The Oxygen levels…

When the oxygen levels are higher people are happier – and when the trees come down and down without going up and up the oxygen levels diminish and people become less happy as seen in the world today.

The more we bring down the trees through ignorance and lack of wisdom and education the more we will struggle in life through less oxygen.

Our bodies within shall struggle and cause us anxiousness and panic and stress as we struggle to take in more oxygen due to less trees.

The more the trees come down the more hatred and negativity is covering the world.

The anger and turbulence within us shall rise through the less oxygen we possess. The more oxygen we get the happier and more relaxed we become.

Nature gave us oxygen in abundance but as we remove that gift rapidly that the trees give us the more we will start to notice the damage done to the world and to our species and by the time we realize it then it will be too late.

What happens when the mass majority of this population which is over populated are breathing carbon dioxide yet we have little trees to convert the mass amount of carbon dioxide into oxygen and therefore there will be an inbalance of carbon dioxide and oxygen and we will poison and suffocate ourselves to death simply from breathing…

It is true that everyone feels happier in nature amongst the trees and more relaxed. The energies and oxygen levels are vast and grand and do us the world of good.

Amongst the trees is a great and peaceful place where we feel a spiritual calm and most people can relate to that. Oxygen levels within the woods and the forests is great for us to relax.

People should have plants in the home and expose themselves to more oxygen. This will make us feel happier without us even noticing.

We must embrace and breath in the tree of life. We must dine on oxygen and like the natural landscape.

Everything we need is found within nature. People must go there often. The world needs more trees and oxygen and the peace it provides.

Where there are less trees there is more trouble. In cities for example there is often chaos more than within the countryside.

People will say I am crazy and that I am wrong but the most basic thing we need and cannot live without for more than a few minutes is oxygen.

We can go without food and drink and even sun for days but oxygen we have to have. So why does mankind destroy that which provides it?

For future generations to have a nice life and world – we need the trees…more than anything else….

Telling lies….

How many people in life tell lies and lie to people and fail to ever open themselves to the truth?

Telling lies leads us astray. They give us a false existance and a false reality.

People lie to protect themselves and to make themselves look and feel better in the eyes of others. But that is a false deceptive image we portray to others and not who we really are. Therefore them friendships and romances are not real.

True in love people must always be otherwise that love is false and not real.

When people tell a lie, the lie grows and grows and the hole we dig for ourselves grows bigger. People lose face and lie more and more. We fail to reverse the lies.

Once we have told the lie – the ink is set and it is wrote in stone.

Lying is a curse upon our lips and heart.

Lying is like an addiction. We can create our own persona and our own world and be better than we truly are. It makes us feel happier and that rush is addictive.

Lies are the darkness whereas the truth is the light. The truth is much more beautiful.

Lies are like a charismatic pimp. Lies sell us down the river. Lies sell us off for cheap and take away our genuine soul.

Lies enslave people and distort peoples reality. Lies lead people to not know who they truly are.

If all people know if lies….do they know anything at all?

Why do people find the truth so hard to speak? The truth to many people is frightening. The truth comes across as outspoken.

But the cold hard blunt truth is much better than an ongoing lie.

The truth is liberation of mind and soul and purity to your world. The truth sets us free.

May we all exercise someday the spirit of honesty…

Moments from Death

Last night as I drove through the darkness through a town, a girl ran across the road in my path in front of my car. I slammed the brakes on as she was literally just in front of me on the road and I swerved as my headlights lit her up and I luckily just missed her. It was one of the most scariest experiences of my life.

She was about four and she looked startled as she seen my car coming towards her. Had I been going a little faster or not paying full attention I would of hit her and she definately would of been dead. Little does she know how closely she just diced with death.

Luckily she went home safe and slept in her bed safely and excited for Christmas which was 2 days to go at the time which is all that matters to children this time of year.

I seen her mother frozen still in horror along side my car as she watched the terrifying scene unfold. I cannot imagine what went through her mind and she had no control of the situation. Luckily I managed to prevent disaster and swerved away just in time.

Had it been another driver going faster or had I been a few seconds ahead then she definately one way or another would not of been home for Christmas.

In an alternative outcome it could of destroyed Christmas time for many different people. Luckily no one was hurt.

I shall never forget that scary moment and how easily lives can be taken in the blink of an eye. One poor judgement and one poor childish moment thats all it takes.

The lesson is that life is precious and hangs by a thread.

The child and mother can go on together now and enjoy the rest of their lives but the I will always remember how close that child was to death….may she live a long and beautiful life….

A Winters Delight

Oh how beautiful is the winter where everything is ice, Where everything is cold, Where everything is harsh but nice, Within the world of a beautiful winters paradise

And the cold do I embrace,The winter weather surrounding me, As the cold is upon my face

Oh the winters delight, the romance of the long winters night

A time of scarfs, gloves and a hat, where the most welcome sight often is getting in from out of the cold, often the front door mat, we are home amongst the warmth of family where our heart is at,

Snow hangs upon the trees, children play out in the cold, smoke pours from many chimneys, people out walking in the winter breeze

Oh in magic do I believe, As upon this day I am transported back, To a time of childhood upon Christmas eve

We have all hoped to see Santa cross the sky, an experienced the excitment through a childs eye

The beauty of a shared dream by us all, a hope and a faith each year, the dreams of making a snowball and that upon winter the snow will fall

The beauty and harshness of a winter cold, stays with us forever, the romance of winter shall never grow old

Oh the beautiful short winter days and the long romantic nights, the warmth of firelight is one of lifes most beautiful delights

Oh the long winters night, the beauty of the cold is one of delight as we sit and rest by firelight…

The leaves of Autumn…

Oh the beautiful Autumn, How I embrace your beginning, To your beauty and timing I welcome,

The magic in the air, As night begins to fall, And orange everywhere

And to you oh Autumn do I succumb
And the beautiful leaves – of Autumn

The romance of Autumn begins to grow
The air is nice and cold
And the fires of home begins to glow

My favourite time of year
Orange all around,
The coseyness grows everywhere
And the leaves upon on the ground

To Autumn do I succumb
Oh the magic of Autumn, you are simply awesome

How I love the beautiful leaves – of Autumn

Heroes shall live and die and fall like the leaves of Autumn

The beauty of ageing shown to us by nature through the colours of Autumn

Oh to Autumn do I succumb
To the beauty within – the leaves of Autumn

And soon into the Autumn dark nights do hearts go,

and on Autumn walks with the sounds of the crunchy leaves under our feets below,

and the beautiful world between the hot and the cold, Autumn is natures limbo

Within Autumn is a beautiful glance,
As the firelight within rooms begins to dance,

As we cosey up at home for warmth
And the darkness begins to advance,
As we are eclipsed by the autumns beautiful romance,

How I find you oh Autumn simply awesome

How I love the beauty – of the leaves of Autumn

A Sailors Return…

This is a true story of the first day or two of a sailors return after the second world war….

The sun came through the window. A new day had begun and it was the first day of Bills life after war.

He rolled a cigarette and struck a match. He climbed out of bed and headed towards the window and peeped through the blind as the sun shone upon him. He looked out at a quiet peaceful scene he was no longer used to.

A young woman with long dark brown hair entered into the room wearing a dress.

Morning Bill said the woman.

Bill: morning Emma

He remained fixed on looking out of the window.

Emma: we can relax now and be happy. This is the first day of the rest of our lives. War is over and we can live in peace.

Smoke hung a little in the air as Bill smoked. He remained almost motionless in the morning sunshine.

Emma looked and smiled.

Emma: how I have missed them bright blue eyes.

Bill: feels strange after everywhere I have been and now I am in this little room in this little house in the north of England.

Emma put some slippers next to the bed and tidied up the side cupboard.

Emma: I am so glad to have my handsome man back. You are alive and well. Which is what cannot be said for most.

Bill: am I still the same man I was before the war? I dont feel the same. War kills everyone in some way.

Emma began making the bed and tucking the duvet under the pillows.

Emma: well I will accept you just as you are. You are my Bill.

Bill continued puffing on his cigarette.

Emma came over and hugged him and he put his arm round her.

Emma: love you

Bill smiled

Bill: I love you too my darling.

Emma: now there are two young daughters of yours who you need to be re-aquinted with. They need their father still. They are lucky they still have you. You are blessed.

Bill smiled and hugged her closer.

Within him he was glad to be home but struggled to show it on the surface.

Bill looked at Emma and smiled.

Bill: I am glad to be home again. Glad to be home…with you.

Emma smiled.

Emma: I really missed you. Now today is the first day of the rest of our lives so lets enjoy being alive and well and being a family again.

Bill nodded and continued to smoke a cigarette while gazing out of the window.

Bill: what will I do with myself now?

Emma looked at him and smiled.

Emma: There are many paths to take for war heroes like you. You are my hero. Whatever happens we will get through it together.

Bill grinned and kept his arm round her and pulled her closer.

Bill: I dont know what I would do without you. I am glad you love me. I wouldnt of got through the war without the inspiration and incentive of returning home to you.

Emma smiled.

Emma: I love you so much. Thats why I wrote to you every single day. I knew in my heart of hearts you would return safe to me. The Royal Navy couldnt keep you forever. You belong to me not them silly sods.

Bill smiled and looked round the room at a bedroom he had seen nothing of for almost five years. He was home and safe and away from the dark depth of the seas.

Bill: I dont really want to mention the war again. May it be a distant past memory to those who was scarred by this evil we endured.

Emma kissed him on the cheek.

Emma: hate lost to love in the end. Now lets focus on the love of this family and its future. We are very fortunate.

They remain quiet and together in a moment of solidarity.

Emma: now lets get a nice cooked breakfast down you. I know you loved a nice breakfast before. I will treat you to what ingredients I can get my hands on for a nice start to the day.

She let go of the hug and he continued to smoke. He sat on the end of the bed. He was home and he was free and he was alive.

Emma headed down the stairs to make breakfast. A military plane flew over and Bill instantly looked which had now become instinctive to him. He then fought his gaze and tried to remind himself it is now peacetime.
He stumped out his cigarette.

He spoke to himself.
Bill: Silence, the sound of silence. You are unfamiliar to me and make me nervous. Within you is when the memories return. The silence is going to haunt me.

He rubbed his hands on his face and stood up.

Unknown to Bill a little girls face peeped through a gap in the doorway watching him….

The Harvest Moon…

How I love the harvest moon

How you glow peacefully in the autumn night sky

How I enjoy tonights skies as you pass on by, your glow reflecting in my admiring eye

Bringing the nights beauty and peace as the winter nights come soon

How you bring the peace of the world as the world basks in your light

You hang so low and majestically as the harvest nears by

The moon glowing in the skies, such a wonderful sight

As you shine your light on the new fruit and the crops

You bring a magic into the skies upon this time of year

You bring a romance in the cold autumn night

You are majestic in nature as you hang silently over the fields and the trees,

How you have glowed upon the faces of those fortunate to be alive, and existed in many different histories

You shine so quietly and so peacefully

I see your beauty as shining through my window is your moonlight

You are bringing beauty to the night just like you have done for all eternity

And I will never forget this night, this beautiful moon hanging in the sky

I shall never forget the harvest moon of tonight…