What is wrong with people these days? Why are we all wrapped up in petty little issues and feuds and squabbles over literally nothing at all when most of us fail to get with reality and remember that life is fragile and people are suffering with real issues.

Are we not all thankful enough that we have our health and our happiness?

Why are we being inconsiderate of what other people might be experiencing in their personal life while still trying to make their life harder and more difficult through squabbles and gossip and dislike.

Why do we as people focus on the flaws and weakness of others and try to punish others for their weakness?

I wish we lived in a world where compliments outnumbered complaints.

The day will come where we regret what we said and did to people over petty issues when a serious issue raises its head on people we seeked to find fault with.

It is often within the workplace that we decide to find fault. Where people will seek to bring down and destroy the health and happiness and emotions of others to better themselves in positions and in the eyes of others.

Is it too much to ask to just try and show kindness and focus on the light side of who we are? Kindness costs little but cruelty in the long term can cost us dearly.

The actions we take often reflect back towards us and the seeds of disharmony we plant grow and grow and grow and breath out air which suffocates our own life slowly.

But if we plant seeds of kindness the air we breath from the flowers which grow from these seeds give us lots of lovely air to breath and tremendous health benefits to mind and soul.

Hatred shall poison the feathers from our wings and make them fall but kindness shall see us fly high and not weigh heavy in the sky.

I wish people valued their time more on Earth and how valuable life is. I wish people embraced others in their peak and prime and with their health and enjoyed who they are. One thing I have learned in life is that no matter of age – people will not be here forever.

Does it make us a bad person to seek and see the bad in others and bring it to the surface? Why are people not digging below the surface of others to bring the good of them to the world. Why are people burying souls instead and hiding the good?

Perhaps when we bring out the bad points in people and tell people bad points of people is a form of murder.

Everyone has faults and flaws and this is life, no one is perfect so we as people must focus on the good in people rather than the bad and perhaps our lives and the world will be a much better place.

One day our souls will cross a beautiful meadow to paradise. Lets not have to look back at what we didnt do and regret the things we said that harmed others and wish we had said kind things. The day will come where we cannot return to do the good deeds we didnt do in life.

Lets all try to be kind to others. It is never easy but the things which are worth having never are and it is the hard things to do which bring the greatest of rewards.

May kindness purify our world….

A summers breeze…

When the summer sun comes – life and people are happy. It is a joy to experience the beautiful feel and sounds and heat of summer.

My favourite part of the sunshine is early morning and evening. When the day is fresh and the sun is perfect.

Within the morning the sky is a beautiful colour, the birds sing and the air is cool. A paradise is what the world awakes to see. When the sky is blue as far as the eyes can see it is like heaven.

Oh the beautiful summer, what a contrast you offer in a day. The beautiful paradise of morning, followed by the harsh heat of midday. With the unbearable heat and sweats and suffering of the fireball in the sky, followed by the beautiful salvation of a summers night.

The day is harsh and tough during a heatwave. Water has never been so valuable. Only when I need water do I realize how magnificent it is to drink.

The hot air stays and sticks to me as if it is glue. It tires me and dehydrates me and tests my inner strength to keep going through such heat. The world gathers round fans and windows hoping for a brief break from the immense heat.

But the hot air of mid summer is as beautiful and romantic as anything I have ever known.

The trees almost stand photo tall in happiness of the wonderful peak of sun. Animals are at peace together and rest together and in many places drink from the same waters together.

People rest and relax and enjoy the sunshine. People bask and enjoy the warmth and sun from within the shades and enjoy the warm air.

On days such as today when we experience an extreme heatwave I think the world comes together and basks in the sun and enjoys the sun and the excitement of holidays and the seaside yet to come. How I love hot summer days at the sea.

The vibe and buzz of people as they pass on through their lifes in the sunshine is an amazing experience.

One of my favourite things to do when I am hot and sweaty and sticky from the harsh yet beautiful sun is to swim in the sea. I love the sounds of the sea on summers days especially at early evening.

That feeling of the cool water as you dive and swim in the sea and soak your body is wonderful. It is a great escape from the heat.

In life people beg for a heatwave during cold, and beg for cold during a heatwave. But the beauty of the summer is the warmth as evening brings a gentle wind of cool.

There is no greater feeling than the cool evening summer breeze come to cool everywhere and everyone down after the immense suffering of heat. The beautiful summers breeze comes and is blessed to us as night falls.

Within the warm air of summer I find it amazing to sit in a garden as the air begins to cool and enjoy the sun as it sets and see the wide variety of colours of the flowers within the peak of their lives. This is a great relaxation.

As night falls there is another wonder of summer. When lights appear in wonderful places such as houses and places and parties. Garden events as people enjoy time together in the night air under the summer stars.

I enjoy the evening breeze through a bedroom window at night as it enters a previously hot room where the air is hot. Where it feels like a saviour from the heat of day. To be able to sleep and not be so hot due to the summer breeze sneaking in through the window is great.

Oh the beautiful winds of a summers night save me. Come to me and bring me heaven.

Oh the beautiful twinkling of the summer stars on a summers night, this is natures true delight.

The stars shining above the sea, echoing romantically within the summer nights for all eternity.

Oh the beautiful summer breeze how I love you so much. How you come to me with perfection and kindness and bless the evening and night time with a nice calm cool peaceful wind.

May my summers always be a contrast of calm paradise, suffering and salvation….

Anne Frank….

Once upon a time there lived a girl who in life was given little time to enjoy life and live a long life. She lived through hell on Earth and died in hell on Earth but from that hell arose the words of an angel….

Anne Frank was a child, just like any other child of her age, no different to any other in all history. A girl who wrote a diary just like any other young girl. But unlike any other girl her words would bring the words of hope and faith to millions of people through many generations. Through death she rose to be an angel…

Hidden away in an attic in Amsterdam she wrote and wrote words which gave her hope of someday experiencing a better world. Where kindness and love shall triumph over evil. Where people seek to change the world to kindness and happiness and everlasting peace.

Despite the persecution she faced in world war two she still believed in people and that their is good within everybody. She never gave up hope and carried on believing.

Sadly Anne Frank was captured and died in a concentration camp of starvation…..she was simply a child….

Sadly she never got to know the meaning of growing up and experiencing life and peace and adulthood. Anne Frank is the immortal child of heaven and Earth.

She is kindness and inspiration for all of us to try and see in ourselves and other people.

Her words should be a reminder of the horrors of war and hatred and how children was massively affected by such evil created by mankind. It is a reminder that war such as this should never be repeated.

Millions of children, innocent children are killed in war and such evil. Humanity has to keep evil away from the kingdom of children. How can any decent human allow children to be affected by such evil?

Sadly it wasnt life that made Anne Frank an inspiration but within death an angel arose and came to the world.

Death was not the end for Anne but a new beautiful beginning. Where words wrote from the mind of a young child in the horrors of war and into a diary shall stay with us forever. Where the words and hope of love poured from a young heart. Where the spirit of Angels leapt and flew high above the cruelty of hell.

It is sad to think that had she lived then the world would never of got to experience her beautiful words of hope and her diary would of been forgotten about and discarded as many diaries are and that life would of hid her away from the world.

She wrote words from a dark dark time in human history and words which echoed hope of humanity for all eternity and a belief and a faith in people. Words which shall echo through time with wonder and sadness and rememberance.

Her short life was one of cruelty and endless struggle and a need to discover a beacon of hope. Through writing she kept the spirit of herself and humanity alive.

Her words showed us to have faith in people and to enjoy beautiful life and to enjoy beautiful people and make the most of both life and people.

In life she sadly was not given time to live long but in death Anne Frank is immortal.

May we remember from Anne Franks words the horrors of evil on Earth and the beautiful hope in the light of humanity….