Magical space

Above us every night going mainly unnoticed by the majority of people is the great unknown.  The magic beautiful space.  The stars twinkle away beautiful and mysterious. There is magic here and wonder in places where you can see all the galaxys and the cosmos.  What is out there?  What is happening in worlds we dont know? Why are they there?  

If your lucky enough to be awake in the early hours round about September you may see Mars, Jupiter and Venus cross the sky shining beautiful and bright.  We are a small part of space. We are insignificant compared to the universe. We hold no power and have no control over this vast beautiful heavens above us.  We are smaller than a grain of sand in such a vast universe but perhaps we can have the biggest input in years to come.  

We as humans should unite as one and become humanity and stop fighting silly wars and arguments.  For we all float together as one on planet Earth.  We will all suffer the same fate of universal catasrophes.  If you look from a space station at the Earth we all share, there is no countries only land and Sea.  The land we all share.  The land we all live together as one – mankind.  Our beautiful blue planet which belongs to us all we must protect it and study space together and chart it.  

Sometimes mainly during winter when I look out of my bedroom window I can see orion’s belt flickering away in the sky. What’s happening out there?  Are we visible to orion’s belt? It fills my mind with wonder.  I gaze in amazement of the stars shining.  The excitement of space is something we all enjoy.  

If I am walking home in the dark and its a clear night sometimes I gaze up at the heavens above. The stars twinkling away as they have done for all eternity. I often name in my mind the most shining stars after ancestors who have sadly gone into the heavens.  I remember them as I stand under such wonder. I like to feel my ancestors are watching over me.  

Gazing up at the stars remind me that my time here is limited and I must enjoy myself and enjoy such beauty and wonder.  Star gazing is fantastic I could do it for hours.  How can we ignore such a miracle above? Our eyes wont be able to witness it forever. Time will pass and the Earth will spin but the stars will remain long after we have gone.  Our life hangs in the balance everyday under a vast universe and we must never take life for granted.  Although we have a minimal effect under the stars as people.  Perhaps we can still hold a role of importance.  

There is nothing as magic as a shooting star flying across the night sky.  This has to be one of the best visions humanity can see. We don’t often see such fascination but what are we all missing while we are so busy?  

So the beautiful mysterious space continues to enchant me and keep my mind wondering at the beautiful depth and vastness of other worlds.  Will we ever find out and answer the mysteries? Is there life out there gazing at a far away blue planet and wondering the same as us? 

So I stand under the clear night skies and I wonder.. What’s beyond the stars? 

The belief of God

Always have belief, always follow and always have faith!  For what is a world without faith? 

For we as people can abandon God as much as we want but what would you do if God abandoned you?  

Shame on them who wander through life blind and ignorant, Shame on them who accept being here by accident. Surely an accident cannot be so beautiful? 

Do you think your life serves no actual purpose?  Surely there is a reason for this entire existance…

How can an answer within athiesm be based on.. ‘Dont know’ as an answer? 

We live in this natural perfect world with all man can desire… Below the seven beautiful heavens and the stars of such amazement.  

Does the answers not exist before us in the natural world we live in? Does one day play out our entire lives?  Born in the beautiful light of dawn…bask in the warmth of midday.. Grow tired in the late afternoon and then darkness falls upon our faces.  The sun stops for non of mankind. Forces greater than any creature exist.  Nature is far more powerful than mankind!  The creator is the most powerful of all.  

We must make the most of life and everyday!  We must enjoy everyday and do as much as we can!  We have been blessed to breath and witness such beauty! We must include God in our everyday for he is everywhere.  

Enjoy everything your eyes see as someday all the people and places will fade for nothing is immortal.  Make the most of loved ones as they won’t be here forever.  They have been blessed to you! Granted to you so never take them for granted!  Tell your mum thankyou! For she gave you this oppurtunity.  Tell her you love her.  Thank God for he blessed you to her!  Life is the great oppurtunity.  

Walk on your path of life smiling and always happy and why not?  God is with you.  Use him as your driving force!  He is with you!  You never walk alone!

So whatever your dreams are.. Persue them and stop at nothing!  Waste no time…. For the sun is passing over on its way to the horizon.  

The seasons of our lives are playing out before us – the spring we was born and basked in summer at our heights, autumn we age…we must enjoy life and make the most of every chance before winter!  For the winter is coming. 

We can ignore the words and truth of God as much as we want…but we can all admit to calling upon him in times of need…

Heaven and paradise exists out there waiting,  but we must also make a heaven and a paradise on Earth.

We are all not without sin,  but as long as we possess the hope of redemption and the will of forgiveness then our souls are guided well.  

So always have faith,  always believe and always follow truth!!  

So bask in the warmth of sun and family but never let the sun fade on your life too quick before its too late. Enjoy yourself and be true to yourself.  Never lose the belief and the faith in the guidance of destiny and God.  For what better guidance is there for us to be blessed with?

So remember…time and tide….waits for no man.. 

Online relationships

The modern world consists of a new type of meeting people which is meeting online. There are 100s of online dating apps now and apps and websites for people to meet and communicate and the world has become much smaller. But does online love really exist? Does it really work and is it possible? Can long distance relationships work? 

In my own personal opinion and experience I would say in 98% of the people you meet online are not going to be for you and there is no connection. But there will be one or two who you become so close to. This is the closeness of souls and the love of personality. Chatting online gives you the oppurtunity to get so close to someones personality in ways you would not in person. This is a good way to get to know each other. 

The negative to online dating is the amount of people in one place. Imagine it being real in person and there was that many people in one room for you to chat to. Its like a big massive cyber room where there is so much going on and so much tempt and people to talk with. 

The difference with online romance is you may lack the physical attraction and the spark in person you may need to have love. Although your personalitys may connect great you may not connect so great in person. Sometimes if you chat fine by words this is good but try calling them and see how you chat together by voice. This can be an insight of how you connect. If the conversation flows via phone its good.

Chatting and meeting online can be a safe haven for people who are shy. Its hard to meet people in person and chat to them when you are shy but online shyness doesnt exist. 

Make sure you always differ and understand the different kinds of love. Never mistake love for like. There is like and lust and there is love. Love is strong the other two wear thin after time. If you continue to persue the interest you must love them. I think alot of people online just like each other rather than love. Love is hard for us all to understand and know well. Not everyone knows what love is. There will be rare times when after so long you can admit you love them. Maybe you think they are super great and love knowing them. This is rare but amazing.  

Always remember its like life in person. You are not going to fancy them all. You might like them as friends but not as bf or husband/wife material. Remember when you chat online try not to imagine this person as your perfect looks or lover because this can happen and you are living then in virtual reality and technically acting out your own fantasy girlfriend/boyfriend. 

The online dating way is also alot harder as you can make alot of mistakes and do things you wouldnt do in real life. So many people may want to chat. When you have a special someone and they see you have chatted with others or another likes you it can become a hurt game and jealousy can step forward. This is understandable its the same in physical world but it wouldnt happen in your life as much as on the internet. Afterall you can chat every night online to people but you wouldnt meet that many people to chat to face to face in person. Where would you find the time or that many people in an evening?

Luckily for me the one girl I adored from online hit it off straight away by text and voice and I am sure its the same for others. 
So if you have got an online love interest maybe cool the apps down a bit and concentrate on her. Make her feel special and get to know her and protect her feelings (him if girl reading) try not to make stupid mistakes for it is very easy online to make them. Dont let others affect your relationship same as in person. 

So I do believe in online love but dont force it with just anyone as same in person let it happen naturally. My girl I want shares all the same interests as me and we get on great I am glad I found her. We are like best friends also and I adore her. 

In a situation where I broke her heart into millions of pieces I would make sure I am there to brush it up and piece it back together. Online is harder to protect loved ones as theres so much which can happen which isnt always your doing but make sure your always honest. For true in love always be or that love is false to thee. 

So long distance can surely work also as you are dedicated and commited. You are not always going to find true love next door…

So remember also distance is nothing when someone is everything…

The education system

Recently it was on the news about the lack of teachers learning the trade and a growing worry of people not willing to become a teacher and the future shows a lack of interest in the job and not enough people to teach children. 

I believe this is because of the state of the education system and how it is ran. 

Example being there is absolutely no control over the children now and they can get away with anything. Stripping the teacher of powers and authority is a stupid idea and was a stupid mistake to begin with. How can a teacher control a class of children who hold the power? 

Children are not daft they know the teacher is powerless to stop them and the teacher can do nothing against a disruptive child. They hold the cards in the classroom. 

I was once witness to a situation when I was at school where one of my friends was being disruptive and the teacher shouted at him and he didnt listen to orders and instead decided to insult her. She shouted at him again and ordered him to sit down and he ignored her. He then got in her face and insulted her. She shouted again and neither of them looked like they were going to back down. There was a power struggle. He insulted her again and she shouted him to sit down. Yet again he refused and stayed in her face. They now were both standing their ground. He had completely cornered her and she lost face. He insulted her again and this time she slapped him. At the time we was all shocked but looking back I feel sorry for her. She has lost her job because of it. What she did was wrong I suppose but I think in that second she had no choice. She was cornered completely and her power diminished by a pupil. He was the power and she had become like nobody in the classroom. The respect for her was never there and her authority didnt exist. She must of felt so alone in that room. He was completely in the wrong and got what he deserved. 

Im not saying what she did was right but he also was in the wrong. If I put myself in her position I dont know what I would do. I would feel completely powerless. There isnt really an answer for the teacher to do in that situation. Leaving the room also makes you look weak and foolish. Once you do that no child will respect you in any class you would be seen as weak. 

I know she was in the wrong but I think she was the victim of a failing education system. One where slowly childrens education is sliding away and the interest in learning is less and less. Where teachers are seen as a figure of ridicule in the classroom. This is a failing system happening all over the UK and many other parts of the world. It needs to change. The teachers need their authority back!!

So how can they expect people to want to become teachers? Why would anyone want to put themselves in stupid situations like that and more and be in a room where they fear the children and not the other way round. Surely it should be the children fearing the teachers wrath? How can you expect to teach children if they wont listen? 

The education system needs a better system and one where children are made to learn and leave school with a certain level of knowledge and grades. Children are getting lost in the classrooms and forgotten about. They need to be pushed to achieve but how can anyone do that when children rule the roost?

A generation or two ago. The teacher was feared and people left school smarter and with more grades and knowledge than now. So many young children dont know DIY or proper English or maths and know nothing about history and why? There is no incentive and no guidance and no fear to learn. The classroom is a nice fun relaxed room with no pressure and no need to listen anymore. The teachers are a figure of fun and children dont care. 

I notice a difference between my generations and below to the generations above and I am sure if everyone is honest they also do. There is a difference in knowledge and behaviour. The respect has gone and the interest to young children. In 20 or so years time will there be builders and plumbers and electricians? Children are more interested now in computer games etc. 

A young boy who came to do work experience within the company I work for at the age of 15 couldnt read. How has this been allowed to go this long without the correct education? How has he been failed so badly? I dont believe hes the only one either. 

Children are going unnoticed in the classrooms and only half the class is prospering. How can a child prosper and develop without the correct guidance and discipline? There should be a system in place which means you have to be at school until you reach a reasonable standard of knowledge. So many children leave with nothing. How can this be acceptable? 

Im a believer that maybe children possibly over the age of 12 should be in school till 5.30pm and why not? There is more learning and studying time and gets them ready for working life. This is life and they must be ready for it. We can not be too soft when it comes to education. Children are the future foundations of civilization and they mist be strong foundations. 

Children needed to be guided to reach their potential. They need to know as much as they can to pass knowledge on to future generations. The knowledge must be passed on otherwise society will collapse in years to come. 

So give the power back to the teachers. Let them guide the children, teach the children safely, let them discipline them correctly and be supported by the education system. Put two teachers in each class if needs be as witnesses to events and naughty children and to half the workload of 20 or more children. It surely is hard to teach that many children within an hour and also help the struggling children. So use two teachers as support for each other. Instead its the children supporting each other in troublesome behaviour…

So why would anyone want to walk into a classroom and face such an issue with no powers to control it? Imagine the fear and anxiety and stress of taking on a room of children who some will try and bring you down and overthrow you…why would anyone want to do that?

Change needs to happen now for a brighter future for us all…

Media sexualisation

Why is there a current trend amongst celebrities of being sexual and inapporiate singing explicit songs and images? For some strange reason they seem to be doing this and being bad role models to millions of young girls. 

Music videos now contain girls wearing basically nothing and singing explicit lyrics. Why do they feel the needs to do so? Does they hold no respect for themselves? Does they wish for no man to respect them? If you rub sex in peoples faces they will see you as sex and nothing else. 

It is creating a trend and young girls are being led into believing this is right and is culture to be like this. I know people will say ‘it is down to the individual girl and not all girls like that’ which is true but alot of men wont see it that way. Alot of men will also believe girls are just primal sex objects etc. Id not respect a person who didnt respect themselves and the more this trend develops the more it will become life. The more girls will think its right to be like that from a young age the more it will happen in everyday life and the more men will see them as that and as nothing.

Do these celebrities have no shame? Do they have no morality? Why are they glorying themselves as sexual? Where is the pride in revealing all and behaving in such a way? 

In this generation I would say from people aged 35 downwards there is a massive sexualisation. There are images everywhere and the tv full of sexual content. Porn is easily accessible and the sex industry is more massive than its ever been. 

Also in certain newspapers such as the sun and the daily sport there is inappropriate content. In the sun newspaper known as page 3 there is a topless woman picture. Why is this here? Why is it neccessary? What kind of impression is this giving out to young people? This newspaper can be bought and read by ANYONE. How is it appropriate for children?? It is also very awkward in public places when you want to read an article on the page next to it! Does anyone believe its right to feature this? I know most people will say I am being miserable as I am a man and I should enjoy it but its just a cheap thrill and it is disrespectful. 

Also adverts have become provocative in nature. Perfume adverts are flirty and sexual showing women in various sexual situations with men. Sometimes not just one man at times. The messages young girls are being exposed to are well beyond their years. Can children not be allowed to be children? 

Clothes advertised and marketed in shops for children are highly inappropriate and the fashion trend is highly inappropriate for pre teens. Girls far too young are feeling pressure from cosmetic industries now to wear make up etc as this is advertised daily and on kids tv. Young children are being sexualised slowly but dominantly and no one is noticing how dangerous this can be. Children are being made to grow up too fast by marketing campaigns. 

Even girls toys have a stereotypical image of a skinny girl wearing mini skirts etc and other fashion trends to look sexual..why? The media has created a dominant culture of creating an image of a woman that a man wants to see and wants a woman to be. 

It seems for 100s of years women put up a great fight just to be women and be themselves and not mens objects and to be valued and respected and feminists finally won. But sadly this seems to of only lasted a generation. Because now young girls are back to the main aim of wanting to please men through sexual content and actions. The media has brainwashed this to occur and music producers have led a pursuit of deception and degrading material and changed the psyche of women via brainwashing and subliminal messages. 

I know all girls are not like this but still this issue exists for them to see. The pressures they face are extreme. 

The media should stop making out all women are like this! Not all girls are like this! Why dont you focus on real role models with respect of themselves! The media must stop exposing and brainwashing children to be like this and believe its right! The media should have a level of conduct and appropriateness! 

This inappropriateness has to stop!

These images of people who are airbrushed and photoshopped and covered in make up to make them look amazing has to stop! No one who is real can compete with it! People have imperfections thats nature so stop putting huge pressure on people to look amazing because you are setting the standards far too high and its not fair! The pictures you expose people to are fake! Imperfection holds beauty afterall…

You show pictures of girls who are ‘beautiful’ but what is beautiful? Everyone has beauty in their own way. Everyone is different and people should be helped to love themselves. People should be encouraged to respect themselves. The media should focus on a diverse range of girls and not just what they think men like. 

So all these current celebrities who are using sexual images and music and actions and subliminal sex messages and images should stop it as its wrong. Why dont they be a role model of respect? If I had a daughter I would not want her to believe being like this is right. 

Everytime I turn on 4music or mtv there are people in just sexual underwear or doing sexual things and using sexual lyrics and one music video was a topless girl. can someone explain to me why? Why is it neccessary and why are they doing it? What are they hoping to achieve by doing this? Why not show respect and love instead and beauty? How has this sexualisation become the normal? This has been drip fed and slowly over time so no one notices or cares. 

Lets use an example of Vera Lynn during the war she was a good singer and respectful of herself. She was the forces sweetheart not the forces slapper. This was a time when women were women and respectful in nature and suffered no shame. 

I know girls like to feel sexy and beautiful and have desires but there is a time and a place for this and not on public display or as a role model to millions of upcoming people. This is between couples and should only exist in the adultworld not for children to see it. Being sexy and beautiful respectfully is far more attractive. 

Young children need to stop being exposed to these images and being brought up to believe it is normal to be sexual and grow up believing beauty is being tall and thin…beauty is within.

Thankfully there are lots of varietys of girls out there and all beautiful in their own way…

Facebook dominance

“The next great empire – will be the empire of minds” – Winston Churchill. 

Facebook is certainly that. Facebook is an online empire which as captured an controlling the minds of millions. 

We all know facebook and most of us use facebook and has become a big internet dominance and an internet superpower. It has had good points and good ways of how it has brought people together and reconnected families and lost friends etc and is a good hub of communication. 

But now facebook has moved up to another level. It is going beyond communication with friends now into deeper technology.

It is now starting to use live video and now using tv channels on its site and VR. Is all this really neccessary? I think not! 

It is now becoming addictive and controlling peoples lives and people will never be off facebook and using it for everything such as news and tv programs and games and talking. It is slowly taking us all away from real life into a cyber fake world. Facebook is slowly now herding us into one place and controlling us. People are only displaying pictures they want people to see. People are purposely taking photographs just for facebook to make it look as if they are having an amazing time much more than the truth of how such a party or evening or an event was. 

In history when you took a photograph that was the photograph whether good or bad for everyone to see. Now people just upload the photos which are best of them and makes them look better to people. People take selfies for display pictures and with the prospect of impressing others. Why else take a selfie?

It has become a world where insecurities can flare up if you dont get as many likes on a picture or comment as someone else. Does this really matter to people so much? 

What about real life and real life issues? What about life and the things we need to learn and do? Such as work and knowledge and progression. What about communication with the people around you? Does facebook teach us life? Does facebook teach us knowledge? Does facebook help us achieve a good job?

Facebook is slowly leading us away from real life hobbies and occupying us on the site. Will people play football and ride bikes and spend time outdoors in years to come? Will people go dancing in years to come and learn arts and music etc? Or will facebook occupy us too much with the thrill of tv programs and talking to people and living in virtual reality and in games? Facebook has created its own little world and occupys the minds of millions of people. 

It is dominating the monopoly. It has bought Wattsapp and now is taking on youtube. Soon everything we visit on the internet will be facebook controlled. Soon facebook will be the main player in the game and dominate the internet empire and control and influence millions of people without even having to invade a country or fight for anything.

Also Facebook is a place where fake news can breed and spread merely through people sharing it. Fake information can spread like wildfire if posted correctly with eye catching titles. It doesnt take much for people to share it and then others to take it as gospel truth. We must be careful what information we are exposed to. Not all news bulletins are from professional news companies and facebook is ideal place as millions of people exist there. People are exposed massively to brainwashing and propaganda. 

The future looks an advanced yet strange place for generations to come and a millions miles away from worlds we all grew up in. The world has become a much smaller place through communication hubs and social media. It all has its advantages but also there are massive disadvantages also. The more social media grows the more social events in person will be jeopardised. Why go and visit friends when they are a click away? 

Being popular surely isnt judged by facebook friend numbers. How many people on your facebook have you hardly ever spoke to? How many people on your facebook would you speak to if you saw them? If theres not many then why are they on there? 

I think the technology being included is wonderful and a triumph but perhaps not for the scores of people who will become addicted to it in years to come and the people creating situations simply just to upload to facebook for their own image and to look good and feel popular in the eyes of others who watch it online. The future is going to be a strange place to exist in.

You must remember to keep your life real also and see real friends and have real ambitions and dreams and get out there and achieve them and maxmimise your potential. You must have real dreams and hobbies and ambitions and not sit in front of a screen all day. Watching live videos of friends might be a novelty and funny but also a distraction from more useful things. 

We must encourage our children to play outside and enjoy real life and the real world rather than being on computers. We need to remember reality. 

Although it is nice keeping in touch with friends and family we must also persue our dreams in the real world and we must live and breath the real world as a priority. 

Although the technology is fantastic and the communication is great. Remember to not waste too much time on a site which holds you no real benefits other than chat and that is capable of distracting you away from real life. As with most trends there will be a decline and someday facebook shall have its day at the top. Just dont let facebook get the better of you and enjoy your life and not waste it.

Fifty shades darker

Recently the fifty shades Darker film was released the second one of the saga and as usual it was highly documented and anticipated by many. I imagine it will have many people going to watch it mainly girls. 

But I cannot understand the interest in this film at all. Christian Grey is such an overpowering dominant character and I cant understand why any woman would want a man like this! He is not just dominant in a sexual way but in her whole life and every part of it. How can a man like this be appealing? He buys her phones and cars and even the company he works for without telling her. He has complete control of her life. Surely this guy should be locked away? He is a dominant possessive control freak who surely is so overpowering that no one would really want to experience it and be scared if they did in real life.

As with Edward Cullen in Twilight he doesnt have a girlfriend and doesnt want one until one particular girl comes along and changes all that. She is a ‘special one’ who has a dramatic effect on him. I believe this is the subconcious desire of girls to feel special to a man and be the only one special to him. One who despite his danger can never hurt them out of love. Would a woman really love a man so dominating? He is smothering and controlling. Despite the belief that he is good looking surely that doesnt excuse his crazy psychology. 

In fact the two films Twilight and fifty shades of Grey are very similar and mirror each other almost entirely. 

In the film there is a scene where Christian Grey is driving a helicopter which then plummets due to a problem and he is about to crash. We never see him crash. Then hes on the news missing. But there is no worry and no mystery for he turns up two minutes later pretending to stumble about but no injuries and is completely fine. It is a pointless scene and not worth even showing in the film. It holds no relevance and no emotional connection at all. Contains no worry and no mystery and drama or suspense. 

The acting in the film is also just average. Jamie Dornan keeps going from Irish accent then back to American and back to Irish again. He seems more Spector from the Fall tv series although the two characters he plays are not worlds apart and very similar mindsets.

The female character Anastasia to me is very boring and has no real part to play apart from being preyed upon by a stalker. She holds no real personality of her own and surely is unrelatable. As female characters go she is incredibly weak. She holds no strength or depth at all. 

Overall my favourite part of the film was the coldplay song at the beginning thats about it. Apart from that the film was made up of bringing out sexual provocative thoughts and instincts and the rest was teenage girl fantasy and a rubbish man overall and a stupid innocent girl who despite being abused by him in the first one returns for more from a man who is a sexual predator who has psychological childhood issues. 

Although people have their own sexual preferences thats fine and maybe the films touch upon a subconcious animal instinct and sexual desires and roles in primitive humans of dominant males which is brought to the surface in women. I also think the film is guilty of brainwashing people into believing it to be what most women want to be treated like which I dont believe to be true. 

My personal opinion: not worth watching unless you want cheap sex thrills.

My rating of the film – 2/5 

Love and happiness

In our lives we all seek and crave and desire that one thing – love. Everyone in all four corners of the world requires this from another human being at some point or another. I believe that love is the strongest most powerful of all human emotion. 

It is love that can save this world and overshadow hate and anger and sadness. Love can heal us when we are sad and lost in life. Love can guide us from darkness. 

Love has many forms unlike anything else. There are different kinds of love. There is the love of family and animals and objects and there is the deep attractive passionate love of another human which is at times the strongest of all. 

Love can bring us beautiful happiness and we must follow it and embrace it and let our souls be filled with it. Let it heal us! 

We must remember that in relationships we must never force love or seek it too hard because then perhaps true love will pass us by as we waste time on the wrong person. We must persue our happiness and what makes us happy. Why be content with someone and not really be happy? Why be with someone for routine or fear of being single? When it comes to love and happiness this is the only time we must be ruthless. If we have to hurt others (obviously let them down gently) to be happy and have love then we must. For in the long run it will be good for both of you. 

So many people have unhappy love and unhappy marriages and always arguing and sad and lost and stay together. But why? I think they stay together out of routine and fear of being single and uprooted. Whereas the true love for them is out there and it is never too late to find it. There is no shame in being single but always have faith as true love will find you. If we seek true love we wont ever find it as we will try too hard and waste too much time on wrong people but love will find us. You must always put your own happiness first and if your not happy then you must find the path of happiness again whatever the cost may be. Never forget the amazing feeling of love and happiness and the romance of love and the excitement and the attraction and needs of love and other another person you desire. Love is an amazing emotion so why be without it? We all deserve it! 

Why would you let someone stand in the way of your happiness? Why would you let someone prevent you from a love you want? Why would you want to stay attached to someone your not really happy with and have doubts? Dont waste this one life you have on the wrong person and live in a loveless situation. Find what you desire! Bring it into your world! Never stop until you find it! 

If someone makes your life more difficult and oppresses you and smothers you then they are basically not worth being with. Love should be where someone supports you and empowers you and makes your life better. 

If the passion and romance and connection has gone what is the point in carrying on together? We all need love and passion and romance and happiness so why be without it? Love is an amazing emotion to possess so cherish it and make sure you have it! 

So remember the course of true love is beautiful and never runs smoothly..buts its never as rough as a false love that you could be living…

Cancer War

Whether your from the west or the east or from the valleys, the forests or the deserts or the mountains – Cancer does not care!

Whether you are the poorest human on Earth or the richest on the planet – Cancer does not care! 

Whether the oldest human alive or the youngest child born – cancer does not care! 

Whether your Christian, muslim, jewish or any other religion – Cancer does not care! 

It doesnt care for beauty or body shape or for power or whether your a man or a woman – cancer does not care!

Whether your white,black,asian or african whatever you maybe – Cancer does not care! 

Whether you are the saddest man on Earth or the most blissfully happy person ever – Cancer does not care! 

For continents, borders, countries and political areas – Cancer does not care! 

Cancer comes for us all and there is no exception, no choice and no preference for Cancer it will attack all humanity!!

Humanity must be united against the real enemy! We must come together to destroy cancer! 

We have all known someone who has cancer or lost someone to cancer and we must stand together and win! We shall never give in! We shall gain justice for those we have lost! We shall fight for our freedom from Cancer and liberate all people from the true enemy! 

How can we fight and kill each other when there is a much larger enemy of all of us? How can we be ignorant and stupid to attack each other and ignore a real threat? How can we hope to win when we are fighting ourselves? People are dying from cancer! Children are dying of cancer! Fight now and stop the suffering! Help as much as you can! Give money when you can! No one is safe! Save your fellow humanity!! 

I believe if we all come together and fight and fight with such belief together we shall win! 

We must end all wars to go to war with Cancer for there is only one true war – humanity vs Cancer and we must not lose! Never give up the fight!

Suffering of Children

In this world there are many children suffering and alone and lost in life without parents and love. They are passed around from carers and foster familys and have no real stability or love. There are many children who live in what we once called orphanages. 

Yet there are so many people out there who have the ability to look after these children and give these children the love they need and the childhood they deserve just like we had. We was so lucky to have a nice warm home and a bed and a family who love us to be brought up in a stable environment. But think of them poor children who are not. Them who have no love, no warmth of family and not experiencing the true magic of childhood. 

Why dont the rich do anything about it? Why cant them who have spare rooms and money give a child a home? Why is there such ignorance to the suffering of children? 

Is money so important to these people that they dont care for the welfare of the suffering? Do they not wish to give someone a nice life and a home? 

I believe there should be a government scheme which encourages people to help these children and to give them a room over their heads. A scheme which financially helps families to afford this and encourage it and give people incentive to take on children who need help. Afterall are children not the future?

Governments fund student accomodations and pay for people to have university students in their homes with funds but why not fund adoption? Therefore if families are being helped to provide then more children will be given homes with families and the target can be greater achieved. More children will have stable lives. It wont just be the richest who can help but everday families can help more if they are supported to do so. 

There are children who are orphans through war! There are Children who are not wanted and there are children who are orphaned by terrible tragedies. Surely we can somehow help these children! Surely there are people with money and room to help. 

People with so much money you dont know what to do with it why dont you help? Why dont you save children? Why dont you give them a chance? For surely there is no worse sight than the look of sadness in a childs eyes. 

I know its not easy for us all to do such a commitment and not affordable for us all and doesnt fit in with our everyday lifestyles but how many people also just cant help just because of ignorance? 

Life and mentality needs to change and adapt and find a way to help children have love and family and let them achieve their potential to be the best they can be. For are these children not the future? Are these children not the ones who will dominate the world and look after us when we are older? The youth is the future! 

May the day come when all children are raised in a loving environment!

May the day come when all children can experience magical childhood!

May the day come when mankind doesnt turn a blind eye to the suffering of the children of this world!

I pray for the day the world changes. For this day the world becomes smart..