Online relationships

The modern world consists of a new type of meeting people which is meeting online. There are 100s of online dating apps now and apps and websites for people to meet and communicate and the world has become much smaller. But does online love really exist? Does it really work and is it possible? Can long distance relationships work? 

In my own personal opinion and experience I would say in 98% of the people you meet online are not going to be for you and there is no connection. But there will be one or two who you become so close to. This is the closeness of souls and the love of personality. Chatting online gives you the oppurtunity to get so close to someones personality in ways you would not in person. This is a good way to get to know each other. 

The negative to online dating is the amount of people in one place. Imagine it being real in person and there was that many people in one room for you to chat to. Its like a big massive cyber room where there is so much going on and so much tempt and people to talk with. 

The difference with online romance is you may lack the physical attraction and the spark in person you may need to have love. Although your personalitys may connect great you may not connect so great in person. Sometimes if you chat fine by words this is good but try calling them and see how you chat together by voice. This can be an insight of how you connect. If the conversation flows via phone its good.

Chatting and meeting online can be a safe haven for people who are shy. Its hard to meet people in person and chat to them when you are shy but online shyness doesnt exist. 

Make sure you always differ and understand the different kinds of love. Never mistake love for like. There is like and lust and there is love. Love is strong the other two wear thin after time. If you continue to persue the interest you must love them. I think alot of people online just like each other rather than love. Love is hard for us all to understand and know well. Not everyone knows what love is. There will be rare times when after so long you can admit you love them. Maybe you think they are super great and love knowing them. This is rare but amazing.  

Always remember its like life in person. You are not going to fancy them all. You might like them as friends but not as bf or husband/wife material. Remember when you chat online try not to imagine this person as your perfect looks or lover because this can happen and you are living then in virtual reality and technically acting out your own fantasy girlfriend/boyfriend. 

The online dating way is also alot harder as you can make alot of mistakes and do things you wouldnt do in real life. So many people may want to chat. When you have a special someone and they see you have chatted with others or another likes you it can become a hurt game and jealousy can step forward. This is understandable its the same in physical world but it wouldnt happen in your life as much as on the internet. Afterall you can chat every night online to people but you wouldnt meet that many people to chat to face to face in person. Where would you find the time or that many people in an evening?

Luckily for me the one girl I adored from online hit it off straight away by text and voice and I am sure its the same for others. 
So if you have got an online love interest maybe cool the apps down a bit and concentrate on her. Make her feel special and get to know her and protect her feelings (him if girl reading) try not to make stupid mistakes for it is very easy online to make them. Dont let others affect your relationship same as in person. 

So I do believe in online love but dont force it with just anyone as same in person let it happen naturally. My girl I want shares all the same interests as me and we get on great I am glad I found her. We are like best friends also and I adore her. 

In a situation where I broke her heart into millions of pieces I would make sure I am there to brush it up and piece it back together. Online is harder to protect loved ones as theres so much which can happen which isnt always your doing but make sure your always honest. For true in love always be or that love is false to thee. 

So long distance can surely work also as you are dedicated and commited. You are not always going to find true love next door…

So remember also distance is nothing when someone is everything…


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