The wisdom of God

May the lord forgive me for my past sins for I am merely human who makes mistakes and shall possess flaws

May the lord forgive me for everything I once was and may the lord guide the way for me on who I want to be

The path is of knowledge and of wisdom where learning is true liberation

May the lord forgive me and realize that I shall never refer to Odin in any form of greatness and may he never put such punishment upon me for my ignorance and my plight of troubles over the years

I shall never bask in other Gods because there is only one true God and one true creator. A wise and brilliant entity who has created me and exposed me to such joyful experiences.

Thank you oh lord for given this spirit of mine a human experience. Within this realm and dimension amongst great people.

I am blessed by this creator to possess the parents I have been given and been given a good start in life. I am surrounded and raised by powerful people and powerful love. I am blessed by the heavens and honoured to have all I have.

May my mind and soul be cast free and may my limits in life be removed and may I expand and be strong

May I work for God and learn for God and express God to everyone and enlighten them to a creator of everything that has ever lived

I shall work for God and discover and achieve for God – the creator who gave me my brain I shall use it to its maximum powers I possess.

May God the creator help me battle the demons within, may I be given guidance to keep the demon within at bay. The ongoing battle both outside and within me of good and evil rages. May good always win within and around me.

May the lord heal those wounded by me in different ways. May the lord lead them to a paradise they deserve. For I am truly sorry.

May God keep me from hatred and guide me to the fact that love is the strongest of all energies. That this energy can cover everybody

There is a path of light here for us to bask in yet the darkness gives us many shining stars of the beautiful heavens above. Within everything is wonderous paradise

Please hear me lord when I beg for the guidance to remain strong on this path of life, to give me wisdom and to give me purpose

There is the heavens here on Earth dealt to us by nature a wonderful paradise that mankind has yet to wake up to truly see

Everyone whether they like it or not was created by something or someone to possess a beautiful purpose, we all are given the gift of the miracle of breath

Lord let me be helped, save me from sin, save me from darkness within

May the lord help me overcome past issues and may the lord help me through insecurities and heal through damage done to me from various sources.

Let there be the heavens awaiting me and let there be love and calm of the soul for me through my path

I am not perfect and I possess insecurities and I possess history, but within the present of what I see myself as today is the progress I have made, the wisdom and lessons and knowledge I seek leads me further towards God and sadly for many intelligence comes far too late

May the day come where mankind truly opens their eyes to the world and the truth….

May the wisdom of God guide me….

Time travelling…

One of the biggest mysteries in life that alot of people think about – is time travel possible?

Imagine if time travel was possible and that bygone eras was accessible. Where would we go and visit first? What kind of people would we meet and how different would everyone be?

Imagine it there was a way to manipulate time and go forward and backwards. What is time? Does time leave a trail for us all to hike back through? Surely time must leave a path for us to return to and go backwards.

Imagine if time was an ongoing spiral like a spiral staircase and each new spiral is a new time and we enter new times as we walk up and up the spiral stairs. Is it possible to change direction and journey back down the stairs and re-enter past levels of time which have been left lingering in history?

If only there was a way to skip time. Imagine if time was a clock and you was stood at 12am. Is there a quick way to skip directly down across the clock to 6pm and bypass 1,2,3,4,5 hours and then return?

Does our minds possess a speed clock and co-ordinates? Maybe one day we can access these digits within ourselves and manipulate them. Perhaps to get somewhere quick we can ‘times’ our distances. Instead of travelling 20 miles going through each mile we can go to 1 mile…. Then 2 miles and times then by 10 and bypass the rest to be immediately at 20 miles distance quick. Perhaps time is just a maths formula we are yet to work out within our spiritual clock and digits.

Does our minds work on a frequency which plays out this time to us all? What is happening on other frequencies? Can we adjust these frequencies and receive images and messages from other times?

Do other dimensions exist where other times are being played again along side this time we exist within and is there a way from one time to another through a loophole or a porthole? A doorway from world to world.

How much has mankind explored with radio frequencies? Thomas Edison once discovered EVP (Electronic voice phenomeon) of which he believed he recorded voices from past worlds making contact with this world using stationary radio channels and recording them and playing them back. A radio signal can receive interference from who knows where or what?

Perhaps adjusting the frequencies our brain sends out will connect us to other worlds and times? Perhaps we are all connected to one frequency and our brain displays the images to our eyes that we see. Perhaps when people see ghosts and strange creatures they have suffered interference with their minds frequency and the brain and crossed two worlds operating over each other and displaying the partial images of other people and places not of this world.

I imagine it would be like the living being on radio 1 and other worlds being on radio 2 etc and during certain environments they mix slightly.

If time travel is possible is the future already mapped out by destiny and can we ever visit the future? I for one can confess I cannot time travel. As of yet I have not met myself from the future returning to inform myself of oncoming events. If I could time travel I would return from the future to meet myself now and tell me wisdom. But perhaps this scenario is yet to happen….

The fastest moving entities that move are non physical objects such as light and heats etc of which have no issue with gravity. Imagine if we could one day convert ourselves into ‘light’ such as non physical form and remove the resistance of gravity and allow ourselves to move at ultra quick speeds through times back and forth.

It is gravity which as a force restricts our speeds and our movements and is a weight of a force against us and the faster we move the heavier we become. The faster we move the more gravity damages and tests our physical bodys and machines. If we was to create anti gravity perhaps our speeds across distances become quick. Where hours become minutes and minutes become seconds.

The day shall come when we understand time deeper and how to adjust and control time. Time for now flows through our fingers and we are powerless to stop it or change it but perhaps the day will come where we can reverse time.

Or is time and history and lost knowledge and answers hidden from us forever?….

The New Year

Today is the beginning of a new year. The new year is a time for us to reflect and begin again and a chance to start all over and create and plan new dreams.

The new year is a time for us to count our blessings and be thankful and enjoy and embrace the family we have and for us to dream big. Imagine all we can achieve and do. Where will we go? How will we enjoy ourselves? There is so much oppurtunity.

The new year is a time for us to be stronger and more determined. A time for us to take action upon our dreams and become all we can. The years fly by quicker each year and we must make the most of them.

The new year is a time for health and happiness, it is a time for new beginnings, the new year is a chance to start a new life, be re-born spiritually and begin new dreams with new prospectives and ambitions.

The new year is a time to end darkness and create light in our life. A time to make storms pass, and create paradise

The new year is a chance to not focus on what worries us or effects us such as money and bad people, but focus on positives and enjoy what we have got in life and what we have been blessed with

The new year is a time to end feuds and make friends and surround ourselves with love and happiness and support.

May everyone have a blessed and brilliant new year and enjoy it to the maximum.

Happy new year to everyone