The cause of Cancer

There is only one true war, there is only one true hate – that against cancer.

As the years pass by it is clear to see that the numbers of people suffering with cancer has vastly gone upwards over the years to where almost everyone of all ages has cancer.

Cancer does not care for age,gender race or religion. Cancer does not care for borders and there is no hiding place. We must fight it as one humanity together.

Everyone knows someone with cancer of all different ages and it has now reached figures unheard of before.

The number of people with cancer has rocketed and the age of people with cancer has dropped to even cover small children and babies almost unheard of in history.

In fifty years time I think almost everyone will suffer with cancer at some point in their life it is becoming that much of an epidemic.

The food we eat is polluted, the drinks we drink is polluted and the air we breath is polluted.

People in the western cultured world eat alot of junk and processed foods and foods covered in harmful chemicals such as pesticides which are potentially harmful.

Unknown to most of the people in the world it is much more polluted and filled with harmful levels of radiation than we could ever imagine.

Nuclear power is a massive cause of such radiation and pollution on the planet.

This vast boom of cancer suffers began with the atomic bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki and since then the rise of cancer sufferers has grown and grown.

The poisons and radiation levels swept by winds has spread global from the atomic bombs and from the testing of nuclear weapons which are being tested by many governments in secluded places unknown to most of the people of the world.

For example a nuclear bomb was tested on christmas island. A ship not far away was allowed by the government to let the sailors and the crew to watch the explosion confirming they are perfectly safe so they watched – and every one of the crew went on to get cancer.

Incidents like Chernobyl in Ukraine where a Nuclear power plant leaked its contents and created a ghost town where people can no longer live. The winds carried these harmful levels of radiation across to Britain and ruined many of the farms in Wales and caused many of the animals to have deformed babies. Yet many people are fed the sheep which eat the grass on these farms and the polluted soil. What does this do to people as they intake such harmful levels of radiation?

Have a look at this map. This shows the countries which have the highest rates of cancer. This shows the ‘developed’ countries have higher cases of cancer compared to countries which do not use the same power supplies such as nuclear power and other forms of power plants to supply their people.

The lesser countries on the map also I believe dont eat as much junk food and processed food as the ones with the higher rates of cancer.

Then we enter a world within our own homes. What does the radiation within our microwaves do to us? What does it do to the food we cook in the microwave? We are told it is safe but we are told many things which seem to turn out not to be true. It gives us a minimal amount of radiation. What does this do to our bodies? Do microwaves ever leak radiation? As stated it tells you not to take the back off them due to radiation. We have carbon monoxide detectors in our house but no radiation tests on microwaves so we know if it is faulty…

The food we are eating in the modern day is mostly processed and full of toxins and mild poisons and chemicals which are not natural to our bodies. Where we are eating and drinking foods and drinks which high acidic ph levels. Where we are eating processed mildly poisoned foods by radiation capable of mutating our cells without us ever knowing.

We are surrounded by nuclear power and harmful levels of radiation. Power stations which are known to often leak out radiation even in very small doses which are said to be ‘not very harmful’….

The more nuclear power and nuclear weapons have entered this world. The more the cancer rates have rocketed. The more people are suffering and the younger people are who suffer with it.

As nuclear power grows and nuclear bombs exchange hands….the more and more cancer shall appear in people and the more it will become and epidemic. Soon the majority of the world will be sufferers of cancer.

People might defy me and say I am wrong but as the years pass by people will start to see people around them with cancer more and more and as they see more and more young people begin to get cancer they will suddenly start to think…what is happening to cause this?

Obviously cancer shall occur naturally in small cases through various reasons such as malfunction of cells through various natural reasons and exposure to the suns radiation etc but this was in smaller cases by natures intent. Now we are engulfed with many cases.

So if mankind was to take a measure to purify the world and the land,air, water and soil then I would support it.

If we was to reduce or stop nuclear power then I would be happy and if we had to return to a more basic lifestle to save peoples lives then I would also be happy.

As the map above shows that the developed countries are doing something wrong with their lifestyle…and the countries with lesser cancer rates and less developed are doing something right. They are eating better and staying closer to nature and dont have the same dangerous power supply systems.

To save this planet and our people we must stop nuclear power plants.

Alot of the things in the modern day are luxuries but we can survive without them. We must purify this world if we are to survive and return and be closer to nature.

May we all eat the right foods which are in the way nature intended and drink wonderful purifying drinks.

May I wish people who are suffering with cancer a long, beautiful and happy life and may they win their battle quickly. May we one day say cancer is no more….

My Purification

I have made a decision to go on a quest of purification of my body and cleanse my body of toxins and poisons which I am exposed to everyday.

Junk food and drinks which we expose our bodies to are day by day slowly harmful and I have decided to go on a complete and total detox.

I have decided to do this by drinking only water and eating only fruits and vegetables and potatoes and remove all badness from within me. To remove the bad fats and oxidents within me and all drugs such as caffeine and alcohol.

I plan to remove the saturates and just fill myself with goodness. We have all been abusing our bodies day by day and dont realize the harm we are doing to our bodies.

There shall be no caffeine, no drugs such as medicines only nature flowing through me. I wish to cleanse my soul and my mind and body and wash away all the harmful poisons and radiations we take in constantly in the modern world.

Places such as McDonalds are giving us the worse kind of diet there is. Places like KFC are giving us saturated harmful fats and the worse kind of chicken meat from the worse kind of chickens. This for me has to end and I must cleanse my body of this.

There shall be no meat for I dont know where the meat I eat has come from or what the animal was fed or exposed to while it was alive or how it was treated and what kind of stresses was in its blood at the time of death.

I shall only eat what grows in Gods great garden such as fruit and vegetables and potatoes. Ones of which I can grow if needs be in my own garden if my months challenge works. Fruit and vegetables have the greatest of nutrients and the greatest of blood cleansing minerals and vitamins and anti-oxidents.

Afterall in this modern day how many of us are eating enough fruit and vegetables?

Drinks like coke are harmful and can rot metal within a day. This is a product strong enough to be a toilet cleaner and people are drinking it. Coke will strip our bodies of vital elements and minerals within our blood and weaken us as people.

So I will drink only water and cleanse my body with hydration. Water clears the kidneys and the liver. Water lowers our blood pressure and keeps the body cool.

Fruit, vegetables and water are beautiful nature and we must bask in these wonderful resources. They hold the key to health.

I shall not use the microwave as this for me in my mind gives me a small dose of radiation. This pollutes my food of which will poison me mildly.

I shall do this for a month and see the difference of how I feel. We as people in this modern world need to return a little more to nature and fruits and vegetables. We are no longer eating food but ‘food like’ products and causing ourselves to suffer even if we dont realize about it.

I wish for my blood and my body and mind to run clear like beautiful water of which will feed my mind and soul beautifully and keep them clean. I wish for purity and clearness of my vision within.

May I last the sacrifice for a month…

Awakening to God

Nobody ever notices you – but was always there, it took me years to release – you had been there all along.

But once I was awoken to your presence I seen you everywhere and within everything. Once all my senses was exposed to you – I seen the beauty you created within everything and everyone.

Within me developed this feeling of guidance and that I was never alone and that you monitored beautifully every detail that happened within my life. That every hardship I faced was a beautiful lesson given to me and every beautiful moment that I received was a beautiful reward given to me.

Once I was awoken to you, I had flashbacks through my life, to every moment and its significance, its purpose and its lesson. I understood every moment and why I was given the blessings I was given. Everything had become clear.

There was never a moment that was just me. Them moments in youth where I felt lost and alone and unwise I never actually was. Unknown to me at the time I was subconconciously searching for you. My soul seeked you and tried to constantly connect to you and my mind was slowly awakening. Then the day came where my mind discovered you, my eyes opened to you and I was almost a new born person and purified and my moral and spiritual compass pointed me in your direction. That I was being led with peace and truth and that I knew for the first time in my life exactly where I was going.

You created beautiful nature that surrounds me it is all perfect and beautiful, you created the miracle of life and people. Everything that exists is without fault.

The Earth is a miracle for us in its nurturing of everything and its amazing geographical location.

In life the end goal is often money, but in truth the end goal is you, the end goal is of love,family, peace and purification through kindness and truth.

The truth is hard for many to speak and identify and belong to and the truth can be hurtful for many because for many of us when we are born, we are born to a lie and live a lie and breath a lie. But there is nothing more beautiful than to awaken to the truth of you.

Life is not just as simple as living and dying. Life is not so simple as just living when we are born, when we first open our eyes little did we know that often they are still shut within and we must open our eyes through truth at some point.

May the eyes of many be opened and may they realize everything they have been taught on the path of life by you be noticed. May they realize the beautiful rewards that was given to them after hardship. May they realize the beautiful lesson of hardship and what it gave them and taught them and how they became wiser from such struggle. May they realize they was rewarded for their continue through these dark times by you. I have become stronger and wiser through my struggles. It was a beautiful lesson by the greatest of teachers.

We are given many opportunities in life to be the best we can be and life is a beautiful gift given by you, and in death there is no return to do the things in life we neglected.

Many doubt the soul exists within us, many dont believe in what the eyes cannot see, but many dont realize the soul sees and senses love and the eyes do not.

Many doubt of their souls existance despite the inner tuitions and senses and soul shuddering moments.

They believe they know better than you. They have been alienated from you, they exist within and accept a cruel cold world that everyone lives in as if it is the only way to live and they experience no peace, but they can be brought peace through being awoken to you.

Many in history have brought war and hate and blood and no peace, many dont seek discovery, but the day we all discover you is the day we can all have peace within ourselves and within this world.

The beautiful day came where you entered my life not through using my eyes but through my soul. Where you began to educate me not through words but through life and taught me more than anyone ever had in such little time in life.

There was a time I needed you and you came. Everytime I needed someone you shown up and wisened me with knowledge of what I had to do. You didnt force me or pressured me or convinced me, you merely cleared the fog of my mind to the path before me I had to take.

Within this world you are everywhere I go, I can see you through many different ways.

There are people who believe in themselves that they are better than everyone else and that they dont care for others and money matters most. They dont see you, they only see themselves and the impact they make, they dont believe in you, they believe they are better than you and many believe they are you – but no one shall ever be you, no one shall lead like you lead, guide like you guide and have kindness like you have.

I repent to you and I submit to you oh great one.

I believe and I follow and I work for you.

I believe in your work and project within this world and all those who have not awoken to you, shall be awoken to you when you show up to everyone bringing mass morality back to humanity and save us from the cold – through beautiful morality…

For our parents

The day will come and has come to so many people where their parents become old and need help and care. Where our parents are unable to look after themselves 100% and desire help. It is a beautiful reward to help them just as they helped us. It is a beautiful thank you for everything they have done for us and made us who we are.

Oh mother and father who raised me from a new born baby and who fed me and clothed me and protected me when I was not capable I thank you for such a sacrifice you gave to me. The day shall come where the compliment is returned and the love in your eyes you had for me throughout life shall be the same love in the eyes I have for you.

I shall never pass the care of you over to complete strangers who you dont know. I shall never abandon and leave you when you need me. I needed you once and you was there without question. The greatness of compassion shall return to you.

If you ever enter a care home then you enter a world of hell. Places where people are living with strangers and being looked after by strangers in a place where these people dont really care about the old people living within the walls. These places are just jobs for the staff there and they dont have the time or the interest to care for our parents within them as we would do ourselves.

Do you know the people taking care of your parents all day and night? Do they know your parents and who they truly was throughout their life? Do they have respect for all your parents achieved?

We as their children must do the best we can for them and help them as they get older and look after them just as they looked after us when when we couldnt look after ourselves and we needed protection and care, compassion and love.

This is a brilliant way to show gratefulness to help them in their time of need and make sacrifice in order to help them. They sacrificed everything to raise us and help us and this is a beautiful return in helping them.

They protected us as babies and children from harm and cruelty and we must protect them from cruelty also.

Oh my mother and my father I shall honour you and return the gift and care to you. I shall devote the time to you just as you devoted the time for me.

Oh my mother and my father, I shall not let you experience the final few faces that you see, within your final breaths be around strangers and the feeling of being totally alone. The most beautiful way you shall leave this world is surrounded by those you love and those who love you.

Their fate should not be led by others who are strangers to them but by us who they love the most. It is us their children who know what is best for them. They know when we care for them and that we have their best interests at heart.

It is our love for them that shall help them. It is us their children who will remember the great person they was in life and who raised us and that we loved unconditionally. It is us who they trust and it is us their children who shall protect their dignity.

At the end of the day family begins with family and family looks after family. Family brings children into the world and looks after them and raises them through such difficulty. It is family who grow old together and family who take care of the young and family who take care of the old.

It is the love they had for us which grew us strong and cared for us and it is the love we have for them which shall help them as the sunsets on their lives and when time becomes a struggle we shall be there on hand to help.

Oh my mother and my father you showered me with love and warmth, I shall do the same for you….

When love goes wrong

In life almost everyone has experienced that feeling of being broken hearted and sadness.

You are the victim of a love scenario which has crashed and ended often leaving you in pieces and in pain with your self esteem and your trust often left non existant.

The person that hurt you is a fool and if they dont want to be a part of your greatness and your world then they dont have to be but more fool that person.

It will be that persons loss as they walk away from a great heart and a great opportunity of love and into darkness. They will never find anything like you again. They will do the same over and over again and the future of that person will be a mess and they will end up sad and alone. Time shall not be kind to them when they have no commitment of heart.

But they have done nothing but made you smarter and stronger and they didnt even know it. They have made you experience the power of love and its different strengths.

They shall never know love because it shall be a stranger to them but the heartbroken shall come to know love well and discover its beautiful depths and where love truly lives and how good love can feel.

The heartbroken shall only know love and it will get stronger in others as you identify what love actually is.

Love is like a staircase and each step is a higher level of love. At times we shall slip and fall but we must keep climbing the staircase of love until we reach the top where true love awaits us.

Your heart may be broken now, but the beauty of a broken heart is someone will come along and put it back together and make it better and stronger than it ever was before.

Those who havent suffered a broken heart have no strength of heart. Those who break hearts shall never know true love.

But the day shall come where they see you so happy with someone else and they shall still be alone. The smile on your face that they shall see because you are in your own paradise shall make regret torture them.

The best form of revenge is to seek your own happiness and to move on.

There are people who shall play with love like a toy and play with peoples emotions as if it is a game to watch them suffer through the love you have for them – but it will be love that shall bite them hard in the end.

Do not let anyone have control over your mind and emotions. They are not worth it. This is a gift only for the blessed in your life.

It isnt love that hurts you it is the people that abuse the love you have for them. But it is love that shall heal you and make you better than you ever was before.

The only form of love that should ever hurt is through absence. This is a beautiful hurt.

You should never return to a person who has hurt you – afterall you wouldnt swim back to a shark who has bit you.

You must never return to those who gave you pain. You shall never heal at the feet of those who wounded you.

The day shall come where you shall realize that this person wasnt worth your time and emotions and tears.

If a person can hurt you, then they havent cared too much about you and didnt care for your feelings. If they loved you they would never even want to consider hurting you or cheating on you. You should be the only person in the world to them.

So they can either love you truly or leave you. Never stay in the presence of a torturer.

So erase these people from your life. Surround yourself with good people. Remind yourself of who you are and how they are the true broken. That they shall never keep you down.

We all know someone who has been heartbroken. Most of them now have wonderful lives and wonderul love. There is life after hurt and we must never stop believing in our own futures and in finding the love we deserve.

The future for you who is heartbroken will be a brilliant one where you must make the most of life and enjoy yourself. Where you must focus on the great things yet to come for you.

So now when you find true love you shall realize it without question because next time the love shall be stronger and better and more perfect.

Greater more perfect love stories are heading your way and you will be wiser from your experience of the past to put yourself in a better position in your new love.

Love shall heal all that is damaged within you. Your trust for others shall be healed because trust is a gift which must be earned. Trust is a gift people must fight for and earned from you through proof of their actions.

So you must get there and face the world and face the hurt and never let anyone destroy your soul and emotions. How dare they do this to you?? They are not worthy of making a mess of our lives! Get out there and show the world no one shall bring you down.

So the answer to a broken heart is simple. Give up on that person who has hurt you……but never give up on love

My Candlelight

My life that I live it is like a candle that has been lit and is slowly burning its way downwards.

Life is like a candle as our beautiful light of the flame is blown often in all directions but remains strong as it glows and lights up the dark world surrounding it.

Many will try to extinguish our light and blow us out but it will take many breaths to stop my flame from burning.

As the light of my candle life burns its way down slowly I know I must make the most of this beautiful life before my light is extinguished and fades out and returns to darkness.

Life is like a candle that enchants us and brings us warmth and light and coseyness. May we glow for many people.

The beauty of the candle is it can help to make many other candles glow and just as we are people we can be like candles and help many other people in life glow and be a light to others who sit within the dark.

I see mankind today as candles in a candleshop. Candles sat in darkness, Candles which have not yet been lit, millions of candles…just waiting for one burning candle…to light them all….

The candlelight of humanity is a beacon to all possess kindness and humanity and want the warmth of love and friendship to spread.

Our Candlelight of humanity is the summoning of God, it is the calling of powerful nature within us to return to the elements which helped make our world. As we flicker and glow and light up the faces of others we are living within the truth and the purpose given to us.

As I melt my way through life may I of been seen by many eyes and brought happiness and excitement to many eyes who see my shining flame glowing in life.

We are like candles, as we as people can glow and be sensed by all the senses. The warmth we can all bring and the smells and the sounds of the candle are welcome by all.

There is beauty of a candle glowing in darkness just as there is beauty in a person glowing in a dark world. There is paradise within people who glow for others and help others and light up this world.

So perhaps life is like a candle afterall and that life is seeping away slowly yet beautifully and we must bring as much of a glow in life as possible and light as many other peoples candles as possible before our flame eventually burns out in time.

But as my candle burns down slowly and life is melted away as time goes by, the biggest mystery of all is – who lit my candle and allowed me to glow so bright and gave to the world in both life and light?

The Purity of Mankind

When will mankind awaken and realize the terribleness of the modern day where people are so wrapped up within themselves and little media portrayed issues?

Is it not time we as people began the beautiful purification of the modern day and return the world to peace and purify ourselves through love and truth?

Why is it when people get given their freedoms they decide to mainly express and exercise their freedoms to hate and do cruelty and speak badly of another? Has too much freedom become a bad thing in life?

I believe it is time for us to return to purity and peace now and find within ourselves the desire to detoxify ourselves from the modern stress and dark world and re-enter the peace and the light.

Nature knows best and nature is beautiful. But why does mankind fight against its own nature?

Mankind must become purified again like the beautiful rain which purifies the land and hydrates and freshens and rejuvenates life.

Mankind is wandering far from the truth and it is time for the truth and to purify our souls.

The corruption and the hatred and the brainwashing of propoganda needs to be washed away from within us.

People often mistake the truth for hate and this is the blindness of the blind hearted. The truth shall know no hate. Without the truth flowing wonderfully then the walls of life and civilization shall collapse.

There are not many people on this Earth who cannot claim to be mainly love based and dont have hate or resentment within them towards something without knowing what this thing they hate is.

But imagine the feeling of dominant peace and happiness within us and acceptance and guidance of truth? Would the world be mainly smiling?

We must purify life and accept that man is a man and woman is a woman. We must be truthful to who we really are in life and accept our balance in nature as equal and opposites. Nature holds no lies or mistakes. Nature holds purified truth.

Mankind often talks of the purity of paradise yet to come but we can make a beautiful purified land here within the land of the living.

The beautiful waters of truth and life must flow through our mind and soul and wash badness away and purify us like the beautiful rain….

The depth of my mind

Tonight was one of those nights where I discovered I dont know who I truly am and where I belong. A night where the mystery to the depth of my mind deepened and led me to have more unanswered questions to myself and of life.

Where do any of us truly belong and are we all truly free to do whatever we desire and like what we like without restrictions or feeling shame?

Is culture keeping the mass majority of us a spiritual prisoner and keeping us from discovering who we truly are and doing what we truly desire and exploring who we truly are?

Life is a great mystery and the mystery deepens day by day. Afterall do any of us truly know who we are and what in life we truly want?

Many of us are caged in cultural prison and the fear of shame and this brings sadness. Will the day ever come when people can set their wings free?

Why are some people created to be totally different from others and seek alternative lifestyles and choices? We cannot all be the same. I dont believe God created us to be puppets. God created us to be unique and who we truly are.

A broken soul is often a person trying so hard to fit in and in the process destroying their soul and who they truly are.

Suppression of mind and soul in these few short living years make the years long and suffering for many.

If we was to truly act on discovering ourselves we would then possess great wisdom and be content with who we are. Our minds would be more relaxed and the constant what are we and what am I questions would no longer plague our minds and damage our life.

Life is but a few beautiful short years and how much do we miss out on discovering in fear of cultural backlash?

The mystery of how deep our mind is grows and perhaps it is time we discover just how deep our mind is.

Perhaps it is time we discover what we do truly like and that which we dont like before we judge it.

A man cannot tell a man what to think and just expect a man to accept his opinion before his own. People must discover for themselves their own wisdoms.

I believe the world is full of strangers but the greatest stranger people often meet is themselves and know little of themselves.

It is time we got to know ourselves and explore ourselves and become close to ourselves. The best friend we can have is our own soul afterall.

Many of us wander through life lost unaware how truly lost we are and unaware how far we are away from ourselves.

Man must seek a healthy mind for a healthy outlook on life and express oneself in the appropriate way for the mind to be free and not face mental corruption.

It is almost as if reality has been created by other people and forced upon people. But in the minds of many exists a different reality and different ideologies and opinions and interests.

Most people have vacated their own minds and never use it often by choice. It is a vacant land to them and often controlled by others they admire and controlled and led by cultures.

They have become led and created and moulded by people and society to fit into something that they dont even know what it is.

This reality and world we exist in we are so busy there is little time to think and explore the mind and who we are.

It is work hard for most of our time and return home to eat junk and watch tele because we are often tired and not given a reason to explore ourselves as we are told what to think and what is right.

We spend more time at work than with our own families. We spend more time at work than anywhere else. We work for others who have the pleasant life and we face the struggles.

The reality we exist in is not a reality I always enjoy. But I dont know any different. But does anybody? How many people question the shape of their lives?

I see and hear of people with mental health issues and I think what has broken these people. I believe it to be modern life and modern suppressive reality and hardship weighing down their shoulders and they dont even know it. These people was born to belong elsewhere in an alternative existance.

So I wander through life and question life and what it is all about. Why at times am I so different to the vast majority of other men? Why do I seek a different path than the basic male psychology?

So the biggest mystery for me in life is….who am I?