Mothers day

When mothers day comes around we must always remember why we are here…because our beautiful mothers carried us safely into the world and gave us breath!  They protected us as small babies and children and raised us to be the people we have become today. Where would we be without our mothers?? 

We must always be thankful and grateful to this one entity we call mum who loves us unconditionally even if over the years we have been outrageous at times and stupid they have always stood by us! 

When times are hard!  Mum truly is the word.  Mums are like our own angels on Earth who we turn to upon call when we need them. For without mums where would we be?  They are the true rulers of the planet and the guides of all mankind. They raise us and guide us into the people we become.  

So behind every great person is definitely a great woman and that person is our mothers. I dont know what my life would of been like if I didn’t have my mum what about yours? 

So I shall bring her flowers today to show my appreciation of being blessed to have a mother and to of known my mother.  I couldnt of asked for a better mother even though we all think the same of our mothers.  In my eyes she is the best.  

So make the most of mothers day!  Show them what they mean to you and how fantastic they are.  Never take them for granted and make the most of your mother everyday! 

A childhood home

For me walking into my nanas house as a child was like walking back in time. Into a bygone yesteryear.  There was ornaments and clocks and furniture from a time which pre-dated my life almost double. My nana lived in a traditional English house which most people lived in at the time. A two up,  two down terrace house. The front door stepped straight out onto the street and out the back was a nice yard.  

To me looking back to when I was a child my grandmother’s house was a magical place.  A place I spent alot of my childhood in the summer holidays when my nana used to take care of me and my brother when mum went to work.It holds sentimental value. I had never known my grandad he had died 8 years before I was born but I always felt like he was still there in some way.  

Now to me this house was peaceful and relaxing but it hadn’t always been like that. It was steeped deep in family history and my nan had lived there since she was roughly 18 with my grandad. 

Houses were not what they are now. Standards are not the same as now.  My nana used to have to battle mice and cockroaches reguarly as this was a common thing. This was the 1930s and standards were not so great.  There was an outside toilet. The whole idea of an outside toilet to me seems like a long way in history and madness as to how anyone could live like that!  But that was the times and the normal!  My mum once told me of how horrible it was going outside to the toilet in the middle of a cold bleak mid winters night. I am so lucky to live in such advanced times.  

World war two had broken out and my grandad had volunteered for the navy to help fight the nazi war machine.  This was a time of hardship not realized in most modern british minds and lives. My nan has been left at home alone to survive alone with a young daughter during the early years of the war.  I often remember her telling me of during some air raids she and my aunty as a very young girl possibly two or three years old would hide in the pantry under the stairs. This pantry was there throughout all the time I visited and to me it was a little area under my nans stairs with the entry into the pantry in the kitchen where she kept a few boxes of storage and a hoover.  But I bet alot of emotion was contained within that small space of time.  Emotions such as worry and anger and panic and sadness.  A place of a flickering candle in the black out and the sounds of bombs dropping and the sounds of the planes going over. Once a bomb landed close by and blew the windows outwards.  I cannot imagine all this happening within the walls I spent many a happy time and many nights staying over as a child. 

Over time as the years passed my nan had 9 children all born in the same front bedroom overlooking the street outside. Once I helped my uncle decorate the front room and there was remains of another time under the paper.  There was names on the wall and markings where my mum and her eight siblings had been doing a height chart with each name against their height carved into the wall. This was probably lost in time from the 1950s and 60s and once again shown itself in the mid 1990s.  Where had these times gone?  Time had flew by fast.  

Here is a family history steeped deep. Life’s had been played out here and events and situations and emotions had unfolded amongst so many different people.  There was happy times and there was sad times.  My nan suffered the loss of my grandad.  He died young especially by todays standards and was robbed of many happy years.  

But there was many happy christmas times as well.  As a young child myself my nana cooked for the whole family. For such a small house at least 30 of us managed to fit in on Christmas day to share Christmas dinner together.  How my nana in her 70s managed to Cook for that many people I will never know and at the time maybe never appreciated but looking back she has my full on respect for such an achievement year after year.

I cannot imagine 8 children all sleeping in one room.  My mum and her sisters all shared the front bedroom.  This was common for big families to do so at one time. Im not sure if today it is allowed I dont know but then it was normal. So many childhoods were spent here. Children and many grandchildren spent hours in the house and many slept over in the same front bedroom.  I always detected a presence in the front bedroom perhaps it was energies passed from many and memories and time showing itself. 

Sadly my nan passed away at the age of 98 and the house which had remained within my family for 80 years had to be sold.  Now its for a new family and a new beginning, era and time and I often wonder – do the new owners know the memories of so many different people which were within them four walls?  Did they know exactly how many people were born into the room they now possess as a quiet room in their home and exactly how many childhoods were spent there of people who have long since grown up? 

The aunty who my nana sat in the pantry as a young child also grew up and grew old into her 70s and has passed away. She had lived her whole life and she came and she went in the flicker of time. My nana had been born many years before her and outlived her oldest daughter by a further four or so years before nan died.  So now they are back together and I wonder if the shadows of time will replay and the echoes of them memories of them two in the pantry still linger? Them two together again in time.  

Perhaps them energies of that home and memories will linger within them walls forever and within the hearts of those who know how much the house in sentimental value it was really worth… 

Lost relatives

Its a sad day when someone’s life comes to an end.  When their story is over and their is no more chapters. They have ran out of time. Everyone has a story to tell, a beautiful life.  I often wonder what tales people had to tell which sadly were never heard.  

Sadly we take people for granted. Example being my grandparents. I loved them but didn’t always make the time I should of to of seen them more. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.  I just thought that they would be here forever. I imagined time would stand still and no one would ever leave. Sadly this is not the case.  But I am left warm by tales of their amazing life and in some ways their true love stories etc.  A photo album keeps them alive and the flame of their memory lit.  

Once my father did a family tree and it was fascinating.  There was people I didn’t know had existed related to me and had long since been forgotten about in time.  It had breathed life back into these people.  They had resurfaced once again.  I often wonder what their lives were like.  I began to wonder what events had taken place and happiness and of suffering and hardship.  Had they always been happy?  It had brought a life long since forgotten back to life.  It felt magic and brought my imagination forward and sent it running wild.  Who were they? What did they do for work and who was their family?  I imagined them in my minds eye. It was fascinating.  I even wrote a story I published online about my fathers great grandmother Celia and her life that we knew of. She was the one who interested me the most.  Her life was shrouded in mystery.  We never managed to find out who fathered her child.  In them days it was great shame to have a child out of wedlock. Who was he?  What had happened to her?  How and when did she die?  This we shall never know as it is lost in history as hard as we tried to find out.  But she fascinated me.  We knew she was a domestic serveant.  So I wrote a story using my imagination to answer the mystery of her life.  

Also my hero happens to be my grandfather who I never met.  He had died 8 years before I was born and to me he was a war hero who sailed the seven seas for king and country in world war two.  I never met him but he makes me proud.  Who is your hero in your family tree?  We will all find a figure of inspiration and interest somewhere.  

Are we like any of these people?  Do we possess their looks or traits, habbits and interests and behaviours? I believe somewhere within our genetics is surpressed passed on memories from our ancestors we dont know how to unlock. Perhaps as genetics are passed on perhaps so are memories and knowledge of certain things. Maybe it explains phobias etc.

So we should never take people for granted. Not just relatives but those close to us and who we have known since children.  No one is here forever.  No one gets out of life alive. So we must make the most of great people and be thankful for them and make most of the time we have together.  

I wish I had the chance to say goodbye to my grandparents.  They are the only ones I will ever have.  Sadly the past is forever locked in regret. 

So what I always remember is that no matter what part of the world we are from, no matter how much propoganda is spread against people. We all have parents and grandparents and ancestors of which all have fascinating tales to tell. No ones history is better than anyone elses and we must all be proud of the great people who went before us as we are made up of them people who we are today.  They still exist within us and live on through us.  

So if you still have parents and grandparents make the most of them and in your own way tell them what they mean to you.  They won’t be here forever and always wonder… What magical stories exist within your family tree? 

Scottish referendum

Once again the issue of the scottish referendum has rose its head.  Nicola Sturgeon has publically called for the second vote to make scotland independent from the UK since Brexit. She wants Scotland to remain in the EU and leave the UK.  

Is this a good idea?  Is Nicola Sturgeon seeking her own glory and on a power trip on her own and could doom the Scottish people to an uncertain future? 

Afterall the EU is at the worse it has been.  There is belief the French want to leave, alot of Italians dont like the EU, the Dutch want a referendum also. What if the EU collapses?  It is made up of alot of very weak democracies. Where would this leave Scotland?  Should Scotland link itself to countries like Greece and others which has seeked a bail out and gone bankrupt. Has the EU done these countries any good?  Greece blames the EU for its downfall. The founder of western civilisation in such a mess. 

I believe that Scotland would best staying in the UK.  Staying amongst the same island it belongs to mixed with the same ancestral history. We all share British blood together. We are all isolated together.  We are one!  Example I am from England and I have irish blood, I love the nature of Wales and Scotland. 

We are all mixed and share a heritage. Why does Scotland wish to be seperate from their English and Welsh relations? Alot of us have families mixed within the three home nations why divide it?  they should push for UK reforms and now is a good time to do it. Parliament needs massive renovation and I think a new building further north should be chosen to represent us all. 

Scotland must make sure they  dont vote on patriotic historical events.  This is ancient history. Does anyone want a border crossing from England to Scotland?  No this will damage many businesses and profit and trade within each other. Tourism into Scotland will be damaged as English won’t want the border crossing issue.  We should not be looking to divide the island but bring it closer together.  We dont want borders and divides we want togetherness.  We have had a wall between us before let that be the only time we are divided!!  

If Scotland stays in the EU then immigrants will enter Scotland for free…and gather at the border to pass into England.  Does Scotland want a jungle camp like the one in Calais on its soil?  Scotland alone is weaker,  England and Wales alone are weaker!  Stay together.  Scotland must remember as much as they love their nation that London holds massive finance,  is a european city powerhouse of which Scotland doesn’t possess. London whether they like it or not could be a massive allie to the scottish nation more than Brussels and Berlin.  Will Scotland be helped by Brussels or will they see it as a UK issue?  Wondering why England cant help?  This is one island and the scots might be seen as UK anyhow by the eyes of europe.  

If Scotland must demand a vote and push for another referendum they must fight for another EU referendum before a scottish one. This is your home island. Your British race and relations and ancestry.  We have had too much time in history divided. The future should be as one.  

The United kingdom together is strong and can survive the current storm.  We must stay together as one! 

One island,one people,  one name – Britannia!  Rule Britannia!  

Animal cruelty

Often I see on the news of animal hunts. A recreational pleasure for many. I fail to understand how anyone could want to hunt an animal for fun?  How cruel can anyone be?  What pleasure do you get from such brutality on a helpless animal who stands no chance?  This should be banned all over the world!!  

Example being here in England you have lots of people riding round on horses with packs of dogs hunting foxes. Seriously what is the point? The hunt cant go wrong nothing would stand a chance!  Why bother?  It surely isn’t a challenge to do this hunt… 

All the creatures on this planet serve a purpose.  Allow the fox to do his duty in life.  Let him live to be what nature intended!  

In african countries you have people hunting Elephants which is cruel.  The world should remove the value of Ivory and force the hands of these people to stop.  Lions are hunted for fun and Rhinos for their horns.  

Elephants are amazing creatures.  They have great memory.  They can locate to water from almost anywhere.  Can humans?  Learn from these creatures. Mankind has many lessons to learn from the animal kingdom.  

There was an article in the newspaper lately of a woman lay down on the ground posing next to a Giraffe she had hunted.  Why would anyone be proud of this?  This is not humanity. 

In the Americas it is fun to hunt bears and buffalo for fun.  This is cruel and I dont understand the joy in it.  That is a life you are taking!  

I find the whole art of animal hunting very cowardly.  Do you think it makes you look great?  No it doesn’t!  In fact its cowardly and sad.  Why don’t you hunt these animals alone with your bare hands?  I think the outcome and enjoyment might be slightly different then.  A grown man would struggle alone with a fox and a wild dog never mind anything size of a lion. 

Animals deserve respect and why not? They are fantastic magnificent creatures who may not have the same thought process as us but have other attributes far superior to humans such as amazing vision and superb hearing.  

I know at times we have all killed Spiders and snails etc sometimes by accident and sometimes not but try to honour these creatures.  They are wonderfully adapted. We have no rights to kill anything for fun. Mankind has no position or authority to play God.  

Recently on a trip to the zoo – upon reading about the animals the majority of endangered species was because of mankind.  Such as poaching and hunting and destruction of habitat.  Elephants are endangered because of ‘human-elephant’ conflict.  I thought we was supposed to be the cleverest of all the creatures on Earth so why are we destroying the world?  How can we allow families of elephants to be murdered?  

These evil people need to be stopped and brought to justice. Hunting of animals needs to be massively outlawed and anyone found doing it should be punished and shamed forever.  

We must stop the endangerment of animals and protect them. This world doesn’t belong to mankind – we share it with all the fantastic creatures that live here.  So people who are interested in hunting animals then perhaps you are exempt from humanity.  For humanity would never do such an evil deed… 

Haunted locations – Croxteth Hall, Liverpool

I went to visit Croxteth hall five years ago the day after Halloween.  It was a rainy day and all around Croxteth hall there was no one to be seen. The hall had stood there for around 600 years or so.  I entered the gift shop to buy my tickets to enter the hall.  You have to buy the entry tickets in the gift shop and go through a door into the gift shop into the hall.

I entered the hall and was at the bottom of the grand old main staircase.  To the left of me was the original entrance and to the right the stairs and a passageway along the staircase to the downstairs rooms.  It was periodically created such as styled to suit Victorian times.  Fake paraffin lamps flickered at top of the stairs.  Old music played quietly.  

My first impression of the place was a strange and unique location.  It was a tourist attraction and each room had motion sensors so when you enter a room voices and sounds play as if it was the people who used to live there living their lives.  

As I stood at the bottom of the staircase I heard one of the audio themes begin to play in one of the rooms upstairs which I thought was strange as I was the only one in the hall.  I ignored it and continued my journey down a passage to lower floor rooms along side the stairs.  I could hear the heavy rain hitting the windows.  It was quiet and the atmosphere was silent and close. The cold air circulated gently around the passageway.  

I arrived at the old wine cellar and it was a little darker here as not much natural light. I looked into the cellar and jumped a little.  Stood in the cellar facing the beer barrels with his back to me was a man in an old fashioned tuxedo.  He was motionless. My heart raced a little then I realized it was a waxwork model!  The hall had various models scattered about the place such as maids and workers.  

I continued and walked down the coridoor into the kitchen area.  The main door into the courtyard was open and the rain was heavy and the only sound I could hear. In the coridoor was a pigeon. I walked close to the Pigeon but he didn’t move at all which I thought was unusual… 

I entered a door into the kitchen.  Either side of the door was windows looking into the coridoor all the way along to the walls.  The audio music played and I took photos.  I stood still looking at my camera pictures for a minute and the audio music had gone off and as I hadn’t moved it didn’t come back on.  

Then from another room I heard a door open.  I turned and looked surprised as I was the only one in and this door was from ahead of me.  I looked through the window which shown the hall coridoor. 

Coming along the coridoor I could see a dark Hood making its way along.  The feet sounded heavy. I seen him stop roughly around where the Pigeon had been.  He reached the door to the kitchen and I seen a hooded figure about 170cm tall and a grotesque face. He wore old fashioned heavy sandals and a long dark cloak and had bare legs.  He jumped when he saw me as if he didn’t expect me to be there… 

He stood and stared at me for about twenty seconds. His face was like ‘rotting’ and his hair had a grey strip going under his Hood. Then he continued walking and slammed another door further up… Then he returned with his heavy footsteps… Stared again for what seemed forever but really was about ten seconds.. I seen the pigeon under his arm.  He then dissapeared into a locked room not for the public and never came back… 

The sad thing about it was the whole time I had a camera in my hand the whole time but failed to take a photograph… At the time I didn’t think of it as I was too much in the grip of the situation.  

I attempted to continue to wander the tour of the hall but couldn’t as my imagination kicked in and I had visions of him everywhere bumping into him round corners or on staircases etc or him being hidden amongst the models sat at a table.. It was scary thoughts.  

I went back to the gift shop and reported it and they confirmed no one else had been in before or after me.  The security showed me on cctv but nothing else… 

Now I know people will believe I made this up but this genuinely happened to me…

Hospital cuts

How can hospital cuts be allowed?  This should be one of the main essential places where maximum funds are needed!  The NHS is already in enough trouble without reducing the funds further!  The government must make funds available.  We have people on beds in coridoors due to no room,  we have people waiting days and weeks for treatment and massive queues for operations. 

My friend had to wait a month for his cancer treatment to begin surely this should of been straight away? Cancer shouldn’t be left to fester there is no time to sit and wait!  The NHS needs more money!  It needs more staff and doctors and rooms and facilities to help people.  The government must free up funds!!  

  1. Stop paying former primeminsters a wage!  – they dont do this job anymore! 
  2. Stop giving benefits to people who dont deserve it and dont want to work
  3. Stop building unnneccessary stadiums! 
  4. Stop giving free four course banquets to rich lords constantly after parliament.  Unneccessary?  

There are many ways to free up funds but governments and primeminsters just look to make themselves rich and the everyday people dont matter.  There are people in urgent need of care and help.  

Once I was in hospital with a relative and I pressed the button for help – nobody came… The coridoor was like a ghost town and the staff were so short in numbers.  How is this being allowed? Should staff numbers be more on a high than low?  The NHS should be the best and most productive,  effective and powerful it can be!  A weak hospital structure is not helping people!! 

Peoples lives are on the line and this should be priority. Money is needed for treatment and care and if they make cuts then the future looks bleaker for cures and help…

The death penalty

“If you must break the law do it to seize power,  in all other cases – observe it” – Julius Cesar. 

This is a topic which is often raised with those for it and those against.  Into the subject goes morality and ethics. Should the death penalty be allowed?  Should it be re-instated?  Is there warrant for it? 
In my own personal opinion I believe there is a warrant for it.  I often hear on the radio of murders and serial killers and horrific crimes and its very upsetting.  Often these sick crimes are rewarded with hardly any kind of a punishment.  How is prison a punishment in these days?  They get to stay safe indoors in nice enough conditions and get priviledges and some even get computers. Why are these people being given anything?  They should be made to exist in the worse of conditions. 

Once I visited Beaumaris jail on the isle of Anglesey.  This was a jail in the Victorian times and is now a tourist attraction.  As soon as I walked in I could feel the tight suffocating atmosphere. I could instantly tell suffering had took place here for any crimes.  The rooms were small and some with no windows. The inmates had to work hard just for their breakfast.  They were punished hard if stepped out of line.  How have prisons changed so much that inmates are now seen having fun and drinking and mobile phones sneaked in unnoticed.  What kind of places have prisons become where it is acceptable to be in and not too much hardship?  Where the life is OK. Prisons should be feared. They should be a place where human rights for murderers is hard to come by.  

Some will say its inhumane to execute them.  But where was their humanity and humane views when they took innocent lives?  These people are exempt from humanity.  They are not apart of it. 

They should be wiped out and took out of life so we don’t have to care for them. This will free up space in prisons with people of lesser crimes. This will save the tax payer paying to keep them and the money can be put towards a good thing instead of useless to society monsters.  

People say ‘oh killing them is an easy way out for them’ but I dont care.  I dont care about that I want them gone and no longer a threat to anyone and not allowed to live. They take up space and time and money. If I murdered someone I would expect to lose my life and why not?  

If someone had murdered someone close to me I dont see jail as justice not in the modern day.  When has society become so weak it is scared to punish such evil? What kind of society do we live in where murderers can still have their life and live it out in an OK environment protected by laws and human rights after they took a life away? 

Surely human rights shouldnt apply to these people.  They opted out when they disrespected the human rights of others. 

Recently it was on the radio of a man who killed a man in an unprovoked attack and punched him.  He died and the man who killed him got 6 years in jail.  How is 6 years justice for the victims family??  The victim got an eternal sentence.  His life was ended!  

He faces a small punishment then walks back into civilization to enjoy his life and see friends and family etc.  Whereas his. Victim is gone forever… He has murdered someone.  What if he does it again? 

I know in certain situations we must be careful incase there isn’t much evidence but one concrete evidence where is the issue with putting monsters down? Imagine if one of these people escaped.. 

Some will argue that these people can be rehabilitated and helped but for what purpose?  They can never be released and allowed back into society.  They can never be allowed a normal life.  What is the point in wasting resources on these people?  They knew what they were doing when they broke the law.  So if you cant do the time dont do the crime.  I understand rapists and thieves etc should be given second chances etc but murderers especially cold brutal murderers should be put to sleep.  Im not refering to accidental murder as in manslaughter etc because that is just unfortunate.  There are situations where you might accidentally kill someone etc and thats fair enough its unfortunate but intended murder is evil.  Child murderers are evil etc why are they allowed to continue?  The yorkshire ripper for example costs the British taxpayer alot of money a year to house him etc why bother?  He cant be free. Can the money not be put to a more useful cause?  

Society needs to be stricter on those who operate outside its core.  Outside the mainstream of society which operates nice behaviour and compassion.  Why should nice people be put at risk?  

Perhaps knowing you will die too will make murderers think twice.  Everyone knows murder is wrong.  The only regret some of these murderers have is being caught.

But we all have our own opinions on this naturally.  Mine is to keep society such as our children truly safe…