The princess Diana

Once upon a time there lived a princess named Diana. A beautiful woman and mother. Who cared for the sick and helped them less fortunate. She wandered into danger to experience life for those in places of war and land mines and at times entered many parts of the worse of England to visit the homeless and experience what these people went through. 

She fought for change to dangerous places such as banning of landmines. She was the first to treat sufferers of AIDs as people and shook the hand of an AIDs victim without hesistation which was sent round the world for all to see. 

She visted many people and children in far away lands suffering with diseases like Leprosy and brought to them love and kindness.  She spread much love and kindness for everyone all round the world. 

She was a devoted mother to her two children William and Harry. They were her world and she protected them from the media as much as she could and tried to give them a normal childhood which surely they deserved. 

The medias intrusion of princess Dianas life was disgusting. They were constantly around her like flies and in her face while walking. They invaded her private space against her wishes. No one would of enjoyed that. But she got on with it flawless and stayed a true princess. Diana has more royal blood than the queen in her veins. 

Whether you loved her or hated her at the time you must remember that Princess Diana was once a little girl and grew to be a woman. She came and went in the blink of an eye. She has been and gone. But what she did in that small space of time was wonderful things. 

The day she died was a sad day. The world stopped and tears fell. I remember it well. I had been camping and awoke. I went for my breakfast and my aunty had radio on listening intently to a broadcast. Lady Diana had died in a terrible crash in Paris. The world fell silent and sad. I often remember it and think it was a bit like JFK – that everyone will remember when they heard Diana had died and where they were. 

Flowers were left everywhere and the world as far as I can see had seen its last true angel. Tears ran like rivers and crowds gathered in London from all four corners of the world. She had done so much good for so many people. Sadly at the centre of all the worlds sadness was two young boys. They had lost their mother and that is a massive personal loss. 

I believe Princess Diana can be an inspiration and a role model to us all and a massive inspiration to all young girls. 

She was a true English rose, she was a fairytale princess and the queen of all hearts. 

When I look back on her turbulent yet beautiful life I think to myself – I believe in Angels. Princess Diana – an angel she was

3 thoughts on “The princess Diana

  1. She was a beautiful angel sent from Heaven to show the world that Love n Kindness are of ultimate importance to end any conflict. She ‘lives’ in people’s heart forever despite her untimely demise.


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