The 22 conspiricy

Recently it has come to my notice during recent sad events of a number which keeps appearing – the number 22. Please see below for some of the events of recently which involve it. 

22nd May 2017 (Manchester) : 22 died and a 22 year old killer in the 22nd hour of the day. 

22nd May 2013 (London): Lee Rigby was murdered. 

22nd March 2017 (London): Five people killed by a car on Westminster Bridge driven by an evil maniac. 

22nd June 2013: (Oslo) Anders Brevik killed 77 people in cold blood.  Although on the outset his motives were not the same. His intentions were the same. 

22nd March 2016 (Brussels): 3 suicide bombers. Two attacked the airport and one attacked the metro station. The metro station attacked at 9:11 

22nd July 2016 (Germany): A man killed 9 others and himself when he opened fire outside Mcdonalds. 

3rd June 2017 (London): a van drove into pedestrians on London Bridge on 22:00 hours. (Killer Yusef Zaghba confirmed as 22 years old three days after I wrote this 06.06.17 updated)

New updates since article was published are below

06.06.2017 (notre dame, France)  a man tries hit a policeman with a hammer and stated as terrorism by officals.  (6+6+2+1+7=22) 

06.06.2017 – 22 year old Yusef Zaghba named as third killer on London Bridge

The number 22 in numerlogy is a master number and can also be seen as a number of destruction or chaos. It is a master number along with 11 which are the two powerful numbers.
Is this all just co-incidence? I dont know. Who knows? Certainly very strange either way. I know not all attacks have happened involving the 22 but my numerology knowledge is basic and I am sure if people looked into it who knows what else we shall find. Does life and nature have a code running behind it on the matrix?  Is their a mathematical formula behind everything? Or are organizations using numbers and dates as a system to operate unknown to the rest of us? 

If anything else bad happens in the world of which I hope it doesnt – keep your eyes peeled for the number 22. He may be lurking there somewhere. 
May the victims of terror rest in peace. 

May we all live in harmony together soon… 


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