The Winter Season

Winter is a magical time to experience in life. There is a magic which hangs in the air and an excitement. Where people have dreams of snow and beautiful soft blankets of white covering the roads, fields and roof tops. Winter is a cruel, cold and romantic time to experience.

The sun in winter is impotent of heat and just hangs low and bright as we head quickly into the darkness of the long night.

Lifes poetry and beauty gets me through winter and the cold nights. The beauty of the sparkling ice and the freezing cold wind on my face only re-juvenates my gratitude for the warmth. The moon seems brighter and lower in the night sky and much more magical.

A few years ago there was a bad snow storm suddenly which covered the whole of the UK. People had to abandon cars as the motorways and main roads had become too deep in snow and it was impossible to drive. Winter had come stronger and suddenly that evening. I went for a walk late at night when the snow had stopped and there was not a soul about. Just snow and snow and the silence of the moon as he appeared after the snowstorm to bring peace and silence upon the winter scene. The trees was covered in snow and there was white everywhere and no sign of any roads about as snow was the new ground. It was a desperate struggle for most people but a beautiful winter night.

For me Winter is the best time of year where life takes off and memories are made. A time of short days and long winter nights and family togetherness and the excitement of the oncoming Christmas period. Parties and gatherings and seeing faces you haven’t seen since long ago. Winter for me is a wonderful time and memories of childhood echo everywhere.

I can remember lying in bed one Christmas eve many years ago and it was late at night for a boy of my age – and I could smell the turkey cooking. The smell was beautiful and made me hungry and excited and it spread across the whole house. Over the winter season there are many wonderful smells lingering such as scented candles, fires and baking of gingerbread and biscuits and the wonderful smell of a real christmas tree and of course the smell of tinsel.

The sounds of snow crunching under the feet and the sights of people wrapped up in hats, scarfs and gloves create a romance and a magic spark.

I never usually get emotionally attached to any TV program or get upset apart from one which transports me back to being a child and of good times – The snowman.

I can relate to David Bowie going into his loft at the start of the snowman and finding an item which reminds him of childhood. In the TV animation he finds the scarf he had from childhood he put on the Snowman. For me when I go in my parents loft there is a decoration or a toy from Christmases long long ago. I am instantly transported back in my mind to them moments and them people who spent that winter period with me such as family members who are no longer with us and I remember warm happy memories. I am transported by a toy I find and to that Christmas when I so desperately wanted that toy as a present. A magical time in my own personal history. I think most of us have a winter item such as a scarf, or a tree decoration which holds sentimental value.

Also just like the boy in the snowman. I remember these childhood memories fondly. I can remember peeping out of my window on some winters nights watching the snow hoping it would snow and snow and snow all night magically.

Now just like at the end of the Snowman I remember these memories and I see his snowman melted and gone never to return and I see that as my childhood – it has melted and gone and left me and I am left with just the memories. And although I have become a man and the magic of winter has softened and Christmas comes round quicker each year – the boy within this man – still lingers within me.

So as the ice begins to appear and the nights creep in slowly, I shall remember the beauty of the winter to come and remember the winters of long long ago and every single smell and memory I shall take with me and remember – when Winter comes around

The Twilight

Within this world we know exists another world most people dont experience and and have little idea of – the Twilight.

After the chaos of the day and mankinds busy modern world comes the night. Within the day the time passes by so fast but as twilight beckons – time slows down and an amazing stillness takes over the world.

There is peace in the twilight, There is calmess within the moonlight, There is beauty from the starlight that shows me a vast universe and an amazing sense of freedom.

I once had the pleasure to sit out in a garden alone one moonlit night. The glow shone upon me and relaxed me. A calm filled my body and all the problems seemed to be erased from my soul. All that existed within me was peace and I was restored to beautiful nature’s way and experienced the healing energies of the moon.

To be sat outside in the moonlight or feel the moonlight on your face as you lie in bed is a wonderful feeling. There is a glow from the moon that is beautiful to experience.

As the beauty of the stars are shown within the dark hours of night I remember my ancestors and hope it is them twinkling away to me from the heavens. It is them who afterall witnessed the same stars in the skies as the years passed by. The stars have flickered and been beautiful for eternity within the twilight. Nature displays a fine art in the night skies.

Within the twilight of a persons life there is peace of paradise within and to come.

The day can be chaotic and allows us to see the loneliness we can feel, but the night shrouds us like a comfort blanket and makes us feel protected.

The day is the land of the living but night when we are alone we are within the land of the spirits where spookyness, mystery and romance exist within the shadows and the loved ones we have lost we can sense watching over us.

There is peace within the twilight, when mankind has fallen silent and chaos and stress is laid to rest.

I once wandered through a busy family home of a daytime and within the twilight hours I went from room to room and they was filled with silence and peace. The peaceful energies was refreshing to the soul. Peace and silence can be refreshing and recharging.

Sometimes when the world goes quiet and we are left to ourselves alone in the middle of the night – the silence is beautiful. Silence can be heaven and the peace can be paradise. The energies of twilight and the night feed us and empower us with beautiful peaceful emotions and energies.

Late night walks are peaceful and calm and the lights of mankind has faded and the curtains drawn and people are asleep. The cold cool night air is refreshing and beautiful. The silence engulfs us and leads us. It is calming and soothing to our mind and soul.

For me there is nothing more exciting and enchanting than wandering through a campsite late at night towards my caravan with just a torch. Here is a special exciting feeling given by the night. The nights in the countryside are beautiful and nights at the sea – above us is a star map of the heavens.

There is peace within the twilight where the calm conquers all where the world and its problems no longer exist, where nature is silent and undisturbed.

I find within the twilight there is a paradise many do not see. Where stars shine and planets pass across the sky. Another world exists that many of mankind does not know. Here is a world of beauty and of nature. It is a return to the basics of nature’s world that mankinds busy world has forgotten. Here nature plays its majestic tunes.

May it be that when we reach the twilight hours of our own life that the twilight brings us peace. May it bless us with wonderful memories and people around us who are warm and loved and be able to experience peace from the dawn of their birth into a beautiful day time within their lives and spread kindness and beauty across the people in their lives covering them with love just like the sunshine covers the people by day.

May it be within their own twilight may they be cared for and loved and as beautiful as the sunset before they enter life’s twilight years.

Beautiful Life

The beautiful early autumn mornings as winter draws nearer and nearer are filled with the crisp cold fresh air and the sounds of the sombre beautiful bird songs which echo through time. Nature settles down for winter and prepares for the oncoming Frost.

The days are short and sweet and the night is long and romantic. The coseyness of the orange glow of firelight and the low moon lighting up the skies as old man moon glows upon the world. Soon his glow shall sparkle on the frosty fields and trees.

How I adore the trees covered with snow, How I embrace the fields of white as I pass through the countryside. The closed gate of a farmers field and beyond the fence is natures most dangerous friend of snow glowing white in the cold night.

The cold brings a magic wind and memories of childhood. I remember gazing out of my window as a boy watching the snow. Hoping it will snow upon snow upon snow. I remember the magic of peeping out the window just for a glimpse of father Christmas. The magic of Father Christmas comes from within the faith he installs within us all.

Nothing in life is joyless. When you experience your last few breaths of life you realize everything in life was beautiful says the spirits. The whisper amongst the trees is life is beautiful and ancient and majestic.

There is no greater liberator of the mind and soul for gratitude. We arrived here in this world after our journey against millions of other sperm cells to our mothers womb. We are special, unique and the chosen ones – the ones who was blessed to see life and beauty and knowledge and wisdom through the short spell of beautiful life we travel through. Life was an advanced intelligence even before birth.

Life is a mystery, a gift and a goddess. Life is a beautiful creation. Those who say life is an accident need to look at the miracles which exist within their children’s eyes.

Through the cold fresh winter morning streets is kindness, compassion and humanity through out the people. There is kindred dreams and wishes through out the people of humanity. There is a world we share together in this time of which we must leave a beautiful world of peace, acceptance and kindness for our children to grow strong and stable and happy.

There is nothing more cruel, calm and deceptive than early cold winter mornings in nature, but nature gives us truths and the truth is the cruel cold winter brings a warmth from people and a togetherness and an atmosphere. It brings romance and golden times and memories. It gives us uncertainty and the reminder of the love we have for others who face the cruelty and danger of winter as they set off into the colds and the snows.

I love the feeling of covering my mouth and nose with a scarf which also covers my neck as I brave the cold and it keeps me warm and I can feel my warm breath.

Beautiful life is the most precious and beautiful of all gifts. There is beauty within everything. There is beauty from sunrise to sunset. From person to person. From conception to death.

I dont know exactly how many Summers and Winters I have left, but I must enjoy them all, I must respect the blessing I was given and face the danger and romance of life head on and go into the storms and the snowstorms happy and free of mind and soul because – Within everything – is beautiful life

The Brexit Crisis

Theresa May has betrayed the votes of 17.4 million people and sent Brexit into chaos and almost brought it to a halt. The deal she has agreed is not leave at all. It is the worse deal that doesn’t suit leave or remain. Now is the time for Theresa May to resign.

The woman has brought shame and scandal and difficulties upon Britain and she has totally lost all support from the whole of the country. She has faced the media saying leave means leave while backstage extending the deal to stay longer, pay more money in and make leave be as good as remain in deals. Her outcomes and answers have pleased nobody and she has wounded Brexit significantly. She has failed to deliver anything. There is no way out for Theresa May now. She is in political checkmate.

She must go now for the sake of Britain. She must leave and walk away as a failure and allow somebody to save this country of ours. The longer she stays then the more we stay in the EU and her deal if it was passed through would completely destroy the United kingdom. It would be decimated with another Scottish referendum and seperate countries with borders in between will happen. This cannot be allowed to be. This is our Britain and she is sinking it into the English channel.

Never before has Britain been in such a mess politically and the eyes of the world are upon Britain once again as shambles and darkness covers British politics.

Theresa May wished to remain in the EU and is twisting the deal and making it to be a remain deal as much as possible which posing as a leave vote in the eyes of the media. Her deal is a compromise she claims but there is no compromise. The leave voters wanted to leave the EU 100% and the remain voted wanted to stay in. A compromise will not suit the wishes of either ideology. It makes both worse off overall.

Her deal will never get past Parliament as it is a betrayal of all the people who voted leave and is a deal to as good as remain but remain poorly and worse off than before. Britain is plunging towards a no deal.

Even if Brexit wasn’t to happen now and Britain remained in the EU – this is not the glorious way to remain the remain camp would of wanted and the shambolic mess Theresa May has created has turned everybody against her. If Britain was to remain it would be to remain by farce,shambles and corruption rather than people power.

She is far too weak to see Brexit through and what she has done is make an enemy of both the leave and remain voters. Her time as Primeminster must now end. She has been a catastrophic failure and now she must face a political sword. There is surely no way back for her now.

The woman cannot run a country. I dont think she could even run a Bath.

But the true man to blame is David Cameron. The man who caused all the chaos with no plan then abandoned ship.

If it wasn’t for Brexit then non of us would truly of seen the corruptions and tricks and deceptions of the British establishment and their attempts to lead people to what they want and where they want to be.

The battle between Britain and the EU seems of to been won by the EU. Britain has failed to deliver the true result of a democratic vote and its leaders since the EU referendum have kneeled before EU leaders many times almost seeking forgiveness. There has been no true attempt to deliver Brexit almost two years later. Not once has Britain attempted to stand firm and look the EU in the eye and told them firmly that – we are leaving.

People have lost total faith in the government and I cannot see there being a heal or a sudden solution to the Brexit crisis and this divide and anger will continue.

I can imagine a revolution in Britain and where groups of people get behind one leader and a figurehead they believe in and support that persons revolution and rebellion.

The Conservative party is in absolute chaos. Surely their reputation has never been so shattered in many many years.

The last two years have been a disaster for the conservatives ever since May remained in government in the generel election. The country has been unstable since.

The Conservatives are a group of people where only money matters and people do not. They are group where they benefit and work to please the rich and the poor do not matter. In fact the everyday people are just in the way of their end goal to be as rich as sin.

When a government doesnt act in accordance with the will of the people and does what it wants then it is not democracy but a rogue government.

So whatever happens next and the pantomine continues – once things for sure – it is only going to get worse before it gets better….

The Joy of Peace

In life there is one thing most people want and desire but rarely get – peace.

Is it not time now in the world for people to let peace reign and all four corners of the world and all people be given the oppurtunity to find peace?

Is it now time for everyone to bask in amnesty and be given the luxury to be able to go to bed safe knowing they are not in danger and that them and their families can go about life safe and happy with no danger and that their children can grow in a world where they are happy and given the chance to grow old and achieve their dreams and be all that they can be?

In life we all have a short window of life of which we are granted a beautiful blessing and an unknown amount of years by nature to make the most of the time we have got. Should we let nature take its course and allow all people to enjoy the years they have?

Now is the time we must end all wars and end all hate and murder and bombs and be wise and decide to let peace flow over mankind. Now one knows what is round the corner in life. So we should support each other in our path through life instead of seeking to kill needlessly.

One day if we face an advanced intelligence such as God or aliens… And we are asked – ‘Why didn’t we help each other?’ what will we truly say? Why are we blind not to see the greatness and the fragile shortness of life we are given?

There is little time to waste.There is little time to hate.There is only enough time to spread kindness and help people progress.

We must remember the bad deeds we do bring bad consequences. The hate we spread is toxic… But peace and love are more wonderful and eternal and memorable and unique. It makes life worth living and makes your time on Earth and in life much more pleasant and helps create a paradise within you and all those around you.

We all desire peace and everyone on Earth desires it for their families. No one wishes to see loved ones killed in violent acts after all dont we all suffer enough through natural enemies?

Peace is wonderful, joyful and brings calm to the soul. Peace is rare and harder to achieve – thats what makes peace beautiful.

Life is short, sweet and temporary – lets spread freedom and peace and allow the world to live happy being the unique people they are.

Lest we Forget….

World war one – Where millions of people lost their lives and was the bloodiest time in world history.

I applaud all them brave men who charged the battle field knowing death stared them in the face. They are true heroes. They charged through muck and bullets seeing friends and comrades fall. They charged seeing bodies everywhere and knowing they might never see home and loved ones again while fighting in a war that was not of their own.

They gave their lives for people and freedom and for all of us today to live the way we do – free. They risked everything and was mighty brave. I applaud them heroes. I applaud the war dead. I am proud of them and forever grateful for the sacrifice them brave lads made for us. They are forever heroes.

Where would we be without them? They did it for us to be free and live free without fear. They stormed the Somme and Flanders fields and horrible war zones to protect their way of life and for the loved ones at home. These poor brave boys and men would of been sat in the trenches wishing they were at home safe covered in mud. But they fought on for the world to live free. They never gave up. They are heroes and nothing less.

I cannot even begin to imagine ever being in their situation. It is an unbearable thought and I hope this never happens again. The horrors and the heroes of this war and of this battle should forever be told. It should forever be a reminder of the worse and best of humanity in one place at the same time. It should be a reminder that it can never happen again.
Bombs fell and deadly gas forms thrown and bullets flying through the air but still they never gave up and never lost heart. If there was ever a place which reflected hell surely it was the Somme. Death everywhere and blood flowing like rivers. How these men kept going is beyond me.

Onwards they fought on, forwards they ran on, through the hell on Earth warzone of the somme, the true heroes of world war one.

We must remember the brave horses who rode into battle and never returned. They are heroes and played a part in history and in our fight for freedom.

I applaud them true heroes.

Lest we forget….

The truth of Guy Fawkes

In 1605 a man tried to blow up the complete British establishment. He seeked to blow up the king and the royal family and all the judges who would be present at the time of the explosion. Guy Fawkes was labelled as a terrorist after he was captured and his plot became a failure.

His reason being a backlash against an establishment which was persecuting the Catholic people.

But perhaps Guy Fawkes is more than just a person and a day…. Perhaps he represents truth and freedoms and of freedom of speech and justice against corruptions and lies and propoganda and to stand against censorship.

People will say that Guy Fawkes failed… But he is immortalised in history. He lives as the voice of truth and a fighter of freedom of speech and against injustice. His action failed….But his message was a success… We shall be free….we shall not be censored. We shall not be forced to accept one ideology forced upon us by a corrupt establishment.

His face has in fact become a symbol across the globe of truth and revolution.

Has the world really changed much since Guy Fawkes? Has the system or the establishment changed? Or do they still seek to mislead and censor the voices the establishment doesn’t want to hear?

Has law and order become a system which is now corrupted and operated by criminals in favour of criminals and anyone knowing of a crime is painted as a criminal?

Since when has truth speaking been more of a crime than grooming gangs, rape and knife and acid attacks? Since when has freedom of speech been a crime? It is only a crime when we speak out against the establishment.

The establishment in Guy Fawkes time pretended to care about the people but they lied and misled people and had secret agendas against the people just like in the modern day where they establishment has secret agendas against the people and to overthrow the will of the people as the people do not really matter only their secret agenda of domination.

People say Guy Fawkes was a terrorist and a monster…. But was it not him and his people being terrorised and persecuted as innocent Catholics by the establishment and was it not through this action that created this monster or as he should be known… Freedom fighter…

It was King James doing the terrorising to the catholics and the pagans. Yet they portrayed Guy Fawkes as evil and made the Catholics believe so and celebrate his death despite him trying to stop Catholic persecution.

The government seeks to divide the people and let them squabble amongst themselves while they implement agendas behind the scenes and distract people with other news and events while the wheels of corruption turn and turn.

Have we forgotten that people should never fear their government – but a government should fear its people…

People are portrayed as crazy when they see things different to everyone else. When people open their eyes and see mass injustice taking place.

People will say we are insane when we bring to light the truth…. But is it not true that the establishment sends people to war to die for their own government agenda… And thinks nothing of them upon their return….

Do they not spend vast amounts of money on war for their own agenda… When they could spend that money on feeding the starving and poverty stricken or seriousy ill?

It is the establishment who are failing to protect us and crime is higher than ever and a real government would stop this immediately… Unless this is all part of the plan to box people into fear and lead us to where they want us to be. How many of us fear London and dont feel safe on the streets in busy areas?

We are constantly hearing of corruption in politics… Corruption in religion….yet we are fed lies and cover ups…..

The government is punishing truth speakers as if they are criminals while real criminals are pardoned and wandering free. Where the government and politicians are commiting dispicable war crimes and crimes against children and women….

The fake facts and figures told to the mass people as truth are nothing more than lies, deciet and propoganda to suit an agenda of powerful people who are in fact criminals.

In the modern day the government are determined to stop Brexit and the will of the majority vote. Since the EU referendum in England there has been many tragedies and fear monger tactics posed as chemical attacks and terror attacks blamed on foreign sources and ideologies…

All these events are to sway peoples mindsets and make them think again and is brain washing people slowly.

When the establishment create fear on the streets using fake reasons the media can lead you in the direction of where the government wants you to be…

So Guy Fawkes failed his plot. But his words strike beautiful music to the people in the modern day who understand him more and more as the evidence and government corruptions and the injustices grow. Where the government is dripfeeding the people lies and deceiving them slowly. Where betrayal of everyone’s wishes is taking place.

Guy Fawkes was a man. A man who died for his crime but his idea will remain… His belief will remain and his message of freedom and justice shall live on….