A broken heart

A few weeks ago I visited Prestatyn beach in North Wales. I go here quite often I find it quite relaxing especially around dinner time of an evening towards sunset. There are a few people about walking the dogs on a nice walk. Its quite reflective. 

But one evening I was greeted by the sounds of something I dont hear often or at all – a grown man crying his eyes out….

I sat on the steps overlooking the beach and the sea. Behind me was the car park. I sat gazing out to sea enjoying the sunset when I heard a noise behind me which alerted me. The sound of sobbing. I turned round and seen a man sat in his car. He had his hands over his eyes. At first I thought he was rubbing his eyes. I looked back out to sea again. Then I heard sobbing again. 

I turned round to see the man crying heavy. Tears ran down his face and he wiped them away. He gazed at his phone and burst into tears again. He wiped them away but the tears fell fast. 

I paused as it was one of them moments where I didn’t know what to do. Should I go and see if he is OK?  Or is that intruding on his grief? I decided to leave him to grieve alone. Im not one for sharing troubles so I decided not to interfere. 

He sat and looked round the place and his emotions settled for a minute. He checked his phone and once again began to sob. 

What could reduce a man to such tears?  I could tell this wasn’t an argument. This man had very recently suffered a tragic loss. As he was alone I assumed he had just lost his girlfriend/wife. He wasn’t an old man I would guess in his forties. He gazed round and cried again.

I wondered was this a special place for them over the years?  Had they strolled hand in hand together here over the years down the sea front along the promenade? Had nature been cruel and brought an end to an era?  He was now alone with just memories and pictures on his phone. 

I felt sorry for him. Here is everyone happy going about their lives unaware of the heartbreak people near by must be going through. I couldn’t imagine the heart ache he must be experiencing. I sat close by I tried to smile briefly if he looked my way. He was too wrapped up in sadness and memories. 

This went on for ten minutes. He started his car engine had a quick glance along the seafront sobbed again and left. I watched him drive away. Was this a final goodbye I wondered. A chapter in his life of coming here to such a sentimental place possibly had come to an end.  His world had fell apart. 

I hoped he was alright as he drove off. He probably was returning to an empty lonely house full of sadness,  pictures and memories. I couldn’t imagine going to bed alone to a cold mattress knowing that person should be there. His world clearly had fell apart and his soul forever tortured. 

So I sit and wonder while I am happy – how many people out there have suffered the same sadness and I gave them a thought. It goes to show we must enjoy our lives while we can.  

Perhaps places we go to us are nice and simple basic places but to others it could be a magical place with such memories to them and others. Places of love and happiness and sentiment. I have special places to me that hold meaning. 

So if you have a special someone and a special place make the most of it. Tell them often you love them and enjoy your magical place together for times goes by on the blink of an eye… 

Hospital cuts

How can hospital cuts be allowed?  This should be one of the main essential places where maximum funds are needed!  The NHS is already in enough trouble without reducing the funds further!  The government must make funds available.  We have people on beds in coridoors due to no room,  we have people waiting days and weeks for treatment and massive queues for operations. 

My friend had to wait a month for his cancer treatment to begin surely this should of been straight away? Cancer shouldn’t be left to fester there is no time to sit and wait!  The NHS needs more money!  It needs more staff and doctors and rooms and facilities to help people.  The government must free up funds!!  

  1. Stop paying former primeminsters a wage!  – they dont do this job anymore! 
  2. Stop giving benefits to people who dont deserve it and dont want to work
  3. Stop building unnneccessary stadiums! 
  4. Stop giving free four course banquets to rich lords constantly after parliament.  Unneccessary?  

There are many ways to free up funds but governments and primeminsters just look to make themselves rich and the everyday people dont matter.  There are people in urgent need of care and help.  

Once I was in hospital with a relative and I pressed the button for help – nobody came… The coridoor was like a ghost town and the staff were so short in numbers.  How is this being allowed? Should staff numbers be more on a high than low?  The NHS should be the best and most productive,  effective and powerful it can be!  A weak hospital structure is not helping people!! 

Peoples lives are on the line and this should be priority. Money is needed for treatment and care and if they make cuts then the future looks bleaker for cures and help…