The great fire of London

After seeing this horrible tragedy unfolding on the news all I could think was how amazing are the emergency services. They are real true heroes fighting non stop around the clock trying to put the flames out and saving 100s of lives. I have applause applause applause for the emergency services. 

As one man said as he was going down the staircase to get out the burning building the firemen were going up towards the flames. This takes immense bravery and spirit. They risked their lives to save as many people as they can without stopping or hesitating. Other firemen climbing ladders to the reachable with the heat upon them to save the trapped is amazing scenes of heroes. They have my eternal respect. 

Some of the firemen said they knew they were facing a huge risk and entering into the towerblock was going to be bad and a massive risk to their lives as they were told to write their names and numbers on their helmets. Yet the heroes within them still faced the danger anyway. The lives of others came first even in the face of their own mortality. 

Nurses who were off duty came back on duty just to help the injured. Everyone came together in need for each other. Everyone has done their best to help as many people as they can. Humanity has come forward once again. 

The panic and terror of the people within the building must of been unimaginable. The extreme measures taken to survive must of taken a massive amount of courage and bravery. One woman dropped her baby from ten floors high into the arms of a man on the ground to save the babies life. The heat and smoke she was facing must of been unbareable. I cannot imagine ever having to take such a risk. The man who caught the baby in his arms from such a height is a true hero and nothing less. What a heroic tale and how a mothers love for her child took an ultimate risk just to give the baby a chance to survive. 

The spirit of the people has been amazing. The way people have helped others in their time of need has been amazing and shows true spirit of community and humanity. People have booked hotels near to Glenfell tower from towns far away so the people who have lost homes can stay there. People have offered rooms in their homes and people and shops have bought food and drinks for the people made homeless by such a terrible fire. 

This shows the beautiful spirit of England and of the Londoner. This shows true spirit of humanity and love for others. The good within us all has shown through. 

Donations and online funding from various towns and nations has reached into the millions. People have rallied round to help their fellow mankind. Community spirit has shown through. 

May all the missing be found safe and well I shall pray for them. 

May the victims rest in peace taken sadly in this fire of London. May such a tragedy never happen like this again. 


The homeless

After experiencing two nights of living basically homeless I can only relate to the poverty stricken and homeless who have to live on the streets for the foreseeable future. 

There is no worse hardship than sleeping on the streets. How anyone can survive such a torture during the cold winters nights especially with no food or warmth I cannot imagine. 

For my own impression of it. You are cold and uncomfortable. The ground is hard. As the night reaches its peak it is a lonely cold desperate place. Every stranger in the dead of night means possible danger. Your body shivers with no real warmth and you cant sleep at ease or in peace. You are exposed to all elements. Not knowing how you will eat or drink next is a worry and you enter a race of true survival. Imagine living rough on a cold winters day – fearing the wicked middle of the night frost. Knowing you will face its full force. 

Once when I was in London many years ago at a festival there was market stalls and rides etc and stalls with food. Upon leaving the festival I had bought myself a hotdog and chips for basically no price. A lovely warm meal which is for most of us taken for granted. 

Upon heading through a subway I came across a homeless man. He lay there under two blankets. He looked a mess and hadn’t shaven in ages. He smiled at me warmly. I smiled back and said hello. I asked him if he is ok and he replied that he was good. I decided he must of been hungry so I gave him my hotdog and chips and he was very kind and thankful to me. He must of been hungry. How often was he eating living in such a way?  He was actually a very nice man. I returned to the festival and bought more food for me and a hot chocolate for the homeless man. 

I cannot imagine how he ended up there but I know sadly people suffer massive misfortune in life out of their control. Situations which cannot be controlled and lead people to bad and dark times. Good people just like us. Alot of people dont have a family to rely on and help them lay good foundations for a bright future. 

He is not alone he is one of millions sleeping rough. This also includes children with no homes. They are sadly forgotten about to mankinds everyday world. 

Sadly as people we dismiss those less fortune than us as lazy,  fools,  drug users etc  but this isn’t always the case. Some people are asked to leave home at 16-18 by parents or have been in care and asked to make their own way in life. Alot of homeless people are good people and they need help and kindness from humanity. Alot of people suffer relationship breakdowns and have no where else to go or people to accomodate them and cannot afford house or rent prices. 

So experiencing life on the streets for one to two nights is bad enough. Not having a source of warmth, or knowing where your next meal comes from must be terrible. Imagine living in such poverty knowing no one cares about you. Is no one looking for them?  They are truly alone. 

Perhaps humanity when it sees another person suffering on the streets we should try and help. Food for the lucky ones costs nothing from stalls or mcdonalds cheeseburgers etc which is a meal for a desperate person in need of food. Tins which dont require tin openers cost nothing. So when you see a homeless person on the street dont be dismissive for not all are bad. They are someone’s son or daughter afterall. 

So I believe in humanity and the love of mankind.  Lets help those who wish to be helped. Lets help raise them back up to former glories and pride. Lets be charitable and donate and help. If it was a situation reversed we would seek help and desperate we would be. Hurah to our parents for securing us with warmth and safety. 

We are so lucky to have loving families and guaranteed warmth and security. We have the warmth and love of family and everything we desire. So while you are snug and warm in bed tonight think of those less fortunate shivering in the nights cold on the street…