The crazy Kim Jong Un

Kim Jong Un the leader of the North Korean regime and a leader over the North Korean people.  He is a huge threat to civilization and the planet Earth.  I believe he is a sadly clever warlord who is using dangerous weapons as if he is a child with toys. I cant call him stupid or an idiot as I believe he is actually very crafty and clever and cunning. He is pushing for USA to make the first move and antagonise his opposers into a reponse. 

Recently he has been testing dangerous weapons and the last two have been in dangerous ways. The first one was over north Japan. Had this gone wrong people in Japan would of died but he tested it anyway. He didn’t care. The second and most recent was a H bomb which is more deadly than a Nuclear bomb. This sent artificial Earthquakes into China and Russia. Now he wants to test a H bomb in the atmosphere in the sky over the pacific. This is an insane horrible move which will send a huge mushroom cloud into the sky. The man is a monster. What damage will this do to the Earth and surrounding countries?  What are his intentions for these weapons which are capable of reaching mainland America? 

Kim Jong un is in my eyes a ruthless leader. I wouldnt say he was insane or out of control and behaving mad because I dont believe he is. Sadly he is very much in control of his crazy actions and knows exactly what he is doing. 
He does all this under his comfort of being supported by a powerful ancient super power China. But how can a country like China support him?  He could just as easily fire a nuclear bomb into Beijing and take control of the entire region. This guy doesn’t want to feel less powerful than others. He wants all the power. It wouldn’t surprise me if he invaded the south. 

North Korea is the modern day imperial Japan of world war two. A nation locked in history which has failed to enter a civilized modern day era. 
Not only is he threatening to fire crazy weapons over and nearby countries capable of killing thousonds of people he is also damaging our planet Earth.  Testing H Bombs which send tremors across the Earth are doing nature no good and he is damaging the Earth. He has to be stopped now before he does some real damage. 

This regime cannot be allowed to continue as it is too dangerous to exist for all mankind. He threatens all of mankind. Firing H bombs into the atmosphere will cause mass devastation to nature, humanity and the civilized world. What if it went wrong and destroyed a city? This is highly possible. 

I am not the biggest fan of Donald Trump but it’s almost as if God has placed him in charge of USA to rival Kim Jung Un and oppose him as his nemesis. One is as crazy as the other and my side is with Trump. Same as with Hitler and Churchill they were both a match for the other and cancelled each other out well. 

Even if Trump had not been in charge of USA the North Korean regime would probably be carrying out the same mad tests and ideologies. 
Its not even as if North Korea as far as I am aware is testing anything good like super flying aircrafts or vehicles or things which are of any use. H Bombs are just disgusting weapons of death that no one should possess. They serve no purpose to mankind and wont do the planet any good. They are not weapons of progression just mass destruction. 

I dont believe any country anywhere should have H Bombs or Nuclear bombs as this is mankinds worse invention and capable of finishing the Earth. They are mass destruction weapons which should never ever be used on anyone if you cared for your planet. 

His wrecklessness has to stop.