My song for Europe

I am lying in my bed,  I wish that you was here, 

I need the smell of your skin,  I love the way you wear your hair, 

Its not about what you are,  its about who you are

We are kindred souls,  we possess kindred goals

I love your natural beauty,  You are truly blessed,  and within sight of you,  my mind is truly possessed 

I wish you was here,  just lying in my arms, I wish I could stroke your face,  and hold you in a passionate embrace

I wish that you was here,  where you belong,  letting me feel your warmth

I love the way you are,  I love the beauty of your soul

I love the colour of your hair against your skintone,  the most beautiful girl I have ever known

I am lying in bed, and I hug my pillow as if it is you

I want to lay with you every night,  see the moon shine through the window,  your gorgeous eyes lit up by the moonlight

I won’t let this dream of me and you fade, for in destiny it was surely made

I am thinking to myself,  How soon I need my dream to come true,  how my one true love,  it is definitely you

My heart is forever yours and I want to know you are mine,  you have always had my heart,  you have had my eyes from the very start

I am lying in my bed I am desperate for you to be here

I need you now,  I desire you now, I want to be in bed lying with you so close

I love you so much,  I love you like mad

I am lying in my bed and I wish you was here… I want the most beautiful girl I have ever known, our love has truly grown,  But I am lying here in bed… And I am all alone


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