The Brexit Crisis

Theresa May has betrayed the votes of 17.4 million people and sent Brexit into chaos and almost brought it to a halt. The deal she has agreed is not leave at all. It is the worse deal that doesn’t suit leave or remain. Now is the time for Theresa May to resign.

The woman has brought shame and scandal and difficulties upon Britain and she has totally lost all support from the whole of the country. She has faced the media saying leave means leave while backstage extending the deal to stay longer, pay more money in and make leave be as good as remain in deals. Her outcomes and answers have pleased nobody and she has wounded Brexit significantly. She has failed to deliver anything. There is no way out for Theresa May now. She is in political checkmate.

She must go now for the sake of Britain. She must leave and walk away as a failure and allow somebody to save this country of ours. The longer she stays then the more we stay in the EU and her deal if it was passed through would completely destroy the United kingdom. It would be decimated with another Scottish referendum and seperate countries with borders in between will happen. This cannot be allowed to be. This is our Britain and she is sinking it into the English channel.

Never before has Britain been in such a mess politically and the eyes of the world are upon Britain once again as shambles and darkness covers British politics.

Theresa May wished to remain in the EU and is twisting the deal and making it to be a remain deal as much as possible which posing as a leave vote in the eyes of the media. Her deal is a compromise she claims but there is no compromise. The leave voters wanted to leave the EU 100% and the remain voted wanted to stay in. A compromise will not suit the wishes of either ideology. It makes both worse off overall.

Her deal will never get past Parliament as it is a betrayal of all the people who voted leave and is a deal to as good as remain but remain poorly and worse off than before. Britain is plunging towards a no deal.

Even if Brexit wasn’t to happen now and Britain remained in the EU – this is not the glorious way to remain the remain camp would of wanted and the shambolic mess Theresa May has created has turned everybody against her. If Britain was to remain it would be to remain by farce,shambles and corruption rather than people power.

She is far too weak to see Brexit through and what she has done is make an enemy of both the leave and remain voters. Her time as Primeminster must now end. She has been a catastrophic failure and now she must face a political sword. There is surely no way back for her now.

The woman cannot run a country. I dont think she could even run a Bath.

But the true man to blame is David Cameron. The man who caused all the chaos with no plan then abandoned ship.

If it wasn’t for Brexit then non of us would truly of seen the corruptions and tricks and deceptions of the British establishment and their attempts to lead people to what they want and where they want to be.

The battle between Britain and the EU seems of to been won by the EU. Britain has failed to deliver the true result of a democratic vote and its leaders since the EU referendum have kneeled before EU leaders many times almost seeking forgiveness. There has been no true attempt to deliver Brexit almost two years later. Not once has Britain attempted to stand firm and look the EU in the eye and told them firmly that – we are leaving.

People have lost total faith in the government and I cannot see there being a heal or a sudden solution to the Brexit crisis and this divide and anger will continue.

I can imagine a revolution in Britain and where groups of people get behind one leader and a figurehead they believe in and support that persons revolution and rebellion.

The Conservative party is in absolute chaos. Surely their reputation has never been so shattered in many many years.

The last two years have been a disaster for the conservatives ever since May remained in government in the generel election. The country has been unstable since.

The Conservatives are a group of people where only money matters and people do not. They are group where they benefit and work to please the rich and the poor do not matter. In fact the everyday people are just in the way of their end goal to be as rich as sin.

When a government doesnt act in accordance with the will of the people and does what it wants then it is not democracy but a rogue government.

So whatever happens next and the pantomine continues – once things for sure – it is only going to get worse before it gets better….


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