The Eve Gene…

The beauty of the mix of black and white
Opposite ends of polarity
One is dark one is light
One is day and one is night

Stretching back through eternity, we all share the same path, to the Eve Gene and the mother of all humanity

Stretching back to Africa at the very start, came the Eve Gene, and the chains to all people in history, may we all look back with an open heart

Each share beauty of their own
Each are the same and vary of different colours depending on the tone, and the Eve gene deserves praise for our diversity and praise alone

The world is full of different shades, we must embrace our uniqueness, our difference because our time in this life here quickly fades

When we will see, a day where all mankind lives with one another peacefully? When all hearts and minds will be free?

Of Black and White,
There cannot be one without the other,
There should be respect for one another

People are like night and day of which we both have strengths to bring, where we have the same source in history where they both share the same beautiful beginning

Oh the wonderful Eve gene, oh the wonder of history, oh the beautiful black and white and all the shades in between,

Oh the beautiful Eve gene, the bringer of all mankinds colours, the variety humanity and everyone you have ever seen from the beautiful Eve gene

In the light is a beautiful sunrise, in the dark is the beautiful starlit skies, within the hearts of humanity we all share the same world and dreams when you look through each others eyes

Remembering we are all humanity is the only way to make it all right
To live in peace together
Together as one people from black through to white…

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