Facebook dominance

“The next great empire – will be the empire of minds” – Winston Churchill. 

Facebook is certainly that. Facebook is an online empire which as captured an controlling the minds of millions. 

We all know facebook and most of us use facebook and has become a big internet dominance and an internet superpower. It has had good points and good ways of how it has brought people together and reconnected families and lost friends etc and is a good hub of communication. 

But now facebook has moved up to another level. It is going beyond communication with friends now into deeper technology.

It is now starting to use live video and now using tv channels on its site and VR. Is all this really neccessary? I think not! 

It is now becoming addictive and controlling peoples lives and people will never be off facebook and using it for everything such as news and tv programs and games and talking. It is slowly taking us all away from real life into a cyber fake world. Facebook is slowly now herding us into one place and controlling us. People are only displaying pictures they want people to see. People are purposely taking photographs just for facebook to make it look as if they are having an amazing time much more than the truth of how such a party or evening or an event was. 

In history when you took a photograph that was the photograph whether good or bad for everyone to see. Now people just upload the photos which are best of them and makes them look better to people. People take selfies for display pictures and with the prospect of impressing others. Why else take a selfie?

It has become a world where insecurities can flare up if you dont get as many likes on a picture or comment as someone else. Does this really matter to people so much? 

What about real life and real life issues? What about life and the things we need to learn and do? Such as work and knowledge and progression. What about communication with the people around you? Does facebook teach us life? Does facebook teach us knowledge? Does facebook help us achieve a good job?

Facebook is slowly leading us away from real life hobbies and occupying us on the site. Will people play football and ride bikes and spend time outdoors in years to come? Will people go dancing in years to come and learn arts and music etc? Or will facebook occupy us too much with the thrill of tv programs and talking to people and living in virtual reality and in games? Facebook has created its own little world and occupys the minds of millions of people. 

It is dominating the monopoly. It has bought Wattsapp and now is taking on youtube. Soon everything we visit on the internet will be facebook controlled. Soon facebook will be the main player in the game and dominate the internet empire and control and influence millions of people without even having to invade a country or fight for anything.

Also Facebook is a place where fake news can breed and spread merely through people sharing it. Fake information can spread like wildfire if posted correctly with eye catching titles. It doesnt take much for people to share it and then others to take it as gospel truth. We must be careful what information we are exposed to. Not all news bulletins are from professional news companies and facebook is ideal place as millions of people exist there. People are exposed massively to brainwashing and propaganda. 

The future looks an advanced yet strange place for generations to come and a millions miles away from worlds we all grew up in. The world has become a much smaller place through communication hubs and social media. It all has its advantages but also there are massive disadvantages also. The more social media grows the more social events in person will be jeopardised. Why go and visit friends when they are a click away? 

Being popular surely isnt judged by facebook friend numbers. How many people on your facebook have you hardly ever spoke to? How many people on your facebook would you speak to if you saw them? If theres not many then why are they on there? 

I think the technology being included is wonderful and a triumph but perhaps not for the scores of people who will become addicted to it in years to come and the people creating situations simply just to upload to facebook for their own image and to look good and feel popular in the eyes of others who watch it online. The future is going to be a strange place to exist in.

You must remember to keep your life real also and see real friends and have real ambitions and dreams and get out there and achieve them and maxmimise your potential. You must have real dreams and hobbies and ambitions and not sit in front of a screen all day. Watching live videos of friends might be a novelty and funny but also a distraction from more useful things. 

We must encourage our children to play outside and enjoy real life and the real world rather than being on computers. We need to remember reality. 

Although it is nice keeping in touch with friends and family we must also persue our dreams in the real world and we must live and breath the real world as a priority. 

Although the technology is fantastic and the communication is great. Remember to not waste too much time on a site which holds you no real benefits other than chat and that is capable of distracting you away from real life. As with most trends there will be a decline and someday facebook shall have its day at the top. Just dont let facebook get the better of you and enjoy your life and not waste it.


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