The isle of Anglesey hangs off the coast of North west Wales and is a beautiful place. It has been kept the same for 100s of years and the big corporations as of yet have not managed to take over Anglesey.  Here is where Prince William and Kate Middleton lived for a short while on the other side of the island near Treaddur bay.  

There is very little here.  Old derelict farmhouses and cottages and beautiful seaside beaches and coasts.  Despite it being oldy worldy and dominated by fields it is a fantastic place!  The coastal walks and the beaches are amazing and beautiful.  This is not a place of modern hotels such as travel lodges and holiday inns.  Anglesey is mainly a cottage holiday and a caravan holiday.  There are some old amazing cottages to rent out for a few days. If you had a motorhome you can park overlooking the sea. Imagine waking up to that every morning! 

Heading around the island on the way through there are various parking points where you can overlook the sea and in the distance the mountains.  There are many small coves to walk along and enjoy the views.  They are usually relatively quiet and relaxing.  At times you can see seals or other creatures such as dolphins if you are lucky.  

At Penmon further along the Menai straits there is an old derelict priory and a church.  This is a quiet unknown place but beautiful. I once went into the church and it was such a great atmosphere. Candles burned and flickered and there was a lovely smell. The sun shone through the big stain glass window at the front. It was amazing.  The church was a church from years gone by and still used by the locals and was so peaceful.  This is one of the first times I had been in a church and enjoyed it. There was no one in due to it being a saturday and it was quiet and peaceful and the smell of incense hung in the air.  I can see why people are connected with religious buildings as here was God in all his glory and here was peace. 

Outside in the gardens there is a small lovely walk and at the end of the path is an old wishing well and a rose growing next to the well.  There is usually one rose placed above the well by a groundskeeper and although quiet and isolated it is very romantic.  There is talk of a ghost of a nun who used to spend her time there and wanders the area. The area is beautiful,  mysterious and romantic. Behind the priory is an old cemetry.  Numerous people who have tributes there were lost at sea.  

Going further up paying the toll there is a lighthouse at the top.  It is a fascinating coastal spot.  There is a lovely cafe where you can sit outside and overlook the lighthouse.  It has such a maritime feeling to the place.  The lighthouse rings on the hour and adds to a fantastic atmosphere. Penmon overlooks Puffin Island just off the coast. If you go last thing at night the light is spinning on the lighthouse.  It is just like a childrens adventure book such as the famous five. Absolutely fantastic location. 

Further down the road is the small seaside town of Beaumaris.  Beaumaris is on the banks of the Menai straits and has a Pier where you can look over the Menai Bridge. It has an amazing feel to it. There’s a few nice shops in the town and cafes to eat.  There is a tea shop which remains here which you dont see much of now on mainland Britain.  As I entered I was hit with a smell of tea and scones which sent me back to childhood.  

Beaumaris is steeped in history and as you enter the town you will see a castle turret and upon entering the town Beaumaris castle dominates.  The castle is a fantastic walk round the grounds and you can walk on the walls with great views.  The castle is still as good as intact and is huge!  It is well worth a visit.  

Another favourite place in Anglesey is the Menai straits.  As you drive down a road which runs along side the straits you get a beautiful view.  It was here recently that a tropical turtle was found all the way from Mexico washed up. Amazingly he washed up right outside the Anglesey sea zoo!  The water is beautiful to see and is a lovely blue colour you see rarely in the UK. Going over the Menai straits is Menai bridge. This is a unique looking bridge and is lit up at night looking amazing.  

The sea zoo is also worth a visit as this has a unique feel to it unlike most zoos I have been in as most aquariums to me are the same but I enjoyed the Anglesey sea zoo.  Was very….British.  All the creatures I think within it are found in British waters.  

If your lucky enough to be there at night and the moon is big and bright you shall witness beauty.  The moon hangs still in the sky and there is peace and tranquility.  The tide moves slow and the moon reflects off the Menai straits.  This is natural beauty!  

There is so much to see and do for such a small quiet place.  Benllech beach is very popular during the summer months and it is a fantasic location with a huge beach.  Even during winter it is nice when people mainly go dog walking etc but the atmosphere is the same.  The island feeling never goes away. 

Lligwy beach is popular amongst tourists and a fantastic sun place during the summer.  The view is nice and it is a lovely walk at early evening.  

My favourite place in Anglesey has to be point Lynas.  This is a hidden secret paradise.  A small beach cove with beautiful water and not busy often.  Here on the cliffs is amazing views over the cove.  It is a wonder of the UK and not to be missed!  On a sunny day you can see a long distance out to sea.  There is a bench upon the cliffs to sit and just enjoy the amazing view in peace. As you stand upon the cliff top overlooking the cove you might be lucky to experience the gentle breeze blowing through the trees and hedges and hear the whisper in the wind and feel magic in the air. Upon the cliffs at the top is the old lighthouse which adds to the atmosphere.  A real paradise! 

Anglesey really is a paradise and despite its ancient ways and not been changed I think this is part of the charm and an escapism from the modern world.  This is a place for everyone in the world to enjoy!  Whether a walker or a fisherman or a bather you will find your dream in Anglesey.  It is a glimpse into a Great Britain from times gone by.  

My personal opinion is that I hope this place never changes and remains like this secret gem for the rest of my life! 

Rating: 4/5 


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