The Greatness of Love

Love – the one emotion which links every single person alive today going back through history till the beginning of time.

Love is everywhere and within everyone who has ever existed. No one who has ever lived has defied love and not experienced, embraced and felt love for anything or anyone. Love is the greatness within everybody.

Love lurks on every street corner, love is everywhere. Love has many forms and faces and love carries on through time and love has lit up many faces and created and visited many beautiful places.

Hate dies with the person who carries it but love lasts forever and is unique and eternal. The love of people shall never be forgotten. The memories and love of beautiful places and moments echo through time. The greatest dream people possess is of a beautiful love story.

Love is the master of all human hearts, love changes people and makes people, love brings people together and creates a world within a world.

Love is the greatest of all human emotions and is a blessing when we are engulfed by such a wonder as love.

If you look at everything through the eyes of love, then you shall see everything beautifully. If you look at everything through the eyes of love, then you find inner peace and kindness oozes from you.

The chain of love may at times break people, it may at times lead people astray through fake people, but love shall heal you much stronger and love shall make people.

Without love there would be no reason to live and there would be no beauty in the world and no motivation and desire for family and kindness and belief and faith. Love lights up humanity and mankind.

Love is within everything, it brings many romances of people, nature, scenes and dreams.

Love is eternal, love re-encarnates and exists within people throughout the ages in different forms. Love is the strongest force that ever existed.

The secrets told to us by the ancients and how we came to be today is through the acts of love and humanity. A message from our ancestors is to enjoy love and bask in love and restrain from hate. Life is short and beautiful and life should be all about the love of all people and mankind.

Love doesn’t mind for age, religion or gender because love embraces us all. Wherever people are from in the world and whatever they believe in – it is true love they seek.

True love happens when people allow love to come to them. When love isn’t pressured by people. When people force love they make it crack under pressure and it break into pieces. But when love is allowed to develop naturally without interference – then true love emerges.

The destiny of true love is a divine force all by itself. It is an emotion created by the divine and no one can create love or force love by themselves. Love is beyond the perception of a person and out of the control of humanity. Love is given to mankind by the divine. A divine pleasure for us to embrace.

The beautiful emotion of love which conquers all and flows through the veins of every single person who has ever lived. May we all embrace beautiful love and the greatness of love…

The sunrise

The sunrise is one of the most beautiful magnificent visions and experiences in the world and brings a filling of wonder and peace to those witness it and the beauty of magnificent nature.

The sunrise brings a warmth and a paradise over the world and the sky is of wonderful colours. This morning I was lucky enough to see the sunrise as the sunshine shone calmly and quietly through the trees as I opened the curtains and the glow of day shine through the window lighting up everywhere. The sight of the morning sun shining through a window is a vision of heaven.

The sunrise brings to life nature and the sounds of the birdsong, the world is alive again and we can see the colours of the plants again which was eclipsed by night, the trees reaching mighty high, glad to feel the sun on their leaves again and the whisper in the wind of the ancients as their spirits dance about in the worship of the power of almighty nature.

So many people in life dont get to see or experience sunrise. Often people dont appreciate the sunrise and take it for granted that they shall have other days. Not everyone survived to see dawn and the sunrise of this morning. I was one of the lucky ones. Sometimes I think the world was too beautiful for mankind.

The sunrise brings a new dawn, a new day, new beginnings and oppurtunities and a chance to start all over. A chance to make today better than yesterday and right the wrongs of previous days.

Whether you witness the sun rise over the mountains, the fields, the houses or the trees you are blessed. To see the darkness of night become a beautiful light blue before the bright glow covers you and relaxes you. Here is a paradise which exists on the Earth of nature’s beauty and a gift of nature from the creator.

So today lets make the most of life and the oppurtunity and the love and of nature and the beauty which we have before us and been blessed to see on this short journey through life. Because no one knows whether they will get to see another day and another beautiful sunrise. This world is a natural paradise and we must enjoy this paradise we was born into.

May the warmth of sun and daytime bless us all for many more years to come.

The final few breaths…

A time shall come in everyone’s life where we are at the end of life. Where there is no time left to do anything else and we shall leave this world for good. This is a time most people dont realize or expect or even believe will ever happen.

This is a time that people believe happens to other people and most people possess an illusion and crazyness of immortality and that they shall live forever. But everything must come to an end. Nothing gets out of this life alive, nothing and no one lives to tell the tale.

I imagine when you are told of the news that your time in this world is limited. When the days are numbered I imagine suddenly everything which is truly important comes forward. I imagine that even the sound of the rain sounds beautiful. All them sights and sounds and faces we took for granted are suddenly so priceless and so wanted and we see the unique beauty in everything.

How often do we cherish the faces around us? How often do we take for granted the sound of the rain and of the voices and of the laughter and even the smiles of strangers?

There is a beauty within everything. Sadly most of us do not see the paradise surrounding us or have a sense of time and life and its brutal shortness. But if life was forever perhaps non of it would possess any true beauty or meaning.

It is knowing that one day you won’t be here to see all the wonder of the world we live in which makes it priceless. We all entered through one spiritual door beautifully into this world and we shall leave through another spiritual door. This world can be a paradise if try and make it so.

Imagine how great it always was to hold your Childs hand and how precious it really was, imagine how great it was to love and laugh and how great it was just to hear the rain on the bedroom window and just to be alive how much of a paradise it is.

Imagine having it all stripped away from you and soon there shall be no more….Everything in life has an end. Imagine the sights of your childrens faces are now limited and soon you will see them no more. Imagine the true love in your life and did we all appreciate the gift of true love and the holding of hands and did we take the time and chance to say kind words and did we take the time to retract the bad words and think there will be another day to make friends with those we cared for yet argued?

In them final few moments I imagine everything is priceless and knowing you won’t be here anymore makes all the world a place we was so blessed to live and how we should make the most of life and people.

Dont let your final few days and breaths be dominated by regret. We cannot return to this world to do the good deeds we neglected in life.

Weigh the scales of good deeds down heavy and keep your heart travelling light on your spiritual path from heaven to heaven.

In the final few moments all our bad ways and our sins shall come back to haunt us and our soul shall suffer a painful turbulence and the death bed shall be a lonely sad place filled with the wish of more time or just to say sorry for our wrong actions. Whereas a life well lived and kindness shown and happiness spread we can relax and our death bed shall be one of beautiful peace surrounding us as time counts down.

May the day come where all mankind respects everything they have and worship the beauty in everything and everyone and that life is a gift and that each breath is a miracle. I hope the day comes where everyone lives to the maximum beautiful life and achieves their dreams and their life is furfilled…..may we all have a long and beautiful life and family

The Vastness of Time

Time is a strange concept which we all exist within and time ourselves within and constantly watch time throughout most of every day. It passes by no faster or slower and has continued since the beginning of everything.

In the vastness of time is my life merely insignificant? Does my life and everything in my life even matter at all as time passes by? Where will I be in a years time from now? Does all my worries and cares and issues matter at the end of my time? Time will forget all my troubles.

Time plagues us all and is often not used wisely. Often an hour is spent wasted and nothing has happened within an hour – when so much could happen within an hour and so many actions and so many words can be said within an hour.

Within the vastness of time is my life simply not even the blink of an eye in the deepness of ongoing time? I shall come and go and time shall pass by in the blink of an eye.

So many people have existed in history throughout time yet so many people have been forgotten about and so many people who lived – how many of them have been forgotten and everyone now doesn’t even know they ever lived at all.

What will become of me in time? Will a day come where I am truly forgotten and I had no effect on life in a hundred years or so time and that no one ever even knew I ever lived at all. Will anyone miss me when I am gone?

I see many fields full of graves and headstones of those who came and went in life. People who once existed in the vastness of time. Who was they? What was their life like? Many graves are old and falling apart and time is washing them away like a sandcastle on the beach as the tide comes quickly over the sand.

Time is a great healer and a great purifier. Time will heal the wounds of nature and cover the history and wash away the memories and the troubles and the old and bring in the new.

People believe money gives them power but only time gives you true power and wealth. Money cannot buy you more time. Money remains here and passed from hands to hands across the land but time is priceless to you and belongs to you and you alone.

How many of us take time for granted and believe time for us as people is eternal and that we have other hours and other days where we can utilize time rather than the gift of time we are blessed with today?

There is many oppurtunities offered to us on this day, this one blessing, this one unique day we possess with potential to act on dreams and wishes and creation and discovery rather than waste of time situations and scenarios. A chance to make things happen and ensure our name echoes through time and possesses immortality.

So in life we should make time for time and for people we love who are before us and around us in the moment. This one beautiful moment in time where they are with us and we possess the power to inform them of the blessing it is to have them in life before time for us or them runs out.

Afterall… For people… Time ticks downwards….