A visit from an Angel…

Last night I had a strange dream. It lasted for almost a few seconds but seemed to last forever. It wasnt so much a dream as more of a vision…

I had a dream I was stood in my mums hallway door facing the stairs. I stared up the stairs and my whole entire body became all tingly and I was almost paralyzed. Stood before me on the top of the stairs was a woman of about 20-30.

Her skin was mixed race in between black and white. Her hair was jet black over her shoulders and a little curly. She stood there staring at me. I could barely move almost as if witnessing her had done something to me where I was frozen. I fought like mad against a strange force which was making me freeze.

I remember immediately thinking she was an angel. Her whole appearance and aura was spectacular. Whatever she was I knew was far superior to me and not of my world. She was a far greater being than a basic human.

She was just a normal girl to look at. She didnt possess wings or a halo etc. But witnessing her had changed the whole dynamics of my body and mind and seeing her had made my body frozen. Its as if you change state of mind when you witness such events. If I could explain it I would say my soul was awoken and my physical body was shut down. Only my mind operated on the level she existed.

I vaguely remember a baby climbing the stairs near her. She stood at the top and looked down dressed in all white. Then I fought the strange paralyzed sensation and I awoke from the dream. But I remembered it.

She didnt appear menacing of frightening. She seemed friendly but the situation was frightening.

What did this dream mean? What was it for? Who was the strange girl who I had never seen before stood on the top of the stairs? Why had she come to visit me?

Perhaps dreams have a meaning and a guidance. How many dreams have we forgotten and discarded and just put down to being dreams and think nothing more of them?

I often wonder if there was anything more in this than just a dream has anyone else seen this girl in their visions and dreams and just never mentioned it to anyone else?

Has anyone else had strange lucid dreams they remember and cannot explain or make sense of?

Who knows what else exists out there beyond the physical human realm and this reality where we exist….

The Miracle of Life…

As I sit here in a dimly lit room as silence surrounds me and I am left alone with my thoughts. I often wonder how many other people have sat in this same position in history? How many more people have listened to the sounds of silence and the echo of dreams they once had now imprisoned by life?

How many people have wondered through the coridoors of an evening of their home struggling each day to survive and repeating the same day to day actions in order just to carry on?

Through my struggles is where I em educated to the beauty and miracle of life. Life is never easy which makes life rewarding.

I once didnt see my purpose in life or my own importance. I didnt think anything I did made any difference in life at all. But I was wrong.

Every thought and decision I make changes the future. The decisions I make change the life of my descendants either born or unborn. Within a moments thought or decision I can bring them into this world or make a decision and take another path of which they will never exist. Our decisions even the smallest ones are of massive importance and non of us realize how important we are.

People will live life and not believe in miracles etc but when they weigh up history and how fragile life is and how many wars and deaths there has been and how many decisions their ancestors had to make – the path to any of us being alive today is a massive miracle. Your ancestors and their choices led to us being alive and where we are in this world.

There are many of us who seek a purpose and dont see life as anything special. But life is so vulnerable and thats what makes it special.

How many decisions have we had to make in life? Even tiny ones that would of changed the course of our history and the whole future for us and our descendants. Decisions such as…should I go out tonight? What time shall we meet with people? Should I go on this course? Should I drive or walk.

All this makes a big difference. Because it changes who and how you will meet people where the chain of your ancestry will continue. It changes your destiny and your path and your final outcome. Every decision we made imagine if you had taken the other decision….

Imagine if you met the love of your life at 8pm somewhere by chance or through friends….imagine then you had chose to go there at 7pm or 9pm instead….everything would change….

Decisions I have made have led me to where I am today. But I often wonder where would I be if I had chose the other decisions.

What if I decided to stay in my old job. I would never of met all the people I am friends with now. I would never of progressed in the way I have and I would never of opened new doors for myself. I would of continued on a path to somewhere else…

So as I wander the house and sit in silence in a dimly lit room. I think I am blessed to of experienced the highs and lows of life and know the miracle of me being here….of all my ancestors going back to the dawn of time and their decisions by each and every one of them – led to me being alive. They are all involved. Every single one of them.

We must all embrace life and enjoy it. Because no matter what you do in this life it will always be a miracle. Everything you decide is shaping the future.

But the only reason I am here today – is because decisions and thoughts of my ancestors led them on a path to me being alive….