Stand together

So sad what happened on 9/11
So bad what happened in London on 7/7
What happened in Paris so so sad,
What happened in Brussels so so bad

The eyes of the world focus on these events created by the evil of man
But what about what happened in Turkey?
What about what happened in Pakistan?

Lets not forget these are our brothers and sisters too, who were victims of terror, who lost dear ones they also knew

We must stand as one, brotherhood of humanity, before more people are gone

Why focus on Europe alone? Against the worse terror the world has ever known

Sadly this is the worse time I am yet to see, in mankind and my history,
but this tragedy should not just be focused on Europes events…theres also Pakistan, Tunisia and Turkey

Yes the world is in a mess, we need to be as one mankind, and whats happened in Pakistan and Tunisia and Turkey is not less

Just because its in Europe it does not make it worse, These are events happening all over the world, but we must come together and this evil we can reverse
Theres no evil in any sentence or Gods verse

Dont forget those who are in danger overseas, who are losing loved ones everyday, and suffering terrible events just like Brussels and events like these

Lets end this pain, end this worry and fear, and not let it be repeated again

Oh yes we can!  – those who believe in brotherhood of man