The end of Nationalism…

Wouldnt it be much nicer if we grew a union with country after country after country and brought people together and shared trade and became one nice people with no divides or seperations or hatred of another simply of their flags,lands and history….

It is time to end Nationalism. Mankind is divided by political borders and flags which seperate people and make them believe in a flag over people.

People should not be divided by borders and political boundaries. People are indoctrinated to believe in countries and their fellow countrymen. But people from our own countries are not better than everyone else….

There are people out there who are better friends and more mutual things in common with you and make better friends to you than your own countrymen. Many people know many people from other nations who are their friends and would choose these friends over their own countries. People are people wherever they are from. Belonging to a country does not make us better than anybody else.

Countries are political borders where people are trapped and controlled by the powers that be and have to apply for visas to cross into other parts of the world.

People within this union should be given freedom of movement and go where they desire an enjoy the world and visit places freely for travel and work without having to apply for visas as they have the rights of acceptance within the global union.

People care for their country so much but their country does not have the same loyalty back towards them.

Countries simply divide people and people must be brought back together as mankind and be free.

Mankind is one humanity and must be together as one. Countries should become areas where people live and not divided borders.

People should be free to go wherever they want through an system of international laws of which everyone has to abide by.

Wouldnt it be nice to trade freely with each other and allow people across the globe to have jobs on all areas of the planet and a chance to run their own businesses and sell across the globe easily using international laws and rules.

We should end nationalism and believe in people. That all people want the same wherever they are from. There are good people from all countries who want family and love. People should not believe in countries over people.

The system should be that everyone operates under an international law. This law is above religion and culture and everyone has to primarily live by this law. Therefore all people are operating the same under the same laws and rules.

Everyone should pay into a system so that everywhere can be funded and grow and make it into a nice place and everyone is treated equal. Therefore if everyone pays into a system then everyone across the globe can have schools and education and make this world a better place.

Therefore everyones child gets a chance to have an education and a future.

The areas that was once poor is funded and is now a nicer place with nicer conditions and dont need to move to other areas as all areas are almost equally balanced desirable areas where people can stay close to their families to work.

With the majority of the world speaking English then English can be taught in schools fluently as well as their own mother tongue so people can communicate across the globe effeciently.

May we become one humanity together and all live the same rules and freedoms together and may we give all children an education and a chance to see the beautiful world in safety and peace….

The Power of Women

As a man my own personal opinion of women is they are far grander and greater in many ways than men and than I could ever be.

Women possess much deeper mental powers than men and better senses than men. Women as girls and babies learn faster than men. This is how nature has created females and their brains work more effectively and acutely than a mans.

From a child to now I often heard of the ‘female intuition’ which I once thought was a myth but I genuinely believe it to be real through experiences and women saying and asking things they couldnt possibly of known. This is a sense I have never truly been able to discover within myself so effectively.

Women possess a much more purified heart and soul than a man does and will be more genuine and loving to people.

It is women who are the mothers of humanity. There is no connection stronger than a maternal bond.

Everyone loves their mother and needs their mother unconditionally. This bond is instinctive and powerful from day one of life in this world.

If you was to follow nature you would discover the powerful positions of women. How most men will listen to a female and do anything for a female.

Women are also far more physically beautiful than men and possess powers of wonderful attraction which can control a man and guide a man. This is a power no man will ever have.

I can sit in a room with 20 women and go unnoticed or spoke seldom towards – but a girl sat in a room with 20 men is fussed and cared for and the men look after her and do things for her.

Men only possesss physical power. But the physical power is nothing compared to the world of non physical powers which a woman dominates completely. Powers of mind,attraction, family life are controlled by women.

Family life is controlled by women. The female such as a mother or grandmother will be the most loved within the family often.

It is women who create a family home and make it all nice for a family and to live within.

In this manmade world and society which tries so hard to turn a blind eye away from nature we must remember that is a world where everyone must be equal and share this world together with equality in men and women.

So every man must learn to acknowledge and respect women and their powers – because it was a woman who created you and raised you…

A need for Adventure…

The air of excitement you experience as you know you are going overseas is amazing.

I miss that excitement of the suitcase you take on an exciting journey to the airport as you begin your holiday at home as you set off.

There is no better feeling than knowing you are going to the sea and to foreign lands. A holiday adventure always feels amazing and exciting.

Sitting on the aeroplane waiting for take off was always something I enjoyed as the plane creeps slowly to the runway and the excitement of full speed as you begin take off into the air.

I love watching the view out of the aeroplane window as you begin your descent and below you is a beautiful blue ocean.

I miss being near the mediterranean sea and enjoying the European sunshine and the wonderful heat on the body. The air is beautiful and warm and exotic.

Even the evenings by the sea I love and enjoy. The foreign air and climate and the sounds of the sea at night crashing against the shore.

I remember the heat of evening when I was little once it was so hot and I had to have the balcony doors open for a calm nice wind and I was such a far away world from home.

I want to experience another european adventure at the coast and enjoy the sunshine and the sea and the atmosphere and have a nice break from my everyday life.

I want to sit under an umbrella by the sea and enjoy a nice drink. I want to sit and enjoy the heat of the air as I enjoy the harbour.

I love looking down into the ocean abroad and seeing a variety of marine life such as many different fish. Some beautiful colours.

Swimming in the warm mediterranean is a great experience. The warm waters and the nice enjoyment.

I love the sunset at the seaside abroad. It is breathtaking and beautiful as the sun sets below the sea. A warm beautiful orange glow across the sea.

I enjoy getting ready for the nightime possessing some sunburn showering and dressing in evening wear to go for meals and into the town at night to enjoy the atmosphere of the town at night such as the food places.

I remember once being on the seafront at night and the moon shone and reflected on the calm ocean. This is a lovely vision to witness.

The air is different and the smells and sounds of abroad are different. The sounds of crickets making their noises at night is wonderful. How I miss being on holiday.

The different culture of abroad is great to experience and how other countries live. Meeting people from different countries is always nice and fun.

I remember once standing on some rocks in a cove just off the beach and it was just me there looking at the sea. I was wonderful and the wind was warmth. I stood there for about ten minutes enjoying the seaside.

The atmosphere of everyone enjoying the beach and the sea is great and there is a beautiful summer haze and blue skies as far as the eyes can see. Hotels line the seafront for miles and miles down the coast.

I have many memories of foreign holidays. Many memories I shall never forget. How I wish tonight I was overseas enjoying the sun and the moonlight seaside nights as the stars flicker over the mediterranean.

May I get to enjoy foreign lands again soon during a hot summer by the seaside….

The Night Sky…

The night sky where the night is more beautiful than the day. Above mankind exists a wonderful paradise.

I can only stand and gaze in amazement when I see the stars twinkling above.

They are so silent and beautiful and peaceful. Stars that have twinkled over the night skies over all our ancestors showing their beauty since the dawn of time.

I love to stargaze and enjoy the mystery and wonder above. It puts life into prospective and also brings inner peace.

There is always one star which stands out to me and twinkles in the night sky. The heavens above are paradise.

How can mankind commit such horrors and cruelty under such beauty above? The stars in their millions in the skies above live in peace and harmony and so can we be like the stars.

My favourite time to witness a beautiful starlit sky is just before dawn. Here is a time of the day most people dont get to see the planets and the stars crossing the sky and in beautiful positions to behold. The sky is a beautiful blue just before dawn.

Witnessing the night sky before dawn is a great and fascinating sight. It is a beautiful calming start to the day.

I love to see the morning star hanging low in the sky twinkling away before he bows out for the day to arise. The morning star does a beautiful last swan song before the dawn lights up the sky.

I shall bask in the vision of the night skies and make the most of the stars above. This is a beautiful vision I dont always get to see and one day it will be a vision for only my descendants.

Perhaps one day I will be a twinkling star in the night sky in the eyes of my descendants. May I bring them peace through such calmness.

The stars are a reminder for all mankind that peace and paradise does exist. It exists above so it can exist below also.

May we all get to enjoy the night skies and their wonder and beauty. May we get to experience the peace and the calmness of the night skies and enjoy this world we see. May we not take it for granted.

May we have peace on Earth and amongst mankind – just like the peace amongst the stars….

A religious dream…

Last night I had a weird dream. It was of explorers. I remember they was in an ancient tomb of some kind.

The woman stood further back in the tomb holding a fire torch and it lit the room up. They was in an ancient tomb.

The man approached the wooden was a large brown wooden coffin.

He opened the coffin and took off the lid. He looked in and it was empty.

He picked up from the bottom of the coffin a hair. A fresh hair and held it in his hand.

He said to the woman holding the fire torch

‘…shes gone’….

That was basically a dream which happened in a matter of minutes and woke me up.

I got the impression they was in an ancient tomb and this was refering to an ancient female religious figure.

I have no idea of who the woman was who was gone but it felt more sinister in presence than peaceful.

But whoever the coffin of this woman was….she is now gone…

A restless mind…

I suffer with a disease upon the mind where I can never be content with what I have got and I want more and more and more. My mind is restless and never satisfied and I desire to have as much as I can. Is this greed or determination?

Either way I am constantly searching for more truths and answers and events to satisfy my restless mind. It can be a great thing at times but at other times it is like a curse upon me where nothing I have is ever good enough.

Will I ever accept what I have? Will I ever accept who I truly am? Will I ever be happy truly and relax knowing what I have got is all I need?

Sometimes the eyes and the heart are blind to contentness and what great things are already before us and around us.

I storm through life looking for this perfection and not looking around. I search and search and find nothing that satisfies my need for perfection while the world which already surrounds me begins to collapse. But I dont notice because my mind is focused elsewhere.

I try to educate myself and be with more wisdom but has the true wisdom already given me great things which already surround me and what I already have? Why is it not enough? Why do I look to dreams and not reality?

Perhaps I should search for more of the right things and not the wrong things. Perhaps I need to accept what is around me and what great things there is. I have been blessed.

Man can often search for wisdom. Man can often search for things he knows he should not and cannot have, but great wisdom is for him to accept what he has been given already.

I am not perfect and I am not great. I am a dreamer. I am a wishful soul. I want things I often know are great but not possible and not realistic. I want paradise but cannot acknowledge I already have a paradise most people would want and dont have what I already have.

There is such a thing as other worlds. They do exist. These other worlds are where other people exist and the things I desire and cannot have often belong in these worlds. A world where I do not live. The other worlds are other peoples lives. Where my dreams are their realities. Where I cannot be the dream or the reality. I can only exist within my own reality. Where I was born to live and breath and exist within.

May I one day wake up and appreciate what I have and how priceless it is. Because what I have today – may be gone tomorrow….

The bringing of Peace…

When will mankind end all wars and stop all fighting and feuds and work together to achieve as much as this species can?

Together we can discover cures for illnesses and help people recover from these situations, we can discover what is in our own beautiful oceans and we can travel into space – only if we work together. Peace is a better option….

Wars are pointless and cruel and are only operated and wanted by a few mad powerful people who are blinded by the sense of money and profit. They are blinded to humanity…

No one has the right to send other peoples childrens to wars to die for them and their pointless cause.

Empires and powers over people should be a thing of the past and returning to the future should be of one united species and of discovery.

When will people open their eyes and realize time and life is limited and precious and our children need a safe world to live in. A world with no wars and natural beauty and the rainforests in tact.

We are all slowly turning a blind eye to attrocities to people and this planet and allowing it to happen. What will becomes of our childrens world because of our generation?

Firstly and mostly we must install beautiful peace to the world. No more squabbles over dangerous and stupid ideologies. No more hatred of the differences of others. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and they should be respected. We afterall are one united species.

As a species we fight the same enemies and dangers together. We breath oxygen together and need it. We are the same. We are one species in this time and this now. We must walk in peace and move forward to the next level of intelligence.

On this planet we pretend we are different and fight as if we are better than each other and are divided – but we are united in the destruction of this planet. We must now be united in saving this planet as this is our only home.

I personally think peace is a great feeling and if only we can settle our differences and move forward it would be great.

Because people and happiness and family are what all people to deserve to have.

This world can be a paradise if we make a paradise….