Mothers day

When mothers day comes around we must always remember why we are here…because our beautiful mothers carried us safely into the world and gave us breath!  They protected us as small babies and children and raised us to be the people we have become today. Where would we be without our mothers?? 

We must always be thankful and grateful to this one entity we call mum who loves us unconditionally even if over the years we have been outrageous at times and stupid they have always stood by us! 

When times are hard!  Mum truly is the word.  Mums are like our own angels on Earth who we turn to upon call when we need them. For without mums where would we be?  They are the true rulers of the planet and the guides of all mankind. They raise us and guide us into the people we become.  

So behind every great person is definitely a great woman and that person is our mothers. I dont know what my life would of been like if I didn’t have my mum what about yours? 

So I shall bring her flowers today to show my appreciation of being blessed to have a mother and to of known my mother.  I couldnt of asked for a better mother even though we all think the same of our mothers.  In my eyes she is the best.  

So make the most of mothers day!  Show them what they mean to you and how fantastic they are.  Never take them for granted and make the most of your mother everyday! 


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