The racist truth

To this very day sadly racism still exists. How can we as intelligent people possibly judge others by the colour of their skin and believe others are subhuman by their race? 

Everybody is born equal,  we all deserve to be treated equal and treated with respect. Just because people are of a different race doesn’t mean they dont have a heart and a soul and dreams like anyone else?  

We are all born by the miracle of life. It is a miracle we all have breath,  it is a miracle we all are alive together today because life hangs by a thread even before our conception. We are all born miraculously to this beautiful world together at this time so lets share it and enjoy and love everyone we meet equally. No one is better than anyone else. 

The world of racism is primitive and stupid. So many people are racist to others just on their appearance. Some countries are even racist to each other based on their skin colour and place them in class systems. That is unintelligent and uneducated. 

Latin people are often treated badly and have negative views on them but the majority of them are beautiful people. The majority of the people are no different to yourself and want the same dreams and life as you. Do they deserve to be trodden on just because of a different skin colour?

The hatred some people have towards black people is terrible. Do people not understand that we all have african roots?  This is true whether you like it or not. Within your blood stream and within your ancestral history is Africa. They are apart of you and you are apart of them. We all come from the same original beautiful source. 

Black people are beautiful people too. They are talented people as well and have just as much right to be treated equal as anyone else. They want homes and love and happiness and family. To keep their family safe and free and not be disliked simply on their skin colour. They should be liked for their personality. 

Would skin colour matter if you had been born blind?  All you would know then is the wonderful personality before you. The heart and soul and beauty of the person before you. You should instead be blind to their skin colour and see just heart and soul. This is where the person is. This is who they are. Know them for that instead and the world will be a beautiful place. 

Beauty exists within all races and all people. No race is better than the other. We can all find love in other races and other people. Love exists everywhere within us all. 

  • All mankind has African roots whether you like it or not
  • White people are the true ‘coloured’ people as they have a variety of hair and eye colours. 
  • In the universe there is an equal and opposite to everything. Male is equal and opposite to female,  black is equal and opposite to white. 
  • We are all the same under the top layer of skin. 
  • America is a continent from Canada downwards not just one country

I know a story of a black girl in USA. She is of African American descent and has lived in USA her whole life. She met a white guy.  They fell in love and she became his girlfriend. But his family didn’t like the fact that she was black and never accepted her. They didn’t want to know her or like her. They never cared for who she was or her personality. They judged her on the colour of her skin and she was left deeply upset and broken hearted when he chose his family over her and never protected her or her feelings. The relationship ended and it ended badly for her. Would you of liked it if this had happened to you because of your skin? 

If having a girlfriend of another race and people were cruel to her I would protect her till the death. Because I will know the person that she is. I wouldnt speak to them people again family or not. If they want to know me and want me to be happy they shall support me and my wishes and who I love. 

How can anyone not realize that they are people too?  They didn’t ask to be took as slaves to other countries. It was other people from other countries who took them there. They should accept them and allow them to be free. Have they not suffered enough in history already?  They have just as much right to be where they are as much as anyone else. They share this planet as well. 

Can you honestly say this man isn’t equal to you when hes the greatest of all time? 

I believe racism can be eradicated through education. I dont believe white supremacists or klu klux klan have a leg to stand on against real people. Their arguments are weak and flawed. They are as much immigrants in America as African Americans. They both should be equal and treated same and respected and enjoy their country peacefully. The land of oppurtunity should be for all. 

Would you say Whitney Houston isn’t equal to you because of her skin?  Is Michael Jackson not as capable as you because of his skin? 

The African American culture is a beautiful culture if you pay attention to it. It isn’t a culture which has turned up somewhere and slowly invading another culture it was a culture which was taken to America in history and the people who possess it should be proud and have a right to enjoy it. This is their history. It possessed amazing arts and dance and foods. The world who view the people and culture negatively need to open their eyes to wonder. 


I can understand in USA why African American people refer to themselves as this. I once questioned it as I didn’t understand and someone was kind enough to explain it. Obviously African Americans refer to themselves as this as they are proud of their roots. They in history were brought to a country as slaves against their will in a continent that doesn’t want them over long periods of time in history.  Why would they just want to be classed as Americans when they are not wanted on that continent? They are living in a world where they are made to feel safe hate and dislike for no reason.

The Pan-African flag represents all the African people around the world that were not born on the continent of Africa due to slavery. It strengthens, unites, recognizes that they are of African descent and should be proud of that.

African Americans all through their American history going back 300 years were enslaved and used as maids and slaves and ‘help’ in peoples homes right up until the civil rights movements in the 1960s. They endured such hardship. But within them is such capabilities and ambitions and dreams and they should be allowed to flourish and be free and allowed to accomplish a life of their own. Within them is great people. 

This picture above is beautiful. There is beauty in all races and in all people. Beauty is through all of mankind in all nature. If she was to come to you as an angel would you judge her for her skin colour? 

When I was a child I grew up with a black girl. She was a much better singer, dancer,  athlete and gymnast than me. She was very good at it all. She was more than equal to me. If anything I wasn’t equal to her.  I admired her abilities and wish I had the same. 
If you look at the modern world. The best athletes and powerful singers are black people. They have their own amazing abilities which you have to accept and admire. 

If I was stood on a field and there was lots of white supremacists on one side and one black friend on the other and I had to choose… I would definately choose my black friend whatever their race as they are my friend. Friends come in all shapes,  races and sizes. People can be friends from different sides of the globes.

I think white people are beautiful, I think Black people are beautiful, Asian people are beautiful, Latin people are beautiful,  Arabic people are beautiful,  all races possess beauty. This is how God made us all and we must be proud of who we are. 

We was all created by God equally and born to this world equally. We was created and born to be mankind together as one beautiful race in this beautiful natural world. No religious book or word of God States hatred to another race. We all come from the same mother in history. We are all the same under the top layer of skin. We are all amazing and miraculous creations. God and the angels would never judge us by skin on the paradise to heaven so why should we as people do so?  It is not for us to judge. 

We all have good qualities and abilities and should be judged on individual people and our personalities. Imagine if the world came together as one. Imagine what we could achieve together as one mankind all equal together. What a beautiful world.. 
The colour of someones skin will never in my eyes blind me to a beautiful heart…. 


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