The UFO conspiricy

All across the globe, witnessed by many people from many different cultures and from many walks of life, is what we know as ‘UFOs’ unidentified strange objects in the sky seeming very unhuman in appeared and technology well advanced to what humans have today. Such as aircraft which can move in any direction in the blink of an eye and vanish before our eyes and glow like no aircraft on Earth can. People who witness them are not just everyday people also but people such as police and airline pilots and even astronaughts have claimed to seen strange ‘alien’ objects in the skies all over the world. Objects which contain great movements and speeds of which any aircraft we know of stands no chance against easily outflanking our fastest aircrafts. So who do these strange objects belong to? Aliens from other worlds or is the truth closer to home? Is the truth also much much worse than it being aliens?…

Alien hysteria began and exploded in the 40s 50s and 60s across the globe. This was the peak of UFO sightings and people truly wondered and hoped to see aliens from other worlds. But the facts state differently….

During world war two Germany was experimenting and inventing as many hi-tech advanced weapons as they could. This also included aircraft. In Germany there is a metallic sphere structure in the middle of the country. Here this is where the Germans tested anti gravity flying machines.

When the Americans entered Berlin they discovered in an air base with  sphere aircrafts which today we know as the flying saucer. Underneath was a machine gun. This was a flying machine the Germans had created to tackle any military power and air force. Sadly for the Germans it never reached the battle field in time as it wasnt ready.
The Americans took these aircraft with them back to the USA along with some german scientists.
Next what happens two years later – Roswell.

Coincidentally in the middle of the desert of USA – a flying saucer crash lands. Alien mania fuelled the world. But I believe this was the americans test piloting these aircraft and this one failed. All over the USA and Mexico these aircraft are seen. Most commonly in this region of the world. This is because the Americans are secretly testing advanced aircraft.

For example in the 60s and 70s people in USA used to report a triangle object with a light on each corner flying low and quiet fast over their houses – now to people at that time this is something they have never seen before it is ‘alien’ to them – but it was in fact the stealth in test pilot stage…

Millions of people witness a silent ‘cigar shaped object’ floating in the sky all round the world. This has been happening for years. I even know people who have seen this many years ago. Naturally you would think… aliens…but no – what happened to crash land in Osama Bin Ladens compound the night he was killed? – a silent cigar shaped object – owned by the USA.

Also why did area 51 suddenly appear there in the desert? Why is it so secretive and protected so well? What is being hidden in there? What dont this secret group of people who work there want to keep and hide from the world? I believe this is where they test aircraft well away from the world and human eye as much as possible and test weapons and other inventions they dont want us to know. Had aliens crash landed why keep it a secret?

How many more strange aircraft are they experimenting with? How many more borders and colonies and lands are they entering unknown under the label of ‘aliens’?

In England during the 70s in lancashire and yorkshire many police witnessed strange aircrafts in the night sky glowing spheres moving quick. On report it was mentioned no aircraft was in the area at the time but another report briefly mentioned – a near by USA airbase was on cold war training. Perhaps this also states that they secretly tested flying machines they were experimenting with….

How many people who see UFOs look into it so deeply that they know of local USA air activity in the region? Especially in other countries…

The people behind this are superb scientists and psychologists better than we can ever imagine and are masters of the art of manipulation and deception. Behind all these strange sightings I believe are people testing magnificent weapons and crafts of which are top secret until they are needed.

For example why would any advanced alien species show themselves and be known when they can probably be invisible all day and night. Behind all this fraud is mankind and his secret groups of people creating such aircraft.

But as there is no actual proof of anything….is it mankind…or are we not alone? The truth as they say…is out there…


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