The beautiful sunrise

The sunrise is the most beautiful part of the day as the sun begins to rise over the horizon and the sky starts to light up and become warm.

Here the new day brings a new chance,new opportunity and a day for starting all over with wonderful new dreams and ideas.

As the warmth of sun shines upon us we are gifted with this new chance to right the wrongs of yesterday and a chance to achieve the dreams we desire.

As the sun rises above the horizon it is beautiful sending vast colours across the morning sky. It is a beautiful work of art. It is like heaven and paradise when the early morning sun shines and peeps through the trees.

Sometimes the most perfect warmth of sun is the early morning sunshine. Where it is not to hot or cold. Where we feel the perfect warmth on our skin and the fresh crisp air on our faces to make it a perfect feeling.

Imagine what you can achieve in a day? Imagine all the wonderful things before you that you can do.

The days begins with peace as the birds sing in the trees and life is waking up to the new day.

This day, this unique only day blessed to us in the land of the living is a day we must be stronger and do the best we can because we have been blessed with another chance to do what we desire. Afterall there is no actual tomorrow.

Today is a day to end feuds and spread kindness and warmth and happiness and spread the vastness of who we truly are and the good within us across humanity.

This beautiful new born day can be a new born you. A fresh morning can generate a fresh soul.

Make the most of life and people upon this beautiful new day….

The darkness of hearts

As I walk through dark times in my life I feel lost and alone with no guidance and direction and the darkness begins to suffocate me.

The fear of failure is a disease to the mind and the feeling of past actions and words come back to drag me back into the darkness.

When life becomes hard and help become less and the future becomes more bleak and there is no evidence of help on the horizon and darkness covers the skies above us where do we go?

Can anyone see my hand reaching out in the darkness?

When the heart falls and the tears fill the eyes then the soul becomes lost within the dark.

Within the darkness of worlds and emotions, the eyes cannot see, the heart is weak and the mind is a cruel torturer with images of doom

The coldness and silence dominate and the emotion of sadness runs through the veins destroying all happiness

The once happy soul is now a shadow of its former self and a happy face is now replaced by anger and hatred and rage from suffocation of the darkness within the heart,

Worry, panic and fright create a tortured mind and a short temper within as the mind cannot focus on anywhere but the problems ahead.

An eclipse of the heart has blocked out the freedom and happiness of a person

There is no worse feeling that a trapped and suffering soul within that cannot release itself from the modern slavery of mankind in the modern world, the slavery of souls and distress of needing to survive in the world and reality created by mankind

Can anyone see my hand reaching out in the darkness of my world for help?

Melisandre in England

This is a short story I wrote of Melisandre from Game of Thrones…

London was at the brink of doom. Brexit was on the horizon and the threat of nuclear war was likely. Donald Trump called the shots in the world and there was no true loyalty to anyone. There was no true leader amongst the living and no true loyalty to any politician.

George White was an everyday young man trying to find a belonging in the world. Life had so far been tough and testing but he persued his dreams within the army.

One night George was on duty in the tower of London. It was a dark and lonely place at night within the old confines of the ancient prison and the walls echoed many dark memories and shadows.

This particular night George walked the grounds keeping the dark alleys of the ancient tower safe. As he passed one of the gates which led onto the street a silhouette caught his eye on the draw bridge outside onto the path. There was a silhouette of a person staring at him through the bars. As it came close the moonlight lit the face of a woman. She pressed against the gate and put her arm through and summoned him. George stopped and walked close.

‘Excuse me are you ok? You cannot be here sorry about that’ Said George.

The moonlight lit her face as she grinned mischieviously.

‘Are you George? George White’ she asked.

George stopped and gazed at her. He didnt recognize her.

‘I am Private George White. How may I help you?’ He asked.

George noticed she wore a strange necklace and a hooded red cloak.

The woman smirked and breathed in heavily.

‘The cultures and lands shall change but the true royalty shall continue. Through the veins is royalty’ she said.

George stepped closer.

‘Excuse me miss but this is private property. Can I please ask you to leave? It is dangerous for you to be out on such a night alone’ He said.

‘The night is full of terror and fear – but the fire shall burn them all away’ she said.

George gazed at her unsure who this woman was before him and why she was here.

‘What is your name?’ He asked.

‘Melisandre. You are George White who fought in the second gulf war as a brave and loyal soldier to your fellow comrades. Admirable. A trait a true leader and king possesses’ she said excitedly.

George seemed intrigued by this woman.

‘Who are you? Why are you out so late? I am no king but thank you’ He said.

‘I am Melisandre. I come from a land long before England and the modern times existed. A land of the true king and queen. A time of the true God, the lord of the light’ she said.

‘England has existed here for many years. England shall always survive’ said George.

‘I am over a 100 centuries old. I thought my time done enlightening the mind of kings was finished – but it has only just begun’ she said.

George began to think she was a little insane but he remained intrigued.

‘I have never heard of the lord of the light. I am sorry but I must keep working. Careless whispers and all that in these times’ said George.

George was looking for a polite excuse to walk away.

‘There is a destiny belonging to you. A great destiny given to you by the lord of the light. By your bloodline’ she said.

He grinned ‘I have no great destiny, I am merely a simple soldier. My father was called George as was his father was called George and so forth’ he said.

‘Fathers shall be ongoing, names and faces shall change over time but the bloodline continues. I can proove it to you’ she said.

The middle of her necklace began to glow red. George looked in surprise.

‘Tomorrow you will discover your sister is pregnant. It will be a surprise to everyone’ she said smiling.

‘How do you know I have a sister? He asked.

‘The lord of the light knows everything. The lord is the creator of destiny’ she said.

She reached out her hand through the gate hoping George would take it.

A voice of another soldier was heard approaching near by.

‘I shall return. To breath life into your destiny and finally die myself’ he heard Melisandre say.

George turned to look at the soldiers direction and then looked back at where this strange woman was. But she had vanished.

Upon returning off shift George fell asleep. He had the most perculiar dream. A dream of dragons and wolves and an epic battle to the death and of the great ice. Ice engulfed the whole landscape and there was silence and calm from all. But from within his dream Melisandre rose from the ice and began to walk towards him across the ice. He awoke in fright sweating.

He pondered some of her words and his strange encounter with Melisandre. It wasnt until the afternoon that it got stranger. Because upon visiting his mother he was greeted by his younger sister excitedly confirming she was pregnant. George remembered the prophecy given to him by Melisandre. He remembered also how she said she would return. George was becoming allured by Melisandre wondering when he would encounter her again. But it would not be long before she re-appeared.

The night fell and it was late. George walked across London on his way back to the barracks. He headed over Tower bridge. It was late and there was no one on the bridge. But stood looking down the river Thames was Melisandre.He approached her.

‘Ok I dont know who you are, but I am listening’ said George.

Melisandre turned and gazed at him.

‘You have royal blood I can smell it in your veins. I can feel the Stark aura surrounding you’ she said

‘I have no relation to kings or royalty. I am from London and I am just a Londoner like everyone else’ said George.

‘You have no relation to modern fake kings and queens who possess no real power or strength. But you are the only surviving heir to the throne of the ancient kings and queens of Westeros’ said Melisandre.

George grinned and looked shocked and bemused and didnt known what was happening.

‘Westeros – I dont know of this place and neither does anyone else. I think maybe you are wasting my time or have the wrong person’ said George.

‘Westeros and the shadowlands are an ancient civilization decimated by ice. It no longer exists. But its royal bloodline continues. The true royal family continues. But only through you’ she said.

‘It is crazy that you think it is me’ said George.

Melisandre scanned the landscape.

‘Amazing how people exist in this strange place as if it is normal. Where they are slaves all their lives to people with money and wander about not caring about the darkness that covers this world’ she said.

George listened carefully and didnt want to seem rude.

‘Where you stand now was the ancient city of Kings Landing. The centre of the seven kingdoms. Of which you are the rightful heir to the throne of the seven kingdoms’ she said.

‘Look I accept there is something unusual about you and something intriguing. But I think you have got this all wrong. I am no king, I have no destiny and now I must go’ said George. He began to walk away.

‘You can walk away from me but not your destiny and you will never escape the wishes of the lord of the light’ said Melisandre.

‘I dont know of or believe in the lord of the light. I respect your beliefs but do not impose them upon me thank you’ said George.

‘It always interests me when people say that. Not to enforce beliefs….people shut off from beliefs…but never see it as education and wisdom. Perhaps what I teach you is wisdom you have not been taught anywhere else…and truth’ she said.

‘People wish to live the life they choose and live and love how they desire not how they are told’ said George.

‘Your ancestors possessed such wonders. Your ancient roots in your family tree there was a woman who possessed such wonderful dragons and your ancestors possessed wisdom beyond what modern mans mind can even begin to understand. This is the world you could of inherited’ she said.

George laughed.

‘Dragons? They have never existed’ he said.

‘Let me show you truth- Modern man has moved to far away from the elements’ she said.

She licked the palm of her hand and blew upon it. Her palm burst into flames like raging fire. George stepped back shocked.

George looked shocked and bemused.

‘Are you ok? Are you hurt?’ He asked.

She grinned ‘look into the flames and tell me what do you hear and see?’ She said.

George looked at the flames. He looked carefully in amusement as to what she was asking him to do. He concentrated….

‘I see a young blonde woman, flying above her are dragons….I see a great war….a wall…..skeletons……’ he said.

The flames flicked red and then back to normal.

‘What now?’ She asked.

‘I see a war, in England, a civil war, everyday men against men…I see…Rivers of blood’ said George shocked.

Melisandre smiled and closed her fist and the fire went out.

‘War is coming to this world again. Men shall no longer believe in the lies and corruption offered to them and seek a better world for themselves and their families. You shall become a hero of this uprising’ she said.

‘How did you do that? What was that you shown me? What are you?’ He asked.

‘That was the prophecy and message from the lord of the light and your destiny. I am a priestess from the ancient shadowlands of Asshai’ she said.

He had no real idea what she was on about but tried to take it all in.

‘But I do not have the power or control to lead so many men. There are people far more powerful than me. So many men so more dangerous and capable in power around the world’ said George.

‘The trouble with men is they think they hold all the power – but no man is a witch’ said Melisandre.

She wavered a hand back and two out of a fist over the river Thames and the waves gently moved under her control.

‘When a man has to state he is powerful or proove he is powerful – he often isnt’ she said.

‘These people, my people, they dont need war and dont want war, I have been in active combat myself and dont wish to experience it again. Guns are not pleasant weapons to be confronted with. Can we not change this path to a peaceful solution? He said.

‘A sword is operated by a man with skill, any fool can use a gun. War is what will come this world because man smells money over humanity. When man smells money, he will allow the blood of others to fill the streets just to obtain the addiction to the smell and feel of money’ she said.

George nodded and agreed with her but feared her alot.

‘I am a peaceful man if I can live in peace then surely that is the best way. What is this reason and need for war? What about the Americans? What is their part in such a war?’ said George.

‘America is a place and a people who shall be destroyed by an uncurable plague. Worlds and civilizations rise and fall and never last the test of time. The lord of the light shall dictate the tale of mankind’ said Melisandre.

‘I dont believe or want a future like the one you show me. It is not of interest to me. I wish to live happy and have family and not sure what you state will ever happen. I shall leave it here with you and say goodbye’ said George.

Melisandre grinned.

‘We will meet again’ she said.

George didnt smile and began walking.

‘No we will not thank you’ he responded and left the Bridge to head back to where he was staying.

He didnt see or hear of the strange woman again for a few days until one night he walked home alone down a London alleyway when he was approached by three men. They blocked his path and demanded his phone and his wallet. A fight broke out between the three men and George.

One of the men grabbed George from behind and another pulled out a knife and headed towards George. But suddenly they all noticed a strange shadow moving fast around them. A shadow stepped forward and pulled out a knife stabbing the man with the knife through the heart. He dropped his knife and fell to the floor dead. The other two men dissapeared quickly. The shadow vanished and George stood there alone not knowing what had just happened.

George returned home a bit shocked. Whatever had just happened had left him shocked. Then he got a knock at the door…

He peeped through the spyhole and seen Melisandre at the door. He opened the door…

George let her in and closed the door.

‘I told you we would meet again’ she said.

She headed to the window and the moonlight shone upon her.

‘What just happened tonight? What did you do?’ He asked.

‘I sent the shadows to save you. It was either they die or you die and the lord of the light chose them’ she said.

‘Ok I believe what you say but its hard to believe. But I accept it now’ said George.

She turned to face him.

‘You are king George. King of the seven kingdoms. Rightful heir and true descendant of the true king and queen. Your destiny is coming, you shall be king of the new world and the new kingdoms yet to come’ she said excitedly.

George was warming to the idea of his destiny.

‘In the eyes of many and myself I do not wish to be seen as king. But as a respected soul who people follow’ he said.

George walked about the room listening to the tales of ancient Westeros and the ancient kings and queens. The wall…and the white walkers.

Melisandre believed in this prophecy so much and in Georges destiny.

‘You are the rightful heir, the descendent of the ancient rulers of Westeros, the leader and the peace bringer’ she said.

She fell to her knees….

‘I have made many mistakes but you as the peace bringer is not one. Furfill your destiny for the people I beg you oh divine one’ she said.

He helped her back up and looked out the window.

He looked across the land and said…

‘When the time comes…I shall furfill my destiny….’

Reap what we sow

In life what are actions and words do shall come back to either bless us or haunt us.

When we do right we are at beautiful peace within and we are happy but when we do wrong the world becomes a daunting turbulent place. When are actions are not righteous and beautiful then worry and panic engulfs us and bad re-actions to our original actions shall take place. We shall reap what we sow in life despite whether we are sorry or not.

Perhaps the best choice is to just be kind its so simple and to not do things we know are wrong. Doing wrong deeds harms our soul and disturbs our mind and gives us no peace for worrying about the consequences.

There is pride in kindness and happiness and contentness in the acknowledgement of beauty. There is truth within us when we are honest and when we be the real version of ourselves. If we have something to hide then we have something to feel shame. We have something we dont want others to know because it isnt right.

A truthful person is a happy person. A person who is liberated from worry,doubt and fear of re-percussion. A person who can relax and acknowledge the world.

Is there true joy in secrets and dark shameful acts? Where does it take us? We will only be engulfed with anger and worry with bad outcomes.

Bad deeds and bad secrets and actions are like weeds and we must dig out the weeds before they spread and kill everything else that could grow and leave us with just a poisoned mind.

Whatever happens in life we must face it head on and accept we did what we did and that we commited bad deeds and there is no way of avoiding the consequences. The truth shall have light shone upon it eventually. If deep down we know it is shameful and try to hide it – we know it is wrong. Worry and panic are menace of emotions.

So we should plant the seeds of goodness and kindness and water the seeds and watch the good deeds in our life grow strong. To be fruitful and loving and kind and who we truly are.

Kindness spreads beautifully across all nations and cultures. Smiles spread and are received warmly by the masses of people and often returned. A smile always returns a smile. Kindness makes other people return kindness.

In life everyone is often misled by bad people or makes mistakes and may forgiveness bless these people and may they be allowed to nurture the goodness within them. The world is full of shameful secrets and acts and people struggle to be their true free selfs and often imprisoned in worry. But the truth shall set us free.

Just because people have shameful acts they wish to hide doesnt mean they are horrible people or done horrible things. Often people just do not want to upset other people of differing views and opinions. Not everyone is a bad person and they can still be sorry for their words and actions and didnt truly intend to hurt and dissapoint others.

For now our actions are already done and there is nothing we can do to change them whether they are good or bad actions and we must enjoy life and await the results of the actions we chose.

Worry and panic will change nothing so there is no point sailing through these storms and let the winds come in time. May in time the wrong doings we did be forgiven and may we be blessed again for our shameful acts.

May I be free and at peace and not experience the turbulence of shame and hatred and cruelty. May my life be at rest and happiness engulf me. May we all liberate ourselves with truth and not have to hide in shame.

Afterall…we reap what we sow…

A Muslim Saviour

Last night I had the strangest dream, a vivid dream. This is what took place….

A muslim girl wearing a red hijab was at the airport with the boy she loved. I have no idea of her origin only that she was muslim. He was flying somewhere. She didnt really want him to go but she was ok with it.

But a little while later she got the feeling of dread. A terrible feeling as if something will happen to him on that flight. An urge almost like a message that she must stop that plane. She began to panic. What must she do? She had to stop that plane. Her sweetheart had already headed through security and was about to board the plane. She decided to make a nuisance of herself.

She begged the girl on the check in desk to please stop the flight and that something terrible will happen. The girl didnt listen and told her to get out of the way of the queue. She got the impression people was looking at her for being a muslim and being a nuisance as if they was whispering about her. She feared them and they feared her. But she knew she had to do something quick.

She attemped to get through security but they would not let her through. She begged them and told them the reason and that her man was in danger. She was running out of ideas fast to do what she felt she had to do and save him.

So she decided to do the most crazy thing. She pushed through the check in queue and jumped through the check in point of her lovers flight. She jumped on the baggage escalater and people shouted her to stop but she didnt. She went through with the baggage and down into the workings of the airport. She had to stop that flight.

She was aware of people chasing her. But she kept going. She almost made it to the runway when the people caught her. She screamed that her man was in danger on that flight and it must be stopped. People overheard and a little panic swept in. People whispered about what she had just said and that a muslim had made a warning against a flight.

She was took into a room where she was questioned by the police. A while later her boyfriend entered the room. She ran to hug him. He sat with her while she was with the police. She told them her reasons for such an issue towards the flight.

They constantly asked her a mans name and if she knew him. She had never heard of him. They showed her pictures of a man. She had never seen him before.

After a while the police let her go as she didnt seem to have any further reason to think she was a danger but merely a young woman in love who was maybe childish. They allowed sent her to another room in the airport and her and her lover left the room.

He led her down a coridoor with wooden walls towards a door. Tears fell down her face in horror and embarrassment and humiliation. What fate now faced her this muslim girl? Will I be seen as terrorist? She thought. Will her lover end his connection with her now after she has done such terrible things?

I can still remember the oak varnished wooden coridoor she walked down in my dream.

They approached the door .He opened the door and she went in…

To the left of her was a jewish family. They wore all black and skull caps. There was children with them. Next to them was a white christian family and in the middle was some chinese people and then on her left was a large white christian family. There had been many children on board. Tears fell down her face in sadness. Did they think she was involved in some terrible act?

An air hostess informed her they was all the people on the flight. She went to whisper sorry in sadness when suddenly they all stood up and began to applaud her. Thankyou some of them said happily. Thank you. Her lover held her hand. She didnt understand. Then her lover whispered in her ear….’The message you shouted was enough to halt the plane. Enough for us to leave the plane. For it to be checked. A man was found wearing a suicide belt who had got through security. You saved us all’ he whispered. She couldnt believe it. The air hostess cheered that she had saved the lives of all of these people.

She smiled happier and the applauds continued for her….a saviour of humanity…