Children in Need 

There are so many children who need our help. Children who are disadvantaged, unwell and poverty stricken and in need of mankinds help. May we all come together and help the children as the children are the beautiful future. 

Please donate and help the children and help with their support and care of people who help them. There are so many young children who need our help. Poverty stricken children who dont know where the next meal will come from and their home life is uncertain and dangerous. 

Some children suffer violence at home and a turbulent upbringing but it us as humanity who can help them be safe and free from harm. There is no worse sight than sadness in a Childs eyes. All children deserve a magical fun childhood and sleep safe in bed at night and have magical childhood memories. 

Last Christmas upon visiting a child in hospital I seen a small boy and he was stood at the edge of his ward alone. He looked sad and lonely. He was unwell and was in there for the Christmas period. It turned out he had no home and no family as he lived in care and Christmas for him was a lonely one with no family, warmth, love or presents. How can a child not be allowed to enjoy the true magic of Christmas? But sadly he is not alone across the UK in this situation. It was sad to see his little lost face. I hope this year is better for him. 

There was also a small child of about one years old in the hospital. Luckily they had presents all round them but they were very unwell and also in over christmas. But the child needs help and donations from us. 

There are many children across the globe like this who need the help and love and support of humanity. Without the donations the children will suffer. They wont get the proper care they need and we cannot allow this to happen to them. 

Please donate so the children in hospitals have proper care and toys and clothes and warmth. We can all spare ¬£1 upwards even if it is a little it still helps improve a childs life. 

Being unwell is not something that happens to other peoples children. It can happen to anyones children at anytime. I spent time in a childrens ward after an operation and there was toys and games for me to play with. This is how it should be for all children and we can help. 

It helps pay for carers and Foster carers and people who will take care of children in need. Surely your money couldn’t be better spent. We all have a heart and can relate to humanity. We all want put food on tables for childrens mouths and help struggling families. 

For our children we must never slacken, we must never give in, never let them lose hope and always give them heart. They are the future generation and a generation who will hopefully look after us when we are old just as we looked after them. 

Please donate and help the children in need today

Let the scales of good deeds weigh down heavy and may the children grow to appreciate humanity for the love it shows to all people. 

Thank you so much


An Autism story

Autism happens to many people and affects people at different levels. Some people can have severe Autism and some people can have autism which they dont even know they have. The symptoms and experiences vary from person to person. It is not a condition people should be made to feel ashamed of or afraid to have or embarrassed to have. Some people with Autism can be really clever at certain tasks. Some people can even be genius. It is not a disability or that sufferers have no abilities it just they have different abilities. 

Autism can involve repetative behaviour doing the same things over and over again. Saying and thinking the same thing over and over again. The picture above is fascinating. Although he isn’t playing them as many children would. They are lining them up precisely and organized. Almost as if thy have a sharp intrigued calculated brain. 

Whenever the word Autism is mentioned people who dont understand it or know anyone with ADS instantly judge it and refer to it as a disability and weird and wrong. But in my belief Autism is not properly taught or educated to people. It has remained hidden away from society and never discussed by anyone other than those directly affected. 

In my own personal opinion and my belief which probably not happened to others I think in society if someone tells you they have Autism the view they have of you changes and they distance themselves from you. But why?  There is nothing wrong with it. It is not contageous and it is not harmful. Its just another way of life. Autism is not a disease or an illness. It is a learning difference or a mental health issue. People judge Autism as a disability and this is because of a stigma and a lack of understanding of Autism. Instead of judging them why not help them instead? 

This is my friends experience of Autism/ASD:

I have no diagnosis exactly for this as I am new to this discovery of myself. I am 31 and For years I have searched for answers to why I am the way I am. I have always felt different and weird for the way I am and how I am different to others in behaviour.

I have always struggled socially especially as a child to make friends. For example on holiday my older brother would make friends within an hour. I never made friends within the two weeks. I have always felt socially excluded and awkward. I have always felt on the outside of social circles. I struggled to fit in with conversations of many and my close main circle was of people similar and alternative mindset like I had. This has gone on through my life in social and work circles where i have at first struggled to fit in with people and their ways of thinking. I have experienced over the years obsessions and fixations and share and continue interesting conversations to me well longer than the majority of people would. 

I become engrossed in things I love almost fixated in them and my mind is over taken by TV shows and interests and I think the same thing over and over again in my head until I can settle my mind with an answer. I also have fidgeting habbits but this is in my legs where when I am sat down they are constantly moving and shaking. I have no reason for this. 

I have known at times over the years I have had mild OCD from checking locks constantly on the house and car and if I couldn’t remember if I had checked a certain lock my mind would irritate me wondering and I couldn’t rest until I had checked again. 

When people are talking to me I am listening but I find it hard to take the instructions in they ask as my mind is so rapidly flowing thoughts of interesting things to me that I dont process what they say. 

I feel as if my mind is seperate from my body. My mind is so active and I live mainly within my mind. Whereas my physical body has very little needs at all. 

I enjoy romance on tele and in books and I love writing about romance and love but this only exists within my mind. I cannot find a way or need to portray it in the physical world and have no urge or desire to do so at all. Love and romance exists within my mind but not my physical needs. 

I never have any kind of sexual attraction to anyone. Yes people are beautiful but I have no interest in anything more than them being a friend. I feel totally ‘disconnected’ from the world of attraction and physical love and romance. 

I struggle to have empathy for others. If someone is unwell or in hospital I feel nothing really. It comes across as insensitive but thats not what my mind thinks as my mind will think it through. My body doesn’t respond. Its not that Indont care because I do I just lack the connection to others.  I dont seem to feel any emotion reguarly other than laughter and anger. 

I have no desire for sex in the physical sense  and whenever having a girlfriend it makes it so awkward and uncomfortable because I feel its what I should be doing and then go on a quest to force myself to be like that because thats what others are like. This then becomes a nightmare for me and for years made me feel so wrong and not a proper man as I hear of how men cannot live without sex. Whereas I could go forever. She would want sex and I am more than happy to go sleep instead and make no show of interest at all of sexual relations. 

It also has been so deeply awkward and umcomfortable for me to display affection for girlfriends in the past in front of my mum and dad. I felt so uncomfortable and wrong and stupid. I felt like embarrassed and awkward and cuddled or kissed her because I thought I should. Not because I wanted to. I cannot display the affection to someone. Especially not in front of people. I just always felt out of place. Looking back I think I only had girlfriends because I thought I should not because I wanted that particular person. Its not that I didn’t care for them,  I did enjoy their company and thought they were great as people.  I have never missed anyone though or been deeply attached to another as many people are in life and love. I can survive alone and often prefer to be alone in the times when I need space. 

Whenever I have been involved with anyone in a relationship I become socially awkward at family events and gatherings and I feel out of place and dont know how to act. Its almost as if I dont want her to be there with me. I would rather of been there alone and myself. Not because of who she is but because of who I am. I felt I have to behave in a certain way and as a boyfriend should but the desire was never there. It felt wrong and awkward. I will never have a relationship again. 

I dont mind cuddles but I dislike being touched or grabbed. It makes me feel awkward and irate as I genuinely dont like being grabbed even as a hug. 

My physical body is male but my mind is mixed between both male and female thoughts and behaviours. My mind is genderless. Socially I seem to be able to interact with girls better as the conversation is easier and on same tunes as my mind. Talking with boys leaves me in a lonely world of talk I cannot relate to makes me feel less or weird. I do have some male friends but ones I know well and conversations wander into my interests and not just about sexy girls and cars. My mind don’t operate it as I want to be talking deeper talks and talks which feed my mind.

I am constantly thinking. I am thinking of 100s of things rapidly. Both imaginative things and situations and ideas. I could sit in a chair and think all day. I can watch same films many times if I enjoy them and repeat and remember things well. I have certain rituals such as spot on same time to work. 

But at the end of the day being this way makes me a talented writer and artist. I just feel I live in a different world on a different path to the majority. 

Recently I discovered a forum. Within this forum was stories similar to mine. I suddenly felt happy and relief and belonging – there was people like me and I am not alone afterall. Now I dont know if this is Autism/ASD or something else. All I know is – this is me’ (this is his own personal experience and doesnt mean everyone suffers no romance etc) 

When people mention Autism people instantly believe it is a disability. But it isn’t. In fact it is a unique ability to think and create differently. Many great successful minds have possessed Autism. Many discoveries have been made at the minds of Autism. The different way of thinking and the precise repeativeness and of the mind can lead to a sharpness and an different path to answers. The way their minds can work and the desperate need for answers can lead to great results. For example my friend cant rest or settle until he has answered something his mind needs the answer for. He will think it over and over again. 

The people above possessed Autism. They achieved greatness and discovery in life.

In work my friends son has severe Autism. He cannot talk and requires special needs. His life is wildly different from most other people you know but thats all it is – different. There will be a talent somewhere within him such as maths or music. The communications available to sufferers are often just different forms of communications. 

So if you meet someone with Autism dont judge them but observe them. You could learn alot from some people and admire abilities you yourself do not possess. Just because they act and think differently to you doesn’t mean they are any less than you. Support them if they have talents and let them flourish in life. 

I cannot speak for everyone’s case with Autism I dont know how severe the symptoms and I imagine for parents at times this is hard to deal with and understand but never ever give up on those wandering eyes and super minds you love before you. There is a super person within them which just communicates in different ways. If we all did the same we would be boring. 

So in life we must embrace everyone as everyone is unique and talented. Their life is just as much a miracle as ours. They might do things differently but we all do things different. So lets just live and love and understand..