Telling lies….

How many people in life tell lies and lie to people and fail to ever open themselves to the truth?

Telling lies leads us astray. They give us a false existance and a false reality.

People lie to protect themselves and to make themselves look and feel better in the eyes of others. But that is a false deceptive image we portray to others and not who we really are. Therefore them friendships and romances are not real.

True in love people must always be otherwise that love is false and not real.

When people tell a lie, the lie grows and grows and the hole we dig for ourselves grows bigger. People lose face and lie more and more. We fail to reverse the lies.

Once we have told the lie – the ink is set and it is wrote in stone.

Lying is a curse upon our lips and heart.

Lying is like an addiction. We can create our own persona and our own world and be better than we truly are. It makes us feel happier and that rush is addictive.

Lies are the darkness whereas the truth is the light. The truth is much more beautiful.

Lies are like a charismatic pimp. Lies sell us down the river. Lies sell us off for cheap and take away our genuine soul.

Lies enslave people and distort peoples reality. Lies lead people to not know who they truly are.

If all people know if lies….do they know anything at all?

Why do people find the truth so hard to speak? The truth to many people is frightening. The truth comes across as outspoken.

But the cold hard blunt truth is much better than an ongoing lie.

The truth is liberation of mind and soul and purity to your world. The truth sets us free.

May we all exercise someday the spirit of honesty…