The British spirit

How dare you attack us, how dare you try and make us live in fear. You shall never stop us, we shall never hide away. This is Britain, this is the mother of the free. We shall never surrender our freedom. 

Do you think we will fall to you?  Do you think you will rule us?  Never!  This is a land which prides itself on free will. 

This is a land which single handedly defeated global super powers of the time such as the Armada,  Napoleon and stood alone against Hitler. What chance has your cowardly poor pathetic organization of terror got? We shall never give up hope, we shall never give up heart,  we shall never surrender our freedom. 

This is a land of great kings and queens, a land of great revolutionists of days gone by, of great freedom fighters. A nation of great inventions, of great inventors,  of great people and of great history. A beautiful maritime nation. A colonial super power, a land which gave us televisons, telephones and the world wide web. A land which brought forward industry and the modern world. How can you be as so stupid to think we will become like you? 

The more you attack us the stronger we shall become, the more you spread your evil,  the better we shall become, the more you hate us,  the more we shall love each other. You shall never beat us. 

You think harming our girls in this country will make you great, you think preaching your hate makes you so wise,  but you are in fact nothing. Nothing compared to the heroes we have had in this country. Heroes who stormed the Somme in search of freedom,  heroes who stood firm at Dunkirk and never surrendered,  heroes who stormed the beaches of France to stop the nazi war machine. Never shall your cowardly ways possess such determination and braveness. Never shall you seek such triumph of freedom,  within us you are awakening the spirits of the brave people who we was born to. The heroes of our ancestors who fought and many died for our freedom. Never shall we let their sacrifice be in vain. Never shall we lose sight of their memory. Never shall we forget the will of real heroes. 

No one in the world agrees with you other than the cowards who you all are. No one in the world would give you the time of day. What kind of monsters are you?  What kind of pathetic people are you? Killing children is evil and pathetic. Grow some balls you cowards. 

If anyone doesn’t like the British,  if anyone doesn’t want to live in Britain then leave. We dont want you here. Go back to the deep dark place you emerged from. You are not welcome under any notion of hate. This is the mother of the free. This is Britannia. 

British freedom shall remain, our culture and rich history shall remain,  the British will and spirit shall remain – you shall never kill it. 

We shall defend our Island – whatever the cost may be. 


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