The Sri Lanka attacks

Yet again more terrorist attacks have taken place where the innocent have been targeted and killed by evil people. Once again it has been a place of worship that has been targeted. What kind of religious people would attack a religious house of God?

The modern world is an evil world ran by evil people who hold no religion or humanity.

We are being led by evil people posing as religious figures, martyrs and politicians with dangerous insanity.

The world is on the brink of a new holy war where Muslims and Christians will exchange blows against each other and the innocent will be used as pawns in this battle.

The numbers of the innocent killed shall grow and grow and grow through dangerous insane acts of others acting on behalf of what they claim is God when it is in fact them acting upon evil.

Who are the mothers of these evil people? People keep telling me these people act upon mental health but this is an insult to people with mental health…

The truth is that these people are cold blooded evil murderers and enemies of humanity…

We are dealing with a virus of insanity in todays modern world where evil is growing more and more and no one is doing anything to kill this evil at its source.

We live in an evil day when people think its acceptable to kill the innocent just to please and quench their own evil desires and the day will come where it is just so normal nobody cares anymore.

To attack worshippers of God is surely to attack God and this makes you an enemy of God surely?

This evil is hiding within religion posing as religion. Humanity has a cancer within its civilization of evil minds.

No true person would kill the innocent who has walked the streets and has loved ones and relatives of their own…no true person would kill if they possessed a heart.

These people are attacking the heart of humanity and they shall lose.

May humanity return to the world, and may humanity, peace and kindness purify humanity again and save us from such evil that is dominating this world

May the victims rest in peace after this terrible tragedy and I wish and hope that one day calm may be placed upon their families.

Rest in peace the victims and love to your families.

Love to the world where peace exists…


Our creation….

In life one thing we all deserve is freedom and to be who we truly are and to live our life to our potential and who we wish to be.

Life is a beautiful oppurtunity for us all to experience that and become that of which we wish.

To discover others we must enter their worlds and discover the truth of them and who they truly are. We must discover the minds of others and beliefs of others before we judge it with hatred and bigotry.

Life is about developing our mind and our wisdom and our own opinions. We must never live off the opinions of others before we judge something ourselves.

If theres one thing I have discovered it is that so many of us are caged and hidden away in fear from doing what we want to do and being who we truly wish to be.

I often get the feeling that so many of us are spiritually locked away in a room desperate to get out of the locked door and into the world and be free and who we are. But so many of us remain trapped…

So many of us hide away and dont ever introduce our true self into the world. We never come out of the darkness and escape because of what others might think. We cage our truth away and keep it hidden.

But we must shine light on who we are and enjoy who we are and being what we wish to be.

Imagine that feeling of being totally free and doing everything you wish to do and being truly you and what you want…what an amazing feeling.

When you shut down on caring what others think the world is yours. You can become everything. You can find your paradise and show the world…you.

We must stop fearing the world which makes us be our own worse critic. Instead we must become our greatest supporter.

I emerge into the light of life more and more and escape the prison of society more and more and becoming more free.

If we educate ourselves to our own past that we didnt know we had – we discover a world of how we was created.

Life didnt begin for us from birth. This is a myth and we went through so many processes and so many changes within the womb. We was alive from only probably a few weeks concieved and probably more advanced than we are today.

The deep depth of our creation is wonderful. The changes we make to our bodies is fascinating. We are all girls by default to begin with. Before the Y chromosone kicks in and changes girls to boys.

Thats why men have nipples. Men upon their bodies have small traces of once being in girl form. We was created beautifully and in depth from each other and led to where we are today. Does any man truly question why he has nipples and no use for them?

Everyone has come from the same gender originally and just as we do in birth we do in creation. We come from female to male.

At the dawn of our creation female was female and male was female. Before male became female. Female was never male but male was once female.

Within everyone is a female somewhere regardless of what culture states.

The core and strength of life and humanity is the female path. We as men shall deny this but we play the smaller part overall in life.

So many people just see the surface of people and how they look but behind that person is a deep history and a deep creation of them and a beautiful process which has led them where they are today.

Life is a deep advanced beautiful path and we can be whatever we want to be. We must all embrace freedom and creativity and happiness and to let ourselves flow through life happy and who we really are.

Life is too short for people to hide away and not come forward and be themselves. You was created beautifully and what you feel you are you must become.

So now is the time to ask to yourself…who am I? Who do I wish to be? What do I wish to do with myself? And get out there and furfill the answers which spring to mind.

May everyone achieve their dreams and make the most of their own beautiful creation….

The Truth…

The truth – one of the biggest mysteries in life.

What actually is the truth? Does the truth even exist anymore? Does anyone even know what the truth is anymore?

How many people mistake the truth with their own opinion? Just because you believe you are right doesnt actually mean it is the truth.

The truth is actually a stranger to many. The truth exposes peoples true self and true feelings and people try to hide their truth because of fear.

The truth is spoken by people seldom. The truth is covered to not hurt peoples feelings often.

Alot of people dont like the truth it hurts more and breaks down all our defences we put in place to protect ourselves and the truth gets to our core and hurts us so badly. People do not like to hear the truth.

Most of us dont like to hear the truth because usually the truth is refering to a bad thing about us. Often truths of good things about us are rarely mentioned.

No one is hated more than the person who speaks the truth.

The truth is seen as cold and cruel often. But the truth is quick and pure whereas lies last forever engulfing everyone else in the same lie and false reality you have eclipsed them within for a long time.

Lies waste peoples precious time in a fiction you have created.

The truth is a cold cruel master to others at first, but it becomes a beautiful purifier to everyone who’s ears hear the truth.

How many lies exist around society today? How many people are willing to speak up and say the truth? How many of us are told a story by the media of a truth which is in fact a lie and believe it to be true?

History for example which we are all taught as truth is in fact one big lie. History has been written by the victorious and that of which we are taught possesses a one sided story.

Politics and politicians lie to us daily and mask themselves as truthful when really they try to manipulate us and lead us astray with a lie they broadcast as truth. People say they twist the truth but the truth cannot be twisted. Anything other than the truth is a lie.

People often say ‘get with reality’ but what is reality? Who created this reality and this culture we live within? We are caged and trapped both physically and spiritually within a false reality and culture and made to live by these rules. Reality can hold us back from education and truth…

Modern culture lies to us about health. Culture feeds us food like products such as crisps and drinks such as coke as if they are the truth of what we should be eating and drinking. But this is a corporate lie….

Culture tells me not to eat dandelions. But dandelions are amazing to eat as a health plant. Culture has not brought me truths. The truth of health exists within the foods of nature.

Lies are often portrayed as truth and told to people as truths. How many of us can truly say we are not a liar in some form?

The truth is a weapon that can hurt many. The truth is pain and pain changes people. The truth can hurt but the truth is also a medicine to the soul.

The truth strengthens people and educates people. There is nothing to be learned from lies….

We all claim to believe in humanity but alot of us have different ideas of what humanity is. What is the true form of humanity?

Perhaps if we all practice the truth we shall become more pure and settled and who we really are and learn to love who we are and grow as people.

The truth is there are two worlds we exist within. There is a natural world and a manmade world…and the natural world is much more beautiful and the manmade world is much darker and crueler. People must remember they came from the natural world and are made from nature.

Lies hide us away from what the truth is. Lies prevent us and hold us back from real outcomes. Lies teach us nothing just make our future path rocky and uncertain with many dead ends.

In the modern day the truth is less and lies grow. Images and appearances on social media are edited and photoshopped to create a much better image of which is not the truth and to make events and scenarios look and seem more exciting than they really was.

What would our lives be like if we had always told the truth? Who and what would fade from our life if we had always been truthful? How different would our today be?

Truth in a relationship should always be used. Truth makes another person peaceful and happy when you are commited. Truth makes the love real for both of you. You should honour the commitment to another with truth.

The truth is feared and so difficult to speak and act upon. The truth is cruel but kind and the truth is purity.

It is the truth which opens up the gateway to a paradise.

The truth shall often be hidden away but the light shall shine upon the truth. The lies within a persons heart shall in time be washed away and the truth shall not stay buried.

The truth is beautiful as when the light is shone on the truth it is beautiful and enchanting to the soul.

Truth is a beautiful settlement of the mind and soul and a feeling of liberation.

Truth is the most purest and beautiful path….

The cause of Cancer

There is only one true war, there is only one true hate – that against cancer.

As the years pass by it is clear to see that the numbers of people suffering with cancer has vastly gone upwards over the years to where almost everyone of all ages has cancer.

Cancer does not care for age,gender race or religion. Cancer does not care for borders and there is no hiding place. We must fight it as one humanity together.

Everyone knows someone with cancer of all different ages and it has now reached figures unheard of before.

The number of people with cancer has rocketed and the age of people with cancer has dropped to even cover small children and babies almost unheard of in history.

In fifty years time I think almost everyone will suffer with cancer at some point in their life it is becoming that much of an epidemic.

The food we eat is polluted, the drinks we drink is polluted and the air we breath is polluted.

People in the western cultured world eat alot of junk and processed foods and foods covered in harmful chemicals such as pesticides which are potentially harmful.

Unknown to most of the people in the world it is much more polluted and filled with harmful levels of radiation than we could ever imagine.

Nuclear power is a massive cause of such radiation and pollution on the planet.

This vast boom of cancer suffers began with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and since then the rise of cancer sufferers has grown and grown.

The poisons and radiation levels swept by winds has spread global from the atomic bombs and from the testing of nuclear weapons which are being tested by many governments in secluded places unknown to most of the people of the world.

For example a nuclear bomb was tested on christmas island. A ship not far away was allowed by the government to let the sailors and the crew to watch the explosion confirming they are perfectly safe so they watched – and every one of the crew went on to get cancer.

Incidents like Chernobyl in Ukraine where a Nuclear power plant leaked its contents and created a ghost town where people can no longer live. The winds carried these harmful levels of radiation across to Britain and ruined many of the farms in Wales and caused many of the animals to have deformed babies. Yet many people are fed the sheep which eat the grass on these farms and the polluted soil. What does this do to people as they intake such harmful levels of radiation?

Have a look at this map. This shows the countries which have the highest rates of cancer. This shows the ‘developed’ countries have higher cases of cancer compared to countries which do not use the same power supplies such as nuclear power and other forms of power plants to supply their people.

The lesser countries on the map also I believe dont eat as much junk food and processed food as the ones with the higher rates of cancer.

Then we enter a world within our own homes. What does the radiation within our microwaves do to us? What does it do to the food we cook in the microwave? We are told it is safe but we are told many things which seem to turn out not to be true. It gives us a minimal amount of radiation. What does this do to our bodies? Do microwaves ever leak radiation? As stated it tells you not to take the back off them due to radiation. We have carbon monoxide detectors in our house but no radiation tests on microwaves so we know if it is faulty…

The food we are eating in the modern day is mostly processed and full of toxins and mild poisons and chemicals which are not natural to our bodies. Where we are eating and drinking foods and drinks which high acidic ph levels. Where we are eating processed mildly poisoned foods by radiation capable of mutating our cells without us ever knowing.

We are surrounded by nuclear power and harmful levels of radiation. Power stations which are known to often leak out radiation even in very small doses which are said to be ‘not very harmful’….

The more nuclear power and nuclear weapons have entered this world. The more the cancer rates have rocketed. The more people are suffering and the younger people are who suffer with it.

As nuclear power grows and nuclear bombs exchange hands….the more and more cancer shall appear in people and the more it will become and epidemic. Soon the majority of the world will be sufferers of cancer.

People might defy me and say I am wrong but as the years pass by people will start to see people around them with cancer more and more and as they see more and more young people begin to get cancer they will suddenly start to think…what is happening to cause this?

Obviously cancer shall occur naturally in small cases through various reasons such as malfunction of cells through various natural reasons and exposure to the suns radiation etc but this was in smaller cases by natures intent. Now we are engulfed with many cases.

So if mankind was to take a measure to purify the world and the land,air, water and soil then I would support it.

If we was to reduce or stop nuclear power then I would be happy and if we had to return to a more basic lifestle to save peoples lives then I would also be happy.

As the map above shows that the developed countries are doing something wrong with their lifestyle…and the countries with lesser cancer rates and less developed are doing something right. They are eating better and staying closer to nature and dont have the same dangerous power supply systems.

To save this planet and our people we must stop nuclear power plants.

Alot of the things in the modern day are luxuries but we can survive without them. We must purify this world if we are to survive and return and be closer to nature.

May we all eat the right foods which are in the way nature intended and drink wonderful purifying drinks.

May I wish people who are suffering with cancer a long, beautiful and happy life and may they win their battle quickly. May we one day say cancer is no more….

My Purification

I have made a decision to go on a quest of purification of my body and cleanse my body of toxins and poisons which I am exposed to everyday.

Junk food and drinks which we expose our bodies to are day by day slowly harmful and I have decided to go on a complete and total detox.

I have decided to do this by drinking only water and eating only fruits and vegetables and potatoes and remove all badness from within me. To remove the bad fats and oxidents within me and all drugs such as caffeine and alcohol.

I plan to remove the saturates and just fill myself with goodness. We have all been abusing our bodies day by day and dont realize the harm we are doing to our bodies.

There shall be no caffeine, no drugs such as medicines only nature flowing through me. I wish to cleanse my soul and my mind and body and wash away all the harmful poisons and radiations we take in constantly in the modern world.

Places such as McDonalds are giving us the worse kind of diet there is. Places like KFC are giving us saturated harmful fats and the worse kind of chicken meat from the worse kind of chickens. This for me has to end and I must cleanse my body of this.

There shall be no meat for I dont know where the meat I eat has come from or what the animal was fed or exposed to while it was alive or how it was treated and what kind of stresses was in its blood at the time of death.

I shall only eat what grows in Gods great garden such as fruit and vegetables and potatoes. Ones of which I can grow if needs be in my own garden if my months challenge works. Fruit and vegetables have the greatest of nutrients and the greatest of blood cleansing minerals and vitamins and anti-oxidents.

Afterall in this modern day how many of us are eating enough fruit and vegetables?

Drinks like coke are harmful and can rot metal within a day. This is a product strong enough to be a toilet cleaner and people are drinking it. Coke will strip our bodies of vital elements and minerals within our blood and weaken us as people.

So I will drink only water and cleanse my body with hydration. Water clears the kidneys and the liver. Water lowers our blood pressure and keeps the body cool.

Fruit, vegetables and water are beautiful nature and we must bask in these wonderful resources. They hold the key to health.

I shall not use the microwave as this for me in my mind gives me a small dose of radiation. This pollutes my food of which will poison me mildly.

I shall do this for a month and see the difference of how I feel. We as people in this modern world need to return a little more to nature and fruits and vegetables. We are no longer eating food but ‘food like’ products and causing ourselves to suffer even if we dont realize about it.

I wish for my blood and my body and mind to run clear like beautiful water of which will feed my mind and soul beautifully and keep them clean. I wish for purity and clearness of my vision within.

May I last the sacrifice for a month…

Awakening to God

Nobody ever notices you – but was always there, it took me years to release – you had been there all along.

But once I was awoken to your presence I seen you everywhere and within everything. Once all my senses was exposed to you – I seen the beauty you created within everything and everyone.

Within me developed this feeling of guidance and that I was never alone and that you monitored beautifully every detail that happened within my life. That every hardship I faced was a beautiful lesson given to me and every beautiful moment that I received was a beautiful reward given to me.

Once I was awoken to you, I had flashbacks through my life, to every moment and its significance, its purpose and its lesson. I understood every moment and why I was given the blessings I was given. Everything had become clear.

There was never a moment that was just me. Them moments in youth where I felt lost and alone and unwise I never actually was. Unknown to me at the time I was subconconciously searching for you. My soul seeked you and tried to constantly connect to you and my mind was slowly awakening. Then the day came where my mind discovered you, my eyes opened to you and I was almost a new born person and purified and my moral and spiritual compass pointed me in your direction. That I was being led with peace and truth and that I knew for the first time in my life exactly where I was going.

You created beautiful nature that surrounds me it is all perfect and beautiful, you created the miracle of life and people. Everything that exists is without fault.

The Earth is a miracle for us in its nurturing of everything and its amazing geographical location.

In life the end goal is often money, but in truth the end goal is you, the end goal is of love,family, peace and purification through kindness and truth.

The truth is hard for many to speak and identify and belong to and the truth can be hurtful for many because for many of us when we are born, we are born to a lie and live a lie and breath a lie. But there is nothing more beautiful than to awaken to the truth of you.

Life is not just as simple as living and dying. Life is not so simple as just living when we are born, when we first open our eyes little did we know that often they are still shut within and we must open our eyes through truth at some point.

May the eyes of many be opened and may they realize everything they have been taught on the path of life by you be noticed. May they realize the beautiful rewards that was given to them after hardship. May they realize the beautiful lesson of hardship and what it gave them and taught them and how they became wiser from such struggle. May they realize they was rewarded for their continue through these dark times by you. I have become stronger and wiser through my struggles. It was a beautiful lesson by the greatest of teachers.

We are given many opportunities in life to be the best we can be and life is a beautiful gift given by you, and in death there is no return to do the things in life we neglected.

Many doubt the soul exists within us, many dont believe in what the eyes cannot see, but many dont realize the soul sees and senses love and the eyes do not.

Many doubt of their souls existance despite the inner tuitions and senses and soul shuddering moments.

They believe they know better than you. They have been alienated from you, they exist within and accept a cruel cold world that everyone lives in as if it is the only way to live and they experience no peace, but they can be brought peace through being awoken to you.

Many in history have brought war and hate and blood and no peace, many dont seek discovery, but the day we all discover you is the day we can all have peace within ourselves and within this world.

The beautiful day came where you entered my life not through using my eyes but through my soul. Where you began to educate me not through words but through life and taught me more than anyone ever had in such little time in life.

There was a time I needed you and you came. Everytime I needed someone you shown up and wisened me with knowledge of what I had to do. You didnt force me or pressured me or convinced me, you merely cleared the fog of my mind to the path before me I had to take.

Within this world you are everywhere I go, I can see you through many different ways.

There are people who believe in themselves that they are better than everyone else and that they dont care for others and money matters most. They dont see you, they only see themselves and the impact they make, they dont believe in you, they believe they are better than you and many believe they are you – but no one shall ever be you, no one shall lead like you lead, guide like you guide and have kindness like you have.

I repent to you and I submit to you oh great one.

I believe and I follow and I work for you.

I believe in your work and project within this world and all those who have not awoken to you, shall be awoken to you when you show up to everyone bringing mass morality back to humanity and save us from the cold – through beautiful morality…

For our parents

The day will come and has come to so many people where their parents become old and need help and care. Where our parents are unable to look after themselves 100% and desire help. It is a beautiful reward to help them just as they helped us. It is a beautiful thank you for everything they have done for us and made us who we are.

Oh mother and father who raised me from a new born baby and who fed me and clothed me and protected me when I was not capable I thank you for such a sacrifice you gave to me. The day shall come where the compliment is returned and the love in your eyes you had for me throughout life shall be the same love in the eyes I have for you.

I shall never pass the care of you over to complete strangers who you dont know. I shall never abandon and leave you when you need me. I needed you once and you was there without question. The greatness of compassion shall return to you.

If you ever enter a care home then you enter a world of hell. Places where people are living with strangers and being looked after by strangers in a place where these people dont really care about the old people living within the walls. These places are just jobs for the staff there and they dont have the time or the interest to care for our parents within them as we would do ourselves.

Do you know the people taking care of your parents all day and night? Do they know your parents and who they truly was throughout their life? Do they have respect for all your parents achieved?

We as their children must do the best we can for them and help them as they get older and look after them just as they looked after us when when we couldnt look after ourselves and we needed protection and care, compassion and love.

This is a brilliant way to show gratefulness to help them in their time of need and make sacrifice in order to help them. They sacrificed everything to raise us and help us and this is a beautiful return in helping them.

They protected us as babies and children from harm and cruelty and we must protect them from cruelty also.

Oh my mother and my father I shall honour you and return the gift and care to you. I shall devote the time to you just as you devoted the time for me.

Oh my mother and my father, I shall not let you experience the final few faces that you see, within your final breaths be around strangers and the feeling of being totally alone. The most beautiful way you shall leave this world is surrounded by those you love and those who love you.

Their fate should not be led by others who are strangers to them but by us who they love the most. It is us their children who know what is best for them. They know when we care for them and that we have their best interests at heart.

It is our love for them that shall help them. It is us their children who will remember the great person they was in life and who raised us and that we loved unconditionally. It is us who they trust and it is us their children who shall protect their dignity.

At the end of the day family begins with family and family looks after family. Family brings children into the world and looks after them and raises them through such difficulty. It is family who grow old together and family who take care of the young and family who take care of the old.

It is the love they had for us which grew us strong and cared for us and it is the love we have for them which shall help them as the sunsets on their lives and when time becomes a struggle we shall be there on hand to help.

Oh my mother and my father you showered me with love and warmth, I shall do the same for you….