At the Waterfall…

Take a stroll down by the rivers breeze
Where hearts come which have been blinded but the soul still sees

The beautiful waters will help the way we all feel, The beautiful waters will also help hearts heal

To those whos soul shall seek for help and guidance does natures waters speak

At the waters edge, down by the waterfall is paradise and peace where pain and hurt can now cease

How I like the waterwall
With just the beauty of friendship exist where souls unite and peace is there thats all

How I love the waterfall
Its calm and cool and natures paradise
Where the water flows and heals my soul
Upon this day in nature I can once again feel nice

The beauty of the water as it slowly flows
Taking all pain as it goes
And feeling the spirit as it grows

Down within the water we go from length to length, as we re-charge our souls at the waters, as we spiritually swim and grow strength to strength

A river flows within our soul,
Flowing us down river beautifully
Destiny out of our control
As we head into a beautiful future
Returning from pain and back to feeling whole

How I love the waterfall a place of kindred spirits and healing thats all

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