The truth of Guy Fawkes

In 1605 a man tried to blow up the complete British establishment. He seeked to blow up the king and the royal family and all the judges who would be present at the time of the explosion. Guy Fawkes was labelled as a terrorist after he was captured and his plot became a failure.

His reason being a backlash against an establishment which was persecuting the Catholic people.

But perhaps Guy Fawkes is more than just a person and a day…. Perhaps he represents truth and freedoms and of freedom of speech and justice against corruptions and lies and propoganda and to stand against censorship.

People will say that Guy Fawkes failed… But he is immortalised in history. He lives as the voice of truth and a fighter of freedom of speech and against injustice. His action failed….But his message was a success… We shall be free….we shall not be censored. We shall not be forced to accept one ideology forced upon us by a corrupt establishment.

His face has in fact become a symbol across the globe of truth and revolution.

Has the world really changed much since Guy Fawkes? Has the system or the establishment changed? Or do they still seek to mislead and censor the voices the establishment doesn’t want to hear?

Has law and order become a system which is now corrupted and operated by criminals in favour of criminals and anyone knowing of a crime is painted as a criminal?

Since when has truth speaking been more of a crime than grooming gangs, rape and knife and acid attacks? Since when has freedom of speech been a crime? It is only a crime when we speak out against the establishment.

The establishment in Guy Fawkes time pretended to care about the people but they lied and misled people and had secret agendas against the people just like in the modern day where they establishment has secret agendas against the people and to overthrow the will of the people as the people do not really matter only their secret agenda of domination.

People say Guy Fawkes was a terrorist and a monster…. But was it not him and his people being terrorised and persecuted as innocent Catholics by the establishment and was it not through this action that created this monster or as he should be known… Freedom fighter…

It was King James doing the terrorising to the catholics and the pagans. Yet they portrayed Guy Fawkes as evil and made the Catholics believe so and celebrate his death despite him trying to stop Catholic persecution.

The government seeks to divide the people and let them squabble amongst themselves while they implement agendas behind the scenes and distract people with other news and events while the wheels of corruption turn and turn.

Have we forgotten that people should never fear their government – but a government should fear its people…

People are portrayed as crazy when they see things different to everyone else. When people open their eyes and see mass injustice taking place.

People will say we are insane when we bring to light the truth…. But is it not true that the establishment sends people to war to die for their own government agenda… And thinks nothing of them upon their return….

Do they not spend vast amounts of money on war for their own agenda… When they could spend that money on feeding the starving and poverty stricken or seriousy ill?

It is the establishment who are failing to protect us and crime is higher than ever and a real government would stop this immediately… Unless this is all part of the plan to box people into fear and lead us to where they want us to be. How many of us fear London and dont feel safe on the streets in busy areas?

We are constantly hearing of corruption in politics… Corruption in religion….yet we are fed lies and cover ups…..

The government is punishing truth speakers as if they are criminals while real criminals are pardoned and wandering free. Where the government and politicians are commiting dispicable war crimes and crimes against children and women….

The fake facts and figures told to the mass people as truth are nothing more than lies, deciet and propoganda to suit an agenda of powerful people who are in fact criminals.

In the modern day the government are determined to stop Brexit and the will of the majority vote. Since the EU referendum in England there has been many tragedies and fear monger tactics posed as chemical attacks and terror attacks blamed on foreign sources and ideologies…

All these events are to sway peoples mindsets and make them think again and is brain washing people slowly.

When the establishment create fear on the streets using fake reasons the media can lead you in the direction of where the government wants you to be…

So Guy Fawkes failed his plot. But his words strike beautiful music to the people in the modern day who understand him more and more as the evidence and government corruptions and the injustices grow. Where the government is dripfeeding the people lies and deceiving them slowly. Where betrayal of everyone’s wishes is taking place.

Guy Fawkes was a man. A man who died for his crime but his idea will remain… His belief will remain and his message of freedom and justice shall live on….

Children in Need 

There are so many children who need our help. Children who are disadvantaged, unwell and poverty stricken and in need of mankinds help. May we all come together and help the children as the children are the beautiful future. 

Please donate and help the children and help with their support and care of people who help them. There are so many young children who need our help. Poverty stricken children who dont know where the next meal will come from and their home life is uncertain and dangerous. 

Some children suffer violence at home and a turbulent upbringing but it us as humanity who can help them be safe and free from harm. There is no worse sight than sadness in a Childs eyes. All children deserve a magical fun childhood and sleep safe in bed at night and have magical childhood memories. 

Last Christmas upon visiting a child in hospital I seen a small boy and he was stood at the edge of his ward alone. He looked sad and lonely. He was unwell and was in there for the Christmas period. It turned out he had no home and no family as he lived in care and Christmas for him was a lonely one with no family, warmth, love or presents. How can a child not be allowed to enjoy the true magic of Christmas? But sadly he is not alone across the UK in this situation. It was sad to see his little lost face. I hope this year is better for him. 

There was also a small child of about one years old in the hospital. Luckily they had presents all round them but they were very unwell and also in over christmas. But the child needs help and donations from us. 

There are many children across the globe like this who need the help and love and support of humanity. Without the donations the children will suffer. They wont get the proper care they need and we cannot allow this to happen to them. 

Please donate so the children in hospitals have proper care and toys and clothes and warmth. We can all spare £1 upwards even if it is a little it still helps improve a childs life. 

Being unwell is not something that happens to other peoples children. It can happen to anyones children at anytime. I spent time in a childrens ward after an operation and there was toys and games for me to play with. This is how it should be for all children and we can help. 

It helps pay for carers and Foster carers and people who will take care of children in need. Surely your money couldn’t be better spent. We all have a heart and can relate to humanity. We all want put food on tables for childrens mouths and help struggling families. 

For our children we must never slacken, we must never give in, never let them lose hope and always give them heart. They are the future generation and a generation who will hopefully look after us when we are old just as we looked after them. 

Please donate and help the children in need today

Let the scales of good deeds weigh down heavy and may the children grow to appreciate humanity for the love it shows to all people. 

Thank you so much

The Gunpowder Plot

In 1605 a man names Guy Fawkes attempted to blow up the King of England and Scotland – King James the 1st on the 5/11/1605.

Gunpowder was planted under the houses of Parliament by Guy Fawkes and his fellow conspiritors. Guy Fawkes job was to guard it. But a guard at the houses of Parliament discovered the plot and the gunpowder barrels and Guy Fawkes was captured and arrested and tried for treason. Guy Fawkes and his conspiritors were sentenced to death for treason against the king. The other conspiritors were mutilated and hung but luckily Guy Fawkes avoided his terrible fate. He fell from the scaffold and broke his neck. 

Ever since then every 5th of November the whole of the United Kingdom celebrates the death of Guy Fawkes and burns dolls of him on a bonfire and sets off fireworks. Celebrating the death of England greatest terrorist who attempted treason against the first king of the United Kingdom. 

But was Guy Fawkes really evil as everyone says?  Was he actually a terrorist against king and country?  Guy Fawkes attempted to kill the king in 1605 because king James 1st had declared death of all catholics as heretics and was hounding them out to their deaths and attempting to destroy the religion. Along with the witch hunt he declared at the time he had declared all catholics in the United Kingdom as heretics and sentenced anyone who believed in Catholism to death.

It seems to me that Guy Fawkes was in fact a Catholic freedom fighter who believed in Catholism strongly. He like other catholics were in danger. The lifes of all catholics in danger. 

Coming from a Catholic family myself he fought for the life’s of us and what my family and many more familys believe in. He risked it all so people like my family could live. He fought and died for his people. He tried to stop the king and replace him with the next in line to the throne – a Catholic princess. 
So in the eyes of Catholism Guy Fawkes should be a hero,  a freedom fighter. Guy Fawkes fought and died for Catholics. He fought for the religion in England and Scotland and Ireland wouldn’t die and that all Catholics should be free. He was a catholic hero and brought an end to perscution of his people. He stood up for what he believed in and did his best to stop terror of his people. 

So Catholics remember remember the 5th of November,  gun powder, treason and plot. Done by a man who fought for your religion and beliefs and your freedom