The death penalty

“If you must break the law do it to seize power,  in all other cases – observe it” – Julius Cesar. 

This is a topic which is often raised with those for it and those against.  Into the subject goes morality and ethics. Should the death penalty be allowed?  Should it be re-instated?  Is there warrant for it? 
In my own personal opinion I believe there is a warrant for it.  I often hear on the radio of murders and serial killers and horrific crimes and its very upsetting.  Often these sick crimes are rewarded with hardly any kind of a punishment.  How is prison a punishment in these days?  They get to stay safe indoors in nice enough conditions and get priviledges and some even get computers. Why are these people being given anything?  They should be made to exist in the worse of conditions. 

Once I visited Beaumaris jail on the isle of Anglesey.  This was a jail in the Victorian times and is now a tourist attraction.  As soon as I walked in I could feel the tight suffocating atmosphere. I could instantly tell suffering had took place here for any crimes.  The rooms were small and some with no windows. The inmates had to work hard just for their breakfast.  They were punished hard if stepped out of line.  How have prisons changed so much that inmates are now seen having fun and drinking and mobile phones sneaked in unnoticed.  What kind of places have prisons become where it is acceptable to be in and not too much hardship?  Where the life is OK. Prisons should be feared. They should be a place where human rights for murderers is hard to come by.  

Some will say its inhumane to execute them.  But where was their humanity and humane views when they took innocent lives?  These people are exempt from humanity.  They are not apart of it. 

They should be wiped out and took out of life so we don’t have to care for them. This will free up space in prisons with people of lesser crimes. This will save the tax payer paying to keep them and the money can be put towards a good thing instead of useless to society monsters.  

People say ‘oh killing them is an easy way out for them’ but I dont care.  I dont care about that I want them gone and no longer a threat to anyone and not allowed to live. They take up space and time and money. If I murdered someone I would expect to lose my life and why not?  

If someone had murdered someone close to me I dont see jail as justice not in the modern day.  When has society become so weak it is scared to punish such evil? What kind of society do we live in where murderers can still have their life and live it out in an OK environment protected by laws and human rights after they took a life away? 

Surely human rights shouldnt apply to these people.  They opted out when they disrespected the human rights of others. 

Recently it was on the radio of a man who killed a man in an unprovoked attack and punched him.  He died and the man who killed him got 6 years in jail.  How is 6 years justice for the victims family??  The victim got an eternal sentence.  His life was ended!  

He faces a small punishment then walks back into civilization to enjoy his life and see friends and family etc.  Whereas his. Victim is gone forever… He has murdered someone.  What if he does it again? 

I know in certain situations we must be careful incase there isn’t much evidence but one concrete evidence where is the issue with putting monsters down? Imagine if one of these people escaped.. 

Some will argue that these people can be rehabilitated and helped but for what purpose?  They can never be released and allowed back into society.  They can never be allowed a normal life.  What is the point in wasting resources on these people?  They knew what they were doing when they broke the law.  So if you cant do the time dont do the crime.  I understand rapists and thieves etc should be given second chances etc but murderers especially cold brutal murderers should be put to sleep.  Im not refering to accidental murder as in manslaughter etc because that is just unfortunate.  There are situations where you might accidentally kill someone etc and thats fair enough its unfortunate but intended murder is evil.  Child murderers are evil etc why are they allowed to continue?  The yorkshire ripper for example costs the British taxpayer alot of money a year to house him etc why bother?  He cant be free. Can the money not be put to a more useful cause?  

Society needs to be stricter on those who operate outside its core.  Outside the mainstream of society which operates nice behaviour and compassion.  Why should nice people be put at risk?  

Perhaps knowing you will die too will make murderers think twice.  Everyone knows murder is wrong.  The only regret some of these murderers have is being caught.

But we all have our own opinions on this naturally.  Mine is to keep society such as our children truly safe…

Womens supremacy

All through time women have been supressed and told they are the lesser clever gender and second to man and this still happens in many societies to this very day. 

Whereas I believe women have a grander role to play in humanity and life and always have. 

Afterall how can a man be better than a woman? Although men dominate the world physically its surely women who dominate mentally and more powerfully in all aspects of life. Its women who are more powerful in nature and have power over men that a man could surely never possess. Women hold all the power especially in the mating game. 

It is women who nuture children into this world and brings us up to be the people we are.

It is women who gave us life and protect us and who we all run to as children. 

Women are superhuman compared to men. Women can adapt and change for example during pregnancy womens senses change and she possesses better smell and skin and hair and eyes. They can grow an entire person inside them which is a superb achievement and women have a higher tolerance of pain. 

When a man buys a house it is a woman who makes it a home. Whatever a man gives a woman she makes it better and grander. In my eyes women are super beings!! What a woman achieves in life such as creating a family bringing children into this world and raising them is far more of an achievement than any man could ever dream of!

In school it is women who often get better grades than men. Womens attention to detail and intuition is superior to a mans. 

So how can a man be superior to a woman? Although its a mans world is it really? For I think all the men in the world and developed and taught and created by the amazement of a woman who has made them become the men they are today. 

the creators of life, devoting more than anyone else, devotedness to being a mother and a wife
How can a man oppress and discriminate against women when the two most important people in his life his mother and wife belong to that gender? 

Women are not a possession or an object or a maid for a man, women are every mans world, you are your husbands soul mate for life

Oh the women of this world, thankyou so much, a world without you, has no beauty as such, you are creators of love and dreams, creators of family, honour be to you, glory and devotion you possess, although life is tough, you are priceless, dont ever believe your less

So I believe in equality and if equality didnt exist or couldnt exist surely women have a huge say in being the better and supreme of humanity because as the song goes..this is a mans world..but nothing without a woman or a girl…

The crazy world

I am so sick of the modern day crazy world! How can this madness of been allowed to happen? 

  • How can an idiot like Donald Trump been allowed to power? The guy (from what I know) couldnt run a bath let alone a country! He goes round shouting his big mouth off upsetting people. Wheres your diplomacy you mad moron? Wheres the politics in you?! It doesnt exist! You are embarrasing democracy! You ask if its nazi Germany then no! Hitler even didnt say stupid s**t about people! He had a brain and sadly a plan! You have no idea! You nothing but a fool. A situation and a mess waiting to happen for someone else to clear up!! You should resign now!
  • How can people compare Brexit and Trump? One voted away from a dictatorship the other voted for it! How could brexit of been allowed to happen? Has the British government totally lost its mind and lost contact with the British people? All governments care about is money money money and people just get in the way!! They dont care for people and the attitude is ‘if people die they die so what’ process! Governments are fooling people. People are people and humanity should come first but oh no of course not. Lets line the pockets of the rich first.
  • Since when has it been a good idea to fight evil with greater and more evil? This is proper madness! How can it ever be ok to blow up innocent people and children? How can western leaders sleep at night after ordering the deaths of children? Exchanging blow for blow will be like a long drawn out going the distance boxing match! How will we ever achieve amnesty unless someone decides to be the bigger and better person? 
  • How can you say your civilized more than anywhere else just because you have more dangerous weapons? If you was civilized surely you wouldnt ever use or need weapons. You would help make the lives of the people you seek to stop better. Love is stronger than hate! Why terrorise people and children? Why not help them instead? 
  • War is not an answer to hate and terror. Words and understanding and apologizes are the way forward not blowing them all up. 
  • Had their not been previous invasions then there would be no terror today. There was no need invade Iraq! Now the vacuum has opened and evil has began! People are angry as loved ones were killed by terror from all four corners of the world! This world needs love! Make this happen! Only a moron would blow people up!! This has  to end now! 

The fists of Humanity

How dare you inflict terrorism and death upon on the innocent? Do you not know what the true word of humanity has ever meant?

Oh terrorism shall be crushed by the fists of humanity, we are the people, we are one and free we shall forever be, terror shall never tear away our liberty

You aim to alienate and divide, but your work is going nowhere, as we now stand together as humanity side by side, your act of terror with you and your heart that you sold it has died

Terrorists now must pause, think, your acts have no actual cause, other than creating wars, but your unleashing the spirit within the mass humanity, your entry into the afterlife is over before you when you die is locked doors,

We are the people we shall not live in fear, we are together and humanity is one now and in your name there shall be no more fright and no more sad tear, for is the revolution! Now humanity is here!

We all want our children to walk safely down the street, with no fear of who they may meet
we all want them safe and to live a long life, to live and be given a chance to be husband or wife
They are the eyes of innocence with no hate in their eyes, they know no corruption and of no lies, they are the future, they can be as one, they want a world where terrorism is surely gone

Come together humanity and uprise, lets not allow the world to be at misery, lets not allow humanity to hear a million cries, lets raise the hearts of love to dominate to such a massive size, for love conquers all and it never dies

For the fists of humanity, the hearts of humanity will destroy terrorism for all eternity

The Illuminati

For years people have talked of conspiricy theories and alternative answers to events which have unfolded at times in history. But do some of these conspiritors have some truth in what they say?
Rumour has it there is a dark organzation known as ‘the illuminati’ or enlightenment or new world order which control and create events for their own purpose and benefit. Are they behind world wide tragedies such as 9/11 and world war two? Are they to blame for many famous deaths such as JFK and John Lennon?
It is well known that many people belong to secret societies such as the free masons etc who do favours for each other and this ranges from the people on the ground floor of life such as everyday people, plumbers etc up to the top of the tree people such as business owners etc who do favours for one another in life. So what if there was an organization free of religion opposing the church and God who do favours for each other in a much darker way? Such as murders, creation of events etc why is this out the question? Many famous people claim to be involved in the so called illuminati also.
JFK said publically a couple of days before his death that he was going to publically oust a dark organization. A few days later he was shot.
John Lennon claimed that the world was being ran by an insane group of people with insane ideas – a couple of days later he was dead.
Mark Chapman was also supposed to of been moving in strange circles of people in strange places, places he could never of afforded to go such as a CIA hotspot in Europe.
Michael Jackson a couple of days before his death that ‘they are going to kill me, they are going to kill me now’ who are ‘they?’
Some people also believe Whitney Houston was a victim of the Illuminati.

Are world events created by this dark organization?
Was 9/11 created from within USA itself? Many believe that it was the work of the american government to create a purpose for an invasion of Iraq and to increase arms deals America thrives on. Perhaps it was a dark organization who created these events also to gain hatred to sects in the east such as Islam.
The illuminati supposedly controls the banks and the media with people high within these organizations belonging to Illuminati. The media creates propoganda for we the people to believe in what they say. Currently the world is against Islam. The media has created a hatred of islamic people and focused on the oh so bad events but not the oh so good. ISIS themselves were originally created by the americans. Why would the Americans have such involvement with such a group of people?
Many in Islam claim that ISIS are not even muslims at all but working for a dark organization to achieve dark goals such as help make a bad name of Islam and destroy it. This dark organization want a new world order ran by them with no religion which opposes them. They apparantly do the devils work for him on Earth. They are free of all religion and follow science.

The symbols they use can be found everywhere. The pyramid with the one eye in the middle, the two lightning bolts, and new world order wrote in latin. It is all over the american bank notes. Why would this be? The all seeing eye is watching from the notes of America. The symbols are used for Illuminati members to communicate with each other even in the most public of places. Where the everyday normal people wouldnt notice them or what they mean. For example a couple of days before 9/11 many posters containing the eye and triangle were posted in the subway under the world trade centre – why?
Have you ever stopped and studied some music concerts or live on tele? Why are they so paghan in culture? Why are they so symbolic of demons and demon worship? Such as lady Gaga and Madonna. Madonna often wears paghan demon skull rings and does paghan rituals live on stage. During the Brits where she fell all the men wore demonic skulls why?
Beyonce even claims she is possessed by the demon – Sasha Fierce and without her she could never perform as she does.

In all videos even childrens cartoons there is hidden subliminal messages the eye doesnt see but the brain does. Television is a way of drip feeding and brainwashing people slowly. To create us into the people they want us to be. For example over the last twenty years or so – sinful and satanic acts have become the normal and we all do them without realizing. 
Why has deep visual sex scenes become the normal on the tele? Why are girls now becoming more sex objects than ever before? Role models wearing next to nothing encouraging people to be more like this. For example women in the 50s and 60s didnt dress or behave or believe in such a way and now its normal and thr culture we live in is sexual based. Which at one time would of been considered so sinful is now accepted. Why is the world more violent and people contain more hatred and greed than ever before? Television and the media is slowly corrupting us against what they want us to dislike. They are changing us into different people to be what they want us to be. They are portraying their satanic sinful free world and control over us. If you think of how we behave it might seem silly but its like a form of devil worship in society especially in the west. We have public displays of explicit sex,  foul language and violence all accepted in todays world as nothing.

Also since the 50s and 60s there has been a massive alienation from God. The illuminati is slowly turning the world against God and religion to be as they want. Its a world of ‘enlightenment’ this is what the devil offered Eve in the bible. They are controlling and manipulating us and brainwashing us through television and propoganda.

For example MH370. The malaysian flight which went missing. Where is it? Why would a depressed pilot go through so much trouble if he wanted to end his life? Why would he care where he crashed? Why would he care to turn off the equipment?
How can a plane just vanish in this day and age? Many believe this plane was hijacked and flown by experts to an island in south indian ocean – the island of Diego Garcia. This is an airbase ran by the Americans and is very close to where MH370 dissapeared off the radar. Perhaps it didnt crash at all but a dark organization wanted the plane or passengers on it and also to create fear amongst the masses for whatever reason. There is plenty of landing space and runway on Diego Garcia. Also a man from the plane is supposed to of made brief contact with a relative after the plane went missing saying he was with armed men all dressed in black. Who are they? What was their purpose? 

The mass humanity

We are the mass humanity yet governments and corporations decide to ignore us as if we are nothing!

They control us as if we are nothing. All that matters is them in power and their connections and powers and money. Money rules these people and their hearts! They care not for mankind!! They care not for morality and law!

How do they think they have the power? How dare they try and box us off and control us with their words and catergories to keep the masses of people silent and scared!

The power which has been taken from the people, shall return to the people, those who have taken it their rule shall be destroyed and liberty and freedom shall be forever!!

We are the people, we are one together as the human race and as humanity!

Humanity shall never surrender, Humanity shall never be ruled! Humanity shall never die!!

We are not to be ruled and influenced by people in power controlling and corrupting us and dividing us.
We should break borders and divides and countries created by people to dominate and rule people we shall not be seperate we shall be as one!
God created the lands and the satan within us created countries! Countries to fuel their own goals and pockets and rule over people.

You may be English and love England but does England really love you?
you maybe French and be proud but is France proud of you?
You maybe American and die for America? Would America die for you?

Countries divide us and destroy mankind, why should we be seperate and under different flags and banners? Countries make us see each other different. How is a French man different to an Englishman? We are the same. We are one!! We are the people.

Rich rulers who dominate the globe who seek to rule the banks and the media and care little for mass humanity shall suffer at the hands of humanity.
How dare they not care for mass humanity? How dare they change public opinion and brainwash us with propoganda to furfill their own cause or desire, how dare they control us with lies and false media!

The world is fuelled and ran by evil figureheads and there is a lack of good role models. We need a good role model and a figure of peace and the people. A soul of the people who lives for the people and for the people to follow! We need a leader of mankind! A soul to represent us against corporations and dictators and weak pathetic democracies which seek to control under a lie of freedom.

Mankind, humanity, brotherhood of man uprise! Become one as God intended! Stop the evil which dominates the world! Let the world be dominated by good and love again! Love your fellow mankind. Love your neighbours and your ancestors for Love conquers all!

Britains exit from EU

There seems to be a massive contrast of emotion on Britain leaving the EU. Some people are sad and devastated others are joyful and happy. Whereas in my personal opinion I think it is a good thing and why not? British men died so Britain could live free of european dictatorship. What did the EU offer Britain? Nothing but dictatorship and laws governed by Brussels. British people dont want that because Britain is a powerful independant country and always was. The EU only suits poorer countries which it can make better but it was making Britain worse.

The freedom of movement act would be good if it wasnt just used mainly by poor people from poor countries coming to the UK and not wishing to work or speak or learn English and just using our benefits system to send money home. How can England cope with vast eastern europeans who will enter? Its too much of a massive quick cultural change. We must think of our own children who will feel alien in their own country. We must protect our culture and why not? This is what men died for and this is the culture we know and we are proud of. We are the oldest democracy and the EU was choking it like a chicken.

Since the Victorian times there was only ever two european super powers one was Germany and the other was Britain and the rest were just there for the community. The EU has ignored one of its super powers and now an axe has been wielded towards the head of the EU.

Now is the time for change and new beginnings away from a corrupt non democracy Europe. Now is the time for the British to lead the escape and begin again governing itself again in the way it once made itself great. After all is there an actual good reason for Britain to stay in the EU?

Stand together

So sad what happened on 9/11
So bad what happened in London on 7/7
What happened in Paris so so sad,
What happened in Brussels so so bad

The eyes of the world focus on these events created by the evil of man
But what about what happened in Turkey?
What about what happened in Pakistan?

Lets not forget these are our brothers and sisters too, who were victims of terror, who lost dear ones they also knew

We must stand as one, brotherhood of humanity, before more people are gone

Why focus on Europe alone? Against the worse terror the world has ever known

Sadly this is the worse time I am yet to see, in mankind and my history,
but this tragedy should not just be focused on Europes events…theres also Pakistan, Tunisia and Turkey

Yes the world is in a mess, we need to be as one mankind, and whats happened in Pakistan and Tunisia and Turkey is not less

Just because its in Europe it does not make it worse, These are events happening all over the world, but we must come together and this evil we can reverse
Theres no evil in any sentence or Gods verse

Dont forget those who are in danger overseas, who are losing loved ones everyday, and suffering terrible events just like Brussels and events like these

Lets end this pain, end this worry and fear, and not let it be repeated again

Oh yes we can!  – those who believe in brotherhood of man

Donald Trump

Donald Trump has caused uproar this week with his views which has gone global. Before his recent comments I didnt know much of the guy apart from he is stinking rich! Now the world knows of this man. The media says he has gone to far and that he has failed now and the world against him but has he?

He has become such a public figure, he is so in the limelight and he is all the world is talking about – I dont even know who is challenging him to be president of USA he has shadowed them out so much. Maybe in USA they do but they are not focusing on these people current – it is the Donald Trump show!!

The man is a wise business man. He knows what he is doing and he is in control of everything he says and does!

He is calculated and smart and a control freak. You dont get to be a billionaire from being stupid. He knows what he does and he knows how to work peoples mind in his favour.

What he said might not of gone down well with alot of people. But alot support him. Those who dislike him are the ones he has a problem with and thats fair enough for them to dislike him. But in life we cannot please everyone. His job application is to be the president of USA which means he must protect the American people. But he must also remember America is – the land of oppurtunity. America is a historical mass of immigrants who seek – oppurtunity no matter of their background and problems. He cannot single out anyone. If he is to ban one perhaps he should ban all and close the watertight doors. He should check all and single no one out. What matters most in this world is people. People who all have one dream regardless of religion and culture which is – love and a family and happiness. We must never alienate anyone but welcome them with peace. A ban on muslims will upset millions of the innocent peaceful people who will seek protection in a group. Pushing them away will push them into hands of evil. Trump is creating a division in islam. But if it failed he might create a true islamic bond between all muslims under one cause. Against those who discriminate them. If he is to exclude a race or religion he must be careful. But before us is a man who speaks his mind and we should respect that.

Afterall is he not allowed free speech and his own opinions? Is this not a world for the free to express their views?

We must not ban contraversial speakers but challenge them. This afterall is what democracy is.

Whether or not you like Donald Trump the man is a genius and a success in business. To be a success in business and politics you have to hold no mercy and to be ruthless at times. But you also must manage people well. If we are hearing the words ‘president Trump’ in a few years then worlds phase of instability may just continue further. The world is at its worse and we lack a figure of peace.

But whatever we say of Trump. He has gone worldwide, he has hidden other election candidates in the shadows. He has marketed himself and there is many who will agree with what he says. As time passes by people may join his views as the world becomes more dangerous. Lets just hope the world becomes steady again and of peace. We need less militants or Donald Trumps and more people of peace. Where is the Ghandis and Mother Theresa and Dianas of this world? Where are they hiding? We need you! Long come the day where the world is free again!!

The spirit world

Everybody knows somebody – who has a ghost story. Usually trusted sources also such as friends and uncles who had never believed in ghosts previously. Religious texts teach us of life after death since the dawn of man began so does a spirit world really exist or is it mans desperate hope of meeting loved ones again?

Many skeptics will say there is no heaven and hell and God and we are here due to science but why are we here? Why are we aware and can ponder why we are here? In my life I believe I have encountered ‘the spirit world’ on quite a few occassions. Mainly through whispers, movements, shadows and dreams. So I am a believer in a parallel dimension which exists on Earth along side this one. There has to be something to this life a reason and an answer to this existance.  Why would all our trusted sources be wrong? People we know are not liars. 

This is a picture captured within a hospital in England. It is on the old wing of the hospital taken by a visitor. It shows a nurse from a yesteryear wandering the coridoors and rooms. It reminds me of my aunty who once claimed when she was a nurse she was wandering the coridoors late at night and at the end of one of the coridoor she seen her own nana staring at her from a distance. 

I once had a dream of my grandad. He was a shadow and he was walking off into a bright light. He walked away from me towards the light. Then he was floating backwards into the light with his arms outstretched. Thats when I was awoken by the phone going. My nana had rang panicing as my grandad had just died – at the exact time of my dream. Many would say it was co-incidence but who knows? To me it was real. Also the next day it was noticed his watch had stopped at the exact time he had died. 

I also once awoke at 5am and was completely paralyzed. I could only move my eyes. A shadow passed along the wall and suddenly a man appeared of a generally evil presence. He wore a brown suit that was from the 1950s era at a guess. He had a pocket watch. He stared at me. All I could feel was a faint pulse round my body. He held his hands out at me and pinned me down further. There was a bright light shining through the window which then vanished. He then looked round the room and then vanished and I sat bolt upright free. Upon researching this I discovered it is known as sleep paralysis and people who suffer this encounter visions mainly of evil presences but why? Who are they? Who was the man I witnessed?  I dont know him but he was in magnificent detail of another era. I can still see his face now. 

This is a famous picture of the ‘Wem ghost’ taken in England. It shows the face of a little girl who once died in a fire. This was taken by fire crews examining the old building and her face shown up on the picture. Can such things be? 

Many people have stories. Many people have sightings. What is the reason for the dead returning? Do they really exist somewhere in a world we have yet to discover? My belief is yes they do exist.

Prince Charles once claims to of seen the ghost of Henry the 8th when he once stayed in the private quarters of Hampton Court, many a person in 10 downing street claim the smoke occassionally hangs in the air can be smelt in rooms of the cigars Winston Churchill smoked, in fact Winston Churchill once claims to of seen the ghost of Abraham Lincoln during a stay in the white house. Almost everyone has some kind of a ghost story within their lives at some point whether a sighting of a noise. 

This is a picture taken in USA of a mother and child at their home. It seems like a normal picture until you look at the door. Here is a reflection of an old lady and dog. Who just both co-incidentally were the previous occupants. 

How many of your friends and relatives have seen a ghost? How many strange things do we choose to ‘ignore’ and put down to ‘must be some explanation’? The world perhaps is not as basic as our eyes tell us. To us with no answers in this day and age – we live and we die. We know no more than that. But that still leaves us with many mysteries. Perhaps our brain runs on a frequency like a radio and we all live on this frequency. Perhaps sometimes there is interference and we pick up on other channels and worlds. It would be a bit like this world is ‘channel one’ and the spirit world is ‘channel 2’ . If we re- tuned or interference took place we could mix channels.

Strange things and occurances often seem to occur in life. Have you ever noticed anything strange or unusual in your life?  Shadows, movements, noises, whispers or things in corner of your eye?  Can you imagine seeing a ghost?  Have you ever been to a place and noticed a strange atmosphere?  

This is a picture of a group of serviceman which is being took. It shows many men in their time of service but there is one man who shouldn’t be there. This is Freddie Jackson. This picture clearly shows him posing for the photograph with the others. Sadly he had died a few days before the photo was taken yet he is there. Can you see him? Have you ever seen anything strange on your photographs?  Who knows what you missed… 

This group of friends were having their picture took together like most friends do. Nothing unusual. The girl on the right crying couldn’t stop. She claimed the little girl was scaring her. No one knew who she meant and put it down to childrens mind and imagination. Until the photograph was developed showing the other little girl… 

This picture was taken in the notorious most famous haunted house in the world – the Amityville house. Where a whole family was shot dead by the oldest boy who claimed to of been possessed. This shows an image of a boy peeping out one of the rooms and many recognize him as the youngest son who lived there and was shot dead by his older brother. How can he be on a picture years later? 

This is a famous English picture known as the Brown Lady. It is one of the most original pictures of a ghost taken and so far people have struggled to proove it is fake. 

When my other nana had dimentia – she began to see people. But these visions were of nobody she ever knew in her life and nobody alive at the time. They were either strangers to her or dead people she knew such as her mother. The strangers were also very consistant and continual. It was a man a woman a small boy and a dog in her house. The details were always the same. She never got confused of these details of this ‘family’ or made up random things it was all very logical and realistic and the same. There was nothing absurd or silly visions. Also the first image she saw was of a woman. She walked in dressed in black and wore a black veil. Whats strange about this story is not only is it a symbol of death but also my friends grandmother also used to see the same and tell the same of a woman in black with a black veil. Perhaps it was the same woman? Who knows.

The sightings continued of the same people living in my nans house. The man,  the woman and the boy and dog. She never changed this story. The man was wicked. His behaviour towards my nan and the boy was cruel. Who were they? Was my nana able to see for whatever reason another realm of existance?  The people who are seen during dimentia are quite often wicked people. Why?  

My friends nana had dimentia and his dad once went to visit her. He once got there and she had made two cups of tea in the kitchen. One for her and one for ‘the man’. She had been seeing a man around the house lately. No one else seen him or experienced him. But my uncle threw his cup of tea down the sink and the kitchen door slammed shut. This freaked him out a little as it surely would. 

Perhaps when you suffer mental blockages your brain enters an emergency state and blood enters a different part of the brain unused and creates a ‘psychic’ ability. I mean psychics claim to use different part of the brain.

Perhaps also in the elderly at times the brain adapts and begins preperations for a ‘detachment’ into the spirit world and therefore they encounter visions of the dead of which live in this world somewere amongst us. 

History and life is full of ghosts and tales and images. The majority of people believe and have a story and there must be more in it all than humans to date currently know or understand. Whether its the mind or reality and other realities existing running along side this one who knows?  Time shall tell us and perhaps the spirits are trying to contact us all seeking comfort or answers to be told to us. Perhaps they still linger on Earth with unfinished business or a life cut short and didn’t wish to die. Perhaps they are doomed to limbo and wander the world of the living forever who knows. 

This is a true ghost story of mine if you wish to read. Thank you.

If anyone has a ghost story I would love to hear all about it. 

So perhaps afterall death is not the answer and not the end…and we live on….somewhere