The Egypt attack

Once again today evil has struck. In the heart of Egypt. 28 Coptic Christians were murdered by brutal evil and the same amount badly injured by monsters with no morals or heart within them. 

A bus full of coptic Christians on its way to a monastry south of Cairo were ambushed for no reason. Innocent people going about there lives and doing something they enjoyed were brutally murdered. This is nothing but evil. The people who are operating this evil possess no humanity whatsoever. They are coldhearted killers. The victims are righteous people, they are people of God what kind of monsters would murder people of God?  

The people who do this possess no God,  no heart and no religion. They belong to nothing but darkness and true evil. They possess nothing any human possesses. They are fuelled with the hate of humanity. They are striking anywhere and to anyone. They are striking children, they are striking sacred buildings such as churches and they are striking muslims and muslim countries. No one is safe from this evil. 

Egypt is a country which has a rich history. It has been dominated in history by four different religions. Ancient Egyptian Gods, Judaism,  Christianity and Islam lastly. This is a nation that is tolerant of others beliefs as part of these different religious ways makes up its culture and its national behaviours. The mix has contributed itself to modern Egyptian culture. 

When will this evil end?  When will the peace return?  How can a country like Egypt be attacked so brutally without an actual reason? Why should people be killed for their innocent beliefs? This terror network cares for no one. 

They destroyed the ancient sites in Syria. We shall not let you destroy the ancient wonders of Egypt. We shall not let you destroy the will of the Egyptian people to be safe. You are messing with the magnificent ancients. You are messing with the cradle of civilization. 

The ancients of Egypt built wonderful monuments and temples and Pyramids. They achieved amazing things. The people of Egypt built civilization and are an ancient super power. You won’t break that nation. 

May Horus return to protect the people of Egypt. May mankind come together against this evil network which is against all human beings. May we all live in peace as one. For the good of mankind. 

May the victims rest in peace