Hospital cuts

How can hospital cuts be allowed?  This should be one of the main essential places where maximum funds are needed!  The NHS is already in enough trouble without reducing the funds further!  The government must make funds available.  We have people on beds in coridoors due to no room,  we have people waiting days and weeks for treatment and massive queues for operations. 

My friend had to wait a month for his cancer treatment to begin surely this should of been straight away? Cancer shouldn’t be left to fester there is no time to sit and wait!  The NHS needs more money!  It needs more staff and doctors and rooms and facilities to help people.  The government must free up funds!!  

  1. Stop paying former primeminsters a wage!  – they dont do this job anymore! 
  2. Stop giving benefits to people who dont deserve it and dont want to work
  3. Stop building unnneccessary stadiums! 
  4. Stop giving free four course banquets to rich lords constantly after parliament.  Unneccessary?  

There are many ways to free up funds but governments and primeminsters just look to make themselves rich and the everyday people dont matter.  There are people in urgent need of care and help.  

Once I was in hospital with a relative and I pressed the button for help – nobody came… The coridoor was like a ghost town and the staff were so short in numbers.  How is this being allowed? Should staff numbers be more on a high than low?  The NHS should be the best and most productive,  effective and powerful it can be!  A weak hospital structure is not helping people!! 

Peoples lives are on the line and this should be priority. Money is needed for treatment and care and if they make cuts then the future looks bleaker for cures and help…


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