The laws of Humanity

  1. Never hurt another human
  2. Put your mankind first
  3. Always show kindness to others
  4. Always treat everybody equal to yourself
  5. Never impose your beliefs on someone violently
  6. Never seek to destroy your race of man,  but help better and further your mankind
  7. Always do things for the good of mankind
  8. If you spread love,  others shall feel it and spread it also,  and the world shall become love
  9. Embrace the art of smiling,  for a smile can make someone elses day
  10. Help others in need
  11. Just because someone maybe wrongs you – doesn’t mean you have to wrong them in return
  12. Within your heart show mercy and forgiveness as much as you can
  13. Seek peace at all avenues in your life and help others to discover peace
  14. Never seek vengeance – for it is a vicious circle
  15. Always be charitable. There is beauty within charity
  16. Always care for nature – because you are nature
  17. Look after the creatures which exist within your life – as this is their world too
  18. Grant Amnesty to all,  for the past cannot be changed,  its the future that can be altered
  19. Never take people for granted
  20. Embrace the laws of nature

The Egypt attack

Once again today evil has struck. In the heart of Egypt. 28 Coptic Christians were murdered by brutal evil and the same amount badly injured by monsters with no morals or heart within them. 

A bus full of coptic Christians on its way to a monastry south of Cairo were ambushed for no reason. Innocent people going about there lives and doing something they enjoyed were brutally murdered. This is nothing but evil. The people who are operating this evil possess no humanity whatsoever. They are coldhearted killers. The victims are righteous people, they are people of God what kind of monsters would murder people of God?  

The people who do this possess no God,  no heart and no religion. They belong to nothing but darkness and true evil. They possess nothing any human possesses. They are fuelled with the hate of humanity. They are striking anywhere and to anyone. They are striking children, they are striking sacred buildings such as churches and they are striking muslims and muslim countries. No one is safe from this evil. 

Egypt is a country which has a rich history. It has been dominated in history by four different religions. Ancient Egyptian Gods, Judaism,  Christianity and Islam lastly. This is a nation that is tolerant of others beliefs as part of these different religious ways makes up its culture and its national behaviours. The mix has contributed itself to modern Egyptian culture. 

When will this evil end?  When will the peace return?  How can a country like Egypt be attacked so brutally without an actual reason? Why should people be killed for their innocent beliefs? This terror network cares for no one. 

They destroyed the ancient sites in Syria. We shall not let you destroy the ancient wonders of Egypt. We shall not let you destroy the will of the Egyptian people to be safe. You are messing with the magnificent ancients. You are messing with the cradle of civilization. 

The ancients of Egypt built wonderful monuments and temples and Pyramids. They achieved amazing things. The people of Egypt built civilization and are an ancient super power. You won’t break that nation. 

May Horus return to protect the people of Egypt. May mankind come together against this evil network which is against all human beings. May we all live in peace as one. For the good of mankind. 

May the victims rest in peace

The Jakarta attack

In Indonesia there has been a suicide bombing killing police officers and injuring 10 others. This was done by two suicide bombers in a large muslim population country. 

This terror we all face in the world holds no God,  no religion and no heart. They are attacking muslim countries also and harming muslim people. This shows me they have no connection to islam or the truth of islam. They have become so detatched from reality they dont know how they are functioning. 

These terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. Islam means peace. They are not even close. They are killing people who believe in peaceful Islam. I cannot understand that ideology. Why are they attacking a place as so quiet in the world as Jakarta?  This shows me this evil will strike anywhere – against anyone. 

May the people of Indonesia stay safe and live free and live within the truth. May they be allowed to live their live in accordance and righteousness and within the laws of the divine in peace. No one deserves to be injured or die so brutally. 

We are all someone’s sons and daughters. Respect that. Let people live as long as the divine allows. 

Indonesia is a beautiful country. Let the world enjoy it and bask in its amazement. Dont alienate people from a great place in this world. Stop hurting people and dont spill blood. Spill your heart instead with the kindness people deserve. No one has the right to hurt another human being. 

May soon we all be safe. Take it easy the good people of the world. 

The British spirit

How dare you attack us, how dare you try and make us live in fear. You shall never stop us, we shall never hide away. This is Britain, this is the mother of the free. We shall never surrender our freedom. 

Do you think we will fall to you?  Do you think you will rule us?  Never!  This is a land which prides itself on free will. 

This is a land which single handedly defeated global super powers of the time such as the Armada,  Napoleon and stood alone against Hitler. What chance has your cowardly poor pathetic organization of terror got? We shall never give up hope, we shall never give up heart,  we shall never surrender our freedom. 

This is a land of great kings and queens, a land of great revolutionists of days gone by, of great freedom fighters. A nation of great inventions, of great inventors,  of great people and of great history. A beautiful maritime nation. A colonial super power, a land which gave us televisons, telephones and the world wide web. A land which brought forward industry and the modern world. How can you be as so stupid to think we will become like you? 

The more you attack us the stronger we shall become, the more you spread your evil,  the better we shall become, the more you hate us,  the more we shall love each other. You shall never beat us. 

You think harming our girls in this country will make you great, you think preaching your hate makes you so wise,  but you are in fact nothing. Nothing compared to the heroes we have had in this country. Heroes who stormed the Somme in search of freedom,  heroes who stood firm at Dunkirk and never surrendered,  heroes who stormed the beaches of France to stop the nazi war machine. Never shall your cowardly ways possess such determination and braveness. Never shall you seek such triumph of freedom,  within us you are awakening the spirits of the brave people who we was born to. The heroes of our ancestors who fought and many died for our freedom. Never shall we let their sacrifice be in vain. Never shall we lose sight of their memory. Never shall we forget the will of real heroes. 

No one in the world agrees with you other than the cowards who you all are. No one in the world would give you the time of day. What kind of monsters are you?  What kind of pathetic people are you? Killing children is evil and pathetic. Grow some balls you cowards. 

If anyone doesn’t like the British,  if anyone doesn’t want to live in Britain then leave. We dont want you here. Go back to the deep dark place you emerged from. You are not welcome under any notion of hate. This is the mother of the free. This is Britannia. 

British freedom shall remain, our culture and rich history shall remain,  the British will and spirit shall remain – you shall never kill it. 

We shall defend our Island – whatever the cost may be. 

Olivia Campbell

It has been confirmed that Olivia Campbell has sadly passed away. When we all heard she was missing on the news it was so upsetting. We all wanted and prayed for her to be safe. 

Most of us never knew Olivia,  but when we knew she was missing we felt like we did. We connected with the grief and worry of her parents. She became one of our own. She became Englands angel.

How can such evil do this to anyone? How can anyone want to harm children? There is nothing more cowardly than an attack on the innocent. 

She was just a 15 year old girl, like any other. She had no wish to hurt anyone so why did you want to hurt her? She had her whole life ahead of her.  People should be allowed to go to a concert and come home safe. 

Social media from first thing in the morning filled with her beauty. We all was worried and wanted her safe. She became the heart of the nation. 

I shall pray for the strength for her parents. No one deserves their pain. No one deserves to suffer this grief. They have the support of us all. All English hearts have been broken. 

I shall pray for all the families of the victims. May the victims be blessed by God in heaven. May they be at peace with him. 

So lets honour Olivia and her memory,  lets respect her. Lets send all our love to her parents,  lets send all our love to all the parents of all the victims. We are with you. 

Taken from the world by evil,  but forever shrouded now by the world in love. Olivia shall never be forgotten. She will be remembered forever by us all. 

So may the beautiful angel Olivia Campbell be one of the angels in the beautiful heavens. 

May she rest in peace. 

The Manchester attack

How dare such evil walk our streets!! Our grandparents didn’t risk all for this. They didn’t fight and many die for us to leave in fear and not free. They fought for their grandchildren live free without fear. They fought for the streets to be safe. Imagine if many of them lost eyes could see us now. 

We cannot allow our children to grow up and be raised in such a dangerous world. In such a dangerous country where no one is safe. Where no one is free. We need act now!!  We need eradicate this evil from our streets whatever the cost may be. 

Our government is just sat around waiting. As I said after Westminster act now and we cannot afford to sit about and wait for more lives to be lost in the future. The Manchester attack was an attack on children!  What kind of evil does this? What kind of people??  We need to act now to save our children!  To protect them and the lives of many!!  Now is the time for action! 

We need a powerful leader,  a powerful government! We need someone who has support of all the British and humanity to stop these people whoever they are!!  We need eradicate them from this land and the world. Whoever they are!  We shall find them!!  We shall stop them!  We shall return the whole world to freedom!  To humanity!!  May the people uprise,  may love conquer all. May freedom and humanity win!!  

We cannot look into the eyes of our children in the future and see fear!!  We need make sure the future for them is safe and secure and happy without fear. The whole world deserves this. Children deserve this. Children are the future. Generations who can change the world. Protect your beautiful children!  We must act now!! 

We cannot let our grandparents efforts and the war deads efforts be in vain!! They fought for our freedom!! Now we must fight for that of our childrens and future generations!  

May the victims R. I. P and may the missing be found safe. I pray for such an outcome. 

May humanity and love win through! 

The power of the mind

The mind – the most powerful tool you possess. They say you can do anything if you put your mind to it. Your mind is amazing. It creates your imagination,  your images,  your perceptions and your creativity. Your mind is behind your auras and energies and your image which is not seen by the eye. 

While you are asleep your mind is in full flow creating dreams. These are often made up of faces, places, people and situations you have never met and never been in. Your mind creates wonderful scenarios and images which are completely out of your control. The mind has many depths of consciousness. Ones we shall never understand currently. 

Imagine your mind is a beautiful garden. Now imagine planting your dreams as seeds. Let these dreams grow. Dig up the weeds. Your dreams will flourish if you let them grow. Never give up on your dreams. Once you have planted these seeds. Your mind shall grow them and it shall slowly become into your life more and more. Your visualization is powerful. Visualize your dreams. Make them happen. Visualise the life you want and let it become. 

If you believe in something strong enough – you will see it. You will experience it and it shall become. 

If you are positive enough,  you shall attract positive, your whole world shall be filled with the positive. There is power and motivation and empowerment within positivity. If you let confidence ooze from you then you are on the right path. Fear is the enemy of success which we must overcome. The more confident and positive we become the less fear will leave us standing still and break our dreams. 

If we focus on negative,  if we pass round negative – then negative shall return to us stronger. If we wish to recieve kindness, we must pass round kindness. We must become what we desire to recieve. 

Whatever we wish to attract – first we must be ourselves. Like attracts like is what they say. Your mind is powerful. If you give off bad vibrations and negative vibrations this will release the same energies from your body and attract more of the same. If you seek good then first you must also be good. Being a bad person can surely never bring you any good? It is a world which exists beyond our eyes – the laws and energies of nature. Divine laws of the universe. 

No dream will ever be achieved without action. – (this is one where I need to practice what I preach) 

Where do you wish to be in one years time? Imagine yourself in a year – what do you wish to of achieved?  What is stopping you?  We must never stand still. We must strive to our goals. Within belief is results. 

Yes life is a gamble and it was from the moment we was concieved. Everything we do is a gamble. We gamble our emotions often,  we gamble our directions and our outcomes and we dont even realize we do so. 

Life is all about money. But money is man made. Money is the biggest cause of all ill health. But remember – you are here for a human experience. Enjoy it and make the most of it. Dont cower into a corner. Be strong and brave and take it all on. Where is the joy in weakness? We must remember no one is perfect we all make mistakes but we must continue to believe in ourselves and progress ourselves. Your mind is your best friend. Believe and rewards shall flourish to you. 

We live in a world where it is man made. Man made laws and cities and and realities and issues. Money is the centre of this man made world. When really we live and operate under the laws of divine nature. We are born to nature,  and when we die we return to nature. As I said before we are all here for a human experience. Enjoy it and be true to yourself. All that a person can be – they must be. 

We all without realizing operate under divine laws of the universe. Our energies are more important than we could ever know. Our mind is more powerful than ever. Our minds are beautiful powerful entities. We are all sending out energies and vibrations. 

We are all connected as one through a divine beautiful universe which all has been created within. We was all created from the same entities and energies. We are all one. We are all spiritual beings. Our physical world is merely the tip of the ice berg. Deep below the surface of us all is vast spritual depth. 

Everything has an opposite. Hate is the opposite of love, cold is the opposite of hot, darkness is the opposite of light, negative is the opposite of positive, Why would you want to live a life of hate, cold,  negativity and darkness?  

For us to have peace we must first have inner peace. If we have inner peace and calm within ourselves then our outside world shall be peace also. The biggest battle we face is often within ourselves. We must learn to love ourselves. We must forgive ourselves for our mistakes. We must accept who we are. 

Within love circles if you don’t respect yourself,  love yourself and believe in yourself how can you expect someone else to do the same towards you? If you dont believe in you, if you seek love desperatately, then you change your perception and energies and you disturb your inner peace. You throw a stone into your pond and cause many vibrations. This releases desperate negative energies and brings forward negative bad energies from others. Whereas if you do believe in yourself then the energies we release of good vibrations will attract good partners. Dont accept anything less than you deserve. Your outside world begins within your inside world. Its all about how you project yourself. 

We are in charge of our own lives. We can change the people and surroundings around us. We have the power to do this. Our outer world is a mirror image of our inner world. We must take responsability for our own lives. 

The past cannot be changed – but the future is in your hands

So imagine what you can achieve….If you just put your mind to it…. 

Mental health issues

Throughout the world many people suffer with different kind of mental health issues. Sadly most of the people who suffer with mental health issues suffer in silence. It is a grey area for many and they dont know what to do and maybe feel stupid or ashamed to admit it. Often people dont even realize they have one. To them it is the normal and dont realize what they do is not as common in others. 

In my own personal experience I think looking back I have suffered with one or two mental health problems since a very small child. I think the first evidence of my mental state goes back to the age of three or four when I possibly had an eating disorder. I didn’t really want to eat. I used to prefer to daydream(perhaps this is where my creative mind was sharpened). My mind was too busy etc and my mental state overthrew my physical needs. So when mum used to make me eat my dinner as soon as she left the room I would hide food. Thats just what my mind led me to do. 

Other times over the years I have suffered with fixations. As a small child throughout most of my childhood I suffered with fixations. I was fixated with the paranormal and the spiritworld. I could talk about it non stop for hours and hours. I must of drove people mad listening to it. 

Another fixation as a child which was a bit more extreme than in others was The Power Rangers. I absolutely loved it as a child. It got right into my psychology. I was mezmerized watching the original Power Rangers. I used to love watching and playing it non stop slightly more than I should of. But that was childhood for me. 

Another issue I suffered maybe they are all related is OCD. This still happens now to me where I have the over powering urge to check locks. Example being when I used to stay at home alone from 16 onwards and mum and dad had gone on holiday before bed I would check all the locks. Maybe two or three times to satisfy my mind. But if I got in bed and couldn’t remember if I had checked a lock I could not rest. Id become irate and stressed in my mind and need to go and check it again. Nothing would settle me until I had got up gone down and checked it again. Luckily whatever I suffer is only mild compared to my friend of which OCD is much more stronger on him. 

There was a spell in my mind where I would bet with myself. Example being I would say if I didn’t do this or finish this in a certain amount of time something bad will happen to someone I care about. Luckily I managed to overthrow this as stupid after a while and didnt do it anymore. 

So I cant imagine what some people must suffer. The mind is out of their control. It has uncontrollable thoughts and images which in some people must be hard to fight. 

I used to think depression was just because people were miserable etc and were being stupid. But depression is real. Once depression gets a grip on you it takes over you. It becomes you. It embeds itself in your DNA and becomes a virus of the mind. This can happen to anyone. Imagine being stuck in a situation for example finances. Imagine having no money and you need it to live. Imagine how hard life would become being stuck in that situation. You will become fed up. With no solution for days and days you shall be fed up for days and days. Depression becomes you and you cannot find a solution to remove it. It gets a grip on you and your mind sinks deeper into negatives and sadness. Money is the biggest cause of all mental health and we can all suffer this issue. No one is exempt. 

So mental health is an issue we all will face at some point. I think most of us have a mental health issue even if we dont know about it. 

Mental health is not something you can fix with a plaster. It is not something which heals quick. It is under the surface eating away at people. Imagine hearing voices in your head non stop. This would drive anyone crazy or uncontrollable urges which you have to act upon just to settle your mind. Imagine this being so hard to fight. It is a fight within yourself. A fight very little other people seem to understand unless they experience it themselves. 

So if you know someone who has a mental health problem dont think they are strange, stupid or weird because they are not. They are just people like anyone else who need help and support. They are suffering with something out of their control. 

People need to be educated to understand mental health. Because it is right up there at the top of the list of illnesses many suffer. People need to be aware of how it effects peoples lives. Alot of successful people have mental illnesses such as OCD. Usually because they are so repetative with things and they go over it non stop and have the urge to perfect it. So this then can be a good thing as they became good at what they do. Perhaps OCD has its positives. 

Having fixations,  hearing voices and hallucinating cannot be nice for anyone. This can happen to anyone at anyone at anytime. May we all seek to understand…. 

This is England

When people talk of England the immediate image that comes to mind is London, of Big Ben and the houses of Parliament and red buses. But there is so much more to England than this as I have recently found out. 

Amongst the busy times of life where we all work and watch tele and time passes by there is another part of England which exists which at times gets forgotten about by many – the beautiful English countryside. 

Recently I went to the lake district and was amazed by the beauty I saw an hour and a half away from where I live. There was lakes and mountains and fields as far as the eye could see. There was beautiful country roads passing into the distance through the mountains which spiral on into the distance what seems like forever. It was beautiful and breath taking. The long and winding roads heading to the distance as I passed on the country roads. 

Here was peace and beauty and nature. Here was the recharging energies of nature before me. This was a long world away from the big cities. This was the heart of England. The English countryside.

This is a picture I took at Wastwater lake. The beauty was breath taking and refreshing. I have never seen such beauty in England not natural beauty like this. The lake district certainly is the heart of England and there surely is no place else like the unique beauty of the English country. The whole British isles has splendid natural wonders and England possesses one of them diamonds. Where the mountain rivers flow, and the mountains are green and splendid. Here the forests are green and refreshing and the fields go long into the horizon. The waters are cold yet beautiful. 

I know all countries have natural wonder and natural beauty but this beauty is typically English. A beautiful sight of rural England. This is the real England before me and the English truth of beauty. 

While flowing along the long lonely country roads through the lakes and mountains I was stopped because of Bulls on the road. They didn’t care as this was their territory and their world. They were calm and placid and continued on the path they were taking over the fields. There was sheep scattered everywhere on the Hills and mountains and I was right in the midst of nature. It was beautiful. 
As the sun sneaks out from under a cloud and shows himself he casts his light onto the craggs and mountains way up high creating beauty. I could sit here all day and bask in nature. The joys are so much more rewarding. The view much more pleasing to the eyes and mind. 

Nature is my most favourite thing in the world. Nature is the natural world which we came from and which is the truth of life. I would hate to think of a day where there is no nature and all houses. It would be a horrible world. May mankind respect nature forever. We was born by the will of nature and in death we shall return to beautiful nature.

And I cant help but think – did those feet in ancient times walk upon Englands mountains green?

So in my own personal opinion I would choose the country over the cities for beauty and to spend time. With the beautiful little villages and the fresh air for me it is not even a hard choice. Nature is immense and wonderful. 

In my eyes the lake district certainly is the heart of England. 

Oh England I am in your garden breathing in your wonderful nature… 

My song for Europe

I am lying in my bed,  I wish that you was here, 

I need the smell of your skin,  I love the way you wear your hair, 

Its not about what you are,  its about who you are

We are kindred souls,  we possess kindred goals

I love your natural beauty,  You are truly blessed,  and within sight of you,  my mind is truly possessed 

I wish you was here,  just lying in my arms, I wish I could stroke your face,  and hold you in a passionate embrace

I wish that you was here,  where you belong,  letting me feel your warmth

I love the way you are,  I love the beauty of your soul

I love the colour of your hair against your skintone,  the most beautiful girl I have ever known

I am lying in bed, and I hug my pillow as if it is you

I want to lay with you every night,  see the moon shine through the window,  your gorgeous eyes lit up by the moonlight

I won’t let this dream of me and you fade, for in destiny it was surely made

I am thinking to myself,  How soon I need my dream to come true,  how my one true love,  it is definitely you

My heart is forever yours and I want to know you are mine,  you have always had my heart,  you have had my eyes from the very start

I am lying in my bed I am desperate for you to be here

I need you now,  I desire you now, I want to be in bed lying with you so close

I love you so much,  I love you like mad

I am lying in my bed and I wish you was here… I want the most beautiful girl I have ever known, our love has truly grown,  But I am lying here in bed… And I am all alone