The laws of Humanity

  1. Never hurt another human
  2. Put your mankind first
  3. Always show kindness to others
  4. Always treat everybody equal to yourself
  5. Never impose your beliefs on someone violently
  6. Never seek to destroy your race of man,  but help better and further your mankind
  7. Always do things for the good of mankind
  8. If you spread love,  others shall feel it and spread it also,  and the world shall become love
  9. Embrace the art of smiling,  for a smile can make someone elses day
  10. Help others in need
  11. Just because someone maybe wrongs you – doesn’t mean you have to wrong them in return
  12. Within your heart show mercy and forgiveness as much as you can
  13. Seek peace at all avenues in your life and help others to discover peace
  14. Never seek vengeance – for it is a vicious circle
  15. Always be charitable. There is beauty within charity
  16. Always care for nature – because you are nature
  17. Look after the creatures which exist within your life – as this is their world too
  18. Grant Amnesty to all,  for the past cannot be changed,  its the future that can be altered
  19. Never take people for granted
  20. Embrace the laws of nature

The Prophecy

Soon the man shall come,  he shall seduce the world with his tongue

He shall promise the end to famine and drought,  he shall bring a hope of the end of all wars

He shall make the people follow him, he shall be like God to them and a man who carries a solution to everything so clearly

But beware the imposter, for he is a liar

His lies shall fool many,  for his word is powerful and his presence undenyable

His messages shall be of kindness and of sweet humanity,  his eyes shall be of love, as handsome as anything

He shall brainwash the masses through the media 

But he is the greatest of decievers,  he is the king of all lies and deceit 

Beware the spirit of one eye for he is the leader and bringer into darkness


Today in Islam is the start of Ramadan. It is a holy month for muslims all over the world. This involves fasting of foods, liquids, smoking and sexual desires etc. Anything sinful is surpressed to let the body refresh and be purified. 

In my eyes although I never knew anything of Ramadan until recently it is a time of sacrifice, submittance, devotion and purity. It is a time where you are at your most spiritual and connect with your spirituality and soul. 

I compare it similar as that of Lent in Christianity where people make sacrifices for so long for God. 

I think fasting sometimes is good. It helps us relate and understand those less fortunate. In the modern world greed is rife and we are blessed with plenty of everything but not everyone is so fortunate. So this helps people understand and donate to charity. Ramadan is a time of charity amongst muslims. They donate to help their fellow mankind who need help. 

I take the best of Ramadan and adapt it to my life to progress me and connect myself with my own spirituality. We are all spiritual beings. Ramadan disconnects us from greed and ego. It is a time for self discipline and self restraint. 

At the end of Ramadan is the celebration of Eid. This is a time for thankfulness of what you have and a time for forgiveness and making amends. In Islam this is a beautiful time and a good way to heal and connect again with loved ones and relatives. Could we all not do something beautiful like this in life and make amends and learn to forgive?  

Although there is alot of hate for Islam in the world currently this is not true Islam. This is a media twist on Islam and not so much the truth. The media likes to focus on the bad within all and very rarely focuses on the good. It is time to change that. 

Upon studying Islam I find nothing harmful or destructive within it. No hatred or violence. There is in fact a streak of humanity and goodness. Should we not focus on the good within rather than the bad? Sadly people seem to fear that which they dont understand. I respect anyone who goes a whole month for hours on end each day fasting. This is dedication. It is extremely hard but rewarding. It is good for mind,  body and soul. 

The muslim people I come across are all good people. They are the same as anyone else with the same dreams of love and peace and family. 

So we must all admit Ramadan is a holy month and a month of devotion to God and humanity. There is nothing harmful happening just worship to God same as the rest of mankind who worship God. 

So to all who celebrate Ramadan may God be with you and guide you well and reward you for your devotion. 

The Egypt attack

Once again today evil has struck. In the heart of Egypt. 28 Coptic Christians were murdered by brutal evil and the same amount badly injured by monsters with no morals or heart within them. 

A bus full of coptic Christians on its way to a monastry south of Cairo were ambushed for no reason. Innocent people going about there lives and doing something they enjoyed were brutally murdered. This is nothing but evil. The people who are operating this evil possess no humanity whatsoever. They are coldhearted killers. The victims are righteous people, they are people of God what kind of monsters would murder people of God?  

The people who do this possess no God,  no heart and no religion. They belong to nothing but darkness and true evil. They possess nothing any human possesses. They are fuelled with the hate of humanity. They are striking anywhere and to anyone. They are striking children, they are striking sacred buildings such as churches and they are striking muslims and muslim countries. No one is safe from this evil. 

Egypt is a country which has a rich history. It has been dominated in history by four different religions. Ancient Egyptian Gods, Judaism,  Christianity and Islam lastly. This is a nation that is tolerant of others beliefs as part of these different religious ways makes up its culture and its national behaviours. The mix has contributed itself to modern Egyptian culture. 

When will this evil end?  When will the peace return?  How can a country like Egypt be attacked so brutally without an actual reason? Why should people be killed for their innocent beliefs? This terror network cares for no one. 

They destroyed the ancient sites in Syria. We shall not let you destroy the ancient wonders of Egypt. We shall not let you destroy the will of the Egyptian people to be safe. You are messing with the magnificent ancients. You are messing with the cradle of civilization. 

The ancients of Egypt built wonderful monuments and temples and Pyramids. They achieved amazing things. The people of Egypt built civilization and are an ancient super power. You won’t break that nation. 

May Horus return to protect the people of Egypt. May mankind come together against this evil network which is against all human beings. May we all live in peace as one. For the good of mankind. 

May the victims rest in peace

The Jakarta attack

In Indonesia there has been a suicide bombing killing police officers and injuring 10 others. This was done by two suicide bombers in a large muslim population country. 

This terror we all face in the world holds no God,  no religion and no heart. They are attacking muslim countries also and harming muslim people. This shows me they have no connection to islam or the truth of islam. They have become so detatched from reality they dont know how they are functioning. 

These terrorists have nothing to do with Islam. Islam means peace. They are not even close. They are killing people who believe in peaceful Islam. I cannot understand that ideology. Why are they attacking a place as so quiet in the world as Jakarta?  This shows me this evil will strike anywhere – against anyone. 

May the people of Indonesia stay safe and live free and live within the truth. May they be allowed to live their live in accordance and righteousness and within the laws of the divine in peace. No one deserves to be injured or die so brutally. 

We are all someone’s sons and daughters. Respect that. Let people live as long as the divine allows. 

Indonesia is a beautiful country. Let the world enjoy it and bask in its amazement. Dont alienate people from a great place in this world. Stop hurting people and dont spill blood. Spill your heart instead with the kindness people deserve. No one has the right to hurt another human being. 

May soon we all be safe. Take it easy the good people of the world. 

The British spirit

How dare you attack us, how dare you try and make us live in fear. You shall never stop us, we shall never hide away. This is Britain, this is the mother of the free. We shall never surrender our freedom. 

Do you think we will fall to you?  Do you think you will rule us?  Never!  This is a land which prides itself on free will. 

This is a land which single handedly defeated global super powers of the time such as the Armada,  Napoleon and stood alone against Hitler. What chance has your cowardly poor pathetic organization of terror got? We shall never give up hope, we shall never give up heart,  we shall never surrender our freedom. 

This is a land of great kings and queens, a land of great revolutionists of days gone by, of great freedom fighters. A nation of great inventions, of great inventors,  of great people and of great history. A beautiful maritime nation. A colonial super power, a land which gave us televisons, telephones and the world wide web. A land which brought forward industry and the modern world. How can you be as so stupid to think we will become like you? 

The more you attack us the stronger we shall become, the more you spread your evil,  the better we shall become, the more you hate us,  the more we shall love each other. You shall never beat us. 

You think harming our girls in this country will make you great, you think preaching your hate makes you so wise,  but you are in fact nothing. Nothing compared to the heroes we have had in this country. Heroes who stormed the Somme in search of freedom,  heroes who stood firm at Dunkirk and never surrendered,  heroes who stormed the beaches of France to stop the nazi war machine. Never shall your cowardly ways possess such determination and braveness. Never shall you seek such triumph of freedom,  within us you are awakening the spirits of the brave people who we was born to. The heroes of our ancestors who fought and many died for our freedom. Never shall we let their sacrifice be in vain. Never shall we lose sight of their memory. Never shall we forget the will of real heroes. 

No one in the world agrees with you other than the cowards who you all are. No one in the world would give you the time of day. What kind of monsters are you?  What kind of pathetic people are you? Killing children is evil and pathetic. Grow some balls you cowards. 

If anyone doesn’t like the British,  if anyone doesn’t want to live in Britain then leave. We dont want you here. Go back to the deep dark place you emerged from. You are not welcome under any notion of hate. This is the mother of the free. This is Britannia. 

British freedom shall remain, our culture and rich history shall remain,  the British will and spirit shall remain – you shall never kill it. 

We shall defend our Island – whatever the cost may be. 

Olivia Campbell

It has been confirmed that Olivia Campbell has sadly passed away. When we all heard she was missing on the news it was so upsetting. We all wanted and prayed for her to be safe. 

Most of us never knew Olivia,  but when we knew she was missing we felt like we did. We connected with the grief and worry of her parents. She became one of our own. She became Englands angel.

How can such evil do this to anyone? How can anyone want to harm children? There is nothing more cowardly than an attack on the innocent. 

She was just a 15 year old girl, like any other. She had no wish to hurt anyone so why did you want to hurt her? She had her whole life ahead of her.  People should be allowed to go to a concert and come home safe. 

Social media from first thing in the morning filled with her beauty. We all was worried and wanted her safe. She became the heart of the nation. 

I shall pray for the strength for her parents. No one deserves their pain. No one deserves to suffer this grief. They have the support of us all. All English hearts have been broken. 

I shall pray for all the families of the victims. May the victims be blessed by God in heaven. May they be at peace with him. 

So lets honour Olivia and her memory,  lets respect her. Lets send all our love to her parents,  lets send all our love to all the parents of all the victims. We are with you. 

Taken from the world by evil,  but forever shrouded now by the world in love. Olivia shall never be forgotten. She will be remembered forever by us all. 

So may the beautiful angel Olivia Campbell be one of the angels in the beautiful heavens. 

May she rest in peace.