Today in Islam is the start of Ramadan. It is a holy month for muslims all over the world. This involves fasting of foods, liquids, smoking and sexual desires etc. Anything sinful is surpressed to let the body refresh and be purified. 

In my eyes although I never knew anything of Ramadan until recently it is a time of sacrifice, submittance, devotion and purity. It is a time where you are at your most spiritual and connect with your spirituality and soul. 

I compare it similar as that of Lent in Christianity where people make sacrifices for so long for God. 

I think fasting sometimes is good. It helps us relate and understand those less fortunate. In the modern world greed is rife and we are blessed with plenty of everything but not everyone is so fortunate. So this helps people understand and donate to charity. Ramadan is a time of charity amongst muslims. They donate to help their fellow mankind who need help. 

I take the best of Ramadan and adapt it to my life to progress me and connect myself with my own spirituality. We are all spiritual beings. Ramadan disconnects us from greed and ego. It is a time for self discipline and self restraint. 

At the end of Ramadan is the celebration of Eid. This is a time for thankfulness of what you have and a time for forgiveness and making amends. In Islam this is a beautiful time and a good way to heal and connect again with loved ones and relatives. Could we all not do something beautiful like this in life and make amends and learn to forgive?  

Although there is alot of hate for Islam in the world currently this is not true Islam. This is a media twist on Islam and not so much the truth. The media likes to focus on the bad within all and very rarely focuses on the good. It is time to change that. 

Upon studying Islam I find nothing harmful or destructive within it. No hatred or violence. There is in fact a streak of humanity and goodness. Should we not focus on the good within rather than the bad? Sadly people seem to fear that which they dont understand. I respect anyone who goes a whole month for hours on end each day fasting. This is dedication. It is extremely hard but rewarding. It is good for mind,  body and soul. 

The muslim people I come across are all good people. They are the same as anyone else with the same dreams of love and peace and family. 

So we must all admit Ramadan is a holy month and a month of devotion to God and humanity. There is nothing harmful happening just worship to God same as the rest of mankind who worship God. 

So to all who celebrate Ramadan may God be with you and guide you well and reward you for your devotion. 


2 thoughts on “Ramadan

  1. Hi Mick
    This is nice resumed about Ramadan holy month in Islam and who ever beleive in one God only and not associate with him anyone else,and pray his 5 times and fast the month
    is a muslim, means a submitter and surrounder to the only God and his commend.The fasting month has been described to us as unlike any month of the year .Is special as the message came in this month so the spirituality is very elevated to connect with the creator as He almighty connecting with us metaphorically through the message he sent to us with a human being like us to spread his message the chosen Jesus,Moses and last messenger Mohamed may peace be upon them.the spiritual month is to fast for His sake but also the benefit is not only spiritual but also physical ..God is the designer of the soul and the body and we don’t have any freedom of this power like to choose the gender colore and look…God is great…physical side is the process and cleanse that our body gets during fast,the spiritual side is our connection with the creator a reboost and a call from God that I am here your creator …the beginning of the month is a mercy the middle is forgiveness and the end is freedom from hell.as Muslims we all know that all our accounts of year will be dealed with in this month so our sin will be forgiven if we fast with intention that there’s God and we beleive in Him as one God .also the death account will be set for the year for the soul that depart during the year.
    Amaising and great is our creator.


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