The uprising of minds

I shall rise up strong like the sun, I shall wander free and as peaceful as the moon

I shall fly graciously and majestically as the Eagle

Suffering shall only seek to strengthen me, Hurt shall only seek to educate me

Nothing that mankind makes shall destroy my health, mind and soul

All that which I worry about in the end doesn’t even matter.

I can be saved from troubles, I can save myself from all, I can be the greatest warrior of soul and strength

I shall uprise and be strong, I shall uprise and be smarter and better than what I was before.

I shall uprise with magnificent positivity and know what matters the most in life

I must do everything I can and be everything I can be, to be free from financial chains, first I must free myself and overcome myself and be better than what I was before.

Life isnt about what I am now, but what I shall become

When time gets tough, the mighty shall rise, the weakness of a mind shall be educated and people shall have experienced true life.

Life without suffering is no life lived.

Suffering shall always be hard, but what is the joy in life and reward if life was easy?

But let them say one day that I lived in a time of great struggle, but let it be known – that I lived in a time of great paradise and beauty

Mental health issues

Throughout the world many people suffer with different kind of mental health issues. Sadly most of the people who suffer with mental health issues suffer in silence. It is a grey area for many and they dont know what to do and maybe feel stupid or ashamed to admit it. Often people dont even realize they have one. To them it is the normal and dont realize what they do is not as common in others. 

In my own personal experience I think looking back I have suffered with one or two mental health problems since a very small child. I think the first evidence of my mental state goes back to the age of three or four when I possibly had an eating disorder. I didn’t really want to eat. I used to prefer to daydream(perhaps this is where my creative mind was sharpened). My mind was too busy etc and my mental state overthrew my physical needs. So when mum used to make me eat my dinner as soon as she left the room I would hide food. Thats just what my mind led me to do. 

Other times over the years I have suffered with fixations. As a small child throughout most of my childhood I suffered with fixations. I was fixated with the paranormal and the spiritworld. I could talk about it non stop for hours and hours. I must of drove people mad listening to it. 

Another fixation as a child which was a bit more extreme than in others was The Power Rangers. I absolutely loved it as a child. It got right into my psychology. I was mezmerized watching the original Power Rangers. I used to love watching and playing it non stop slightly more than I should of. But that was childhood for me. 

Another issue I suffered maybe they are all related is OCD. This still happens now to me where I have the over powering urge to check locks. Example being when I used to stay at home alone from 16 onwards and mum and dad had gone on holiday before bed I would check all the locks. Maybe two or three times to satisfy my mind. But if I got in bed and couldn’t remember if I had checked a lock I could not rest. Id become irate and stressed in my mind and need to go and check it again. Nothing would settle me until I had got up gone down and checked it again. Luckily whatever I suffer is only mild compared to my friend of which OCD is much more stronger on him. 

There was a spell in my mind where I would bet with myself. Example being I would say if I didn’t do this or finish this in a certain amount of time something bad will happen to someone I care about. Luckily I managed to overthrow this as stupid after a while and didnt do it anymore. 

So I cant imagine what some people must suffer. The mind is out of their control. It has uncontrollable thoughts and images which in some people must be hard to fight. 

I used to think depression was just because people were miserable etc and were being stupid. But depression is real. Once depression gets a grip on you it takes over you. It becomes you. It embeds itself in your DNA and becomes a virus of the mind. This can happen to anyone. Imagine being stuck in a situation for example finances. Imagine having no money and you need it to live. Imagine how hard life would become being stuck in that situation. You will become fed up. With no solution for days and days you shall be fed up for days and days. Depression becomes you and you cannot find a solution to remove it. It gets a grip on you and your mind sinks deeper into negatives and sadness. Money is the biggest cause of all mental health and we can all suffer this issue. No one is exempt. 

So mental health is an issue we all will face at some point. I think most of us have a mental health issue even if we dont know about it. 

Mental health is not something you can fix with a plaster. It is not something which heals quick. It is under the surface eating away at people. Imagine hearing voices in your head non stop. This would drive anyone crazy or uncontrollable urges which you have to act upon just to settle your mind. Imagine this being so hard to fight. It is a fight within yourself. A fight very little other people seem to understand unless they experience it themselves. 

So if you know someone who has a mental health problem dont think they are strange, stupid or weird because they are not. They are just people like anyone else who need help and support. They are suffering with something out of their control. 

People need to be educated to understand mental health. Because it is right up there at the top of the list of illnesses many suffer. People need to be aware of how it effects peoples lives. Alot of successful people have mental illnesses such as OCD. Usually because they are so repetative with things and they go over it non stop and have the urge to perfect it. So this then can be a good thing as they became good at what they do. Perhaps OCD has its positives. 

Having fixations,  hearing voices and hallucinating cannot be nice for anyone. This can happen to anyone at anyone at anytime. May we all seek to understand….