Moments from Death

Last night as I drove through the darkness through a town, a girl ran across the road in my path in front of my car. I slammed the brakes on as she was literally just in front of me on the road and I swerved as my headlights lit her up and I luckily just missed her. It was one of the most scariest experiences of my life.

She was about four and she looked startled as she seen my car coming towards her. Had I been going a little faster or not paying full attention I would of hit her and she definately would of been dead. Little does she know how closely she just diced with death.

Luckily she went home safe and slept in her bed safely and excited for Christmas which was 2 days to go at the time which is all that matters to children this time of year.

I seen her mother frozen still in horror along side my car as she watched the terrifying scene unfold. I cannot imagine what went through her mind and she had no control of the situation. Luckily I managed to prevent disaster and swerved away just in time.

Had it been another driver going faster or had I been a few seconds ahead then she definately one way or another would not of been home for Christmas.

In an alternative outcome it could of destroyed Christmas time for many different people. Luckily no one was hurt.

I shall never forget that scary moment and how easily lives can be taken in the blink of an eye. One poor judgement and one poor childish moment thats all it takes.

The lesson is that life is precious and hangs by a thread.

The child and mother can go on together now and enjoy the rest of their lives but the I will always remember how close that child was to death….may she live a long and beautiful life….

A Winters Delight

Oh how beautiful is the winter where everything is ice, Where everything is cold, Where everything is harsh but nice, Within the world of a beautiful winters paradise

And the cold do I embrace,The winter weather surrounding me, As the cold is upon my face

Oh the winters delight, the romance of the long winters night

A time of scarfs, gloves and a hat, where the most welcome sight often is getting in from out of the cold, often the front door mat, we are home amongst the warmth of family where our heart is at,

Snow hangs upon the trees, children play out in the cold, smoke pours from many chimneys, people out walking in the winter breeze

Oh in magic do I believe, As upon this day I am transported back, To a time of childhood upon Christmas eve

We have all hoped to see Santa cross the sky, an experienced the excitment through a childs eye

The beauty of a shared dream by us all, a hope and a faith each year, the dreams of making a snowball and that upon winter the snow will fall

The beauty and harshness of a winter cold, stays with us forever, the romance of winter shall never grow old

Oh the beautiful short winter days and the long romantic nights, the warmth of firelight is one of lifes most beautiful delights

Oh the long winters night, the beauty of the cold is one of delight as we sit and rest by firelight…