Lost relatives

Its a sad day when someone’s life comes to an end.  When their story is over and their is no more chapters. They have ran out of time. Everyone has a story to tell, a beautiful life.  I often wonder what tales people had to tell which sadly were never heard.  

Sadly we take people for granted. Example being my grandparents. I loved them but didn’t always make the time I should of to of seen them more. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  I just thought that they would be here forever. I imagined time would stand still and no one would ever leave. Sadly this is not the case.  But I am left warm by tales of their amazing life and in some ways their true love stories etc.  A photo album keeps them alive and the flame of their memory lit.  

Once my father did a family tree and it was fascinating.  There was people I didn’t know had existed related to me and had long since been forgotten about in time.  It had breathed life back into these people.  They had resurfaced once again.  I often wonder what their lives were like.  I began to wonder what events had taken place and happiness and of suffering and hardship.  Had they always been happy?  It had brought a life long since forgotten back to life.  It felt magic and brought my imagination forward and sent it running wild.  Who were they? What did they do for work and who was their family?  I imagined them in my minds eye. It was fascinating.  I even wrote a story I published online about my fathers great grandmother Celia and her life that we knew of. She was the one who interested me the most.  Her life was shrouded in mystery.  We never managed to find out who fathered her child.  In them days it was great shame to have a child out of wedlock. Who was he?  What had happened to her?  How and when did she die?  This we shall never know as it is lost in history as hard as we tried to find out.  But she fascinated me.  We knew she was a domestic serveant.  So I wrote a story using my imagination to answer the mystery of her life.  

Also my hero happens to be my grandfather who I never met.  He had died 8 years before I was born and to me he was a war hero who sailed the seven seas for king and country in world war two.  I never met him but he makes me proud.  Who is your hero in your family tree?  We will all find a figure of inspiration and interest somewhere.  

Are we like any of these people?  Do we possess their looks or traits, habbits and interests and behaviours? I believe somewhere within our genetics is surpressed passed on memories from our ancestors we dont know how to unlock. Perhaps as genetics are passed on perhaps so are memories and knowledge of certain things. Maybe it explains phobias etc.

So we should never take people for granted. Not just relatives but those close to us and who we have known since children.  No one is here forever.  No one gets out of life alive. So we must make the most of great people and be thankful for them and make most of the time we have together.  

I wish I had the chance to say goodbye to my grandparents.  They are the only ones I will ever have.  Sadly the past is forever locked in regret. 

So what I always remember is that no matter what part of the world we are from, no matter how much propoganda is spread against people. We all have parents and grandparents and ancestors of which all have fascinating tales to tell. No ones history is better than anyone elses and we must all be proud of the great people who went before us as we are made up of them people who we are today.  They still exist within us and live on through us.  

So if you still have parents and grandparents make the most of them and in your own way tell them what they mean to you.  They won’t be here forever and always wonder… What magical stories exist within your family tree? 


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