where was their humanity and humane views when they took innocent lives?  These people are exempt from humanity.  They are not apart of it. 

They should be wiped out and took out of life so we don’t have to care for them. This will free up space in prisons with people of lesser crimes. This will save the tax payer paying to keep them and the money can be put towards a good thing instead of useless to society monsters.  

People say ‘oh killing them is an easy way out for them’ but I dont care.  I dont care about that I want them gone and no longer a threat to anyone and not allowed to live. They take up space and time and money. If I murdered someone I would expect to lose my life and why not?  

If someone had murdered someone close to me I dont see jail as justice not in the modern day.  When has society become so weak it is scared to punish such evil? What kind of society do we live in where murderers can still have their life and live it out in an OK environment protected by laws and human rights after they took a life away? 

Surely human rights shouldnt apply to these people.  They opted out when they disrespected the human rights of others. 

Recently it was on the radio of a man who killed a man in an unprovoked attack and punched him.  He died and the man who killed him got 6 years in jail.  How is 6 years justice for the victims family??  The victim got an eternal sentence.  His life was ended!  

He faces a small punishment then walks back into civilization to enjoy his life and see friends and family etc.  Whereas his. Victim is gone forever… He has murdered someone.  What if he does it again? 

I know in certain situations we must be careful incase there isn’t much evidence but one concrete evidence where is the issue with putting monsters down? Imagine if one of these people escaped.. 

Some will argue that these people can be rehabilitated and helped but for what purpose?  They can never be released and allowed back into society.  They can never be allowed a normal life.  What is the point in wasting resources on these people?  They knew what they were doing when they broke the law.  So if you cant do the time dont do the crime.  I understand rapists and thieves etc should be given second chances etc but murderers especially cold brutal murderers should be put to sleep.  Im not refering to accidental murder as in manslaughter etc because that is just unfortunate.  There are situations where you might accidentally kill someone etc and thats fair enough its unfortunate but intended murder is evil.  Child murderers are evil etc why are they allowed to continue?  The yorkshire ripper for example costs the British taxpayer alot of money a year to house him etc why bother?  He cant be free. Can the money not be put to a more useful cause?  

Society needs to be stricter on those who operate outside its core.  Outside the mainstream of society which operates nice behaviour and compassion.  Why should nice people be put at risk?  

Perhaps knowing you will die too will make murderers think twice.  Everyone knows murder is wrong.  The only regret some of these murderers have is being caught.

But we all have our own opinions on this naturally.  Mine is to keep society such as our children truly safe…

The education system

Recently it was on the news about the lack of teachers learning the trade and a growing worry of people not willing to become a teacher and the future shows a lack of interest in the job and not enough people to teach children. 

I believe this is because of the state of the education system and how it is ran. 

Example being there is absolutely no control over the children now and they can get away with anything. Stripping the teacher of powers and authority is a stupid idea and was a stupid mistake to begin with. How can a teacher control a class of children who hold the power? 

Children are not daft they know the teacher is powerless to stop them and the teacher can do nothing against a disruptive child. They hold the cards in the classroom. 

I was once witness to a situation when I was at school where one of my friends was being disruptive and the teacher shouted at him and he didnt listen to orders and instead decided to insult her. She shouted at him again and ordered him to sit down and he ignored her. He then got in her face and insulted her. She shouted again and neither of them looked like they were going to back down. There was a power struggle. He insulted her again and she shouted him to sit down. Yet again he refused and stayed in her face. They now were both standing their ground. He had completely cornered her and she lost face. He insulted her again and this time she slapped him. At the time we was all shocked but looking back I feel sorry for her. She has lost her job because of it. What she did was wrong I suppose but I think in that second she had no choice. She was cornered completely and her power diminished by a pupil. He was the power and she had become like nobody in the classroom. The respect for her was never there and her authority didnt exist. She must of felt so alone in that room. He was completely in the wrong and got what he deserved. 

Im not saying what she did was right but he also was in the wrong. If I put myself in her position I dont know what I would do. I would feel completely powerless. There isnt really an answer for the teacher to do in that situation. Leaving the room also makes you look weak and foolish. Once you do that no child will respect you in any class you would be seen as weak. 

I know she was in the wrong but I think she was the victim of a failing education system. One where slowly childrens education is sliding away and the interest in learning is less and less. Where teachers are seen as a figure of ridicule in the classroom. This is a failing system happening all over the UK and many other parts of the world. It needs to change. The teachers need their authority back!!

So how can they expect people to want to become teachers? Why would anyone want to put themselves in stupid situations like that and more and be in a room where they fear the children and not the other way round. Surely it should be the children fearing the teachers wrath? How can you expect to teach children if they wont listen? 

The education system needs a better system and one where children are made to learn and leave school with a certain level of knowledge and grades. Children are getting lost in the classrooms and forgotten about. They need to be pushed to achieve but how can anyone do that when children rule the roost?

A generation or two ago. The teacher was feared and people left school smarter and with more grades and knowledge than now. So many young children dont know DIY or proper English or maths and know nothing about history and why? There is no incentive and no guidance and no fear to learn. The classroom is a nice fun relaxed room with no pressure and no need to listen anymore. The teachers are a figure of fun and children dont care. 

I notice a difference between my generations and below to the generations above and I am sure if everyone is honest they also do. There is a difference in knowledge and behaviour. The respect has gone and the interest to young children. In 20 or so years time will there be builders and plumbers and electricians? Children are more interested now in computer games etc. 

A young boy who came to do work experience within the company I work for at the age of 15 couldnt read. How has this been allowed to go this long without the correct education? How has he been failed so badly? I dont believe hes the only one either. 

Children are going unnoticed in the classrooms and only half the class is prospering. How can a child prosper and develop without the correct guidance and discipline? There should be a system in place which means you have to be at school until you reach a reasonable standard of knowledge. So many children leave with nothing. How can this be acceptable? 

Im a believer that maybe children possibly over the age of 12 should be in school till 5.30pm and why not? There is more learning and studying time and gets them ready for working life. This is life and they must be ready for it. We can not be too soft when it comes to education. Children are the future foundations of civilization and they mist be strong foundations. 

Children needed to be guided to reach their potential. They need to know as much as they can to pass knowledge on to future generations. The knowledge must be passed on otherwise society will collapse in years to come. 

So give the power back to the teachers. Let them guide the children, teach the children safely, let them discipline them correctly and be supported by the education system. Put two teachers in each class if needs be as witnesses to events and naughty children and to half the workload of 20 or more children. It surely is hard to teach that many children within an hour and also help the struggling children. So use two teachers as support for each other. Instead its the children supporting each other in troublesome behaviour…

So why would anyone want to walk into a classroom and face such an issue with no powers to control it? Imagine the fear and anxiety and stress of taking on a room of children who some will try and bring you down and overthrow you…why would anyone want to do that?

Change needs to happen now for a brighter future for us all…