The Sri Lanka attacks

Yet again more terrorist attacks have taken place where the innocent have been targeted and killed by evil people. Once again it has been a place of worship that has been targeted. What kind of religious people would attack a religious house of God?

The modern world is an evil world ran by evil people who hold no religion or humanity.

We are being led by evil people posing as religious figures, martyrs and politicians with dangerous insanity.

The world is on the brink of a new holy war where Muslims and Christians will exchange blows against each other and the innocent will be used as pawns in this battle.

The numbers of the innocent killed shall grow and grow and grow through dangerous insane acts of others acting on behalf of what they claim is God when it is in fact them acting upon evil.

Who are the mothers of these evil people? People keep telling me these people act upon mental health but this is an insult to people with mental health…

The truth is that these people are cold blooded evil murderers and enemies of humanity…

We are dealing with a virus of insanity in todays modern world where evil is growing more and more and no one is doing anything to kill this evil at its source.

We live in an evil day when people think its acceptable to kill the innocent just to please and quench their own evil desires and the day will come where it is just so normal nobody cares anymore.

To attack worshippers of God is surely to attack God and this makes you an enemy of God surely?

This evil is hiding within religion posing as religion. Humanity has a cancer within its civilization of evil minds.

No true person would kill the innocent who has walked the streets and has loved ones and relatives of their own…no true person would kill if they possessed a heart.

These people are attacking the heart of humanity and they shall lose.

May humanity return to the world, and may humanity, peace and kindness purify humanity again and save us from such evil that is dominating this world

May the victims rest in peace after this terrible tragedy and I wish and hope that one day calm may be placed upon their families.

Rest in peace the victims and love to your families.

Love to the world where peace exists…


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